How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump

How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump

Today’s Republican Party opposes big government.
It’s culturally conservative. Its demographic support is strongest among white voters, and
it usually dominates elections in the South. And its 2016 presidential nominee has been
heavily criticized for inciting racial tensions. But things weren’t always this way.
Yet over the past 160 or so years, the party has undergone a remarkable transformation
from the party of Abraham Lincoln… to the party of Donald Trump. And to understand how the GOP got the way
it is today, you have to go back to when it first came into existence — in 1854, just
7 years before the Civil War. There are two parties at this point, the Whigs
and the Democrats. America is quickly expanding westward and there’s an intense debate over
whether the new states should permit slavery The Democratic Party, with strong support
in the South, has become increasingly pro-slavery. But the Whigs are divided on the issue. Their
northern supporters are really afraid that the growing number of slave states would have
too much political influence, which they feared could hurt free white workers economically
So In 1854, the country is debating whether or not the new states Kansas and Nebraska
will allow slavery. The can’t agree and the party ends up collapsing. The former whigs
in the north form a new party that will fight against letting slavery expand further; they
call it the Republican Party. By 1860 the Republican Party become increasingly
powerful in the North, enough so that a little known Republican named Abraham Lincoln wins
the presidency. Even though Lincoln promises he won’t interfere
with slavery in the states that already have it, he and his party are still too anti-slavery
for the South to tolerate. So 11 Southern states secede from the Union, forming the
Confederate States of America. The Northern states decide to fight to keep the Union together,
and the Civil War ensues. The result is a Northern victory and the abolition of slavery
nationwide. After the war, Republicans begin fighting
to ensure freedmen in the South have rights. A year after Lincoln’s assassination, the
party passes the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which said black citizens have the same rights
as whites. They fight to make sure that black men have the right to vote, with new laws
and constitutional amendments. But something had happened during the civil
war that began changing the young Republican Party. Government spending during the war
made many northern businessmen really rich. Gradually, these wealthy financiers and industrialists
start taking more and more of a leading role in the Republican Party. They want to hold
on to power, and they don’t think that fighting for black rights in a mostly white country
is the best way to do that. Meanwhile, the South is resisting these new
racial reforms, often violently. And most white Republican voters and leaders now feel
that they’ve done enough for Black citizens in the South, and that it was time to emphasize
other issues. So in the 1870s, the party basically gives up on reforming the South, deciding
instead to leave it to its own devices, even if that meant black citizens were oppressed
and deprived of their new right to vote, and the region was politically dominated by white
Democrats. Fast-forward to the new century. By the 1920s,
the Republican Party has become, essentially, the party of big business. This works out
quite well for them when the economy was booming, but not so well when the economy crashes in
1929 and the Great Depression begins. Franklin D. Roosevelt and other Democrats
are swept into power, and begin dramatically expanding the size and role of the federal
government, in an attempt to fight the Depression and better provide for Americans. Republicans
oppose this rapid expansion, defining themselves as opposition to bigger government, an identity
that the party still holds today. Then, going into the 50s and 60s, race and
the South return to the forefront of national politics, with the civil rights movement attempting
to end segregation and ensure blacks truly had the right to vote.
Civil rights isn’t purely a partisan issue, it’s more of a regional issue with northerners
from both parties supporting it and southerners from both parties opposing. Then 1964, it’s
Democratic president Lyndon Johnson who signs the Civil Rights Act into law. And it’s
Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater who opposes it, arguing that it expands government
power too much. A massive switch-up takes place. Black voters,
many of whom had already been shifting from Republicans, convert almost entirely to their
new advocates, the Democrats. And white voters in the South, who had been staunch Democrats,
start to really resent “big government” interference here and in other matters, like
abortion rights and school prayer. Over the next three decades, whites in the South switch
to the GOP, which makes the South an overwhelmingly Republican region. By the 80s, the party begins
to resemble the GOP we are familiar with today. Republicans elect Ronald Reagan, who promises
to fight for, business interests, lower taxes, and traditional family values. Then, as the 21st century begins, America
is going through a major demographic shift in the form of Hispanic immigration, both
legal and illegal. Democrats and business elites tend to support
reforming immigration laws so that over 10 million unauthorized immigrants in the US
would get legal status. But “tough on immigration” policies and rhetoric become popular on the
Republican right. Then, when Mitt Romney loses his bid for the
presidency in 2012, he gets blown out among Hispanic voters — exit polls showed that
71% of them backed Barack Obama. And the Republican Party starts to look more like a party for
white voters in an increasingly nonwhite country. Given demographic trends, Republican leaders
worry that if they keep losing Hispanic voters by that much, they’ll lose their chances
of winning the presidency. So in 2013, some key Republicans in the Senate — including
rising star Marco Rubio — collaborate with Democrats on an immigration reform bill that
would give unauthorized immigrants a path to legal status. But there’s a huge backlash from the Republican
party’s predominantly white base, which views the bill as “amnesty” for immigrants
who broke the rules. This exacerbates GOP voters’ mistrust of their own party’s
leaders, which had already been growing. And that makes the political landscape of
2015 is fertile ground for a figure like Donald Trump, an outsider businessman who wants to
build a wall on the border with Mexico. Trump isn’t a traditional conservative, but he
appealed to Republican primary voters’ resentment and mistrust of party elites, as well as their
strong opposition to growing immigration trends. And even though he was loathed by party leaders,
he won enough support in the primaries to become the GOP nominee for president. Now, the Republican party is once again at
a major crossroads as it tries to meet the political challenges of the 21st century.
It’s possible that the turn toward Trump and his ideas this year will be remembered
as an aberration, and that a new generation of Republican politicians will find a way
to be more than just the party of white resentment — rediscovering their roots as the party
of Lincoln. But it’s also possible that Trump is just the beginning, and that the
party will increasingly play to white voters by appealing to racial tensions. It’s up
to Republican voters and leaders to decide just what they want their party to be.


