How Blind People Use Paper Money

How Blind People Use Paper Money

I only have 2 bills left, a 50 and a 1. One of ’em is a 50, and one of ’em is a dollar. I’m supposed to guess which is which. I’m gonna say that the fifty dollar bill … …is this one. [buzzer] [audience groans] ♪ [Bumper music] The way my money works for me, is it really doesn’t. I mean, it’s all the same size. There’s no way to distinguish between any of the paper money in this country at all (bartender) Hi Tommy! (Tommy) Hi, what are you doing? (Tommy narrating) And it’s all by trust, you know? I have to rely on people. That they’re not going to beat me. (bartender) Can I get you something to drink? (Tommy) Yeah, can I get a pint, the usual? (bartender) Sure. (Tommy, narrating) So what I’ll do is I’ll give them like a $20 bill, and buy a $6 beer, let’s say. [register closing] I have to trust that they’re gonna give me $14. (bartender) Here Tommy. Your change is $14. Fives are on the top, singles are on the bottom. (Tommy) Thank you very much! (bartender) You’re welcome. (Tommy) ‘Preciate you. [bell rings] ka-ching! (Tommy) The way I use money is this. I keep my money in order, from largest to smallest, from bottom to top. Here’s $50, right, that’s a fifty dollar bill. This should be a twenty dollar bill, right here. Here’s a tener, and here’s a fiver. And then I can get you a single in my pocket, if you’d like to see George Washington make the party. You know, and that’s how I keep it all straight. I guess some people fold their money, so let’s take this dollar for example. Maybe they take the dollar, and fold it like, maybe like that or something. Or maybe they take it and fold it, you know, long ways, like this. I’ve seen a lot of girls take their money this way. I guess it’s easier for her to keep track of like this, I’m not quite sure. [cash register closes] You know what, when I use money in public, that’s where it all gets a little bit funny. In 1991, the government passed this thing called the “Americans with Disabilities Act” where all these companies have to adhere to it, but the federal government doesn’t. (bartender) Tommy, here’s your change. (Tommy) The one thing that isn’t accessible in this country is the money! (bartender) $14, fives are on top, singles are on the bottom. [buzzer, audience groans] (Tommy) Have I gotten screwed? Sure, of course. I mean, I couldn’t tell you when. But you know, I know I’ve gotten beat before, sure. (Tommy) You’re so good. Thank you very much. (bartender) Thank you. (Tommy) ‘Preciate you. (Tommy narrating) Robbin’ a blind guy? That’s a lazy crook, in my opinion. (bartender) Oh my god, I feel so terrible lying to you. ♪ [Bumper music] So maybe the dollar they fold in half like this and keep in their wallet like that, right? Or maybe they take the fiver and fold it long-ways like this. I can’t do it. This would be an expensive dance by the way, kids. (Tommy laughing) I can’t help it.


  1. Robert Martin says:

    Robbing a blind guy is just a straight up douchey thing to do IMHO.

  2. Henry Wentworth says:

    See us Brits have notes which slightly increase in size with the value of the note. Biggest is 50 smallest is 5.

  3. Random says:

    I worked a convenience store, and a customer was blind, he had a helper (who left him at the counter to get her own snacks), but while she was gone he decided to pay, and he reached into several different pockets to get different notes and coins. Each different value was from a different pocket. I thought that it was an amazing idea.

  4. Akemi Sooha says:

    They should make money with dots in it, so it makes it easier for them.

  5. Jonathan Fortier-Rivet says:

    In canada we have brail on every bill so you can know what is it

  6. Zachary Binder says:

    Just only use ones

  7. Zachary Binder says:

    "Seen" 1:20

  8. Stettafire says:

    See, in the UK all our bank notes are a slightly different size. Bigger = more money. Granted, still hard to tell, but it gives a difference between a £5 and a £50. It's about 1cm difference per note. Our new (not the old) currency has braille in the top corner, but its super tiny, so you need to know where to look. We also have contrasty numerals to make it easier for partially sighted people too.

  9. Branden Slade says:

    Canada has braille money

  10. Sunny Wu says:

    In China, all bills have Braille on it… You'd think America the land of equality would have thought of it…

  11. Janet Farnworth says:

    Even here in Gambia, one ofthe smallest and poorest countries in Africa our notes are different sizes. The biggest note is only $4. We have big wallets.

