How Much Money Does A YouTuber With 150,000 Subscribers Make? (Motivation to be a YouTuber)

How Much Money Does A YouTuber With 150,000 Subscribers Make? (Motivation to be a YouTuber)

what’s up guys if you guys are clicking on this video it probably I mean you probably want to know how much money does YouTube or make when they have around 150,000 subscribers the answer is I make about $10,000 a month I’ll show the screenshots of my proof of income there this is of course for taxes how much I pay how much I keep after taxes it’s going to depend on the youtuber and how much they use s travel expenses but in all honesty youtubers get the most ridiculous expenses written off I made one YouTube video in the Philippines and now the whole trip to the Philippines is a travel expense that can be deduction for my taxes and so for the rest of this video I’m going to try to motivate you to be a youtuber or at least be self-employed and also explain to you some of the things I’ve learned about being youtuber that could help you out because I really haven’t seen a lot of YouTube channels explain it very well and hopefully you get something out of this video so with every youtuber that is popular now on YouTube all of us started at one point with zero subscribers and you know it’s never cool being the YouTube channel with a hundred subscribers or fifty subscribers but again even my channel at one point I had zero subscribers I was the one that created the channel engineer truth and it said zero subscribers so of course in the beginning you know especially with the concept of my channel a little bit different from what you typically see on YouTube which is I make realistic career videos you know people told me I was a dumb idea one of my best friends he said Matt yeah this is when I had six videos up by the way at six six YouTube videos up is it Matt your YouTube videos suck you don’t even know what you’re talking about just like as a friend as a friend let me tell you just stick to mechanical engineering I was actually a former mechanical engineer but I decided to switch careers into YouTube even when I was only making three hundred dollars a month from YouTube which was only three years ago so three years ago I was making three hundred dollars a month from YouTube and I decided to do it full time and take it seriously there’s definitely a lot of bumpy parts you know I mean it’s it’s sexy now right like I get to live a remote lifestyle and make ten thousand dollars a month but part of that journey is I had to go two years scraping by learning skills but making progressions right like three years ago was there any $300 a month then I got a job for $15 an hour making YouTube videos for a company but during that transition my youtube income went from 300 to 600 right then it went from 600 to 2,000 then from a thousand hit two thousand because with YouTube it seems to grow exponentially if you do it right if you do grow at all you’ll typically grow up exponentially or I want to say exponentially but there’s like you’re stagnant and then it jumps and then stagnant and then jumps is kind of like the growth pattern with YouTube videos all right so enough of the sob story time to talk about positioning right like I still it’s funny because I made a video about two years ago uh why it’s called why quit engineering to do YouTube and I still have people commenting on that video saying Matt you’re too stupid to do engineering I you you’re loser like you can’t do a real job okay first lean limit lemme explain this as a person who has got a mechanical engineering degree graduate with cumin laud got two internships and a job immediately after graduation a guy who has created a YouTube channel from scratch now makes ten thousand make one from zero dollars per month to ten thousand dollars per month from zero subscribers now to one hundred sixty thousand subscribers and I’m gaining about at least ten thousand subscribers per month creating the YouTube channel was way harder than creating a degree and is getting a job if you’re if you’re out there you think getting a job in mechanical engineering or in any engineering or computer science and then just getting a job afterwards is harder than creating a YouTube channel and making that into a high source revenue I mean your your I think you might honestly just be retarded because look if it was that easy more people would have done it what what are the goal what are the benefits I get enjoy as youtuber no boss make my own schedule I only work 8 hours a week unlimited potential for making money three years ago I was making three hundred dollars by the end of this year I have the potential to me be making twenty thousand dollars per month if I do things right could mechanical engineering ever give me that lifestyle what employer would pay me ten thousand dollars per month to work eight hours a week for example my colleagues from mechanical engineering the ones that were smart enough to become – had to be engineers and still work as mechanical engineers on average this is with data with four years of experience a mechanical engineer would make about eighty five thousand dollars per year okay if you do the math I’m making a hundred twenty thousand dollars per year and I don’t have to go into work and I work a fraction of the hours that they work now some of you guys