  1. Jeffrey Woods says:

    The Republican Party overall is just a mess.

  2. Richard Zhang says:

    Maybe I am wrong But I feel like there is a considerable amount of Republicans even on the West Coast. BTW I'm from Seattle.

  3. Roberto Souza says:

    The unswer is easy. Just jump out from the top of a mountain.

  4. Satheesh Kumar says:

    Why the videos of the Right are full of statistics and the Left full of “theories”??!!

  5. michael preston says:

    Trump and what was the GOP are, ''Stinkin'.

  6. call me mr Tom Reagan says:

    We should bring slavery back !!!!!!

  7. Luis Martinez says:

    Lincoln was a rebub but the views of the Republican party changed in the 1900s to more democratic view. So he's more democratic than Republican.

  8. Seth Campbell says:

    Fun fact Texas never joined the Confederacy the Texas Governer never approved so Texas fought a civil war against itself!

  9. Seth Campbell says:

    Actually… The south became Republican because of it has no reason to be democrat, It already lost it's original purpose so they decided to switch while Democrats decided to switch into "heroes" so they can get votes from black people.

  10. Ken Wells says:

    Remember the Democrats hated Lincoln a lot more than Trump and killed and murdered Republicans (And Lincoln) in the Civil War because the Democrats wanted to continue forcing blacks into slavery.

  11. Ken Wells says:

    STOP STOP STOP. Blacks voted Republican obviously because of being freed from slavery. Don't argue about this. When the Democrats began giving blacks welfare in the New Deal the black vote flopped over to the Democrats. There was literally no change in vote percentages of blacks for Democrats because it happened 40 years before.

    And ALWAYS REMEMBER the majority of Congress voter FOR the civil Rights laws we're REPUBLICANS again voting to ensure the rights and laws already passed after the Civil War. This is why these laws are called CIVIL Rights laws.

    The majority of Congress DEMOCRATS voted against every civil rights law in the 1960s and 1970s.

    If you go back to the 'Jim Crow' laws to keep blacks down, they we're all written by Democrats, voted into law by Deomcrats and enforced by Democrats.

    Trying to pin the evil tattooed history of the Democrats on Trump and the Republican Party is rather deceptive.

    If you take a quick look at Baltimore and ask yourselves, Does Democrat Ruling Class raise blacks out of poverty?

    The Box is mixing some history with some fiction.

  12. hungry money says:

    Democrats from slavery to open borders…..

  13. spike378 says:

    I still dont get how the white people switch all of a sudden to Republican, it seems there is a huge racial factor involved

  14. JudeMarchisio says:

    Reagan was a conman actor.

  15. John Linnon says:

    It's the Republican business owners who want immigrants- to fill low paying jobs that Americans don't want. And the democrats don't want illegal immigrants, either. They want more effective security(more electronic monitoring), instead of a wall. Even though they're more willing to grant amnesty to those who are here already. So where's the big divide? It's in the Trump tax breaks for the rich, and erosion of the environment, as in Trump's decree to states to loosen air quality standards, etc.

