How to create a Free Google web page using Google My Business account

How to create a Free Google web page using Google My Business account

In this tutorial, We will learn how to
create a free google web page using Google my business account Sign into Google business with your Google account Once you sign up left-hand side you can
see website button Click getting “Started Button” Now Google automatically creating your
website Select Preset background theme, Enter headlined site description summary header and summary body Once everything done click on “Publish”
button Create a website address for your
customer to use click on “Next” button now Your website is ready to use. Thanks for watching my videos and don’t forget to subscribe for my channel! Thank you


  1. Sushmitha Rai says:

    very useful, Excellent video.

  2. Mark Woolery says:

    Can this be separate from your main website? Meaning have your regular website and have this as well? What would be the point of doing this?

  3. Denise Ellis says:

    Can you do a video on how to correctly link the free google my business website to google analytics?

  4. Venkatesh M says:

    does it costs

  5. sumit Goswami says:

    this is free or we have to pay charge for it

  6. Blero Decor says:

    Thanks for Video it's great & easy , LIKE & SUBSCRIBE

  7. Praveen Chandrasekaran says:

    How to I add the image in summer text

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