might say their job is more stable I would say you’re wrong no one can fire me from my youtube channel I own my youtube channel I own the audience and just and a lot of people say like y’all YouTube will go away as a platform which is not going to happen there’s YouTube is gigantic right now they’re very smart it’s it’s not YouTube is not even at its plateau yet but in the case of YouTube did go away the problem that I’m solving for people doesn’t go away so if YouTube for whatever reason closed it down I would just move to the next platform and help people with their careers that way because the problem of helping people with their careers does not go away and as long as the problem exists I can still make money from it anyhow I divert from the point so the main point I want to make is talk about something called positioning now if you guys ever played League of Legends or you guys ever do Brazilian Jujitsu the most important part of both games is positioning right if you in League of Legends if you position yourself and you’re surrounded by three enemies and your corner you’re dead right doesn’t even matter how strong your champion is you’re just dead because you have shitty positioning in Brazilian Jujitsu if someone takes your back and they have double hooks in they could submit you pretty easily but if they don’t have double fuck double hooks in it’s a lot harder to submit you because you can move your hips again the positioning changes everything and how hard you work to get a kill or a submission it’s a lot easier if you have good positioning you guys watch all these Entrepreneurship videos what is the most common thing they say right doesn’t matter who it is entrepreneur calm forms whatever any kind of like entrepreneur motivational video what do they say they say it’s hard work yeah you got to work hard gotta be willing to lose sleep you got to be willing to put the 60 70 hours a week and you’ll make a lot of money you want to be an actor or an actress train when I meet someone here in Hollywood they say oh I’m here to be an actor say how many hours you train to be an actor yesterday okay fine let’s say let’s say it is hard work my colleagues who graduated in mechanical engineering have they worked harder than me or less hard than I have worked on my YouTube channel for the past four years they’ve had to wake up at 6 a.m. in the morning every day get dressed right put on their clothes business casual every day alright Drive in LA traffic for about most most people drive about 45 minutes in traffic every morning okay drive 45 minutes in traffic go to work set a computer any other work or pretend to work for 8 hours doing 4 hours of paperwork 4 hours of technical work have to like hang out there for another lunch which doesn’t count as the hours you’re at work so you’re actually there 9 hours of the day right drive home again in LA traffic pay for their overpriced house or condo and then their full day by the way you count you count the time it takes you to get ready basically work takes to 12 hours your day they’ve had to do that for the past four years past four years they didn’t then done that meanwhile I’ve just made a youtube video every week every week so they’ve worked harder than me but I’m the one that’s making more money with less hours and remotely and in all honestly you know this is what all Millennials one is I’m doing work that I find meaningful and fulfilling so why do I get enjoy more money more freedom unlimited earning potential if they’ve worked harder than me they’ve worked harder so how come they don’t get it why do I get it the simple answer is I just position myself to where it’s a possibility that’s that’s all I had to do I mean that’s why I think my channel is so important for Millennials or anybody trying to choose their career because if you just choose the right thing for you and the thing that you choose has the potential to give you an ideal lifestyle that you want it doesn’t take that much work I put one video up a week anybody could do that anybody could put up one video week it’s nothing special that’s all I did one video a week for four years and look what happened that’s it now I get to spend my free time learning Tagalog i have a private tagalog teacher once a week a private vocal lessons once a week in the morning I go to the gym I don’t track like how much time I spend to the gym maybe it’s one hour maybe it’s two hours I don’t know maybe it’s 45 minutes I don’t know I don’t care I just wake up and I go to the gym whatever time I want to you it’s it’s amazing like it’s when I created my youtube channel four years ago I already envisioned this lifestyle like this was the lifestyle I want it the freedom to be able to travel every single day of the week every single day of my life actually 300 365 a day 365 days a week I can travel as much as I want as long as I just spend less than 300 dollars a day which is about how much I get myself you do you know how easy it is to travel off of $300 a day or less especially if you go to somewhere like the Philippines where I’ve been going it’s cheap I could live in the Philippines indefinitely I will probably in two years when my condo is finished I could pretty much go to any country I want in the world with the current income that I make and stay there for as long as I want this is the this is the