So today I’m going to show you guys how to become a millionaire in 3 years now I’m sure many of you guys know me from my previous video how to become a millionaire with 5 dollars a day now that video has as of the last i checked three quarters of a million views and a lot of people criticized me on that video because they said now that video has as of the last I checked this takes 50 years, how do I do this quicker? When you talk about how to be a millionaire a lot of people So today, I’m going to show you guys how to become a millionaire in 3 years think that you are just giving them fluff advise when you tell them to follow the process that you’re telling them They say that, Oh, All you need to do to become a millionaire is very charismatic and then, you know, sell your information and then sell your information and become a millionaire and they criticize people who do this even though they’re following the exact formula that requires to become a millionaire and I am going to share that formula with you guys now. But I do hope you to stick around for the rest of the video But this formula is very simple number 1 you have to find a massive problem that exists out there. So these people that are out there speaking in public and then selling your information They have identified a massive problem which is the fact that people don’t have enough money and people are not happy with their lives and as a result they’re looking for a solution Step number 2 is to create a solution, create so you need to make something, so these people that are selling this information courses and things like that, they have created a solution to your problem and now they’re marketing that solution, they solved your problem at that point I know we criticize people who speak out like this and I’m sure I get some criticisms as well because I’m one of these people who sells information but what we have done is follow the simple process that it takes to actually become a millionaire and we’re just using this one way of providing knowledge to people but this can be done with literally anything if you con find a problem and create a solution to that problem and it actually helps people then you yourself can become a millionaire in a very short period of time so the first thing I wanna do is explain the difference between my previous strategy which takes 50 years building money over time with compound interest and what I call the fast-ling strategy where you can become a millionaire in a few short years and three I would say three years is what it takes if you really worked hard and we’re just determined to do this and you really found a great solution to a problem that exists today but the slow lane life if you wanna follow the strategy this is basically how you become a millionaire you need be a minimalist or at least live below your means so you’re spending every dollar of your earning you are taking the low risk route so usually you’re getting a job and I call that getting on a train that’s already moving so somebody has already started a business somebody already took that risk and you’re going to get on that train and help them build their dream and they’re gonna pay you a small amount of money for your work now if you’re following that strategy you’re gonna have one source of income which is a terrible idea but most people who work a job that’s the only source of income they have and as long as you’re living below your means and you’re saving up money you should be okay but having one source of income is very very dangerous so calling this low risk is actually kind of correct because one of riskiest things you can do is having one source of income now what you do with that one source of income is you save and invest about 10 to 20 percent of it the structured life and I call this 9 to 5 for 45 so you’re working 9 to 5 job for 45 years and you save up your money overtime by the time in your sixties or maybe seventy you retire and hopefully of you have followed this plan right and saved a good amount of your money you have a million dollar retirement now, if you’re watching this video you’re not interested in a slow lane life and you wanna be part of that fast lane life the big thing the people don’t realize is that you have to start something you can’t jump on a moving train and become a millionaire if anybody is telling you a definitive way to become a millionaire it’s not because if it is then they are not going to share it with you because when you becoming a millionaire you need to create something yourself now instead of investing in something outside of yourself like stocks and bonds and things of that nature in that slow lane life you’re going to invest in yourself or something that you create so you’re investing solely in your own idea or something you created now instead of jumping on that train that is already moving you’re going to create your own train and yeah it’s gonna be a lot harder but then you’ll get to point where you riding that train and you got other people doing all the work for you and you are along for the ride because you took the initial risk and unlike the slow lane life that is that is very structured the fast lane life is gonna be unstructured because you’re not gonna have a just 9 to 5 job you may work 100 hours in a week if you have to you have to do whatever it takes to get the job done because at the end of the day you’re your own boss and you’re the only one accountable for your actions so this is what the fast lane line actually looks like and I know a lot of people out there wanna become a millionaire a lot wanna do it in a very short span of time but how many people actually wanna do what I just listed here? how many people actually want to work a 100 hours in a week and take risks and actually create something on their own so if you decided that yes you want to live in this fast lane life and you wanna become a millionaire and wanna come up with an idea the first step is to identify or find a massive problem and I wanna give you guys a few examples of massive problems we’re facing right now and really we don’t have a good solution to them or the solution isn’t very apparent the first big problem is that humans are living longer than ever before and the population of the senior citizens is going to explode so we’re going to need creative solutions for that problem second massive problem we’re facing is cyber security threats we’re gonna see more and more of that happening as hackers become more sophisticated the third problem that I see is that terrorists are becoming more sophisticated as well so we have major homeland security and cyber security problems that we need creative solutions for another problem let’s talk about urbanization the fact that we’re living in a more densely populated areas and it’s putting stress on our natural resources also consider the fact that we really need transition away from our use of dirty falls of fuels and the last massive problem I have for you guys is that we really need to start thinking about the ethics of artificial intelligence so what I have done here is identified a list of massive problems and you guys can do this yourselves maybe it’s not gonna be something that I mentioned here but if you have of expertise identify all the in that area and then create a solution to that problem and then do it start something make your own train and become a millionaire with your great idea that is how you become a millionaire in a short period of time you have to create something find a massive problem out there create a solution and solve the problem that’s how you become a millionaire it’s that simple and anyone telling you otherwise they’re lying to you that’s all I got for this video guys I hope you found this to be helpful please let me know what you think in the comments section below if you enjoyed this video please drop a like and if you’re new to my channel consider subscribing to be notified in the future uploads and as always I thank you for taking the time to watch this video


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    I don't agree too everything you just said, but it's a good video. I have two jobs and three sources of income… Saves 70% of my net income every moth and invests 60% of that. If the 10% remains I'll invest that into the next month…. You don't need too start a business I you don't want too. Everyone isn't suited to become an entrepreneur, it seems like we have this entrepreneurial epidemic nowadays…..

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    Investor is about the same difficulty due to the high volatility in the bond and share market. while some do achieve it but is much longer than 3 years.

    I did not achieve $1m in yearly net profit but is not too far away by year 3 ( year 2 about $400k) through day trading in the share market, with $30k at the start while full time trading and 8 years learning the market, those that promise you quick and high returns, do not believe them because it is near impossible.

    Any field where you work extremely hard you will achieve these results, donโ€™t expect mediocre efforts for high returns.

    My weekly return is between 5-10%+ by looking at way oversold shares, buy and sell during the rebound during the day

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