How much does LIVING in an RV cost? | AVERAGE Month

How much does LIVING in an RV cost? | AVERAGE Month

what’s up guys it’s Sam here again and
today we are talking about how much it costs to live in RV for a month but
first I’d like to give a shout-out to my over 200 subscribers now I know it
doesn’t sound like a ton but it means a whole lot to me it means 200 people
actually care about the things I say and I’m actually learning something from my
videos so I seriously appreciate it so much guys if you’re new to the channel
please hit the subscribe button yeah so let’s go inside and get to this
whiteboard and get started so the first thing I wanted to go over
are bills these are things that I’ve acquired attempting to get onto the road
they include the payments for my truck and my fifth wheel trailer so the first
thing is truck my truck payment cost me three hundred and sixty-five dollars my
other monthly payment is my trailer the monthly costs for my trailer is one
hundred and sixty nine dollars my last monthly payment is my insurance my
insurance bill comes out to a hundred and thirty eight dollars per month the next thing I want to cover is living
expenses when you’re living on the road most of
these living expenses can be categorized into three major groups and that is gas food and shelter and remember this is what I spent in the
last 28 days the first thing is gas in the last 28 days I spent three hundred
and thirty one dollars on gas and that is with a move I moved from Colorado all
the way to the desert in Arizona so pretty long trip usually I don’t travel
that far so that may be less some months it may even be more some months if I’m
traveling around a lot the next expense is food I usually spend
about $200 per month on food that gives me about fit about $50 a week and I find
that that covers all of my food expenses I don’t really go out to eat so I don’t
have that expense I only cook at home and I try to cook as cheaply as possible
utilizing things like crock pots and just batch cooking and buying things in
bulk lastly we have shelter this month I spent four hundred and forty nine
dollars on a campground and that is all-inclusive electric water
sewer plus free Wi-Fi now this is a figure that’s going to change monthly
depending on the campground that you’re staying at now I usually pay for the
monthly rate like this rather than trying to do weekly or daily and moving
around more because I find it saves me a lot of money in the long run especially
because I don’t have to pay for these things my rig doesn’t have solar or any
type of clean water system or anything like that so I really rely on my own
campgrounds to get most of my to get most of my necessities I use a ton of
electricity and I use Wi-Fi all the time uploading videos so it’s things that I
need in the future I hope to upgrade my system the solar so I do so I can
boondock more and you free camping places but for now I spend
about 450 or 500 dollars a month on campgrounds so that brings our total
monthly cost for the last 28 days to 16 hundred and fifty-two dollars I don’t
know if you can see that better so there you have it guys those are my
monthly expenses the only thing that I didn’t add in I didn’t add in like big
purchases that I make each month I usually make like one quote-unquote
large purchases each month something like camera gear spent a hundred dollars
or something like that but it’s usually just once a month and that doesn’t
really have to do with my monthly expenses so I didn’t throw that in yours
might differ a little bit you know you might spend less money on housing say
you might not pay for a campground you might boondock and spend more money on
food you might go out to eat more than I do
but all in all that’s a general just consensus of what I pay each month like
what my solid monthly expected monthly expenses are every single month alright
guys I hope you learned something from this video if you did go ahead and give
it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and just remember guys get out there and
travel this is the perfect opportunity to do it no matter how old you are it’s
the time is right now get out there be creative finding you are a new hobby and
just you know live life to the fullest so until next time guys I’ll see you


  1. Dalton Bedore says:

    i pay more insurance than that on two normal cars (one of them is only liability even!) also my rent for a studio apartment is MORE than your truck and trailer payments combined. wow

  2. kennith rogers says:

    This should be titled traveling in a rv. Not living. I live in my rv. Own it. My lot rent is 345 and I pay my electric. Approx 60 month. So 405 a month covers the living. Not bad when you consider rents start at 550 before you pay utilities. And this is for a one bedroom apartment in some crap neighborhood. I own my I don't live in someone's place paying their mortgage. I like it that way. No one has a key or a right to treat me bad. I would just drive away. No lease and no deposits. There are some advantages to living in your rv. Mine is mobility and 405 a month in bills. Thanks friend. Happy New year.

  3. Kaity Shely says:

    Try doing this (rv full time) with an 03 f250 that breaks down at almost every trip, so we get to enjoy campgrounds that no body has heard of! Talk about stress and bills (repairs!)

