How To Buy a SUPERCAR In Your 20s: What I Do For A Living

How To Buy a SUPERCAR In Your 20s: What I Do For A Living

[Music] hello everybody Brian Casella here I just turned 30 years old I’m a real estate agent here in Southern California right on the border of North Orange County and Eastern LA County I wanted to make this video today because I have a lot of people always reaching out to me saying what do you do for a living how did you buy this nissan gt-r so forth and so forth so I wanted to make an educational video to help some people out give them some insight give them some tips and basically share my path to see if it’ll help them now before I begin I know I’m gonna get a lot of flamin comments saying you can get to use GTR that’s a 2009 with 50,000 miles on it for 60 grand it’s not that expensive blah blah blah okay the MSRP on my 2014 Trac Edition is a hundred and seventeen thousand dollars okay now did I or anybody else who buys a supercar ever pay retail never almost never okay however the point still stands it’s still one hundred and seventeen thousand dollar car and as you can see just between the diffuser the wing the exhaust I’ve done a lot of modifications to it and with all the money I’ve spent on this and on modifications I could have easily bought myself a Lamborghini however I’m a fan of the GTR and I wanted to buy this particular one okay so let’s get into the video when I thought about buying it I was about 26 27 getting into the real estate industry and how did I do it you know I knew I had to do real estate because real estate basically is a commission job and I know the with the home prices out here I’m gonna make a lot of money so for anybody out there who is thinking about you know buying a car like this or a Lamborghini or whatever it is you really need to come to terms that you’re gonna have to own your own business and if you work for somebody else it’s gonna be a lot more difficult for you to generate the kind of income and passive income and residual income which I’ll cover in a second to afford something like this and purchase it correctly because there’s there’s two ways you can do it number one is you spend your whole life saving up for it you buy it and then you basically live for your car or you do what I did and what most other people do who understand money on a very very deep level and have a much better overall understanding of it is we buy this car with money that we have been putting aside for a while but a small portion of it that way the cost of of this over time does not even eat 5 to 10 percent of what our actual income is every month ok because with what I just make passively and residually meaning what I don’t make for my main career which is real estate I have enough to pay for this my car payment on this my house and everything else ok and I’m gonna get into that so if I could give you one tip of course save your money if you want to buy the car you buy it you save your money you earn your income start your own business ok now a lot of you’re gonna say well you know I’m going to college this and that’ss and that and I can tell you that being an entrepreneur when you first start is very difficult you’re gonna have to grind however the payoff is humongous ok I don’t want to get too too detailed on it cuz in the video is gonna be too long all right how do you create passive residual income what does that mean passive and residual income is basically other income methods that pay you without you working directly into it okay or putting very very minimal amount of time into it and getting money for it right so for example I run one coaching program called close the deal I put in one hour a week Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. I do an online lecture for my students I have about 30 people in it and they all pay me $97 a month now I split that with somebody else who’s the owner of another company arash but I make 13 thirteen hundred dollars a month off one hour a week okay I have another mastermind I make money off of I sell my own products online for sales people to learn how to sell better I have a door-knocking bundle for two hundred seventy seven dollars on any given month I’ll sell anywhere from eight to fifteen or twenty so start adding it up that’s a lot of extra that’s not even me selling a house which is my main means of income and source of income right that’s basically the passive residual income this okay I want to break it down very simple for anybody watching so they can understand it okay so is it possible yes can you do it at a younger age than me absolutely I didn’t get into the real estate business until I was probably 27 and now at age 30 I’ve created a very good lifestyle for myself in an industry where the failure rate is in the 90th percentile 92 93 94 % I worked my ass off and I persevered now you guys see this you see the house you see me you don’t see the amount of doors I’ve knocked on the cold calls I’ve made the money I’ve invested into myself which last year I invested about forty thousand dollars into myself which is seminars events books you know CDs and tapes that I get off people and study and learn from them basically molding myself in the image of other people who are successful so if this video serves any purpose is to inspire somebody out there who who may be younger than me maybe even older and wants to get the finer things in life like something in this something like this sorry okay you can do it I had no sales background and I got into real estate and I’m doing very well so you can do the same thing start your own business be prepared to grind and go through it keep in mind that if you’re following somebody else’s path or you got a mentor and you’re doing what they did it will produce a result all you need to do is persevere and see it through because most people give up and that’s why they never succeed and have things like this okay and realize that on the journey you’re gonna have very few friends I used to have a billion friends now I can count on one or two hands close friends and they’re all pretty much business owners right I’m not saying the other people were bad or whatever it’s just different priorities my journey was get out there grind get things like this aspire to become the person I wanted to become reach my potential and then for me a lot of material things I like like you know Lamborghinis GT are as nice houses fancy dinners that stuff that I personally like and I wanted to go after it and I said okay it’s gonna require a grind I didn’t come from money or anything else I work for this okay hopefully this video helps you if there’s anything I can do if you’re interested in maybe my close the deal program if you want to learn how to sell reach out to me if you’re interested in my products go to my website brian kocel accom I’ll put it in the description below again I do real estate a coach a mentor I speak I go to a lot of exotic car meet ups here in Southern California in the LA Orange County area with my ride you’ll see me going around I’ll put my Instagram my Facebook and everything in the description hopefully this video inspires you subscribe to my channel if you want some good content mindset learning how to sell seeing my car all that it’s on my channel and I hope you enjoy it okay remember if you want something go after it and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise alright Brian Costello here BC Southern California signing off


  1. TheFunnyGuys says:

    Can I learn about sales

  2. Justin Ramautar says:

    i like how honest and Straight up you were in this video! Nice GTR man! keep it up!

