How To Buy And Sell Businesses With No Money

How To Buy And Sell Businesses With No Money

And for those who don’t understand QLA, maybe can you give us a one minute version of what exactly is QLA. How does it work? QLA stands for Quantum Leap Advantage. An advantage where you can take an idea, a thought process, a dream
and turn it into reality. But the basis of it is that right now, we have been in a free money environment for almost 10 years. Meaning the bank interest rates are low, and when bank interest rates are low, the opportunity to buy revenue, and it’s easier to buy
revenue than create it. Because when you buy
revenue, you’re de-risking it because if a guy’s got a
million dollars in revenue, he may have spent three million dollars creating that million dollars. And when we buy a company
from a motivated seller, where free cash flow covers debt service, with no equity involved, it’s like a bird’s nest on the
ground, it’s Pandora’s box. And for the last several years, because of the free money
that’s been in existence, because of the almost
depression from 2008 and 9, we flourished. But QLA works in an up market down market, but we’re buying revenue
from motivated sellers because, for example, we passed a Chinese restaurant
here a few blocks ago. That guys kids, don’t wanna have anything to
do with a Chinese restaurant. So he’s got no right of succession, he’s got nobody to leave it to. The kids don’t want it. He’s not going to be able to
buy it because there’s what, 40,000 Chinese restaurants in Vancouver. And so, we help them with his
retirement plans, so to speak. And we are his, end result
to be able to buy him out, not just him but anybody. And then we roll up five
or 10 or 15 or 20 of these kinds of restaurants, and
then we sell it to, you know, a big conglomerator that
has big restaurant chains, and we hit the cash register. And the model is built to do this every three to seven years. Three years if you do everything perfect. Which we both know, hardly
anybody does anything perfect. No, never. In six or seven years, If you’re good.
If you’re good. You don’t have a lot of mental
bullshit, if you’re good. Yeah, yeah, and but even if you’re dumb it’s eight or 10 years. Yes, and now for those
who are watching this, they may be thinking, cus
now everybody’s talking about I’m starting, I’m an entrepreneur, right? Anyone can put it on Instagram. Correct.
Right? Yesterday they were unemployed,
today they are entrepreneur. Correct. So, it’s kind of funny to see that. When I first heard about the concept internal growth verses external growth, which internal is growing
through marketing, basically a bunch of marketing. Organic.
Organic right? External which is like
you said buying revenue. Back then, again I couldn’t
appreciate the genius of it. Cus I was like ah, I had a
lot of like, just lower self, mental barrier where I don’t
have money to buy company. Why would they sell it to me? Why would they sell to a young guy? How would that work? How
will I manage these people? Like I had all of this
bullshit in my head right? But, what I realize is
even now with baby boomers, a lot of them want to sell the business. There are a lot of opportunities, and you could actually acquire business with none of your money. I know it’s hard to believe if you don’t fully understand QLA, you’re like oh that’s impossible. No, it’s very very possible. Maybe talk to us about the, about money. Well first of all, on my website, we developed something last
year called QLA for dummies. [Dan Lok] (laughs) That’s
beautiful, that’s awesome. Because as you well know, I’ve been giving away all my
product for almost 10 years. Yes, yes. But everybody, they come and say but Mr Pena where do we start? Because there’s like almost eight gigs of
free material on my site. Which a lot of it is on your site. Yes, yes. On youtube too. Okay, so we developed
this QLA for dummies. And it takes you step by step, how to work through the
site and how to do it. But money right now is,
the system is built on OPM other people’s money and other people. Those are the two biggest
levers in life that you have. And right now, as long as
the company is cash flowing, meaning as long as it’s making money. If it’s losing money,
if it’s losing 10,000– There’s a turn around right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Turn
arounds is another thing. After you’ve bought five or 10
companies that are profitable then you can go find turn arounds. But turn arounds is another
level of sophistication, as far as management’s concerned. Like, you know enough to
turn around businesses now cus you’ve been at it. But when you first started, You don’t wanna do that.
You don’t wanna do that. You’re not good enough to do that. No, no. Even the guys
that’ve been at it a while, aren’t good enough to do it. But right now, the idea of buying
companies that have cashflow and that are in other
words they’re paying taxes on some earnings that they have. It’s quite simple. And again, it’s all free on my website and I challenge you to look at it.


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