  12. Gideon Jones says:

    Everyone in the comments is talking about how money in their countries has braille on it, but dang, that had never even occurred to me before.

  13. No this is Patrick says:

    Tommy, have you ever used Uber? How'd it go?

  14. Mayco Nietzsche says:

    666k views… and the video was uploaded 6 years ago!

  15. Kim Jong-un says:

    I wouldn't trust people to give the correct change back, I have seen social experiments where the people give the wrong change on purpose, people will take advantage when they can, most people are not honest and care only for themselves.

  16. Niek Aalderink says:

    I always keep my paper money in order as well. I just like it organized… wich is weird because im usually very messy/chaotic.

  17. Dawn FKA hamilton-doerfler says:

    I don’t see why Govt. can’t raise numbers on all bills with a non removable puffy paint.

  18. DeluxeTux5249 says:

    Welcome to Canada where we've bills with braille

  19. Emilee Corinne says:

    They should really change that. Canadian money has some braille on it to distinguish between different denominations.

  20. Anil Adivishnu says:

    Hi Iam blind and from India hear the Paper mony has dots at 1 side
    I can tell the amount by feeling the # of dots
    but with coins its a different story

  21. Greece 2 thousand years ago says:

    I would never steal from a blind person, or anybody, and if you don't belive me, whatever 🙁

  22. Vincent Bain says:

    LMAO…..when he says, “I’ve SEEN a lot of girls take their money this way.” @ the 1:22 mark. *SEEN*

  23. Luke Volsig says:

    America should adapt what we have in Australia, we have $5, $10, $20, $50 & $100 notes. The new notes we now use have tactile indents similar to Brail characters in the note to indicate its value, $5 note has 1 dent, $10 has 2 dents, $20 has 3 indents and so on until you get the the $100 bill which has 5 indents. Pretty sure Canada has a similar system too, Mabey other countries too.

  24. Darcy Evans says:

    Tommy we have Accessable money in Australia

  25. bachelors of trolling degree, 2013 says:

    Blind people should just use only $1 bills

  26. Liam Welsh says:

    Canadian Money has brail on it.

  27. Nightlife 9 says:

    Tommy is just flexing on us all

  28. James Cartwright says:

    In South Africa we have 10's, 20's, 50's, 100's and 200's. They have lines on the notes for the blind, theyre really easy to feel with your thumb. One line for 10, 2 for 20, 3 for 50 and so on…works really well

  29. CAM KING says:


  30. Joseph Schimizzi says:

    Our currency is backward. That was an old 10 he had by the way

  31. Dave says:

    Wait, I thought in the US people mostly pay with card. Either way, wouldn't it be easier?

  32. Telepathic Pickup Hypnosis says:

    you are so charismatic and awesome, hahahah

  33. uncle ben says:

    Canadian money has braille on it.

  34. AwesomeKitCat says:

    Wouldn't it be easier to just only use cards (credit or debit) when possible? And only use cash at places that dont accept cards.

  35. helpful tips says:

    He said that he’s seen but he can’t see

  36. James Pilcher says:

    American money is hard enough to distinguish even when you can see it. In the UK our notes are different sizes and colours so it's obvious what's what.

  37. Derin Edala says:

    In Australia, notes get longer as their value increases, but their width stays the same. Thus they're still easy to stack and put through machines, but people can learn to tell them apart without seeing them.

  38. JO Co says:

    Wow, really? US money is shit. That's something I've always liked about cash in the UK, everything is immediately identifiable, no coins or notes are at all similar. I guess only 2p and 10p would ever be an issue blind. Shouldn't be much slower than with sight at all.

  39. Yurmomnsn says:

    Weve had braille in canada forever on our money eh

  40. Zoltan says:

    1:20 "I've seen a lot of girls take their money this way".

    Uhh…. ?????

  41. Veronika I says:

    I’m from Houston and in the federal building downtown there’s cafe on the first floor and a blind person has always ran the cash register. And he’s so good he can for the most part tell the bills apart specially if their fresh new bills. I’ve always been in awe of it

  42. Ernest Jackson says:

    This guy said " I seen…" Ummm no Sir you didn't. Your blind

  43. Mike Wright says:

    Why are there no braile or what its called on bills?