lifestyle I envisioned for myself four years ago I did a lot of self-development a lot of self-improvement I even did affirmations which is where you write down your goals and you read them out loud to you and one of the funny a firm ations that I used to have is actually in 2012 I wrote down a piece of paper and this is after watching some like affirmations as I was reading a lot of self-help books and there’s a lot of things about affirmations in there right so after reading so many self-development books I figured okay yeah I got like three or four self-development books tell me that I need to do affirmations so I wrote down my goals on a piece of paper I said okay bite one as this isn’t 2012 so I said by 2016 I want to make a six-figure income I don’t have a BMW I don’t want to have my own place by 2016 you got to put a date on it the dates apparently very important to affirmations so when I would walk my dog I would just repeat the affirmations in my head for like I did this for about a year I slept doing it the last two or three years but it’s almost insane because exactly four years I’m making hundred thousand dollars per year I don’t have the BMW but my values change I Drive a 2000 Camry I’m happy with my Camry I don’t believe in buying luxury cars at least not at this point of my life okay but I do have the condo in the Philippines so a lot of what I thought was going to happen came true now at that time I actually thought I was going to make most of my income as an engineer so it’s a little bit different it manifested itself in a different way but hey Here I am affirmation fucking worked who knew alright so the last part about this video is I’m going to tell you hacks on things I learned about YouTube and maybe they will either inspire you or help you create your own YouTube channel alright so the first thing is that you know with YouTube it’s all about being a little bit funny and entertaining in your videos now a lot of newer youtubers will try to force themselves to be like this but the YouTube cliche type of humor which is kind of like BuzzFeed nigahiga kind of like silly goofy humor and it will come off and be delivered poorly because with Hueber you pretty much can’t decide what’s the type of humor that you can deliver like whatever the humor you’re born with or you grew up with or it’s it’s like having your it’s your own voice right like so there’s only one type of sense of humor that you’re going to be good at and YouTube is just a platform you for you to deliver that kind of humor into your videos and also for me my humor comes out a lot in the live streams it’s very off-the-cuff improv just going comebacks off comments and that’s what that’s how I’m funny now there’s a lot cussing when I make jokes and well I think a lot of people put my former sponsors and other people will tell me like you know Matt like stop the cussing like the costing like you would have such a large audience looks larger audience if you stop the cussing which is funny because people that give you this advice never have the YouTube channels will go but you got to understand is that that comedy has attitude and if you take out the attitude it’s no longer funny now imagine a comedian starts his joke by saying well you know I went to the grocery store and there is a mother flippin guy who was there like if you had to Matt if he when you mask or hide cuss words you lose the humor now if cussing isn’t in your natural sense humor that don’t cuss but for most people young people cussing is an important part of humor so keep it so that tip it was like joke in the way that you would joke with your friends on your YouTube channel because that’s the best kind of jokes that you can deliver second thing is you generally want to stay in the infotainment category what’s infotainment it’s just educating people while also trying to be as entertaining as possible the first reason why infotainment is so strong is that it lets you utilize strong SEO value titles if you look at two more popular videos it’s how to teach yourself how to code and how to prepare for a job interview those two titles have very strong SEO value and if you type in those keywords that type those titles into YouTube I they believe my videos are number one at this time though of course it could always change okay so you might be wondering you know okay I get it that you got to have these SEO friendly titles but how did you get your your video to be number one all right so when you type in those keywords like before I made the how to teach yourself how to code I go on YouTube how did you choose up out of code and then I watch the video the videos now we’re already on the top and said okay I looked at it and I said how can I shit on these videos now so that’s really what I asked myself like okay I’m looking at these videos and then how can I shit on them this is the I make myself clear this is great clear instructions but you look at these videos and you notice the things that do wrong okay are they too long are they boring or is it like not expert is it in concise is it not entertaining you look at the mistakes that the current videos have – already done and you make a video that shits on theirs and it works it works for me I work for you because you have the advantage of being able to watch and learn bad people yeah you have the Vantage