  16. Alex Durdan says:

    from the party of bedferford to the party of clinton… no difference in racial views…

  17. Willie Baker says:

    The republican party left Lincoln when they killed him, they have NEVER been for black people stop the lies. It was just a few whites that hoped the black people. Most white people are just like trump, case and point. They knew he was a RACIST before them and the russians voted for him and he is a CRIMINAL. FACT

  18. spike378 says:

    I was in Springfield, IL over the weekend and I learn that Lincoln was hated by the South and his own Northerner for the fact that they going to war to fight ideology like freeing slaves were hugely unpopular at the time. It might be part of the Republican Party early on but resentment in the North just dont feel like a war was justified. Also, many blacks dont even like Lincoln even if he was their only hope. So Lincoln led the country out of chaos in full stress as seen in his aging pictures until his death

  19. Love & Truth says:

    This should be labeled: From the Great Lincoln to the sad Nixon and the horrible Trump.

  20. Taiyo Matsumae says:

    Did you know that republicans evolved from dinosaurs, like birds, while humans evolved from apes?
    This explains Linkolen abolishing slavery… Look at that beard.
    But seriously, this explains a lot in the big picture of things. Bit still I knew trunp was riding on violence, I just didnt know he had auch frckn great timing. Now I undrrstand why he didnt run before when he could. I realy think he is simply pure evil now. Sad!

    Go Bernie

  21. Omar Ismail says:

    Democrats: like
    Republican: comment

  22. Christiane Carson says:

    Succinct, fascinating and definitely an eyeopening mini lesson that should be taught in every school in America!!! Well done!!!

  23. ck_ says:

    It's not only upto Republican voters to decide the future of the party.. it's to an extent upto Democratic Party supporters and influencers too – if they choose another 'Hillary', Trump will most likely get 4 more years, in a way deciding the how the Republican party shapes up

  24. Kzface says:

    This channel right here🤤😍

  25. razumfrackle says:

    Lincoln, like Trump, supported tariffs.

  26. Reagan Birt says:

    All I got from this video is that Republican want freedom and Democrats want illegal immigrants

  27. PianoMan 2018 says:

    1. Republicans want people enslaved to corporations.
    2. Democrats want people enslaved to government.
    3. I choose neither.

  28. cyclone says:

    Obama is joke

  29. jovi b says:

    The Democrats have always used immigrants. They used them for labour in the beginning but now they need their vote. Republicans will stop this highly illegal tactic.

  30. Switch Cut says:

    Vox is not comprised of credible Journalists.

  31. Steve Vise says:

    Even today, Republicans fight for Blacks, while Democrats want to keep them in the ghettos and under Democrat control.

  32. Steve Vise says:

    Blacks are still much better off under Republican leadership. Look at job figures. Lowest Black unemployment in HISTORY . Please return to the Party of Frederic Douglass !

  33. BonzoDog67 Lizardking says:

    Donald Trump is a populist aberration. Don't forget the NeverTrumpers in the GOP. He was a rebuke to both parties cozy way of doing things.

  34. Little_ sir25 says:

    How the democrats went from white supremacy to loving minorities LGBTQ and the party to the unfortunate!

  35. Don Wade gaming says:

    Times Change , early in America immigrants were welcomed because America needed to populate its lands, but now we are full and have more than what we need

  36. Francisco Casiano says:

    Talk about oversimplifying it

  37. Anders Graham says:

    Ya, and the Democrática are perfect….

  38. Esteban Nemo says:

    At least the video gave an honest assessment of what the Civil War was about- for the South, it was maintaining slavery. For the North, maintaining the Union. The North never would have started a war to free the slaves.

  39. Ernest Afoakwah says:

    The Democratic Party is the worst

  40. souptroophat Esplin says:

    Its gotten better

  41. Leo Ball says:

    Most of republicans are white but they are strong in the south where most of the poc live???

