How much does it cost to live in Dublin?

How much does it cost to live in Dublin?

I don’t think that Dublin it is expensive
for living. Because if I make numbers, only in rent, food and bills I spent an average
of 300 Euros. I spend per month about 1.000 Euro. Before come here, I was thinking back in Brazil: “Can people live with just 500 Euros?” Which was an amount of money that for me was ok. I arrived here and I realized that, if you save, you can live with 400 Euros. The accommodation itself I know sometimes
it’s hard because you come here and you have 1 or 2 weeks to find an accommodation. But
if you look, if you call, if you insist you would find a room with good cost benefit. I’m sharing an apartment here in Dublin city
Centre with 5 more people, which makes our rent drop enough.
187 euros per month I live in a single room in Dublin 8. I
pay about 300 euro per month. For my flat is 650 Euros. Obviously, it is
include electricity, TV and Wifi. I pay 11 euros per month for Internet and
every 2 months I pay an average of 40 euros for the electricity bill. I think it´s possible to live with less money
but I want to keep my privacy, I want to be alone in my room, so it´s my choice. Cooking at home by myself, I spend about 4
Euros for meal. When I go out to eat something in a restaurant I have to pay more than 10
euro per meal. The best way to reduce the living cost in Ireland is so having a meal
at home as often as possible. I do share the purchase with my flatmates.
I spend an average 6 to 10 euros per week. So we can save a lot on food. Here you can buy things from basic need, for example milk, 75 cents a liter of milk. We buy a 800 grams sliced bread for 69 cents. A pound of pasta 94 cents. We buy rice, beans, sausage to cook with the
beans, buy seasoning, a 3 Euros tray of eggs which has 30 eggs. We buy ground beef that
is an average of 3 euros. A can of sardines. Can of corn, peas, and pickles. These little
things that make a difference in our daily menu, but which are not really expensive for us. I don´t live that close to City Centre in
order to keep my monthly budget of 400 Euros. I opted to buy a bike. Saves me 100 euros,
because if you want now to buy a student card you have to pay 100 euros. I pay 10 euros per month for my mobile plan
and I have free Internet for myself and free calls with my friends who are using the same
mobile company. The fitness club here is about 60 Euros per
month We can visit museums, you can go to the park,
you have many options. You can take a tour, go out one day and ride a bike. So, is a city
that you have many leisure options at no cost or not high costs, you know? I think it is not just hangouts, but also
meeting other people, talking with them, but it always depends. Maybe a pint of beer is
around 5 Euros, but if I drink in my house the pint of beer is around 2 Euros. I think this questions about how to control
all your costs helps a lot. If I spent more in one week I try to spend less the next week. No, I don´t have difficulties. I eat well,
I live well, I even go out quite a lot. Of course, with 400 euros you can´t go to
pubs every weekend, spend a lot of money, go out to know restaurants very often, doing various pay tours. That won’t fit with a 400 euros budget. But if your goal is to learn
English, experience a new culture, have new experiences and meet new people is totally


  1. Thales Fazan Bonfim says:

    De primeira, achei que o cara aos 4:25 fosse o Marião ahahahahha

  2. Luiz Fernando Xavier says:

    Very nice video, nice production! Well done, SEDA!

  3. Fernando Ramires says:

    Aluguel + alimentação + contas = 300 euros? Só se for por semana…

  4. Andrea Angelis says:

    in portuguese? 300 euros??? Hello???

  5. Natan Zambelli says:


  6. CraftyJane says:

    €400?? That can't be realistic.

  7. Cenk Kolcak says:

    It would be better if it had had english subtitles in order to understand the other languages. Nevertheless it's good work.thanks

  8. Marcos Vinicius Rodrigues da Silva says:

    It's realistic! I'm the guy on the video and I can tell you it's doable living with 400 per month!!

  9. Mr Henderson says:

    Nice, relevant, helpful video.

  10. Test Page for Benefit says:

    The video looks really great, too bad there is no English subtitles 🙁

  11. C L Mitchell says:

    My tips to living on a budget in Dublin:
    Be prepared to share accommodation
    Inner city Dublin is expensive to rent in, so try living a bit further out. However, just work out how much you are going to have to spend on public transport and weigh it up.
    You will probably spend about 50 to 70 euro/mth on electricity(sharing).
    About 35/mth on internet if you want to get your own connection, but again, living in shared accommodation and sharing this cost will greatly reduce this.
    Save money by not getting paid TV (way overpriced) and look at netflix or just watch the Public Irish tv.
    Groceries about 60 euro/week.
    Eating out can be expensive in Dublin, so save money by restricting how much you eat out.
    If you can bring your own mobile phone – that would be much cheaper than buying one on a plan in Ireland. You can pay about 15 euro/mth on a prepay mobile plan that includes data.
    Don't buy a car, just hire one when we need one to go on a trip. You won't need one if you live in Dublin as you can easily get around on public transport and Taxi's are pretty cheap too.

