hey it’s Anna Von with TravelMama Anna Von and I sorry about the mess i just got out of
the pool and off the bike so helmet and pool hair anyway today I’m gonna make
you a video on what it costs for a month for us to live in Ubud I’m gonna give
you prices and I’m going to tally it all up at the end
I want you to keep in mind that none of these deals fell into my lap I didn’t
just walk into them I had to do a bit of work for them
I had to make a bit of connections I had to work to get away from tourist prices
so absolutely anyone can do what I did and I’m just gonna this is just an
example month so here we go enjoy please if you like this video share it with
someone sharing is caring I mean I say that all day too might get
share it with someone subscribed like it below also links to everything I’m
talking about will all be below so you can just scroll down okay enjoy good
morning it’s 7:35 in the morning and we’re on our way to daycare today
in this video I’m gonna tell you a bit about what it costs for us for one month
to live here in Ubud in Bali what the real cost is I got so much mail and I
did a survey and everybody in the survey on Facebook in our Facebook group and
I’ll leave the link for that here just said that money like how do you do it
how do you do it so I’m gonna give you some pricing first off this is our
homestay has a beautiful garden out our front door this is our room
I sort of cleaned it up it’s just a simple room it’s quite large it looks
out I’ve got the curtains closed from last night on to a little garden next door it
has a simple bathroom with a bathtub and a mini fridge there’s also a shared kitchen back there
and I’ll show you the pool in a little bit now we’re running off to daycare
Luna goes to daycare that I drive her to it’s a 40-minute drive it’s quite far
there is no daycare in Ubud so I drive her to a daycare
north of Canggu twice a week and she also Dayu who owns this guesthouse
takes care of her three days a week the daycare is is a million rupiah a month
for two days a week from 8:30 to 3:30 this guest house that we’re staying in
we’re getting a deal from Dayu for 3 million a month because it’s the low
season so this is my scooter and actually the people that own the
guesthouse Dayu and her family leave me a little offering every day which is
so cute for safe travels I pay 700,000 for
this scooter for the whole month that’s the price I got from Dayu I’m use on the side of the road getting
some gas here it costs 20,000 for me to fill up the tank today and I need to do
it for this trip about one time for the whole trip
dropping her off at daycare and picking her up at the end of the day so it’s
20,000 for the whole trip and then I usually only fill it up one other time
in the week so because I do this all this driving I have to do 60,000 a week
but normally I would just do 20 a week if I wasn’t doing this big drive this is where her daycare is on this gorgeous rice field have fun bye did you have chicken it’s your
new did you have fun did you have fun at daycare with o Papa Putu even though I have to drive a lot, this is the drive Frickin gorgeous really not bad this is one of the final sort of
amazing things about this homestay is that there’s a pool that all these
cottages around here are these different owners they all share this pool right
here and as you can see it’s beautiful it’s got a nice little ledge for Luna
and most importantly like this is just an average Bali pool like that’s what
they all look like they all have beautiful gardens around them they all
are made from stone they don’t we don’t have these like ugly chlorine cemented
pools like we’re used to in the West and you know beauty it has a high value here
and beauty and function have to go together I mean look at this walkway it’s just a standard walkway there’s
there’s nothing extra special about any of this they’re everywhere and it’s
something that I love about Bali but can you believe we’re staying in this
homestay you know this little average home stay for you know 3 million a month
there’s this like I’ve seen climbing vines but that’s a Bali climbing vine
absolute stunner absolute stunner every little detail’s always thought about how
the water flows how the plants grow how the stone works with it it’s so lovely
coming home here every day so it’s the end of this day and we’re on
our way to Warung Gauri it’s three sisters that owned it and their kids are always
there they also have female children always running around which is great and
we go there pretty much every day for dinner and the food’s great it’s super
affordable like 15,000 to 20,000 a plate plates are small but it’s enough food
for me and it’s enough for Luna and I’ve never spent more than 60K there
with drinks and stuff which is incredible for Ubud and it’s kind of a
neighborhood spot we feel really at home there you’re gonna see when we go now
it’s actually so important to find these neighborhoods box when you travel in
Canggu we had a little Warung that we went to that was Javanese owned so
Indonesia and about Muslim and it was also 20,000 – 20,000 for my food
plus her rice and we went there every day and when we travel we always look
for these cheap and cheerful local places one because we can kind of post
