How Much Does it Cost to Charge a Model 3?

How Much Does it Cost to Charge a Model 3?

On this episode we’re gonna help you
figure out how much it’s gonna cost to charge your model 3 next on Now You Know so maybe you’re already on the
reservation list for the model three or maybe you’re still running the numbers
to see if it makes sense for you either way you know that traditionally one of
the biggest expenses in owning any car is the cost to power it
we’ve been driving our Model 3 for a few months now so we have a good idea of
what it’s going to cost you we’ve all grown up with ice or internal combustion
engine cars so most people know what they cost a fuel you take the number of
miles that you expect to drive in a year and divide that by the miles per gallon
and multiply that by the current price of gas per gallon so for instance this
2018 outtie 84 which starts at 36,000 dollars is a pretty good equivalent to
the model 3 in terms of size and price and it gets up to 27 miles per gallon
city 37 miles per gallon highway if we were considering buying this Audi and
let’s say we drive the number of miles that an average American does every year
12,000 miles and the price of gas is 2 dollars and 49 cents per gallon we’d be
looking at around 375 gallons of gas or 933 dollars per year in gasoline with an
electric car it’s a similar calculation but the terms are new and a bit strange
to us because we’re not used to them yet to help us compare apples to apples when
looking at different cars the EPA rates electric cars with mpg II
or miles per gallon equivalent even though EVs like the model 3 don’t burn
gasoline the model 3 has an MP GE of 126 now that is helpful if we compare it to
the Audi with an average mpg of 32 because we can see that the model 3 gets
almost a hundred miles more per gallon equivalent but it’s not exactly helpful
in figuring out our actual electricity costs in running the model 3 with the
model 3 we now have to deal with the price of electricity or price per
kilowatt hour instead of the price of a gallon of gasoline and we have to adjust
ourselves to miles per kilowatt hour instead of miles per gallon okay so
let’s figure this out first let’s figure out how many miles per kilowatt hour it
takes to drive the model 3 the rated miles per kilowatt hour for the model 3
with the long range battery is four point one five miles per
kilowatt hour a kilowatt hour of electricity costs anywhere from about
eight cents per kilowatt hour in Washington or Louisiana to our home
state of Massachusetts which has one of the highest prices of electricity at 22
cents per kilowatt hour the average cost of electricity in the
United States is 13 cents per kilowatt hour so let’s say you plan on driving
12,000 miles a year in the model 3 and you live in Washington State so you
divide 12,000 miles by four point one five miles per kilowatt hour and you get
two thousand eight hundred and ninety two kilowatt hours of electricity now
multiply that by the price in Washington of eight cents per kilowatt hour and we
get 231 dollars if you live in Massachusetts that same twelve thousand
miles would cost you six hundred and thirty six dollars you can look at your
electricity bill and see the rate you were paying and figure out how much it
will cost to charge at home keep in mind that many states have lower rates during
off-peak times of day and you can usually take advantage of this by
telling the model 3 when to start charging in fact you’re helping the grid
to when you charge off-peak so it’s a win-win if you want to know how much it
will cost to charge at a supercharger just go to this Tesla link and look up
the state you’ll be charging in and use that price per kilowatt hour if you
don’t want to do any math but just want to get a sense of what the model 3 will
save you compared to a comparable ice car like the Audi a4 then let’s use
averages we’ll pretend that you drive the average 12000 miles per year and pay
the average 13 cents per kilowatt hour for the Model 3 and 2 dollars and 49
cents a gallon for that ow d so here it is what the math done for you the Audi
will cost 933 dollars and the model 3 will cost 375 dollars that’s 558 dollars
less per year as you can see electric cars like the model 3 are far more
energy efficient than ice cars and cost a lot less to power the average American
keeps their car for about 7 years so that would be a savings of almost $4,000
and this is if gas and electricity prices stay where they are because oil
is a finite resource and gets harder to cover drill and pump it is expected to
go up in price whereas electricity which is being made more and more by the Sun
and wind every year is going to get cheaper as these two prices continue to
grow apart it will get cheaper and cheaper to drive electric and more and
more expensive to drive an ice car now you know thanks so much for watching now
you know we work hard to bring you videos about things that we think you’ll
find useful but we need to know from you what you want to see so leave your
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  1. Alan Asbury says:

    Thanks for a brilliant video very informative, now just need the money for an electric car.