    Learn more about moving to Ireland to work or study at

  12. Kevin Conaty says:

    €5 for a pint of beer! that's a rip-off, go to a different pub

  13. oillio says:

    theres a serious herion problem all over Ireland, especially Dublin.. watch out for the walking dead people

  14. S José de sousa says:

    nao um video pratico ….

  15. rsasssakspp says:

    its fckn expensive

  16. rsasssakspp says:

    its hell expnsve but yeah its worth…i miss dublin miss my college..miss nice irish friendly people

  17. Jimmy The Gent Conway says:

    The French girl in the video is absolutelly gorgeous!!

  18. RonhillUltra says:

    what song is that at 0:45 ?

  19. Ana Clara Medeiros says:

    They are telling the amazing joke that you can actually live in Dublin with 400 euros per month. How and where you would be capable of doing so its something that I couldnt possible guess…

  20. Madson Costa says:

    I'm crazy about Ireland, my dream is moving out to Ireland when I grow up and plus Ireland is my favorite place in this world

  21. jorge rivera says:

    why do you upload a video with an English title but no English subtitles? luckily I speak Spanish as my first language and Portuguese is not that different I was able to understand 50% of what they said but still it would be nice to have English subtitles.

  22. Norm Patterson says:


  23. marktimestwo says:

    Does anyone know where tht location is at 3:56????????????

  24. serge barbier says:

    Bom dia. Observo que o aluguel médio em Dublin gira em torno de 800 a 1.500 euros por mês(por uma casa). Viver aí ganhando um salário mínimo de 9.15 euros/hora deve ser muito difícil.

  25. yarilandia says:

    why the English title, if the information is not in English? for the views? put the title right. I hate titles like that

  26. Bellatrix says:

    Guys please help me
    Me my family want to move to a city and its either London or Dublin
    What do you guys recon for me for education work and family raising
    Thanx anyway

  27. REAL TRUTH says:

    Hit CC for closed captions !!! The way this filthy America is — I may go back –i left when I was 4 — but who knows with my asshole parents maybe were really from Eastern Europe !!!

  28. Troy Rossi says:

    Everybody. Just hit the CC closed caption button for subtitles near the bottom right. It translates the Portuguese and gives English subtitles. Looks like Dublin is pretty cheap. Compared to Los Angeles, California

  29. Alexandru Gheorghe says:

    Just don't bring pets with you as you will be signing your suicide note.

  30. Antonio Carlos Araujo Lima Filho says:

    2:40 Pelo menos o arroz na irlanda é Tio João xD

  31. Martin Lorandin says:

    I can't help but wonder how the English speakers in this video get understood. Now don't get me wrong, it's understandable, and I get that they came to Ireland to practice their English. Honestly without the subtitles I wouldn't have been able to decipher what they're talking about. Awesome video though !

  32. Dora in Ireland says:

    Quite relevant! 😻

  33. Radiólogo Millonario says:

    I wonder if I'd have to be drunk and a sports fan to live there. That would suck.

  34. adam lee says:

    This is true maybe in 2014 but not in 2018, the cost of living in Dublin has almost doubled

  35. Conor Doyle says:

    Basically u have to be a fucking doctor or a rich fuck now to afford rent in Dublin and that's just the way these politicians want it no more dubs just planter's. Shame on them.

  36. Daniel Malone says:

    Dublin no esta caro.esta barrato,yo soy irlandes y hago €800 a mesa. Vivi en Madrid para muchos anos y Madrid esta peor! Es no problema para mi y vivo en una Casa solo con mis gatos. Dublin esta muy seguro tambien. Crima no exista aqui.muy seguro y tranquillo.comida irelandes es muy Barrato tambien tenemos Aldi y Lidl etc la ciudad es muy hermosa y la gente son muy amable .hay no problemas en Dublin y no tenemos bastante gentes aqui.necessitamos mas personas en Dublin.esta Linda aqui.perfectamente! Cielo! Bienvenidos a Dublin! Perdon para mi castellano horrible.

  37. Apyrenum says:

    How has the cost of living changed in the past 4 years?

  38. Videl Lee says:

    Nah just Brazilians!! Portuguese

  39. Max Imilian MUA says:

    Girls are awesome there so fullcoverage and glamorous 😍

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