Hi, Sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel So it has been a hot moment since I have uploaded on my youtube channel. I am so sorry. If you guys have been following me on Instagram and snapchat you would know that I just actually finally after a million years graduated once and for all. I did technically graduate early a few months back but I just went home back to New York for the first time in four or five months since actually moving to California, and I walked with the rest of my class for my graduation, and it was kind of iconic Normally when I know I’m going to travel I pre-film videos for you guys, but this time I had a lot of really exciting meetings and stuff going on beforehand for products that will be coming out soon So I didn’t get a chance to pre film but I promise when you find out what I’ve been doing on the DL It’ll be worth it. Well, It was an amazing trip I was definitely ready for it to be over with by the end of it and I definitely missed being on my L.A. grind working every single day, so I’m finally back home and I decided to sit up and film a video for you guys today I tweeted asking you guys what you wanted to see because I wasn’t really feeling any makeup inspiration at the current moment and so many of you guys said to do a Q&A. Now you guys know I’m pretty much an open book I am so open and honest with everything that goes on in my life Y’all basically know every single aspect of it especially if you are a loyal snap fan follower So I kind of let’s do something a little bit different So for today’s Q&A I thought I would do a Q&A based on what it’s like being a social-Media Influencer and questions that nobody really wants to answer I tweeted asking you guys to send me harsh, honest and hard questions to answer and I actually got so many cool ones So I’m super excited for this and were gonna be talking about everything from how much money I make do I like meeting fans Weirdest experiences and everything under the sign of what it’s like to be a social-Media influencer So if you want to hear what I have to say on this and answer some really really honest question make sure you keep on watching Lacey asked Lacey asked, are most beauty gurus/social media influencers a lot different in real life that they present themselves on camera? okay, so yes And no for the most part beauty gurus everybody is like the exact same as they are on camera in real life, if anything We just make a lot more jokes and can be a lot more ourselves because we kind of understand What goes on within the actual industry but for other social media areas of like the spectrum and different careers and stuff? I would say more no I’ve met a lot of people that are in the beauty industries that are so completely different of the on camera and real life But never in like a way that I bet it disappointed or upset It’s just mostly in the way to like protect their image and to like keep their audience satisfied if that makes sense Loie asked, are you ever cautious about surrounding yourself with people from the industry like seeing the beef/drama 24/7 online Does it make you guarded Abso-fucking-lutely, they’re like maybe three people total in this industry that I actually trust I have a lot of super super close friends, but it’s so sad to say that you can never really really trust anybody So I am super careful of who I really trust and talk to I think finding that group of people that you can really really Trust is Super Super important in this industry as many of you guys know watching from an outside perspective this industry is crazy and has so much horrifying drama so it’s really really important to find a group of people that you know you can love and trust and always look to when times get tough because Trust me they do. Mika asked, when people are sponsored and they say it’s their honest opinion of the product is it Actually? No obviously it’s going to depend on the person you’re watching I can only speak for myself here, but in my case Yes It is always honest if you guys look through my email and saw the amount of money and offers I was given on a daily basis You would probably be freaking shook to the core so many brands reach out to social media influencers about campaigns but I Reject actually like 90% of them. I’m very very blessed and thankful to have you guys and have a lot of different sources of income from all across my platforms So for me and many other influencers brand deals are not saying that it’s like super vital to me to be waiting for the next Paycheck however the ones that I do Do are the ones that I actually really do care about so if I do like the product I will definitely do the brand deal Take the money for and give an open and honest review So if somebody is reviewing a product is usually because they generally do like it I definitely can get twisted sometimes between some people, but like I said I can only really speak for myself here So if you guys are saying your view product and say that I like it and if I’m being paid obviously I do like it because I like it what? Dan asked, has dating changed a lot for you since you’ve gotten so big and do boys treat you differently you guys know that boys and Dating at general has never really been a strong suit of mine or like a talent. I’m pretty bad at it So it hasn’t really changed in the fact that I’m still single as fuck however. I have noticed a lot more guys try to social climb me which is so sad and so Gross to even think about but I just learned to be really really careful with who I trust and try to date guys that are Like on the same type of like Social spectrum as me I know that sounds so fuckin shitty to say, but you have to think of it from my perspective It’s really scary to like really trust somebody and let somebody in if they have a lower amount of followers because you really don’t know what their true Intentions are so it’s much easier to talk to people that are on like the same wavelength or at least like in the social Media Realm I really hope that doesn’t come across really pretentious and shitty follower count at the end of the day means Nothing to me. my future husband might have zero followers who Friggin Cares. I’m just saying from a trust stand point it’s a lot easier to talk to and trust people that have a little bit more of a social following just so you are a Little bit more sure that there’s something going on on the DL. Mya asked, What is it like to go from nobody caring about your mistakes to everyone pointed them out and criticizing you? If you guys been following me for a while Especially on Twitter you know that I’ve definitely I’ve gotten myself in a lot of a pretty pretty awful and offensive scandal to answer your question It’s halfway really fucking annoying, but two also I’m very very thankful for and let me tell you why? The part that I absolutely hate is really really old Content a lot of the scandals that I’ve got involved in people love to Frickin dig up the past and Old tweets and old stuff and just use them against me now for me personally the tweets that were pulled up were from 2013 They were gross and they were really really offensive and I have since apologised for them I am not making any exclusives for them because they should not happen said or came out of my mouth And I definitely should