How to Build a Reputation When You’ve Just Started Your Business – Five Simple Steps

How to Build a Reputation When You’ve Just Started Your Business – Five Simple Steps


  1. chelilandia says:

    OMG I had headphones hahaha
    that frikin chiken Sounded in my left ear like it was sitting next to me LOL

  2. Tina Lalonde says:

    Marie, GIRL…..I love your videos. I learn so much from you. I am taking marketing management, but the big thing we need to learn when running a business is what you offer. Thanks. Keep it up girl!

  3. Wyatt Steed says:

    …I became scared, immediately. I now hate this video.

  4. Wyatt Steed says:

    I feel like such a bitch now.

  5. Napoleon Hill & Abraham says:

    great video going to check out your profesh website now! ty

  6. moiraesfate1 says:

    What happens if you've done all of this, and been doing all of this, along with networking for 9 months and it hasn't brought any clients. I've had a few nibbles. One I contacted several times, but I can't seem to get her to sign a contract in spite of being told constantly that she will. I honestly think she's blowing me off, which is fine, but I'm still having a hard time finding clients.

    I keep getting told "Wow, what a great idea. Incredibly useful". But no one signs.

  7. Jane Frankland says:

    I love your videos, they're always so informative.Not sure what the word 'janky' means as we don't have that in Britain but I know all about 'pro-fess!' As a graduate of B-School (last year) I've followed your brilliant advice & implemented. I still need to do some guest blogging & get on with some press releases. PRWeb is a great source that I've found for helping distribute press releases so I'll be using this in the future. Looking forward to watching more of your great videos.

  8. Jane Frankland says:

    Forgot to like your video on how to build a reputation when you've just started your business! So I'm watching again! Won't do any harm 🙂

  9. Andy Frain says:

    Whoa this is different!

  10. Jane Frankland says:


  11. Knucklehead Studios says:

    From what it looks like you have a hard time closing the sale. Customers are fickle fish until their satisfied. My advice….New Tuesday Q&A!!!! lol, cause I have that problem as well. I can have the whole package but when it comes to signing…dead in the water.

  12. Bradford Kaellner says:

    i can't believe someone already has hotpants97… back to the drawing board

  13. Marina Yamamoto says:

    Your the and I ALWAYS love your fashion style 😉

  14. TheArtOfSuicide says:

    … client reviews. I understood client abuse…

  15. pookiebot says:

    love the channel

  16. 26 هديل says:

    me too!!!!!

  17. Work From Home Business Startup says:

    Thanks Marie

  18. million genta says:

    very impressive video, and i will go through your way and want to see the reaction…Bravo

  19. Dustin Howell says:

    thanks boo.

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  21. Believe.Love.Inspire says:

    So helpful

  22. Damaged Reputation says:

    Excellent! It's a big help. Thank you so much for sharing your tips. It's very informative.

  23. Atmarj says:

    1. Sell to a person and get them to recommend. 2. offer more services 3. build neibhorhood rep 4. expand to rest of city 5. expand to other cities

  24. Justin Pietersz says:

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  25. Kaïs Chihi says:

    thank you Marie 🙂

  26. Vero A.O. says:

    I like your channel 😀

  27. Trisha Condo says:

    I really love this advice. I will use your tips…

  28. HowToBringBackTheRomance says:

    Simple but important steps.

  29. Dachia Arritola says:

    Something else a person could do, while they are waiting for the phone to ring, is peruse online articles in their field and comment on the article, giving sage advice as they can. For example, in the above situation, Jillian could find places online where students or teachers and school counselors might hang out (probably very different places 😉 ) and mention what great opportunities for gap years are available, and discuss why so many colleges and universities are supportive of taking a year off before matriculating. And then watch those threads for further questions or responses to your post.

  30. Leila Roberts says:

    Marie you have been a massive inspiration to me starting my business thank you so much for sharing. 

  31. John Madison says:

    I feel like the attitude portrayed in this video came off a bit insincere and condescending. It kind of reminded me of how adults talk to little kids.
    I take it I am not the target demographic for this video. So maybe my opinion isn't important here. But my guess is that my feelings here are somewhat related to the other hostile comments I see on this thread.

  32. Marketing Offline Online says:

    Profesh! High light your experience on your website and in person. Discounted service for first few clients to get their testimonials. Love Marie.

  33. Gab Pezo says:

    simple and super great ideas! you rock, MArie!

  34. Hieu Luong says:

    Thanks for useful tips. You're beautiful today 🙂

  35. EMPOWER CHUA says:

    Interesting and tips are good and simple.
    Agreed 100% it work.
    Thanks so much.
    You are really loud and clear.

  36. Frances says:

    Great tips! Also another tip that I am using to get testimonies for the tutoring company I'm starting is to ask people that you have helped in the past since chances are if you're starting a business you have experience in this field before.  Just because someone isn't your current client doesn't mean they can't give a testimony to your work.  

    Thanks again! 

  37. Nerissa M says:

    Way #4 – I would say go beyond just getting a testimonial if you're going to offer your services for free. Think about creating a case study: outline in detail what problem the client had that you solved and how you solved it. If you have results, include those too. Then you can have the testimonial on your site and link it back to the case study. Yay, content!

  38. Dallas SEO Agency says:

    Love your video. You provide great info in a fun and profeshhh way. Love the tip about getting reviews in exchange for a discounted rate! 

  39. Polite Q says:

    Way # 6: Make Youtube videos where you squeal in a cutesy voice with fake enthusiasm.

