How much does adoption cost? (U.S. – 2018/2019)| Domestic Infant Adoption | Skill Up [CC]

How much does adoption cost? (U.S. – 2018/2019)| Domestic Infant Adoption | Skill Up [CC]

Hello and welcome back to my channel, ladies.
If this is your first time here, welcome and if you’re one of my wonderful subscribers,
welcome back. Today, we’re going to be talking about the
cost of domestic infant adoption in the United States. I’m going to give you the averages
for 2016. I’m going to give you the cost for a national agency I’ve been working with as
well as a local state agency. So, if you like this video, find information
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Let’s get started. The first stats I’m going to go over are from
a website called Adoption Families and it’s a great resource for everyone was looking
to adopt and parent children that they have adopted. Every few years, they collect the
cost of adoptions from families that browse their site. They put together these statistics,
not only for domestic adoption, but also for international and foster to adopt and they
even break it down by country. So, it’s really great if you decided to go through with an
international adoption, you can go see what the current cost for different countries is
looking like. They also record wait times. It’s an excellent resource. I shall leave
it in the description below. But in this video, we’re only going to deal
with US domestic adoption and the stats that I’m going to read off next are from 2016.
The average cost for 2016 for the full adoption cost was $43,239, which is a lot.
I think that’s the number one thing, when I start to talk to people about our adoption
and the process we’re going through, and they’ll throw out a number like, “Oh, yeah. Well,
at least you guys, you know, you can come up with 10 grand pretty easy” and I’m like,
“Wait, I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing. Like this isn’t a vacation.
This is an adoption. There is a large cost difference between those two”.
So, I think it’s one of those things that I try to gently educate people on; people
get a little icky about money, but I just want to make sure people know the, at least,
ballpark of adoptions. I’m going to go through what goes into that
cost and what each thing is and I’ll put them over here for you so you have to like write
them down or listen really closely. I’ll put them all over here so you can see the breakdown.
You can go to the link below for the exact numbers. I’m going to list them off here pretty
quick so we can keep moving on in this video. For US newborn agency led adoptions, people
spent around $2,400 in their home study, another $600 on preparation and authentication documentation;
say that three times fast. They spent around $19,000 on adoption agency application and
program fees. They spent around two and a half thousand dollars on adoption consultation
fees; $4,400 on attorney fees; $2,000 on advertising, networking and profile books; $1,300 on birth
family counseling; $3,400 on birth mother expenses; $300 on foster or interim care,
$2,200 for travel expenses, $2,000 for post placement expenses; and other expenses in
there was about $3,000; giving you that grand total of $43,000 for the average cost of a
US newborn infant adoption in the United States (said that twice) in 2016.
Some of the things that you might not have full clarity on is birth mother expenses;
those are going to be things like rent utilities, food, as well as medical expenses. I don’t
think they broke those out. Because the theory is if you were going to
adopt a child, you are taking care of them now. And if for any reason the birth family
cannot pay their utilities, cannot pay their rent, you are going to take responsibility
as an adoptive parent for that child now and pay those. I think I mentioned it in another
video; choosing your adoption agency. Make sure you know the disruption policy with
your agency because some of these fees are recoverable and some aren’t. I mentioned
it now because birthmother expenses are usually the ones that aren’t recoverable.
Travel expenses; that’s going to be traveling to and from wherever the birth mother lives
and the expected family lives. You may do several visits before the child is even born
so she can get to know you, but you are definitely traveling there and staying there if it’s
out of state until a finalization of the adoptions. Yeah, of course, the majority of the cost
is the adoption agency application and program fees and this is just how the adoption agency
stays in business. This is keeping their staff employed, paying for their time, paying for
their knowledge. There’s a lot of arguments of whether or not it should be that expensive,
but this is the reality of it. so, that’s what I’m talking about today.
Alright, if you want definitions of any other things that I mentioned in there, you can
go ahead and leave a comment below, but for the sake of timing of this video, I’m moving
on. Alright, I also contacted a national agency
while I was researching my adoption agencies and if you want to figure out how on earth
we chose our adoption agency, you can click the iCard up above. But we ended up not going
with the national agency, but I still have all the cost breakdown and the fee schedule.
So, I’m going to go ahead and share that with you now.
So, they have two programs and I am going to talk about their traditional program. Their
traditional program has a fee range of 36,000 to 50,000, which the average cost being around
44 to 48. So, you’re seeing that the cost of adoptions gone up a little bit in the last
two years, but that makes sense. And this is kind of the very premium adoption agency,
very professional, very well put together, and so they’re on the upper range of that.
I thought it was interesting that they noted that anybody who has an adoption budget of
$41,300 or less has a severe reduction in the amount of expectant mothers they can be
shown to. To the point where they say that only 5 percent of their situations fall under
that threshold. In contrast to the national averages, this
agency had a very large advertising and online presence fee. It was almost $11,000, which
is way above the average of the 2016 stats. That also meant that you had to pay way more
upfront to even get active than with most agencies. Usually, there’s a fee schedule
where you have your application for you to start. Your next fee will be your home study,
which mine is only $1,000 you saw the average was 3.
Then after that, you’re going to have your like ‘Go live’ fees; your activation fees,
which include any of your online presence and advertising. So, this agency has quite
a bit of an upfront cost versus usually it’s only a few thousand to go active.
And then there’s your match fees and your placement fees, which all roll up into that
kind of administrative fee; what we saw on the average table.
The reason it’s important to note that is because you don’t need to have the full cost
of an adoption ready when you go live, because there is going to be time in between where
you’re just sitting and waiting to be matched and then after your matched, you’re waiting
for the baby to be born. So, you have kind of a lot of time in between when you go live
and when you actually have a baby in your hands, unless you take on an emergency placement.
And then it is kind of an emergency, you need that money now. But usually, you’re going
to have a few months to kind of gather the rest of that money.
Moving on to the local state agency. So, this agency has a fee range of $27,500 all the
way up to $46,000 and that depends again a lot on what situation your expectant family
is in. So, if there are no living expenses you need to cover and they have full medical
coverage, that takes out a lot of that money obviously, almost $20,000. And depending on
the lawyer you get, that fluctuation is accounted for in the legal fees as well.
The application fee for this agency is only $250 and the home study is only $1,000. Then
once that’s all taken care of, you also have the cost of your profile books, but they only
have books and not online presence. So, that is just whatever you can get; one of those
little scrapbook books on Shutterfly for. So, I think that’s like $50 for a few copies.
To go live on their program is $5,000. They state that that cost covers maintaining your
file, networking your profile, screening prospective birth parents, counseling for birth parents,
weekly visits with the birth parents, grocery shopping, assistance and bill pay, transportation
when needed, assistance in budget planning, housing assistance and ongoing support, legal
consultation for them. Those are the costs that are upfront; so,
for this agency, that is only a little over $6,000 to actually go live and then the rest
of the fees are going to be due later on. The matching fee is $6,500, placement is $10,000,
which brings all of those kind of very static fees to $22,750.
Then you get into kind of the varying expenses. They say budget at least$3,000 for birth parent
related expenses, another $10,000 for the hospital bills and $1-10,000 for the legal
fee, which I feel like is a huge range, but whatever, and then that will bring you to
your actual grand total at the end of things. So, you can see that no one is crazy, out
of line or way, way, way cheaper than any other agency.
Obviously, this entire video has been about paying full price for an adoption and not
including any agencies that will subsidize an adoption or any adoptive families that
get grants. So, those are very much an option and will change your budgeting experience.
But I saw such a huge range of numbers when I started to look up the cost of adoption
and I just wanted an answer, just for a normal adoption how much that costs and the answer
right now in 2018 is it’s probably going to cost you $42-45,000 to get a domestic infant
adoption; going and finished. If there are any other questions that I didn’t
answer in this video, go ahead and leave them below.
There’s a ton of fundraising resources out there. There are wonderful, wonderful sites
that help facilitate this and there’s wonderful programs out there and adoption agencies that
offer some substitutes based on your religion or your race or adopting a special needs child.
It exists out there. If this number kind of gave you a fright,
made you stop for a second, you are normal. But there are other options out there, depending
on just your circumstances and what you’re ready to handle.
So, I hope you found this helpful and if you have any other questions, go and leave them
in the comments below. Please give this video a ‘Like’. It really, really helps out
my channel and until next time ladies, keep on fighting.