  42. J Scott Upton says:

    This video is FULL of inaccuracies. Blacks switched to the democrat party in the 30's…not the 60's. They did it because they THOUGHT the "New Deal" would be a good thing (in reality FDR purposely designed many New Deal programs so the "benefits" would not be given to blacks i.e. social security was blocked from "domestic workers and farm laborers…the two areas dominated by black employees. FDR also opposed "anti-lynching laws". The civil rights laws of the 60's were OPPOSED by a higher percentage of democrat lawmakers than republican. Goldwater, who had fought for blacks his whole adult life, opposed the 64 civil rights act for ONE reason. It gave the federal government power to interfere with business hiring and firing. Goldwater believed that competition was the best way to help everyone…not government bureaucrats. Democrats passed ALL of the "jim crow" laws. Democrats have been the worst thing for blacks.

  43. Cody Wright says:

    Sorry but many Trump voters and supporters aren't white.

  44. Ajay Singh says:

    History shows that white always have racist views about other community's people…

  45. BEISisICE says:

    How the country went from free-thinking to party system.

  46. Infinite Sheldon says:

    I'll save you seven minutes. It was because of inbreeding and bath salts.

  47. pezilord says:

    The Republican Party was always the party of big business.

  48. Lasiah Martin says:

    You Vox need to a Democratic Video from Jim Crow to 2020.

  49. Thomasrice07 says:

    Trump was a creation of the failed Obama presidency and the extreme GOP incompetence

  50. Justin H says:

    Forgot to mention the distrust people had of the clintons as the reason more voters also moved towards trump

  51. Epic-Elite Dynamics says:

    Our state of affairs: We are a highly advance society who cannot fathom the simplicity of Unity.

  52. Tanner Paulsen says:

    Most historically dishonest video I have ever seen…like woah

  53. MzBittersweet says:

    I'm glad Vox was able to present a fair report on the party "switch" instead of just "Oh, Democrats can't be racist because he parties switched after the reconstruction". No. The parties didn't switch. Voters switched because of changes in political platforms and it had nothing to do with race.

  54. Ian Gilliam says:

    Slavery wasn’t even the main reason the south seceded. It was due to the different economies of the north and the south. The southern states had a more farming based economy while the north’s consisted of industrial based economy. Taxes and policies were the reason of the secession. Yes slavery was a reason but not the main one.


    Aigth so im new to politics since im young but why Tf people vote after parties? Why sont people chose the president by his policies? Do people chose people either republican or democratic ? Why wont you choose the better guy. Its like choosing the best football player by his club. And not his performance

  56. Nimesh Udamulla says:

    Build the wall

  57. Lynette Patton says:

    This vox is definitely a keeper..will play many, many times.

  58. ANIME Navit says:

    Now do how Democrats went from Luther King to identity politics.

  59. BillyBrains Folse! says:

    Now trump fights for everybody everycolor nationwide. The democrats are against your freedoms. They just want to act like they can make everything free but it’s impossible to do.

  60. Bob ap Bob says:

    Nixon sold the party out for Southern votes.

  61. Fred Azbell says:

    Confused yet???

  62. stephen martin says:

    Being that the U.S. is a constitutional republic (not a democracy) it only makes sense to elect a Republican

  63. Kanda Solstice says:

    From such a great historic figure, Abraham LIncoln to… ur joke presiden Trump… U sure has fallen USA…

  64. AlarminglyDog says:

    1940's America In A Nutshell;
    Democrats: Maybe I don't want to be anti-black anymore

    Republicans: Oh you're a rightist, just not a super one

  65. Kyle & Chung says:

    The Republicans in the 1800s better than Republicans today we need to stop racists

  66. Estefani Galan says:

    Based off democratic and conservative stereotypes. I always assumed Abraham Lincoln was Democratic . I’m shook to find out he’s republican 😳🤯

  67. Lars Andersen says:

    Not a big issue, nor is it particularly relevant to the point of the video, but the Dakota territory is split by 1890, but you have it as one still in 1920. Nitpicky, ik, but still

  68. Scott Wilson says:

    So you admit that dems got there slaves taken away from them

  69. John Ratican says:

    "I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors
    of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white
    people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference
    between the white and black races which I believe will for ever forbid the two
    races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch
    as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be a position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race."—-Abraham Lincoln. By contrast, Donald John Trump is personal friends with Kanye West, and has signed into law legislation reforming prisons so that thousands of non-violent mostly African American offenders can get another chance at life. In addition, the African American unemployment rate is at its lowest in years under President Trump. So what is the point of your video?

  70. HENRY MARTIN says:


  71. kelvin urena says:

    Latino Republican checking in!!!