  44. Fullmetal1890P says:

    Why don't you just use a debit card more?

  45. Ascdren says:

    And in the UK all our notes are different sizes.

  46. Willem De Veroveraar says:

    so living in the EU is better for blind people

  47. Vladimir says:

    It's funny that in Russia we have marks for blind people to identify the denomination of each of the bill. One of the few things that are better in Russia, I guess. It made me appresicate the small things, again, as did many other videos on your channel. Thank you. Hope the US change this

  48. Ka Ma says:

    It's unbeliavable that US still hasn't made improvements in the money. It's all in simiral colours too, so I imagine even people with sight, but maybe bad eye sight, get them mixed up from time to time. Euros are all different sizes and the bills are also different, bright colours, and the number is large, so it would be as easy as possible for everyone to know what bill is what. Some also have some texture prints in them.

  49. Nathan Marraffino says:

    lol your bar tender friends is like nope just can't do it. Good to see some honest people in this world

  50. Maggie Long says:

    In the UK our notes are all different sizes so that blind people can distinguish them.

  51. Kelton Rynard says:

    they need to get on the polymer bills

  52. elena nojkovic says:

    Wait, are all dollar bills tha same size?
    I'm from Croatia, where I live each bill is a bit different in size. So if you have 20 Croatian Kunas bill and a 100 you can figure out which is which.
    Same with Euros. With that it's even bigger difference.
    Unfortunatelly still no braille.

  53. sweet one loves says:

    Tommy, you seems as if you are such a cool cool guy. If I was your friend and lived next door to you,     I would break a thief hands that stole from you. Some people are just LOW BUDGET/  SCUM OF THE EARTH to steal from anyone,   My mom is blind and I watch how she handle her funds when she is out.  Most of the time she is out shopping , I never tell the cashier I'm with her.  So far so good.

  54. G T says:

    In the UK we have different textures and sizes for
    Our money the us should do the same and now we have braille also

  55. Mick Priestley says:

    In England the notes are different sizes…partly for this reason, and partly so you can't bleach a 5 and reprint it as a 50. America clearly hasn't thought of that.

  56. cityraildude says:

    Australia's old notes are different sizes. Our new notes all have braille on them. The old notes are still widely circulated, and the $20 & $100 notes are yet to be replaced, but they're different sizes to the other denominations. The new notes all have braille. One dot for $5, two dots for $10, I don't rember how many dots the $50 has

  57. Edna0210 says:

    Think they have phone apps that can help blind people differentiate between different currency amounts …

  58. Depressed Wizard says:

    "Ive seen a lot of girls take their money this way" at 1:22 WAIT HOW CAN YOU SEE THEM THOUGH?!!!

  59. baerleon says:

    Heh, that long fold for ladies is.. useful.

  60. Pedro B. Luís says:

    Having the same sized bills is nonsense. Show Tommy some Euro bills.

  61. Ein Google Nutzer says:

    I really cant believe that is true. america is ridiculous

  62. Ein Google Nutzer says:

    I can not believe this is true. america is ridiculous

  63. Mirek V says:

    This is where "AI" should help. Recognizing bills, describing what are you pointing at etc… The technology for this is now here. But probably not enough profits from this.

  64. West Tex says:

    This is an interesting issue I hadn’t thought about. Even if you keep the money in a special order, it would hard to remember how many of each bills you have as you make transactions throughout the day.

    Mexico currency might be easier. I went on a business trip there and noticed two of the smaller bills, while still being 90% paper, have small cutouts that are filled with tranparent plastic. You could probably feel the edges where the paper transitions to plastic and identify it. However the 3 or 4 larger bills are 100% paper unfortunately. And I believe the coins are all different sizes.

    Probably easier to just use a credit card though.

  65. MrCorvusC says:

    US dollars are terrible for blind people. No tactile markings, no size or any other kind of difference.
    I know Canadian bills have markings, but I don't think they are braille. They are even simpler. For example 5 dollar bill has one block of bumps. 20 – three blocks. 100 – 2 blocks but spaced far apart. Don't have 10 and 50 at hand to check how those feel, but I'm sure they all make sense 😀 Not to mention 1 and 2 dollar coins aren't just slightly different size, but also have different edge on them. So it''s quite easy to tell them apart by touching. In some countries bills come in different sizes, so it's even better. Like GBP, and Australian dollars.