  4. Family Adventures TV says:

    Great break down! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Tabby Katniss says:

    Great video. You earned a new sub. I think most people average $1000/mo for one person. That is minus the truck & trailer as some like me own outright.

  6. Jeff Teasley says:

    How about adding in $200 monthly "oh shit" savings for car or trailer parts

  7. T Decarlo says:

    Looks like there is no money savings here. It leaves a lot out.

  8. Jaunt Junkies says:

    Just trying to build a channel like you. Great video showing real costs. I like comparing weekend rving costs vs full time costs.

  9. G’s Life says:

    Awesome video, I just subscribed. Have a great day buddy.

  10. Willie Smith says:

    This video is very informative I also like the way you thanked your subscribers right off the bat that was pretty cool. We are fixing to go full-time rving we are in the purchasing portion and will be on the road soon thanks for the video

  11. Mah Fah says:

    So how do people earn income while on road? No one really mentions if they are traveling on savings ?

  12. IDGAF says:

    Damn bro, I thought the reason you move into an RV is to save money, not spend more of it.

  13. Mark Jensen says:

    Health insurance?
    Other than that, pretty comprehensive. Good job.

  14. Eugene Cobb says:

    You should have had your truck and trailer.
    Payed for before you took on a full time RV life. You don't have to spend that much to park.your RV.unless you got to stay in a resort every are young and or where is your money coming from

  15. Eugene Cobb says:

    Please don't be offended . but for one person .you are spending to much .
    For one month of travel.did you WIN a lottery .like the way you present your program
    But I can live at home

  16. Hans Gyswyt says:

    What are your health care cost?

  17. Juanita Brown says:

    Nice video… subscribed.

  18. Maxwell Oakes says:

    So, about 1900 a month, not really seeing savings here. I can live near the beach for that.

  19. StepfordWifeRebel1 says:

    Just found your channel, havent really watched RV YouTube since Sean of Road Warriors died, although I do stay up on RVers on FB and Instagram. Wanted to say first, Finally!!! Somebody tells the truth about RV exspense and the whole "highlighting thing" you mentioned on another video. Thank you for this, because I think a lot of people do this lifestyle from living off of passive income etc. Theres a whole populus of RVers who are traveling workers who due to economy go where the work is and its not always a cheap or "adventure" lifestyle, sometimes its a means of survival. That includes many on limited incomes (retired, disabled etc) so its not all about hitting the road, cheap or free rents, etc. It Can be those things, but it isnt Always those things. As for park rent, we are in Colorado, parks are full here year round pretty much. There is one however, and our rent, LOL, over 1600.00 a month during Peak season. Thats not including, the vehicle charge, extra people/kidscharge (we have two extra) and its Five dollars a day extra each, Then to reserve same spot for next month or week, its half that payment non refundable, so we will be paying Three K to live month to month because of a job we cant afford to leave at this time. We would hop between State parks which a little cheaper but they booked up. our housing is astronomical here and the RV fulltime is exploding because people cant afford to live, and we are paying higher prices because of. IF we had known this before we would have simply rented but now we have too much invested. We own our RV/Truck, and in year my husband retires. In the meantime well, we hanging in there. I state this because I was shocked at how full this park is, and the other parks are not much cheaper when they have openings (very rare). I have read that other states its the same, at least two, rates are going up. The thing is the Extras, charges for vehicles (motorcycles even if on trailer), kids, grandparent, animals, plus the camping tax…it adds up. If you do motel to offset costs then theres the cost of storing RV etc. So really, in some states its really better to boondock, But that means online work, no work, or having a passive income off of someone Elses work. I see along with the working class RVers who most will leave in Spring, the well to do which for weekend can afford the $$$ park rents. So, people, Really do your research especially families or elderly because if you arent bank rolled, it can be Very Very $$$$ to live in RV.

  20. Just Me says:

    Thank you 👍

  21. big rod says:

    Your very good looking your hot as hell

  22. David Alexander says:

    you need to be a frugal camper

  23. Giveit2mehRAW says:

    wow 449..thats cheap. In Alberta its around 300 a week

  24. Eddy A says:

    Good info! Which camoground and you actually get fast enough WiFi to download a movie? Thanks!

  25. ska punk says:

    your RV living is very expensive you're better off staying in a flat or an apartment to rent in a apartment is that the same price so you're not saving any money

  26. STEVEN WOODS says:

    Like the boondocking and the good and bad things that occurred on the road thanks

  27. R Proh says:

    your $449 camping bill is about same you can get a mbrship with Thousand trails for year for one zone which AZ is in. may want to boondock a few nights to cut back

  28. bob woerner says:

    so how do you earn the 1652.00 monthly fee

  29. john g says:

    I find again and again, free RV Park WiFi is worth exactly that. There are some exceptions but not many.

