How to fill on your Jersey Personal Income Tax form if you get income from property

You’ll need the eight page form if you have
income from property. If you’re just renting a room in your home this has a shorter section
on the form and there is a separate video to help you complete the form.
If you have property income that’s from a business or trade, for example you run a
guest house you need to fill in the self-employed section of the form for this.
If you’ve got more than one rental property, you can send in a separate schedule with your
tax form, as long as it includes the same breakdown of information we ask for on the
form. Keep Jersey property income and non-Jersey property income separate.
You can also print extra pages or find additional notes to help you complete the form from our
website, Before you start you’ll need your records
and paperwork for your income and any allowable expenditure you can claim.
Declare the total from your schedules in the boxes here.
Tick the box to show if the income is your income, your spouse or civil partner’s income
or joint with your spouse or civil partner. Enter the first line of the property address
and the postcode, then tick to confirm if the property is fully furnished or part-furnished
or unfurnished. A fully furnished property means that your
tenant can move in without bringing their own appliances, furnishings, crockery and
cutlery. If it’s fully furnished, you can include
a 10% wear and tear deduction in your expenses. If your property is only part furnished (for
example it only includes carpets, curtains and appliances) or it’s unfurnished then
tick the part furnished or unfurnished box. You can’t claim 10% wear and tear, but you
can still claim for repairs and replacement items.
If you only started or stopped letting your property in the year, include this information
here. Enter the total amount receivable in the year
in accordance with the rental agreement, here. If you’ve received a lease premium or similar
receipt enter the amount here. If you’ve had to pay out expenses against
the property income enter the amounts in the boxes provided.
Deduct your expenses from the total of your income receivable and any other premiums or
receipts and put the amount here. If you have a loss after expenses include
a minus sign. You can find more information about property
income from our website by searching ‘Property Income and

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