How Money Really Works

How Money Really Works

(dramatic music) (door bangs)
(screams) – Don’t be such a loser! (screams) Thank me later and clean the damn room! How money really works. Five money secrets that will guarantee you to be rich or poor. Money secret number one, and that is money moves to those who are not afraid to talk about it. People ask me all the time, Dan, why do you talk about money all the time? You see, there’s nothing
wrong or evil about money. Money is neutral. Imagine if you enjoyed
talking about basketball. Raptors, NBA, Canadian team, right? If you enjoyed playing basketball
or watching basketball, would you be ashamed to
talk about basketball with your friends, your buddies? No, you wouldn’t. Then why would you be
ashamed talking about money? You see, you have a story
in your mind right now about health, about success, about life and also about money. You have a story in your mind right now and guess who created those stories? Could be your parents,
could be your relatives, could be the people
that you know, you love, your brothers and sisters, your
cousins, it doesn’t matter, but you picked up those
stories from somewhere. Remember when you were a little kid? The horror story, the scary
story, the spooky story, the boogie man hiding in the closet? Someone planted those
thoughts in your mind and someone planted those
thoughts about money in your mind as well. That it’s hard to get money,
that rich people are bad, that you have to do
something bad to make money and it’s one thing to make money and it’s very difficult to keep money and if you make the money
and now you lose it, then you look really, really stupid. This is simply not true. The people who are struggling with money, they’re afraid to talk about money and believe me, they do talk about money. The difference is they argue over money. Do your parents argue over money? Do you argue over money
with your loved one, your spouse, your
boyfriend and girlfriend? I remember one of the few times in my life that I saw my mom cried was
because we ran out of money, so remember money secret number one, money moves to those who are
not afraid to talk about it. (game pings) Money secret number two, money moves to those who love it the most. Money is a lovely thing. It is a statement of
abundance, not scarcity. You see, only people with
money forget about money. Take this moment for example. You don’t think about oxygen, why? Because you have plenty of it. You are breathing in and
you are breathing out. You don’t spend a second
thinking about it, but the minute let’s
say you’re under water, and you’re running out of air, you’re running out of oxygen, guess what? The only thing you can think
about is (inhales) air, oxygen. When you have plenty of something, you don’t have to think about it. It’s very difficult to
not think about money and care about money
when you don’t have any. When you are worried
about paying the bills, when you are worried about
your credit card debt, when you are worried
about paying your rent, you have to think about it. It occupies your mind,
it restricts your ability to do other things and focus
on other areas of your life. You see money gives you
the ability to love, to give, to express yourself, to be more, to do more, to uplift others, so love money, love your family, love yourself, love helping people. There is nothing wrong with that. You can love everything
else including money. Money secret number three, and that is money moves to those who
understand it the most. How much do you understand money? Think of the language
you’re speaking right now. How long did it take you
to learn this language? How many years you spent learning, writing and speaking the language
you’re speaking right now? How much time you spent
learning about computer or the internet? Now the question is, how
much focused education did you get about money
when you were growing up? How much time did you spend
learning about how money works, how to make money, and how
to create wealth as an adult? Do you speak the language of
money, which is accounting? Do you understand these words, words such as retained
earnings, return on investments, depreciation, cost of goods sold, accounts payable, accounts receivable? All these words, that’s what
made up the language of money. If you’re like me, I
basically got zero education growing up when it comes
to how money works. How do you make it, how do you keep it, how do you invest it,
how do you multiply it? I got zero mentoring in all these areas and that’s why, in my High
Ticket Closer program, the seven week intensive,
I spend the first two weeks just educating you how
money actually works. You see, how can you
understand a language, how do you master a language, when you don’t even understand the words? You first have to understand the words, then you can master the language, then you can use the language, but first you have to
understand how money works so you can become a master of money. (calm music) Money secret number four, money goes to those who
know how to circulate it. Now in Chinese, the term
making money (speaks Chinese) it also has a separate meaning, meaning to circulate
money, (speaks Chinese). It’s not just to hold onto it and keep it, and not spend it, it’s to circulate it. You see whenever there’s a
contraction in the economy, what does the government tell you? You go out there and you what? Spend money. Go, spend money, consume. Hire that new employee, go
start that new business, make that investment, go
on that trip, buy that car, they want you to spend because
it keeps money circulating. So money goes to those who
know how to circulate it. In terms of in business, go,
open that new office, expand. That’s how you keep billions, and billions and billions of dollars going and that’s how you create
momentum in the economy. Same thing in sales; a salesperson, a closer
could circulate money because they are making money move. Without them, they would
not have made that sale. That sale would not be there. The goods and services, that transaction would not take place. So money goes to those who
know how to circulate it. Money secret number five and that is, money moves to those who
know how to multiply it. I want you to look at the
richest people in the world. Some of the richest people in the world, they are money managers,
they are investors. Now, why do people throw money at them? Because they know how to multiply money. They know how to generate good
returns for their investors. It’s very simple. Once you know how to multiply money, you don’t have to chase
money, money chases you. I remember back then,
when I was a teenager, when I was asking the bank
to give me a credit card, a credit card for $1000 and
they wouldn’t give that to me. Why? Because back then, I didn’t
know how money works. I didn’t know how to multiply money. They wouldn’t even give me a
credit card, a limit of $1000, and now the banks call me and say Mr Lok, do you need a loan? Do you want to buy a building? Do you want to expand your business? We’re more than happy to give you a huge line of credit, unsecured. Why? Because they know I know
how to multiply money now. So I want you to rate
yourself, comment below, based on these five secrets. Number one, do you talk about money? Number two, do you love money? Number three, do you understand money? Number four, do you know
how to circulate money and number five, do you
know how to multiply money? Give yourself a rating,
zero being horrible, 10 being fantastic. That tells you exactly why
you’re where you are financially and what you need to do to fix it. Now, if you’re like most people, you’ll probably watch this
video and say oh, great, that’s a great idea. I need to work on this, I need
to work on how to circulate, I need to understand money, I
need to do this and all that, but most people they talk about it, they don’t want to do shit about it, but if you actually want
to do something about it, and you want to fix this problem, click the link here or
somewhere here, I can help you. I’ve mentored thousands, and thousands, and thousands of people worldwide, helping them, teaching them skills that are not taught in school, giving them the high income skills so they could learn how money
works, how to circulate it, how to keep it, how to then multiply it. – Hey guys, this is
Douglas from Season Nine. I just had my first
boom, so I feel so good. It was a 50K boom and I
got 5% commission from it. – So the last 90 days I’ve closed $437,000 so I’m very happy for
that, I’m very thankful. – Boom, HTC Family. I just closed 3,600 today for
my new weight loss program. Because of what I learned in HTC, I am able to help someone
change their life around. – So, click the link below
and I’ll see you in class.


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