  30. Patrick EH says:

    Should have spent $ on a better dry camping trailer. It would have been cheaper in the short, medium & long term. Paying that much per month for a space is WAY high.

  31. Richard Smith says:

    I seen the mountains, what part of AZ are you in

  32. Fireproofer says:

    Hello Sam just came across your channel great video by the way, But i was just curious about your Truck what size is it and why did you pick that truck. i'm thinking about getting a Fifth trailer but not sure about the truck a 2500 or 3500

  33. john millard says:

    As a somewhat younger person, I was wondering how long you have been doing this and also, how are you able to afford this. I am retiring and will have an income and lots of time to travel.

  34. Country Frau says:

    I'd add up just my rv related expenses and compare it to what it would cost to live in an apt. So I'd go X for rv, x for campground spot and x for insurance on the rv and then compare that to rents and utilities that you'd pay in an area for an apt. I'd figure I would still have the truck. I'd maybe count half the gas as an extra expense over what I'd pay if using the truck and having my own apt. I'm surprised that they charge that much for a spot to park your rv. Very interesting. I'm glad I found you.

  35. Daniel Bicknell says:

    You probably have this in another post. But, I'm curious, what kind of truck to you have and what is your 5th wheel (especially, what is the dry weight)?

  36. K Jay says:

    What do you do for work?

  37. Lone Surviver says:

    I feel like I could save a lot of money living in an RV while in college. I'd drive my own car and keep the RV in my grandma's trailer park.

  38. fit4ya1975 says:

    Thanks for the videos. Also how do you like the dually? I know its more stable when towing but around town how is it? Thanks

  39. Blake Thompson says:

    ON all these videos people feel the need to question peoples income source. Who cares? This is about living out in an RV etc not about the money. If you do not have money you cannot do this. Many people earn money on line if they are a programmer, graphic artist, writer etc . Now if you are a secretary then forget it.

    Living like this is for people with a lot of money or no money . IF he had a bus with a serious genny , solar panels etc he could do it a little diff but they cost money.

    Now if he gets 20,000 followers then he can get paid for advertising. So keep signing up.

    Keep on your dream younger brother of Ashton Kutcher in RV land. 🙂

  40. Dylan Silcox says:

    Loved the video and I’m thinking of doing this! Are you still in AZ?! It would be awesome to meet you sometime, are you originally from the East Coast, because you sound like it.

  41. Cocominga Handmade Cards says:

    Excellent penmanship and wow impressive staying on that budget!

  42. Jean Alexandre says:

    How about you come to my house and I rent you my backyard for $250 and you could use my basement to take a shower and everything

  43. Jean Alexandre says:

    For some people that's watching this YouTube video. You probably live in RV just to save some money. To me $1,600 is a lot of money he spent. Just fine it cousin a mother-in-law who would let you park in your backyard and will let you take a shower in a basement. After all you live in an RV to be free. Not strapped to bills.

  44. Marty Galison says:

    How Heavy is your 5th wheel, Length, weight ?

    How big is the truck, 2500, 3500. Gas or Diesel ?

    Is it rated to pull your 5th wheeler ?

  45. Reiki on the Run says:

    Thanks! I'm working on getting me and my two boys out there full time! Can't wait!

  46. Jason Lajaro says:

    Works out to be $59 a day. Not bad for living peaceful

  47. Mark Brown says:

    Good information very honest.

  48. J. Wesley Stevenson says:

    If you are an RVer and like water toys or fishing boats, Look into Expandacraft, a modular watercraft that stores in small spaces and converts into all sorts of different craft. Oh, and we ship all over the world.

  49. Michael Pesce says:

    Nice writing man

  50. Gil says:

    Very useful info. Thx

  51. Jesus Duran says:

    i thought this was a chick

  52. roy shores says:

    There’s not too much you can do about truck & trailer. You’re young and should have bought used. Learn to use BLM, Federal parks, Walmarts, Start parks and urban parking. Stay away from trailer parks only for laundry, wifi, call coverage and meeting nice people. You need to do some homework on saving money Don’t move aroynd so much. Save gas. I could knock over $450 off your expenses. You must have a good income. I don’t. Take care and be SAFE. You’re on the right track for someone your age. It’s called FREEDOM.