  66. Rohit Pichaya says:

    Seriously Indian currency has texture on it for blind people to identify and the dollar doesn't?

  67. Ebay Hustling Nation says:

    1:21 conspiracies of tommy being able to see

  68. Parker's NBA Videos says:

    almost every country = bills vary slightly in size by monetary value

  69. Camille M.G says:

    I think the best way is for a blind person to handle money is with a debit card.

  70. Gothic Hinata says:

    In germany and any other country that has euro(€) as currency you get cash with engavings on one edge that all are different for different notes. That's really practical I assume ^^

  71. Adam Berendt says:

    I used to work where there was a blind man in the cafeteria, and he could tell the bills by feel. He was always correct it was amazing. He also knew who you were based on your footsteps.

  72. Purple Dawn says:

    All your paper money is the same? That's shitty! In norway all the paper money is a different size. The bigger the bill, the more it's worth. Easy.

  73. Shaun Kennedy says:

    I love that she felt bad for cheating him just for the video, shows how good she is

  74. Natanel Davidoff says:

    in israel the money bills works really cool, Bills that worth a lot like 200NIS is much larger than a 100NIS bill and a 100 NIS is larger than a 50NIS and a 50NIS is much larger than a 20NIS

  75. Adi T says:

    Countries like India, Russia, and Nepal have different size bills, or “notes” for each value. So a 100 would be a little larger than a 10.

  76. Adi T says:

    Countries like the us should make their bills larger or smaller depending on their value

  77. mr.T T says:

    Canadian currency uses Braille

  78. G T says:

    British pounds now uses braille

  79. Scary Terry says:

    some good ol OG tommy

  80. Vicki Valium says:

    Canada has brail on our notes :’)

  81. Ricky Rick says:

    I’d give him Monopoly money in change

  82. Dumbledoresarmy13 says:

    It really annoyed me when I visited the UK and all the paper bills were different sizes… but I can see how that could actually be helpful now

  83. Tora Blaze says:

    The money bills and coins in my country have braille

  84. Praise Jesus says:

    Come to canada, we got braille cash!

  85. Beatrizf5c says:

    In the Brazil the size of the paper corresponds to the value it's got, so the R$100 Real bill is much bigger than the R$50 which is much bigger than the R$20 and so on

  86. Shurm enator says:

    The CAD bills have braille on them. Also they look cooler ?
    Canadian money > us money

  87. Guy Hartstein says:

    1:19 ???

  88. David Fahey says:

    Don't ever cheat a blind person because what goes around comes around…?…

  89. Its Newtz says:

    and this si why paper money in europe is diffrent sizes

  90. Benedikt Mader says:

    Come to the EU, they have different sized notes

  91. Mfundow Mkhatshwa says:

    In South Africa our money has those braille dot dots, apparently, blind people can tell them apart. I see them, but couldnt read braille for shit.

  92. Pellare2005 says:

    1:21 “I’ve seen”

  93. PockASqueeno says:

    I would imagine that you probably don’t use paper money at a large chain place where you don’t know anybody like Walmart or McDonald’s, since you don’t know the employees or have any relationship with them. I would just use my card if I were blind. Also, at somewhere like a bar, you can always ask another customer if they gave you the correct change.

  94. G Si says:

    In Australia all of denominations are different sized and they also have braille on them

  95. Sloth h says:

    In the UK our £ notes increase in size a little the more they’re worth. £5 being the smallest followed by £10 then £20 a little bigger and £50 being the biggest. Cool little feature to help anyone who’s blind distinguish the different notes.

  96. Billy Fusco Jr. says:

    1:11 that's an old $10 bill

  97. JAYTC says:

    Wow. You have to be an exceptionally large turd to rob a blind person.

  98. falun dafa extremists 1 says:

    Why can’t they put brailles on paper they ? don’t last long? people destroyed it ? It get flat overtime?
    coins are different sizes and the edges some have lines around it.

  99. Damian Rodriguez says:


  100. social currency says:

    The bills in the EU and UK are all different sizes and easy to distinguish

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