  2. ROBERTSON Man says:

    Well, if we stop pumping gas to our electric cars I would assume that price of gas will go south, don't you?

  3. Shawn Eshwara says:

    Hydrogen car is better than electric car.

  4. G BALA Singapore homes says:

    Disagree with your graph at the end of the video. If electric cannibalizes oil, then oil demand drops over time with supply rate remaining the same, then price should drop in tandem. The reverse would be true for electricity.

  5. Encontrol says:

    Save 4K on gas but put 80k on model 3?

  6. Mark Robinson says:

    Love it

  7. Marc Rossbridge says:

    Do these cars have solar panels on them? Might as well have steam powered cars….. oh, then your burning wood and not coal???? I've got it! We could power the world with green outrage, god knows the kids of today are full of green outrage, progressives are of it to, both outrage and shit, but let's stick to outrage. I propose outrage power. (but I reserve "full of shit" power, that's my next suggestion because the kids that are full of outrage, are also full of shit) Maybe that's the key, just let dumb mothafuckers be and plug into an orafice. "Excuse me sir, I see your raging, do you mind if I plug my car into your arse?"

  8. J1 says:

    If only I could afford either of those great car's

  9. Treshaun Brown says:

    He must don’t live in California ?

  10. Arron Moroney says:

    You pay per G ? We pay £1. 29 per L

  11. Charles Samuel says:

    Just want to much it cost didn't need an a long boring education should have just google?

  12. pa desiii says:

    In Europe gas is so Expensive because of terrorism in the Middle East

  13. Damon Behnke says:

    Not to mention your not paying for about three oil changes a year or air filter

  14. unogazzy84 says:

    You can't seriously think that electricity from solar and wind is efficient? Here in Sweden we have an electricity shortage because the goverment go for solar and wind power instead of nuclear power. I do not want an abundance of coal power plants because I like the fresh air though.

  15. Ray Ng says:

    A lot of folks focus on charging cost and forget that up front cost is by far a larger pie in the cost equation. How else do you think banks make their money?

    It all depends on the type of car you currently drive. If it’s a BMW or an Audi, your pay back will be in a few years.

    But if you currently drive and own a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic, the 3 is about 3 times the price. Even if electric cost 25% to gasoline, you would have to drive over 150,000 miles before you breakeven.

    While charging and maintenance cost is important, the elephant in the room is still the up front cost. This car is still not ready for prime time yet, till it falls to $40,000 fully loaded.

  16. Mrwatchdog1000 says:

    Alter your calculation to 15k a year miles and gas being $3.50 , that's more realistic.

  17. Mrwatchdog1000 says:

    That $558 is going into paying off the tesla

  18. Krusti Memez says:

    I’m glad I live in Massachusetts… no

  19. Landon The Minecraft King says:

    Ayyy I live in Washington

  20. Judy Austin says:

    i would argue that as ev cars become more popular and ice cars less, the price of electricity will go up and oil and gas down.

  21. ThePlaneCrazyPlayer says:


  22. shady shane says:

    for a comparison, i get 9 times that mileage in wattage(Kw/hr) riding a 30kg bike with 1000w motor controller carrying 112kg load(mfa) with 52 18650's , cost uk 10pence. so approx 22miles 35k =10p so mpge =1320 not bad. my european fiat chassis/peugeot turbo diesel engine rv gets 32 mpg on a good day.

  23. SuperChief5 says:

    Unfortunately nothing ever gets cheaper?

  24. MrStanderd5000 says:

    I just cannot afford 40k

  25. cutator says:

    Oh ya think… wait to the Government moves all those taxes on to a per KW charge. Gas in my state has 95 cents in taxes on it. We pay 1.50 per gallon the rest is all taxes.