  1. swimminINh20 says:

    I gasped when you said the price. That's a travesty it costs so much and would likely prohibit so many worthy families from getting a child in need. Wow, I'm mad about this

  2. Mrs Oneplustenangels says:

    Embryo adoption can cost about £4000. An embryo can be created from two chosen donors through First Egg Bank from detailed profiles with photos, anonymous or indentifiable.. A single embryo is 1895 euros on their website. An FET is about another 2000 euros if you go to Intersono Clinic in Ukraine, or you can have embryo shipped to another country for about 1700 euros and do a transfer in your own or one of 12 associated clinics (including Reproductive Health Group near Liverpool, UK, for English speaking country.t) An FET is about £2000 in UK. This is one option I looked into.

  3. My Old VHS Tapes says:

    Hi Jaks, do you have any idea where I can find correct information about the number of domestic infants adopted here in the US each year? I was very disappointed to find almost no results when I looked in a search engine. The few relevant articles had numbers from about 4 thousand to 14 thousand. With a population around 320 million, even that higher number means there is one baby available for every 22,887 people. Which is so infinitesimal that it might as well be zero. Yet two couples (one gay, one straight) who are distant relatives of mine were handed healthy newborns in the past few years. I am confused!!!

  4. Renchilo Tsopoe says:

    I guess I will be childless forever coz this are too rich for my blood….😢

  5. Sergio Figueroa says:

    the prices are ridiculous

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