How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Basement Wall

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Basement Wall

Hi folks, it’s Mike with get my
with the tip for you on how to repair a basement wall. I’m talking about a
basement wall that has a slight bow in it and some cracks in between the joints
where the blocks come together. Whether or not the huge pine tree on the corner of
my home was putting pressure on the foundation or not I decided to have it
removed. Well I decided to call in the Ohio
Basement Authority, and I must tell you I was very impressed with their work. They
respected my property but not only that their price was very competitive. And
I’ll share with you a price break down before this video ends. Before they could
begin work the Ohio Basement Authority had to get a permit from the city of
Columbus. Once the permit was issued they showed up right on time and removed the
basement window to facilitate bringing in the material that they were going to
use to do the job. Once all the materials were in place
they installed plastic sheeting to prevent any dust from floating around
the basement. Once they checked and rechecked measurement where the beams
were going to go, that we’re going to support the wall, it was time to remove
the concrete from the basement floor so that beams could rest on the footers. Once the beams were lifted into place
they were leveled and secured in place with a 4 by 4 and 2 by 8’s that were
bolted to the floor joists. Once all the beams were set in place they poured in a small amount of gravel and called the city inspector to come out and check
your work. After the instructor signed off on the work they filled the holes at
the base of the beans with some concrete. And finally all that was left was to seal
the cracks with silicone. Considering they guarantee their work for the life of the
building, and that lifetime warranty is transferable the cost of $2500.00 for the repair seem reasonable to me. That was $2,000 for labor and material and $500 for the city permit.


  1. Brian Cirillo says:

    Loved this video. Really cool to see the process! 

  2. Nikki InTheD says:

    This was another interesting video I've watched on basement crack issues. Thanks for sharing the cost. No one ever says anything about the money. One question is: why couldn't they use anchors to re-stabilize the wall or is it because the walls are brick??

  3. Concrete Repairman LLC says:

    Thanks for sharing your foundation repair clips.

  4. Steven Ruff says:

    How many columns were put in?  Just trying to get an idea of the price for my project. Thanks!!!

  5. Tony Castillo says:

    Seems like a fix to stop future expansion of the wall. Looks like it should work real well and the cost seemed reasonable, other than that ridiculous permit fee. I'm curious how/if the roof gutter system is ran on that side of the house if it is allowing water to soak into the ground in that area close to the house. Great video!!

  6. Adam Kacenjar says:

    Hooray Columbus!

  7. Tacoma FAN says:

    very reasonable !

  8. AvAr says:

    It would have been much nicer if they did a fastening section on top to push the wall back in place over a course of a couple years.

  9. hickboy3067 says:

    what are the dimensions of the beams?

  10. yourneck2 says:

    I think there there's a few steps still missing, water is causing this problem but only the wall was addressed…… Water is flowing to the footer finding level then rising, water has acid in it and is eroding the block from the outside in. So just beneth the I beam is more water sitting and not being directed so the dirt on the other side of the wall can dry out and get firm…

  11. Sonny H says:

    The concrete floor must have been very thin for a jack hammer with a wide bit to go through it so easily.

  12. Jody Powell says:

    We're in the crap do you live to have to pay $500 dollars for this permit. I live in Tuscaloosa AL and a permit for putting up a 30×40 shop was $75.

  13. Jeremy Mccomas says:

    This isn't a fix it just stops movement. Nothing was corrected

  14. Bart fox says:

    Nothing done to let the water out that's putting pressure on the wall ? That little bit of concrete isnt going to hold the beam on the bottom .

  15. Dakota Dickson says:

    A couple of my basement walls are starting to bow in and I just got a estimate today. They want $24000 to add carbon fiber straps and to fill in the cracks which ain't to bad yet.

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