to learn what other people messed up on so you can improve and make a better video now common misconception is that a lot of people say you need to just have a talent to be on YouTube it’s completely wrong if you watch my very first video which is still up it’s called the only majors to go to college for and if you watch that video you’ll be like wow most of you guys would not think that that was going to be a pretty big youtuber I want later on in life like it’s a pretty bad video but what did I do I improve myself and I proved myself and improved kept improving myself read books and I got better I got better public speaking got better at analyzing and seeing what my audience wants to see I got even more edgy in my videos so I improved a lot and so with it being a youtuber it comes over time but as long as you keep reading books get improving yourself you can eventually shit on another field video like I do alright so then the last two tips is number one hook the audience in the first five seconds of the video explain to the people why the fuck should they watch this video so the biggest problem I’ve seen with especially with more novice youtubers is that they’ll have a good title they got the thumbnail and then the other people click on the video and they don’t get to the point until about three minutes in too slow you got to hook them in the first five seconds and explain to them why should they watch this video and it should be convincing the last tip is to show people something they might never seen before right have and your own angle with your YouTube channel now finding your own angle on YouTube is like being a freshman in college it’s a lot of experimenting and you gotta just got to try a lot of different things and some things you’ll find out you don’t like or your audience won’t like it and they’ll tell you but then you know it’s all about experimenting and then finding yourself and then after your first year you know you find yourself right like that’s college and that’s YouTube like after your first year on YouTube you find yourself and then you start making a lot better shit so the first year don’t set any expectations for how many subscribers you’re going to get you’re just going to just point yourself because you’re probably going to suck right so you just make videos and you let your audience tell you ah your audience will tell you who you are apparently yeah apparently my audience’s tells me who I am my channel has done well because I was the first realistic career Channel I said hey mechanical engineering is boring but hey if you study it and it’s boring don’t bitched to me because I told you that shit’s boring and you didn’t listen right prior to that what was common knowledge common knowledge was like ya be engineer every civil engineer is good like it’s good career it pays well it’s rewarding you do challenging things I did not do a single challenging thing as a mechanical engineer except for school school was challenging work was boring again breaking common knowledge does really well on YouTube right and then the last thing is that a lot of people will make the excuses like oh I don’t have the right gear to be a youtuber well how much do you think this microphone is that I’ve been using for this video it’s actually just twenty dollars this is a twenty dollar microphone and then also in my uptown Bonifacio video where I talk about my first real estate investment in the Philippines some of those shots that are b-roll which means it’s overlay this I just show it on the screen that takes the fullscreen some of those are shot with this two thousand dollar camera and some of them are shot on my iPhone 6 and I bet mostly you guys can’t even tell the difference between the two because even me editing it I could hardly tell the difference between the quality so again if you think good quality gear is it not enough all you really need is an iPhone or something close to it and a $20 microphone which I’ll link this microphone in the description below if you guys want to get it alright that was my video on how much there’s a youtuber make with 150 thousand subs my goal was actually just to really just motivate you guys to either create your own YouTube channel or be self-employed you know YouTube is not for everybody but I think everyone especially if you’re millennial it’s really time to pick up some side work supplement that salary with a side income so that one day you can join me in the Philippines or I don’t know maybe I’ll be in Japan at the time hit me up slide in my DMS WTF Matt Tran hit me up and maybe we’ll travel together that’s really what I want from my subscribers because I do think you know the lifestyle I get to live is is the 1% you know I’m not make 1% in the 1% income but I do feel like I let I get to live the 1% lifestyle with that being said I’ll see you guys next week bye [Music] we have a fresh first line running a chimney ha ha ha bleep up radio 96.3 doobie just going to disbelieve what do you do so I’m a I make youtube videos I need any footage for after I get back that’s why I’m travel blog being a travel blog and other stuff to you just like if I ever talk about it I want to make a point I like having footage helps overall though I would say I would not want to be a crab driver Philippines


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