  3. Charles Love says:

    I feel like you were talking to me individually. Appreciate it man!

  4. Drae Lafleur says:

    new sub Brother.! I respect that you came from nothing and ate to get what you wanted.! Respect

  5. Chelsi413 says:

    Awesome video, very motivating. new sub.

  6. eurosonly says:

    I own 3 aventadors and I've never had to break my back for it. If you feel tired, sick and exhausted of what you're doing then it means you're in the wrong line of work and it's taking a toll on you. Do what brings you pleasure with a strong return economically speaking and you'll know you're on the right path. Working for yourself helps well unless you're an actor working for hollywood or something like that. I design computer software for major companies out there who are looking to transition over to the new age of data spreading and marketing and I can honestly say I'm it's a lot better and more rewarding than doing something that makes you sweaty, cold and tired all day long like pushing carts out in the snow for a major grocery store.

  7. ES Perkins says:

    Let me reword your description for you and see if one of these things is not like the others (I'll also fix your spelling of young)..  "Buying a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or a Nissan at a young age is definitely possible."

  8. Ricardo Perez says:

    Great advice From A Great Person Like You ! Thanks man!

  9. Troy Jones Films says:

    It's almost midnight and after watching I just wanna go out and grind right now 😂 man this inspired so much. Really hope I can figure it somethin to make some money while I'm in college. Would love to be able to live the good life after I graduate!!

  10. Kyle Villaraza says:

    Oh shitt so your the best real estate agent Arash Dibazar was talking about which explains TEAMIMC.

  11. stuna101a says:

    If you go to college get a good job making about $100,000 and have a wife who is a nurse who makes $75,000 a year you can afford pretty much anything. This is true I know personally, before I was 30.
    Which means you make about $175,000 a year that turns into about $5-6K every two weeks.
    $12K a month after taxes, retirement, health insurance, with that you can save $5K a month have 2 $1,000 car payments (New Z06) (New Escalade) Then $2,500 mortgage then $2,500 a month for Bills and cash. This is while you save $60K a year.
    Not only is this very low bar money making but this will give you a Ferrari and beautiful home and more cash then you can spend.

  12. LUCKY-K Kaeda says:

    thank you

  13. Joseph Jennings says:

    I think people are confusing "Supercar" and "exotic car". The gtrs performance speaks for itself. So does the z06, gt350, zl1, whatever. But none are exotic by any means.

    Regardless, that's not the point of the video.

  14. enilyksnor says:

    Assholes saying this is not a supercar, what defines a supercar? Can you answer that? At which point does an automobile need to reach to be classified as supercar? Or is it a personal preference? Maybe it's in ones head that only certain brands qualifies and can satisfy them of supercar qualities.
    To a young teen with less fortune than others a Honda Civic may be the dream supercar, heck whereas to an aspiring middle aged business personnel it might be an Audi R8 V10plus??
    Point is, this man took his time to share his passion and hard earned reward. Respect it. If you are worse off then learn from him. If you are better off, then good luck to you.
    As for me I'm taking some of his advice and will try to improve my own situation I think it's more positive, don't you?

  15. Mase Crawford says:

    Could you help me be a successful agent?

  16. WhosHorrify says:

    The people hating on his gtr saying it's not a supercar most likely are riding around in a honda civic..

  17. Anthony says:

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  19. Peeetza says:

    Damn I am so jealous 117 000 for a gtr? In my country a prius is that price. That's what happens when you live in the world's most expensive city..

  20. elias valdez says:

    I love German motors

  21. game palace palace says:

    that's so true, everything is so true that you said. thanks

  22. MorbidPuppy says:

    Why are there so many negative comments on such a positive video?

  23. Luis Martinez says:

    Subscribed I want to be like you

  24. Alexander Acosta says:


  25. tedy mc says:

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    I'm only kid and my dream car is a Lamborghini aventador roadster which starts of at $422,000

  27. Will Couch says:

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  31. Tyler Jones says:

    What's the best way to start a business? I love super cars and i think to much about my future for my age at 16 I currently have a 2013 Nissan maxima and I am very inspired to work hard and make alot of money. So my question is can you help me with some tips on how to start a business and how to make extra money on the side of that? 🏁👍

  32. oSew says:

    What do you recommend for an 18 year old just getting into real estate? I am working towards a real estate license. PLEASE HELPP

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    So I'm thinking of buying a used gtr for advertising my photography/videography that I do as a hobby. I'm thinking of buying a gtr and selling it within 2 years so I don't lose much or nothing at all on value. I just graduated college and got an average salary for a new grad. I'm hoping to make more on my photography/ videography than I would in depreciation. Can you tell me your taught? Thank you!

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  77. Evelyn Valdez says:

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    I'm 19 turning 20 on September, I make 52k – 70k a year depends if I work overtime some days or not, but the base is around 52k I want a sports/supercar but not sure which one to get or which ones I can afford comfortable (Used or New) , I live with my parents and pay no bills except for purchases like sneakers, junk food, and clothes (Teenage stuff) which cars would you guys recommend me getting ? and whether I should get it used or new (I would prefer used tho) P.s (this is my first car purchase, I just got my license like 3-4 months ago)

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    video with all LINKS TO PRODUCTS, SERVICES and AFFILIATE opportunities

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    Bryan I'm looking to get in the real estate I'm going to do work experience up to Christmas maybe a job after I'm only 16 is it possible to be successful in the industry by the age of 23? Thanks 🙂

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    I like your use of having multiple streams of income. While i'm preparing for my real estate exam i'm working with start up companies getting a certain percentage of shares from each project I help with business strategy and marketing. I plan to do both once I get my license but I want to aim towards real estate full time and the marketing work as side work

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