How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

so when people are looking to have a facelift it comes to questions like what is that what it really are we going to perform and the facelift is different depending on who you talk to and it will be different between patients for me some patients which we might talk about a facelift we’re really talking about just the upper portion of their face the cheek area so we get very specific with that and call that a cheek-lift whereas other people might call it a facelift some people when they’re talking about a facelift they really think it includes eyes and something with the brow we call that a facial rejuvenation so terminology is very important when you are trying to figure out what you want done or what you’re going to have perform so you have to be very specific when you talk to your surgeon about the problems and probably better to come in and say what bothers you and then figure out what the procedures are to accomplish that people always have the question of what is it going to cost and there are a number of different factors that go into that one is what is the actual procedure that we’re going to do and then you look at the time it’s going to take or multiple procedures that are going to be done at the same time I think people fear that if they come in and say this is how much money they have to spend that we’re just looking to charge than that for the procedure well that’s not true we have set cost a face neck list is eight thousand dollars whereas a cheek-lift a smaller portion of that procedure is just over six thousand dollars and so that’s one factor we know what these procedures cost and then the time so in someone that procedure might be one that we can do in an hour and a half just because they’re thin they don’t need as much done well that’s going to decrease the cost because they don’t need as much time for operating room and anesthesia or someone might have a heavier face or a fuller face or maybe they’ve had a procedure someplace else which is going to make it more difficult and that’s going to take a little bit more time for us to be doing a little bit of corrective work factors that can increase the cost or decrease the cost would be length of time so if the procedure is going to be longer it’s going to cost more just because of operating room and anesthesia cost factors that might complicate the technical aspects of the procedure someone has had perhaps a facelift in the past and the results were less than ideal and we’re having to come back and do some corrective work well we know that it’s going to be more difficult and that we are going to be more likely to need to come back and do some little tweaking of the results by our nature we really don’t like to have to charge when patients come back for little tweaks on the result so the charge that might be a little bit higher upfront if you think it’s going to be an extremely difficult case one area that I’d like to expand on pricing and I gave an example at one point in the past of a facelift being eight thousand dollars which I know was a lot of money but that’s the base of what we’re starting with when we do something like eyelid surgery at the same time we actually have an economy of scale and that allows us to make the price for the eyes less so whereas I might look at my sheet and see that if someone were just coming in for their eyelids their upper eyelids would be three thousand dollars but if they’re doing at the same time that they’re doing something else on their face well that’s only fifteen hundred dollars so it is additive but it doesn’t add up as quickly when we started doing multiple procedures so we do like to look at you know how much can we do in a certain amount of time and how many different procedures really work economically as well as physically so there are some great options that way so patients will come to us and they will have been to see another physician and they will have a price for the procedure and they’ll say well you’re not exactly the same why is that it might be that we are more it might be that we are less and they’re looking for what are the differences and unfortunately it’s not like buying a car where you know that if you’re going to go buy a toyota camry that if you go to one toyota dealer and you go to another toyota dealer you’re going to get the exact same thing as long as your sheets lineup what’s unfortunately not like that with plastic surgery the expertise of the person performing the procedure the facility in which it’s performed their history all those things are factors that people should consider and they should look not solely at price but at value and then make sure what’s going into that I said that we might be cheaper at times and other people we don’t look to be the most expensive we look to provide an excellent value and excellent service for our patients and they’re saying well why can this doctor charge more well he chooses to he might choose to charge more because it makes him look better or it might be to this facility or his area of the country just require that that’s what it needs to be to be paid so when a patient will come to us and they have a bargain price and you know they’re they’re shopping they’ve gone to two or three people and they’ve really got a lowball offer it seems we have to try and educate them to make sure they understand what they’re getting it may be the same name on the procedure they might be calling it a facelift when indeed is just a very miniature type of procedure nothing to the extent that what we feel they need or that they would get at our facility and then also who is the person performing it have they done hundreds or thousands like all the doctors here have or is this their second or third one did they learn it at a weekend course and they’re doing it just under local anesthesia in their office procedure room whereas we have full anesthesia services to be able to provide so there’s a lot of little things or maybe not so little things to look into when you have that so-called bargain go ahead and hit the like button if you enjoyed this video and subscribe to the awesome lesson youtube channel to stay up to date with the latest in cosmetic surgery for more information on the austin western center visit our website at or click the link in the description below


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