up there you know Luna eat and she can be messy and a two-year-old and it
doesn’t matter to anyone there a lot of times there’s children at the restaurant
the owners kids are there so you know it kind of becomes a playdate and you know
it’s in our budget here in Indonesia it’s more expensive to go to the grocery
store than to buy food if you’re buying it at these cheap and cheerful places so
we’re not cooking a lot and we need kind of these staple spots another stunning day she just woke up she’s extra eyebrow Makasi – Tere Makasi Sate for luna avocado salad for Mama
in addition to not really cooking at home because it’s more cost-effective to
eat out in Asia or at least in Bali nobody does laundry here it’s common
also where we live in Mexico nobody does laundry there either
I haven’t met anybody who’s renting a home that has a washer and dryer in it
yet what are you scared of her uncle Craig dressed up as a ghost she’s ghost
obsessed and scared the sh*t out of her now she says her only true fear uncle
Craig ghost what are you scared of uncle Craig ghost she also thinks
she sees him as a ghost everywhere it’s hilarious I
actually travel with one of these bags my mom gave it to me it’s one of those
it folds up really small it’s our laundry bag because like so many places
in the world everything’s wrapped in plastic so this is just a little way to
get over the plastic working really hard I can’t even imagine how hard the rice
field work is in this heat you know it’s 9:00 in the morning and it’s already
blistering so we’re on our way to do the laundry laundry costs about 40,000 for a
load and I get two done a week because I have a kid lots of dirty clothes I think
it’s also a good time to maybe just say I’m really sorry that the comments have
been disabled on so many videos a lot of people have written in on my end it says
that they’re all enabled am i what I’m not scared of uncle Craig ghost
because ghosts don’t exist honey uncle Craig loves you yeah he was just playing
around he was just pretending to be a ghost
I literally answer this question 12 to 15 times a day so I’m really sorry about
the comments being disabled I mean the short story is a bunch of disgusting
pedophiles we’re leaving really outlandish comments on creators channels
with kids and those creators were incredibly irresponsible that they
weren’t monitoring those comments I look every single day I monitor all the time
and I’ve never seen anything even remote even on even even a little bit bad about
that never never once and YouTube lost advertising so in response they have
taken disabled comments for all creators that feature children and it’s happening
randomly some videos we have them and some we don’t the majority we don’t and
it really sucks because I love chatting with our viewers and I love answering
our mail and I hope it gets fixed soon I just gotta toot the old horn here 40,000
right on the money so 2 kilos 40,000 yeah I bring in about
two a week so much laundry since I had a child
that’ll be ready for pickup to the end of day yeah the fish I featured this place already in the last
video but this is a little like Hostel hotel guest house spot near us and we go
for like Western breakfast here in the morning a lot of times and then kind of
kick it Balinese for the rest of the day it’s not ketchup it’s jam okay I’m here
at the Lily spa and about to go in and get a foot massage and a manicure for
150,000 total an hour foot massage half hour manicure regular manicure it’s not the best manicure on the planet I mean it’s fine
my nails are not that gorgeous I have my fake ones gone but it was an incredible
foot massage and you know for like 15 bucks or less it was a really good value
so here’s my final stop for this video Titi Batu – you might remember it from
another video I made where we came here for the weekend
well we’re members now it’s a 900,000 for the month Lunas free kids under two
under four are free hey this that’s one cool they have these weird adult-only
environments here which I just try to overlook it’s mainly for foreigners it’s
mainly for expats mainly for Westerners but I use it as my coworker space I have
a spot to come with our swimming on the weekend they have babysitting they have
a kids area they have like an outdoor play area the pool is great for her plus
it’s my gym and yeah that kills a lot of stones for half
the price of any of those things in Canggu these are the clinchers for me I mean I don’t
think you need to put an adult only sign on a sauna because that’s where like this
crazy skill called parenting comes in but is it’s a very Western thing to do
like tell everybody where they can and can’t bring kids but anyway the it’s
here the saunas and the steam room here behind me like really clinched it and
obviously like I mean it’s really fancy it’s such great value for the money okay
guys that’s the end of my video I hope you liked it if you have any comments or
questions please leave them below I answer all my comments if they’re not
disabled on this video which they shouldn’t be and I’m just gonna leave a
screen right here that has a tally of what this you know ish costs so enjoy
like share subscribe do all that stuff tell everybody get everybody else on board
adios baby


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