How The EHH-ERR Beat On Roddy Ricch’s “The Box” Was Made | Song Stories

How The EHH-ERR Beat On Roddy Ricch’s “The Box” Was Made | Song Stories

[RUSSEL] Compton’s Roddy Ricch reflects
on his run-ins with the law and his come up, atop a squeaky beat on “The Box” – while
using every definition of the word. [RUSSEL] “The Box” comes from Roddy’s
debut album ‘Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial.’ It’s his highest-charting hit yet, peaking
at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. EarDrummers producer 30 Roc spoke to Genius
News about the song. 30 ROC: When it came down to “The Box,”
for me, it was just like – let’s see if we can push him outside of his range. I really didn’t think he was going to do
it. So with this one, we just decided to take
the drums and try something different, you know what I’m sayin’, with the reverse
808s. [RUSSEL] Since its release, the song has become
the subject of viral memes on social media. 30 ROC: There’s another meme poppin’ up
everyday. That’s how you know you really got one,
I feel like. SQUIDWARD: What the… How are you two making that noise? KEEFA BLACK: You might not even know that
it’s his voice. People thought it was a sample out of a sample
pack or loop. [RUSSEL] Keefa Black, the Atlantic Records
A&R who signed Roddy, was there when “The Box” was made and spoke to Genius News about how
its unique sound came to be. KEEFA BLACK: I’m trying to be quiet and
sit there. And he’s just sittin’ there, and he was
like, “EHH ERRR EHH ERR.” And I’m just sittin’ there, and I’m
trying not to laugh ‘cause he’s deadass serious. He did the EHH ERRR EHH ERR for like four
bars, and he just copied it and pasted it throughout the whole entire song. 30 ROC: Roddy dropped. Then he came, he was like, “EHH ERRR EHH
ERRR.” And we all looked at eachother and was like,
“What the hell. Where is he going with this?” Because this is our first time hearing the
song. But when the beat dropped, and what he was
saying and how it blended, it was like – oh yeah, it’s hot in here. Definitely, top five ad-libs. [RUSSEL] The music video for “The Box”
is currently in production. And Keefa says it should answer everyone’s
questions about what “The Box” actually is. KEEFA BLACK: I’m not gonna say it’s some
street shit, but it’s like if you from the streets – you can put two and two together and figure out what the box is. [RUSSEL]
The “box,” among other things, may refer to jail, a place Roddy Rich has been and doesn’t
want to go back to. [RUSSEL] When he was 18, he faced a possible
gun charge and sat in the box for a week awaiting bail. The moment made Roddy want to change his ways
and he began taking music seriously. RODDY RICH: It made me who I am today. I ain’t proud of it, but I gotta tell people
who is there right now, so they understand you can sit in the seat too. [RUSSEL]
In August 2019, Roddy Rich was arrested for felony domestic violence charges after an
alleged altercation with his girlfriend at his LA home. He was later released on $50,000 bond – and his charges were eventually dropped later that year. [RUSSEL]
On the verse, the 21-year-old flexes his firepower, shouting out Drake and his Young Money mentor
Lil Wayne, who Roddy calls by his government name. He also references Vince Carter’s legendary
2000 Dunk Contest. [RUSSEL]
Roddy also announces his presidential bid and puts a bounty on Trayvon Martin’s killer,
George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of the teen’s murder in 2013 amid nationwide protests. Zimmerman recently sued the late teenagers’s
family. [RUSSEL]
The Compton rapper also reps his set. RODDY RICH: I was runnin’ around with all
the Crips. All my cousins, all my family like Crip. Then, I got older I jumped off the porch. I got kicked out my mama house from when I
was like 15,16, so then I started getting in the streets for real. [RUSSEL]
He got help transitioning from that lifestyle to that of a successful artist with the help
of OGs like fellow compton artist, Kendrick Lamar who he rapped for as a kid and would
later reconnect with. RODDY RICCH: First time, I got on FaceTime
with him, he was like, “I’m proud of you. I remember what I told you.” [RUSSEL]
The late Nipsey Hussle was also a big source of advice. RODDY: He was just teaching a nigga just the
proper steps as far as how to boss up and do it the right way. [RUSSEL]
Back on the hook, Roddy namedrops the popular mobile payment service Cash App – then keeps
up with the times, pairing “wipe his nose” and “slime love all the time,” two phrases
Genius covered as amongst hip-hop’s favorites in 2019. [RUSSEL] With its viral memes and placement
on streaming playlists, “The Box” has shot up the Genius Top Songs Chart – and
currently sits at the #2 spot. For more on “The Box,” check out the song
page on I’m Russel Abad for Genius News bringing
you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.


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