How to Become Intelligent?

How to Become Intelligent?

The first question from Guman Bhusan . He
wrote ” Swamiji bless us with the knowledge of how to become intelligent ”
Understand this Fundamental question , How to become intelligent . Anythings self-centered
is pain. Body stinks , mind sinks . Body stinks Mind
sinks . Anything any thought current you develop around the body and mind will always be stinking
and sinking . Start developing your thought currents around the cosmos , around the Humanity
. The larger aspects of life, see , body and mind is one aspects of your life, not that
itself not your whole life . Yes you use the restroom for 15 minutes of your day , that
is also one room of your life but that alone cannot be room of your life, your house . Just
like rest room is used for 15 minutes , bedroom is used for 7-8 hours , body and mind is used
for few minutes in your life. But that cannot occupy the larger potion of
your life . I tell you this is fundamentally the definition of intelligence . Thought currents
developed with the larger aspects of life , like humanity, universe,cosmos,existence
, reality,how consciousness works , the larger aspects of life becomes intelligence . Thought
currents developed around your body and around your mind.A very small narrow vision aspects
of your life becomes stinking and sinking , that’s all is the whole thing . What kind
of a thought currents you are developing encouraging in your life , is it all about your body and
mind ? Or is it all about the universe,existence and reality , that’s it . Becoming more intelligent
means developing better thought currents based on universe , the higher existence and larger
aspects of life.


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