How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Uber?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Uber?

Hello everyone and welcome back to the All
About Apps series. Let’s find out what we’ve got for you today. We have already discussed how much it would
cost to create a complex chat app like WhatsApp and mobile photo editor like Aviary, so it’s
time to move on and check out the cost of the trendy car-hailing service.
If you live in a large cosmopolitan city with heavy traffic and lack of parking space, you’ve
probably looked for an alternative to having a car.
Thanks to such on-demand services as Lyft, ZipCar or Uber, people get all the benefits
of personal car rides without having to worry about car repairs or a permanent parking space.
We are going to talk about Uber find out how much it actually costs to create an app like
Uber. To gain a full understanding of Uber App pricing
for development, let’s delve into its functionality. Okey, How does Uber work? Uber App general
performance can be shown in 5 simple steps. Step one – Request. The customer requests
a car instantly or on schedule via the app. The details are sent to the nearest driver.
Step two – Matching. The driver may either accept or reject the ride. If he rejects,
the request is sent to another driver. Step three – Ride. The customer tracks the
taxi approach and knows the estimated time of arrival.
Step four – Payment. The cashless way of payment and beforehand estimated price makes
this process enjoyable. Step five – Rating. It is an important component
of Uber’s business logic which enhances service reliability.
If you think over creating a mobile app like Uber, the first thing you should note is that
Uber actually consists of two separate apps – Uber Driver App and Uber Passenger App.
Let’s focus on the Passenger App The first feature you bump into when open
an app is Registration and creating a personal profile. It is not only convenient but also
offers a viable way for additional functionality and in-person interaction which contributes
to user retention. In terms of taxi apps that involve mobile payments – it is a must.
Moreover, customers just love to be heard, you know that. That why integrating the system
of post-ride rating and reviewing is a nice move to underline your service customer friendliness
and increase public satisfaction. As you intend to develop an on-demand car-hailing
service, you cannot do without location identification and routing. In general, GPS technology is
used to determine the current location. Besides, users can find the car with maps integration
and positioning. To know the distance and run the routes, you need the routing server.
Matching all the necessary mechanisms, Uber ensures the flawless service.
Your app user may also want to pay for the service right in the app. Luckily, current
payment technologies enable straightforward financial transactions between all parties
concerned. Moreover, you can estimate your Uber ride
before you make a request. Uber provides its users with a fare calculator that ensures
pretty accurate estimation right in the app. To estimate the fare for a ride, Uber uses
4 main criteria: Base fare, Cost per mile, Cost per minute, Safe rides fee.
Next, Communication and Notifications. Despite the fact that communication in taxi apps goes
without saying, it is in developers’ hands to make the one between drivers and passengers
even more pleasant. Uber taxi service users can call or text your
driver directly from the app. To notify users about any important events, may it be car
arrival or order confirmation, you can use SMS, email or push notifications in your app.
Well, that’s that’s it with basic features. If you want to add some extra functionality,
development will require more time and therefore more money.
One more thing, don’t forget about expenditures for creating proper design.
Okey now, answering the question How much will Uber-like app cost?, we got to know that
development process for a single-platform application will take around 600 hundred hours.
Let’s multiply this number to an average hourly rate of $50 and receive 30K dollars
in total for an app like Uber. Again, the final cost of your is highly dependent
on various factors and your personal preferences. A number of functions and their complexity
are negotiable. So go ahead and create an app that will surpass even Uber!
Well, it seems I’ve shared everything I could today. Read the full article in our
blog to know what technologies it’s better to use and why. And, of course, don’t forget
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    Many developers who have all the source code of such applications do want to take advantage of the consumers and would lie to you that they need to develop a new software for you. This might be true if they don’t have the source code. If you are looking to buying a new software, buy it from some one who already has it done. You should be able to get it for something under 4K.

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