    14 cents KW per hour on average…. Uh Hugh. So lets just say half of all cars on the road become electric, just how much do you think power generation will cost with 125 million electric cars on the road…… The projection is 18 million electric cars on the road by 2030. It wont be 14 cents if you get 100 million or even up to 200 million cars on the road… Never mind the electric grid issues…………

    Followed by transmission fees and a pot load of other Federal, State and Regulatory taxes………

  26. Chris Klugh says:

    I've only seen a couple of you videos, and you seem to be really into the math side of this. My question is, if 50% of car users were to make the swap to electric cars in say a 10 year span, have you done a calculation to figure how much of an electrical demand that will have on the system? How much more energy doe we need the system to grow to accommodate that? And with that demand on current supply, wont electricity rates go up? And by how much? Could we see electricity rates double or triple very easily and what would this effect have on people who are poor as is and now wont be able to run their freezers?

    I don't mean to sound against EVs, I think its part of a cleaner sustainable future. I just think it wont transition over as smoothly as we would like. It will benefit the rich and leave more poor people in our future. I hope Elon Musk is factoring in some way where more people can have equitable stakes in public assets. Not saying people should get a free lunch, but should have the opportunity to earn it, and it should not mean poor people need to have millions of dollars to invest in order to have a benefit from our future.

  27. Tanvir Alif says:

    Even a Corolla would cost $48k. Where the hell am I even living. ?

  28. Hyperion_King_ says:

    What a dumb video haaa gas 2.49? Maybe like 3 years ago

  29. Dose of Isaac says:

    New programs rn are available for model x model s and model 3 that give you free charging for life now.

  30. ahirda brrr says:

    Better battery is the answer.. a single charge for shit tons of mile is the future ibelive it will happen

  31. Dr House says:

    You should have told about maintenance cost also

  32. dark light says:

    If I got a Tesla, I would just charge it at my work for free

  33. Wembley says:

    Dislike, not your fault but YT, I searched for Tesla charging UK, and this came up…


    I make 12k miles in a couple of mounts

  35. Mike Tackett says:

    It's gonna get cheaper to drive an electric car and more expensive to drive a gaser???
    I do believe you've forgotten that law of supply and demand air is free until you get a flat tire then that stuff gets kinda high

  36. Corporate Mac says:

    2019. Gas..$4.00

  37. Joe meats says:

    If theirs millions of electric cars Won't we need more power plants thus more nuclear power plants which is no good

  38. abhishek Sikder says:

    Dont compare Electric car to petrol cars . A good valued Diesel car can break the hype of Tesla model 3 . Example Honda civic , Chevrolet Cruze Diesel

  39. flexiblematthew says:


  40. brettduffy19992 says:

    Is it worth don't mess with the free supercharging

  41. gsus8788 says:

    I live in southern nevada. Here its
    .11 cents per kwh.
    If I owned a Tesla, it would cost me $318.07 yr or $26.51 a month extra on my energy bill..
    And I dont have to do oil changes, spark plugs, transmission fluid flush, coolant flush and best of all No smog checks…
    This is making me want a Tesla for my next car….
    Great video.

  42. Mohammad Zaid says:

    In india gasoline costs 4.3$ per gallon wheras electricity cost is about 7 cents/kwh, thus ev's make sense in india

  43. kaiamoana says:

    2.49 per gallon???? LAUGHS IN CALIFORNIA PRICES!!!!!!!

  44. MonsterFuryGames says:

    No, wind and solar makes electricity more and more expensieve. Just look at canada, australia o california.

  45. Sajid Hasan says:

    rather buy a 5grand corolla and drive forever.. it will save u thousands

  46. Aaron Stjohn says:

    I know 70,000 for the Tesla is bullshit I would never see the money back

  47. bigbangnone says:

    Stop Tesla !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are attempting to monopolize charging stations and charging station Real-Estate in the West which Tesla has designed to only provide terminals that connect to Tesla Vehicles. And they do NOT support Hybrid Vehicles. This is a Regulation issue – and I suspect that the Corrupt Democrats within the US Government have been bribed by Tesla to allow the WRONG Tesla charging station design to force the take-over of the available real-estate in all venues allocated for charging vehicles. The limited Real-Estate for charging should provide charging for all common types of Vehicles…..Not Just one type. Tesla bribed Democrat Senators to ignore the necessary Regulation, and force a deregulation of charging stations so that Tesla has now Monopolized the charging station Real-Estate throughout the USA and Europe.

    And for those of you who do not understand what I am saying. I will provide a simple analogy….. How would you feel if a billionaire who manufactures diesel cars ……bought up all the gas stations, and only offered diesel fuel?