  53. Jom Jones says:

    Your not living in an rv your living in a tow behind camper loser

  54. Brittany Von Rissen says:

    You didn't underline the $331 for gas 😭

  55. Lindsey Rae Crivea says:

    Nice! Sweet prices in south dakota!! I'm in Metro Vancouver Canada, campgrounds and insurance soooo much more pricy!!!!

  56. Freedom Chaser says:

    Great Info!

  57. Shan Lyons says:

    You also forgot cellphone bill.

  58. Ken Var says:

    You can live cheaper in a rv. It’s more expensive living in a house.

  59. Wandering Gee says:

    you are really over spending..i dont think i have seen a camper spend as much as you.

  60. khaninsanity says:

    Helpful video, I like your style sir.

  61. CRAIG PERRY says:


  62. Arthur Mccray says:

    U seem cool so I subscribed you. Plus u look like a stoner .


    Cool vid man, just retired from 35 years on rail road and I^m ready to hit the highway. your vid is ez to understand THANKS….

  64. William Martin says:

    59 dollars a day is way too much

  65. John Allen says:

    I can dig where you're coming from. I've been giving this "living on the road again" idea a lot of thought. I hitchhiked all the fuck over the country in the 60s. But living on the road say in a converted bus, or tram or cargo carrier is what I want to do now. Lots of people are sleeping in their vans now and hooking up with other "nomads" as they call themselves. I want to be out there on BLM land boondocking for free. No fees. You provide your own toilet, shower, etc. They have outdoor models of the showers which are only about $50, and as soon as you get on your feet you can install solar and be able to recharge your cell phones and laptops (not to mention some mega watt batteries. Go to enigmatic and you can see all the stuff they've been up to.

  66. cbaezga says:

    The best way to do this is not having any debt

  67. vic Breen says:

    Nice, enjoy life while you can,take care safe travels.

  68. robt555 says:

    There are a couple HUGE expenses not mentioned here and to avoid/deny them is foolhardy. The first is depreciation (of both the RV and vehicle) as well as maintenance and service costs of each. The ONLY way to not feel the impact of depreciation is to never intend on selling the vehicle or RV as long as you live.

    To show the size of the hit…………..That $40,000 RV you just drove off the lot in your used $20,000 dollar truck to pull it are instantly worth at least 20% less on day one. That along is instant costs of $4,000/year ($333/mo.)in depreciation if you keep them both 3 years. That obviously doesn't include maintenance and service costs or what the true depreciation is years down the road.

    Unless you bought a well used vehicle and RV (which will increase maintenance and service costs of each) your depreciation on an RV and a vehicle to pull an RV are through the roof; very easily $100's of dollars per month when averaged out and looked at realistically.

  69. trillrif axegrindor says:

    many places do not cover 365 day a year camping other than southern states.

    my rent for a 3 bedroom with garage and parking $750

  70. Minnipearls says:

    You did really good! I’m proud of you for doing this. I would love to do this. Keep it up! I’m going to subscribe just to see what your about.

  71. Sandy Mitchell says:

    Not really just about cost

  72. Power Vapor Supply says:

    From 200 to 7k in a year. Thank you for the good vids!

  73. Purple Zen says:

    Hey man? What do you do for a living??

  74. Albert Albert says:

    500 for camp ground vs 700 for an efficiency. Most people go for the latter unless you need to be in the move.

  75. Victory IsMine says:


  76. Sheila Outside & Travel !! says:

    I think you did a very good job… You covered the MAIN EXPENSES..(although gas depends on how much you travel)

    Some have mentioned you did not cover the incidentals… incidentals are basically whatever you spent on them when you lived in a house UNLESS you change your habits.
    (add $15 a month for laundry every two weeks at laundromat)

    Also some have mentioned "depreciation" I feel if you're going to be that technical don't buy a RV and be sure you keep whatever car you buy FOREVER.

    Thank you for sharing.👍

  77. x-men Funes says:

    shit I get $1600 weekly pay check and I spend the whole $1,600 every single week 🤔

  78. Greg Staples says:

    Hey thanks I am moving to Ez dayz because of you man thanks good job

  79. Tony poundbury says:

    It's a better live but thank you.