  72. John LeBaron says:

    You had some decent information in here. And obviously somebody spent the time to make the video. But you do throw in opinion.

    You basically copied a little bit of the rhetoric of the Democratic Party by indicating that Trump actually caused racial issues. When in fact he does not. He only became a racist when he ran for the presidency, until then he had a history of being a humanitarian and he was well-liked by the black community because he actually help them. In other words it is incorrect if you to indicate that he has anything to do with racial issues. You're basically just parroting what is opposition says, and it's unfounded.

  73. Freddy Rojas says:

    Cause Republicans have back bones. And Obama started the race war.

  74. Tony Wilson says:

    Overall great honest piece on American history – it's just a shame most Americans won't believe it.

  75. RisenNation says:

    The whigs in the north are actually democrats. Stop lying boy.

  76. Yung Thong says:

    Sooo it switched places with the Democratic Party 😂

  77. Bharati says:

    Pardon me, but what I don't understand is Columbus and his men & others like him wiped out the native Indians….and now they feel others are taking away their rights….. didn't they take away native Indian rights 🤔. I am not saying it's right or wrong, just that it's coming to a full circle. Don't understand black n white people when it belongs originally to Natives. Should they be asked what they want….

    Anyways, much bigger problem of Global warming (pollution, Animal agriculture, industrialization, deforestation), glaciers meltdown, flash floods, Amazon fire ……we are destroying our earth like Virus. Hope we concentrate on it, else there won't any earth left to create parties and run the nation.

  78. jon edson says:

    We will build a wall a big big wall

  79. Antonydabossman says:

    We go from a great president to a bad one.

  80. Zachary Petrakovich says:

    The Republicans stopped caring about the South like Reconstruction wasn’t a thing

  81. 54markl says:

    Far Right people, your racist un-American behavior is pretty much ensuring that your future in America is in Leg Irons. Breaking up rocks in a prison yard. That’s right, All of You! 😡

  82. Tropic Gem says:

    Why does no one talk about the stuff Hilarlry did?
    The worst from both parties are the main candidates.

  83. Young-suk No says:

    The ideal state of politics is the different view the political parties represent should be tested on real politics and people vote for the party who does the best job for the people and the society. The problem is that the political parties are only interested in getting the power and people are used/let used by them.
    We the people has to wake up and never vote for the kind of politicians who are only interested in power.

  84. Str AGile says:

    From LINCOLN TO TRUMP…. nice one USA

  85. Adan Vera says:

    Appeal to the Hispanic people.

  86. FreakyBeNormal says:

    This video completely ignites that the Democrats were the ones who put him crow laws in place and it was republicans that ended Jim Crow during the time when this video says republicans did nothing from black people

  87. necroscope80 says:

    Opposes big government? AAHHH HAHAHA HAHAH AHAHAHA

  88. timoberlin says:

    One of the scariest things of the United States is a sick unhealthy extremist Christian belief that mostly just includes whites people, which in itself doesn’t make sense if those people would actually use their brains

  89. DJK 2816 says:

    Republicons take advantage of anyone they can….The rich get richer and the poor….welllll they get poorer

  90. DJK 2816 says:

    Republicons want to enslave everyone…Unless you are rich

  91. Will Makela says:

    If I become president I would be democratic

  92. KNHrags The Goldfish says:

    How the Democrats lost there mind….

  93. don'tdodurgs says:

    Democrats and republicans pretty much flipped flop from abe's presidency

  94. lil spacey says:

    Easy we went from abraham Lincoln to trump by passing years. Easy as that 1845 to 2016

  95. nshanahan13 says:

    Man I don't even consider Trump a Republican anymore

  96. Mohammad Rasool says:

    My favorite party 🖒

  97. Vincent Krommenhoek says:

    Very informative. Thanks for the video.

  98. TheProfessor says:

    What software was used to create this wonderful amazing historical video layout?

  99. Edward Elkins says:

    I have been saying for years that there should be no more political parties, I think there should be a presidential executive board instead of one president. This would eliminate the need for a political party at least in the white house. Doesn't stop corruption but does stop any one man having power

  100. Edward Elkins says:

    Thinking about the divine order of justice and law, God's kingdom is not divided. I once thought of campaigning against there being one president, "the Party's over Campaign" , its a difficult task to accomplish, I have some political works to make it much easier , resources are my current priority, to make a real easy way to organize and launch campaigns , so in the not so far future I think it may be given some thought, if our nation lasts that long.

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