  40. yahaa25 says:

    Love your channel Marie! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the advice

  41. Creative Mindz Ltd says:

    Nice thanks

  42. keeelane says:

    #6 bribery: offer your services for free/at a discount or as an exchange for something to start getting customers

  43. learn share says:

    I know what you saying 😉

  44. Bright Life Family Network says:

    Very very useful, thank you for this!!

  45. Thanh Do says:

    Great advice! thanks so much.

  46. Lilieth Harris says:

    Great! Thanks!

  47. says:

    Great information. Thanks

  48. Sibernethy says:

    Someone's probably watching this and making h0tPaNts97 their e-mail right now. 😛

  49. B M says:

    I've shared your videos so often. Thank you for being you and sharing your wisdom!

  50. Pau Carvalho says:

    kinda hard to do for now

  51. Goddess ByNature says:

    Great info….Thanks for sharing!!

  52. Rossel La Fifa Brain Institute says:


  53. munu moni says:

    Thanks for your Great Idea.
    Thanks a lot.

  54. neily bless says:

    Brilliant, thanks again Marie

  55. Aliandra Adelin says:

    The information is good, but these screaming and creaking sounds are in disharmony with the seriousness of the topic.

  56. Keyana Moore says:

    I have started my business a month ago and still no sales at all. I want to know what I doing wrong for this to happen?

  57. The Bohemian Blonde says:

    Your channel continues to uplift me in my everyday life! Words cannot express my gratitude to you, Marie!
    I found you at my lowest point in life and made a come-back through anxiety and depression. I'm now running a company of empowering women through wellness…. at 30 years old… all from HOME! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU AND HELPING ME! <3 — Seana | The Bohemian Blonde

  58. Drak DeMay says:

    your captivating and informative.. keep up the great work.. God bless, learn something everytime I watch a video. and have watched 3 in 20 minutes 🙂

  59. essflem says:

    I'm young and looking for opportunities abroad. Does Jillian have a website?

  60. stagcapri says:

    Just wanted to say I had headphones on at standing out in the sun watching your video on my phone. forsome reason the chicken noise scared the crap out of me haha great videos

  61. Melo says:

    It's really important for startups to have a great logo and a catchy company name. It takes a lot of time to find the perfect name but it will be worth it the next 10 years

  62. King22Rules88Hearts says:

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    way#1 improve you online image
    way#2 Highlight your experience
    way#3 Communicate what you do clearly
    way#4 Get client reviews
    way#5 Get into newspaper (advt)

  63. TheYnotThat says:

    I'm so in LOVE with this woman! Must be her awesome fun personality that's pulling me in

  64. Amanda Mac says:

    The haters are cracking me up. They must not watch a lot of MarieTV and didn't take the time to get to know you. Keep it quirky, LOVE IT AND YOU!

  65. Mohammed Saif says:

    Thank you very much. It was helpful.

  66. Stephen Gaull says:

    Your brilliant, thank you for the excellent advice and engaging delivery!

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  68. BÈL says:

    I'm in love with you! – Thanks for this video, you're so engaging. I have the attention span of a 2 year-old but I was so locked in! LOL

  69. Gennevie Roces Carandang says:

    noisy bracelets are too distracting

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  71. Uniformar S.A. says:

    haha!!!! You're lovely!!

  72. Simon Randall says:

    Get a good website. Why didnt I think of that?

  73. charles chinda says:

    Am i the one or this woman has a horribly fake enthusiasm in her intro.

  74. Farid Feisal Salim says:

    i love you marie

  75. Bart Sindrewicz says:

    you're good!

  76. Green TwoStay says:

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  77. Amirhossein Farahani says:

    In all your video thumbnails, the last word of the title is hidden under the time block in the thumbnail preview area. It would be better if you'd left aligned the titles. Great content too?

  78. D • says:

    You are 110% C.R.A.Z.Y and I love it. XD

  79. glt010678 says:

    I'm offering free to get my first client and surprisingly, I'm still not getting any response.

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  81. One hit wonder says:

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  82. shahris sepang says:

    Love your ideas

  83. Abdirahiim Yassin says:

    I might be the only guy here but hey knowledge isn't gender oriented, great video btw it's exactly what I needed, you just got a BIG thumbs up

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  86. Carmela Aimee says:

    Love how you showed the difference of confidence in telling people what you do. I find it a little difficult because there isn't a title for what I am! Hahaha. So, I'll have to figure that out, but even if I don't full know what to say… I can still say it with confidence!

  87. D.Ariadne Freitas says:

    Good information but honestly these sounds screaming is sooo annoying that made me just stop watching . Think about it

  88. CassiettaVi says:

    I love marie Forleo she is sooo goofy lol

  89. Ross Crosby says:

    You almost lost me in the first few seconds, But stayed hoping for some good info…

  90. Exotic Expression Dance Fitness says:

    I love your channel!! Ty for all your fantastic advice!

  91. Cindy Lam says:

    Amazing tips! Thank you for this YouTube channel! We are all very thankful.

  92. Rachael says:

    Think I have a bit of a girl crush on you Marie, your mentoring always seems to pop up with the right thing at the right time… Are you watching me ??? love you, thank you for sharing x

  93. FeelGood Within says:

    Thankx so much Gr8 tips ?

  94. Sharron Dark says:


  95. kacey kerr says:

    HA! Okay when that chicken sound went off I actually jumped and a sound came out of my mouth because I got scared. I had Headphones in and it just sounded so real!

    Love your videos! They are so creative and well thought out/straight to the point. Nice work ??

  96. Photo Booth International says:

    Great video and simple steps to follow.

  97. Muna Ali says:

    LOVE IT!!!

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