have known better However that being said there was literally no human being in the entire world that is the same person They were five years ago, or the same person that they were when they were 13 years old five years ago I was just an average everyday middle schooler was like 100 followers on Twitter. They were all from my school I didn’t know what would like to have a social following. I didn’t have anybody watching me I didn’t have anybody looking up to me. So it was a very very different world I said a lot of really really gross things that I shouldn’t have said and also a lot of things that I didn’t really understand The true impact or underlying meaning up, and that’s just because I didn’t grow up with a lot of diversity around me But now I know that those things are shitty and wrong Which is why I have apologized and is why i am addressing them But it definitely does suck to have those things keep getting pulled up constantly when you’ve already tried to move on Educate yourself and just be a better person in general I definitely will always like Reread my tweets and snapshots before I post them because I have so many of you guys watching me and looking up to me which Is a really really huge weight on my shoulders But it’s something that I’m so thankful for and I am so proud of to be leading such an amazing community I would never wanted to degrade, disappoint or offend anybody on purpose so I am so thankful that I now have you guys to call me out when I fuck up so I can further educate myself and just be a better person in General Christian asked, if all of your followers disappeared overnight And you lost all your influence would you still continue to do what you love without a platform? I definitely think so. Yes But maybe not as frequently as you guys been following me for a while and instagram You know that I kind of started doing a lot of more creative and Avant-Garde style looks and that’s really where my heart lies I talked about this before on my channel But I really don’t like doing Glam that much and I usually only do actual like glam when it comes to events and filming youtube videos just because that’s what really performs well And that’s what looks pretty for like photos and red carpet and stuff so I probably wouldn’t do it as frequently and I probably only Be doing makeup when it came to like the creative artsy and crazy type look But I definitely still be doing makeup for sure because I love it And this is like my hobby and well now my job, but it wasn’t my job. I would still love it. If that make sense Jayla asked, how much money do you get for brand sponsorships? This is the question that nobody ever answers, but I know everybody wants to know but I’ll tell you why they don’t answer it That’s because it’s actually illegal when we do branded or sponsorship videos We always have to sign contracts that they were not going to discuss How much money we’re being paid or what’s going on behind the scenes? Aside from the actual content that you guys are seeing on our Instagram pages now I’ve worked on campaigns and projects before that I absolutely cannot discuss the financials of it is illegal I’m not tryna get sued in any way shape or form But I will tell you without giving any further Detail that the most I’ve ever been paid when it came to a sponsored Youtube video was in the six-figure digit Leo asked how much money have companies offered you to post about them on your social media at the end of the day your guys Trust is a lot more important to me than any amount of money I will say that I have declined several over $1,000,000 offers because it was something that would fit my brand Simma asked, be real How many of the people you’ve collabed with are you actually friends with/comfortable with outside of videos? every single one of them Ryan asked how many times have you cried because of hate zero Niki asked, Do you actually like to meet your fans or does it get annoying sometime if you guys have met me in person you know that I frickin Love meeting you guys so so so so so so so much it just makes me so happy to be able to put a name to the face of All the people that have been supporting me since day one, and it truly does warm my heart and make my day I love meeting you guys I love taking pictures But I will say that the 1% of the time I fucking hate it is when I’m eating Nothing bothers me more than when I’m about to stick my fork into like a nice Juicy steak or eat some delicious french fries and ketchup and my coke then when I see somebody from the other side of the restaurant Trying to take a slight picture like this because if I’m not going to see it that really really bothers me I just feel like eating It’s like a time of having a good time with your friends and family and just like it’s just very very disrespectful in general So if you see me in public, please ask me to take a picture. I would love to freakin meet you I will give you the biggest hug people take an amazing selfie Just please if I’m eating wait until I’m done. And the last question for today, Caleb asked, Do you love your job? to end this video on a positive note, abso-fucking-lutely I am so thankful to be living my dreams and living this amazing life at only 18 years old So many people can’t even say when they’re older that they do their dream job and here I am being very very young freshly out of high school and Having an amazing time and having all of you guys watch and support me It truly does mean so much that all of you guys are there on the other side of the camera and even though there are hard Days I wouldn’t trade this for the world If you guys are like a loyal beauty community fan you know there’s a lot of a really shitty and annoying and awful stuff that goes Down in this industry it definitely is a very very cut throat and hard place to survive But I would not still be here if I didn’t love what I did Trust me on that one Alright guys that is all I have for this video today my phone just died I’m all out of Questions like I said before I am very much open and honest book being a social-Media influencer deftly has its pros And it’s cons. There are some amazing days. There is good pay good friends and cool opportunities, but at the same time There’s a lot of heat and really really shitty Situations that we all get ourselves into so it’s definitely a crazy world that I live in but I’m very very thankful to be where I am thanks to you guys I really hope you enjoy this video and you learned a little bit more about me And my weird ass job if you did Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below that lets me know that you guys love this video And I definitely love to do more of these Q&A social media influence or videos the future so definitely make a comment let me know if you liked it if you haven’t already make sure to hit that big red subscribe button down below and join the Sisterhood also click that bell icon next to it So you can be notified every time I upload a video so you can be first in the page Major shout out to sister Jayla for sharing last week’s video on Twitter. Love you, girl Thank you so much for always following and supporting alright guys Thank you so much for watching stay shook, and I will see you in the next one. Bye


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