1. Ines Montero says:

    Where did he graduate from?

  2. mostviewintube says:

    I love you James Charles ♥️

  3. Lauren tube says:

    From 2019 what a brow transformation
    Ps love you James

  4. Brazy Kid says:

    James sister

  5. Emily Waddington says:

    Watching this on 0.5 speed is HILARIOUS 😂

  6. ruthietreselan says:

    Let the man eat!

  7. Emma Jett says:

    Nice eyebrows…

  8. Hey.Alexandria says:

    Oh he's from New York! How did I not know that 😆 that makes sense no wonder he talks at the speed of light. I'm a NY sister too 😘

  9. Megan Tancini says:

    James really had a glow up 😳😍 who’s watching in 2019?

  10. kathy miller says:

    SISTER…. I need the deets on your eyelashes!! LOVE LOVE LOOVE!!! P.S. i definitely enjoyed your video 😘

  11. Rosemary Liwanag says:


  12. It’sMae says:

    How much money u get

  13. victor darias says:

    Click baittttt

  14. Angel Franks says:

    I love you James Charles I wish that you would help this 50 years old woman get started on YouTube I have a YouTube channel for my makeup channel and it would be amazing to have your help on

  15. NITA RAINE says:

    Newtuber. Subscribe for subscribe ❤️

  16. NITA RAINE says:

    Love love love

  17. Savage_WolfGirl says:

    Omg u sister swore💔😞

  18. SuperShauket says:

    What a twat

  19. Sammu bb says:

    Fucking hypocrite 😒

  20. Chloe Panda says:

    Who else watching this after tatis vid? 😂

  21. Tsvetina Angelova says:

    2:39 🙁 🤔woah.. obviously you are the one that can't be trusted.. 🤨

  22. Cesar Jimenez says:

    Who’s here for the comments👀

  23. Senhorita Estressadinha says:

    You can go from $90.00 to 2.500.00 per video if you know how to work somebody ❤️

  24. Mark Codilla says:


  25. kelly kobra says:


  26. Peace Angel says:

    They asked if you lost all your followers would you be the same person well you lost 3mil 2019

  27. Useless Spectator says:

    Guess James didn't find his group of people…

  28. Ashley Noble says:

    I’m not your sister dumb ass nobody cares

  29. Ever After says:

    James, were you ever broke in your life?

  30. Meme Monday says:

    So many swear words I love it…

  31. Jihanna Hainé says:

    lmao you are a character and im sorry but you talk like you were beyonce lol calm down. even the way you talk is not natural

  32. ASHLEY says:

    i was always curious how much influencers made for discount codes.

  33. AiShA LaStNaMe says:

    James: off center
    Me: 😭😭😭😤😤😤😤😠

  34. fuckyoutubelogin says:

    what did i just watch?

  35. Labiba Mohammed says:

    First time ive seen you and your youtube channel….an for some reason your captivating! Idk if its the way you speak,you teeth (i love perfect smiles) or that you speak blunt/raw (no gimmick) keep it up! God bless 💋💋💋💋

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