  80. Kingy smiles says:

    Take out lot payment and gas then it will be worth it just personal opinion thanks

  81. LuLa L says:

    I thought it was cheaper living in RV then the house or apartment looks like it's about the same amount just by watching this video Maybe I'm Wrong

  82. Bruce & Monica Crouse says:

    1 month in SC $400 rent, about 3 20 lb tanks of propane to heat. Yes it’s winter. I’ll travel to Montana in March which will be about $500-600 for fuel. Rent in Montana will be $700 a month includes electric and cable.
    CG WiFi sucks I got a hot spot.
    Solar only charges batteries no 120. Best advise I can give you is get rid of that GM truck.

  83. Dog Doodle Dandy says:

    Medical/dental needs and insurance? Car insurance?

  84. Pat Andersen says:

    cool guy. I subscribed too.

  85. Theonlyonestanding says:

    $ 1.652 a month ain't bad at all….People in San Francisco are spending $5000 for a Apartment rent for a month..

  86. Lonnie Christopher says:

    ……..Lots of variables in there…..Ladies on "Grocery" videos show how to get by on $100/mo for food (comfortably)….Stay in one place more could cut the gasoline in half…..Boondocking more would cut the RV park bill….Won't always have a truck payment when it's paid off…

  87. Jerry Cook says:

    you don't show health insurance in your budget?

  88. Keith C says:


  89. myrandomlife says:

    That’s a lot! Lol. I have a house and pay less. Lol. I just rent rooms out. Eventually I’d like to rv and travel the US

  90. Rob Hoffman says:

    Terrible presentation. Sun glasses and no one over the age of 13 should wear their truckers hat backwards.

  91. Dark Mugetsu says:

    I intend to get a small rv for mobility and having more of the towing weight focused on the trailer and city/exploring car. Thinking a Safari Trek might be the way, 24-27 foot A class and will study the stock market over the next half decade to see if I can make a consistent survivable income of swing trading.

  92. krm398 says:

    while I dont live in mine I was careful enough to buy a good used Transit van 1500 series high top, paid cash and remodeled it inside for weekend camping. so if you can do that, you'll save several hundred dollars a month right there. campgrounds in my area of Pa cost 30 dollars a 24 hour period, but yes, monthly is if you plan well buy used and keep your insurance and other things to a minimum, less than 1k a month would probably be average.

  93. Michael Campanale says:

    THANX …. mvc

  94. Healingfrom Benzos says:

    $50/ week? What the hell are you eating? Ramen?

  95. Naudi K says:

    how about Insurance?

  96. Leanna Horn says:

    Was your down payment on your RV?

  97. Lankster Price says:

    Thousand Trails at $600 a year cost $50.00 a month. (basic 14 days in and 7 out)
    Spend a little more and you can get a 21 day in with no time out and move from park to park.
    Power, water and trash is part of that. Most have pools and spas.
    Unless you need 50 amp and thats $5 a day more 14 days = $70.
    7 out means you have to be out of the park for 7 days and then you can come back and spend 14 more days.
    Going with a elite package gets you into the park for 21 days no time out and you can move to a park…. Huge cost cut in my book.

  98. AuntieS412 says:

    I'm hoping being a senior will knock some of the camping ground cost down. You are paying on both a truck and a camper…will it work out cheaper for a simple rv rental (if there is such a thing)

  99. TheSololobo says:

    Why would you include your "fuel" bill from state to state travel, Im pretty sure people clicked on this title for the camp ground costs, water and electricity- for a month.

  100. Mourning Glory says:

    Reading through the comments I can tell that America is a failed Republic.

    Here is MY monthly payment for a mortgage: 1530.00
    Car note 230.00
    Food for 2 800.00 a month ( NO Eating out! And I grow a huge garden of food. )
    Electric 230.00 a month
    Water 60.00 a month …and it has Flouride, bleach, Flourene, Blood and pus in it! Great deal!
    Garbage disposal 20 a month.
    Our septic system is shot ( just bought the house in 2018 ) but due to climate change we cannot get a contractor out here so we can pay him 7k to install a new septic system. They are a year behind due to the amount of rain we keel getting! Been waiting a year now so were forced to buy an RV to live in until Septic is fixed.
    Add another 160.00 a month on top of those other living expenses and it = 'the poor house'.

    If anyone in their right mind thinks paying a mortgage or rent is cheaper than living in a camper then you obviously live under a bridge…and, if you do, my heart goes out to you.
    Owning a home comes with major repairs and even higher land taxes if the county decides to increase them….as they did in our case… about 100 a month more on our mortgage.

    This kid did a good job showing you what he spends monthly to live in an RV and I appreciate the info.

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