  48. Shannon Love says:

    Since known reserves of oil can supply all projected future needs for petroleum products for next 30 years and new fields are opening up faster than old fields are exhausted, it is highly unlikely that gasoline prices will rise over the operational life of any car today.

    Moreover, electricity prices go up when the percentage of “renewable” electricity generation in the grid goes up. German has converted nearly 40% of their grid to renewables and electricity prices have increased 50%.

    If presented trends continue, electricity will be more expensive but less reliable that fossils fuels, for foreseeable future.

    There are a lot of performance reasons to buy electric cars but fossil fuel depletion is not one of them.

  49. Cade McCool says:

    What's the catch to driving a Tesla?

  50. Pandorin says:

    For a full charge it cost me about 20$-30$

  51. ChosenOG says:

    Premium cars (Audi) require premium fuel or the car will not last as long. With that being said, here in California, about 4.30/$ average for premium gas.

  52. Robin Bri says:

    germany 0,30€/kwh

  53. mugensamurai says:

    I am going electric thanks to you. If electric dildos are good enough for most women then electric cars are good enough for me.

  54. Weethee says:

    But what happens when million and millions of people start having to charge their cars everyday. Electricity cost money to make to it just doesn’t appear. There’s only so many wind and solar panel farms we can make. So power plant will needed to be added. Which also cost money and cause pollution. So when a billion people are charging there car a week tell me how cheap it will be then? And when ever one has to go to the gas station and wait a while for there car to charge what if it’s full and you go are going home but you can’t charge your car cause all the chargers are full. And what if power goes out for a week? All the stuff know one talkes about

  55. Piotr Martyniuk says:

    Please do also a calculation for the yearly maintenance costs for both cars. With that you will get the complete picture.

  56. AndrewsLandscaping 1 says:

    Killer video

  57. alan says:

    I wishes it was 2.49 here in CA

  58. Scott coleman says:

    So let's build some more coal fired power plants to charge electric cars.

  59. Legendisme says:

    Gas in SoCal is 4.5 dollars/gallon

  60. Forefather Of Mankind says:

    Answer : For an average American 1 year fuel cost :
    Audi : $993
    Model 3 : $375

  61. Himanshu Chhabra says:

    One will not only save ? in feuling the car but, also he will save money in service of car as compare to gasoline vehicle

  62. dfww mafia says:

    Average Americans drive12,000 miles a year?? I drive 12,000 miles in 2 months lmaooo

  63. Omar FX says:

    Also no expensive repairs like Audi

  64. Sailing Chloe says:

    Zero cost at most EV hotels. Just get a copy of EVHOTELS.ORG to find them, all over the world.

  65. Jamie Shreve says:

    I’ve put 21,000 miles on my car in 4 months lol

  66. xXsuperbananaXx says:

    I did the math while using the currant price of supercharging. Looks like you definitely are paying a premium for the Superchargers so it’s not something you’d want to use very often.

  67. Joshua Pagan says:

    I pay around $160 a month… minimum… an EV would be a godsend, right now.

  68. brightful5 says:

    Jeremy from Jersey just subscribed

  69. Jithu Vijayakumar says:

    Well you left out one fact! As the number of EVs increase demand for electricity could also be seen! However, it doesn't mean electricity prices will go up because a lot of research and development are taking place for efficient and clean energy production!

  70. Ulysses Soler says:

    Get to the point I hate the build up fuck lol

  71. KTMsoldier1988 says:

    Ok so whats the difference when using a super charger when on the road…. you never mentioned that!….

  72. markohaaj says:

    you know nothing about electricity, electricity is an energy, and energy cannot be either created or destroyed, it can only be transferred from one thing to another.

  73. Marty Thornton says:

    It takes fuel to produce electricity. So if fuel price goes up so does the cost of electricity. They both work hand in hand with each other. Plus the only people that will have these cars is rich people only.

  74. ferkemall says:

    OK in the USA but in the UK at present via EON a German energy provider ii pay £120 standing charge & 17.44 pence a Kwh & come 2021 the EU are set to UNIFY the price of energy =massive price hike because we in the UK pay lass than the Germans do .

    Was the Audi petrol or diesel =you did not say as ther eis a vast difference ,also if you charge at home your paying for the invisibles like standing charges green taxes and of course tax
    its called true costs , then you have the pay for charging at street meters & that does cost more than you pay at home so i dont see a true comparision by a long shot
    + at home you may have solar panels and in the USA actually get paid by the energy company a feed in tariff where as here in the UK the feed in tariff was scapped and the VAT on solar was raised from 5% to 20% !

  75. Subscribe to the EGG says:

    I hate math class…

  76. Samuel Steininger says:

    I pay 100 a week with my truck I need a model 3

  77. Sir Wm says:

    The issue is Not the cost per mile but the major “Hassle” to recharge the vehicle…using your cost of $.13/kWh avg it takes 12-16 hrs when charging at home…the recharging locations are few and far between and the super-recharger cuts that time to 4 hrs for approx 50 miles reserve and then you can Only drive on avg when full about 200 miles between recharging …GET IT! (Now for the Big Elephant in the room…EPA is slowly eliminating ICE vehicles by penalty violations of insipid laws. That will leave EV as the answer. But wait there’s more…The elite own the utilities and the price per KWH is already climbing unmercifully…what do you think the cost or “rationing amount” will be when the Rockefeller’s own your Only available transportation fuel??? You GOT IT!). Good luck ?…

  78. m00nchildblues says:

    Forgot the M3 cars are more likely to be keyed,scratched,spat,kicked,punched,trashed and mocked upon the Haters!

  79. ehdbe jdbev says:

    How about keeping a separate SOLAR PANEL SYSTEM just for charging the vehicle's battery.. will not have to pay the electricity chargers too then.. ?

  80. ehdbe jdbev says:

    And you dont have change the oil / filter .. radiater and big mechanical issues .. amazing technology..

  81. Stéphen Bach says:

    How much TIME does it take to recharge a Tesla battery? HOURS !!! DAYS if you are charging at home in the garage. Electric cars are BS, a joke! You can resell the Audi anytime, to anyone at any price, Tesla controls all of that. How much are Tesla replacement parts and where do you obtain them? Only from Tesla and at their exhorbitant prices.

  82. jerryw66 says:

    how do they tax the electricity used by an EC to help maintain our hi-way system?

  83. Pakistani Entertainment says:

    Lol what about the time? The battery are full the same time like fuel tank or I will wait until my battery get full ?? Confused ?‍♀️?

  84. Anthony Damore says:

    Terrible info at the end with the graphs. The world runs on the law of supply, you couldn't be more wrong.

  85. justaviewer111 says:

    Good job up until the part where you said electricity will get cheaper and cheaper due to renewable energy. LOL, are you HIGH??

  86. LA M says:

    Tesla also viewers watch this

  87. patrick jackson says:

    But it doesn’t matter what the amount of miles are most people drive way above the speed limit and use a lot more gas or electricity and that’s not considering the winter where you lose what 30% on an electric car. So this is kinda useless.

  88. amila fernando says:

    People who blamed tesla would not make it and never could be like petrol cars but look today it has changed whole upside down…

  89. Geo Quiroz says:

    I pay $100 a week on gas fml CA

  90. Google Name says:

    I'd buy a tesla if not for the maintenance issue.

  91. Clint Wilcoxen says:

    Do you actually believe electricity will get cheaper? If so, I have ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.

  92. Fernando Mendoza says:

    Ok? Compare it to a 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid. 53mpg and up ?

  93. Simanta Dutta says:

    You Americans pay quite a low price for fuel and electricity ??

  94. Shreyas Music says:

    I did not sign-up for a math class.

  95. Marv Kwia says:

    I remember when gas was 50 cents there were very few cars on the road. Only cost 5 dollars for tank. Now not to many electric cars easy to charge a car now what will it cost when millions are driving what will be the line ups .

  96. call of duty mobile says:

    Me owning a bicycle how much for me tho

  97. Brendan Crasto says:

    Supercharger costs 10$

  98. daniel feng says:

    here in California bay area, gas is $4/gallon, do the math again. lol

  99. jose jabroni says:

    "avg cost per year is $900"

    me as an LA driver: ???

  100. Tony B says:

    Cost to replace battery?

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