How America’s Marginal Tax System Actually Works

How America’s Marginal Tax System Actually Works

This was the Internet’s reaction to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s proposed tax increase. Ocasio Cortez has suggested a 70 percent tax on the super rich to pay for the new Green Deal. But it means that as you climb up this ladder, you should be contributing more. There’s a lot of conflicting opinions out there and the US tax system is hard to digest. This is how it would actually work. There are seven federal tax brackets in 2019 for our marginal tax system. Depending on what you file as, those different percentages take effect at different levels. For example, if you filed as a single in 2018, the first $9,525 you make will be taxed at 10 percent. Any money you make over $9,525 until $38,700 will be taxed at 12 percent. The third bracket, any money from $38,700 until $82,500 will be taxed at 22 percent and so on and so forth until you make over $500,000 which is taxed at 37 percent. This can be hard to picture since it’s all theoretical. So, let’s look at hard numbers. Let’s say you’re making $60,000 and are single, you’ll be taxed at 10 percent for the first $9,525. So, you’ll pay $925.50 in taxes for the first bracket. You’ll pay 12 percent in taxes for the $29,175 you made above that which is $3,501. For the $21,299 over that, you’ll be taxed at 22 percent which is $4,685.78 in taxes. So, you’ll pay $9,112 in taxes, just 15 percent of 60 grand, and everyone’s first 60 grand will be taxed the exact same way as you. Ocasio Cortez wants that percentage to be 70 percent for anything over 10 million dollars. Super rich people wouldn’t pay 70 percent of their income. They only pay 70 percent taxes on the money over the 10 million dollar cutoff. 70 percent is a lot more than current rates, but it’s not unprecedented. After World War II under President Eisenhower the tax rate was 91 percent on annual income over $200,000, which would be around $3,000,000 in 2018. Under Kennedy and Johnson the top rate fell to 70 percent, the same as Ocasio Cortez’s proposal. Reagan cut it to 50 percent and after the 1986 tax reform, it fell to 38 percent. When I signed this bill into law, America will have the lowest marginal tax rates and the most modern tax code among major industrialized nations. The reform closed a lot of tax loopholes, but it also did away with many of the tax brackets for high earners. Now, a single person earning $550,000 will pay the same marginal rate on that $50,000 as someone making $500,000 will pay on their $499,500,000 above that margin. Would we ever actually have such a high tax rate on the wealthy? Democrats have been trying to implement one ever since Reagan’s tax reform in 1986. If they haven’t accomplished the task yet, it seems unlikely to happen now at such a divisive time in American politics. Do you think a 70 percent tax increase for the super rich would work? Let us know in the comments below. Throw us a like, subscribe, and don’t forget to ring the bell if you want post notifications.


  1. Erik Borch says:

    Why is it done in brackets? Do other countries do this?

  2. Drue-Michael Buono says:

    Fuck that, taxation is theft

  3. zzbullan says:

    I oppose raising the rate of theft

  4. aaron silverman says:

    No way am I willing to pay 70% of my money that I work tirelessly every day for my family to who knows who!!!

  5. CoolStuff Unboxings says:

    This lady is absoulty crazy with her policies as far as rn. 70 percent is insane

  6. toothscumbyt says:

    What is with the bitterness? The video just explains how tax brackets work, and gives some historical context. I don't see this as an op-ed

  7. Trent X says:

    I don't care if someone else is making $10 million, or $100 million +. Getting taxed above 50% is slavery!

  8. Max Jensen says:

    I feel like she'd have an easier time filling up tax loopholes for now. Making it so that rich people and corporations have to pay taxes earned in the united states instead of being able to ship it out to accounts in other countries, which makes no sense to me. I feel like that must be incorrect when I write it out but then why do people ship their money out to the Caymen Islands or Ireland in order to avoid taxation.

  9. Max Jensen says:

    No one needs to be making more than ten million dollars a year anyway.

  10. Ba says:

    A political video that doesn't whine about Trump? Did someone discover a TDS vaccine?

  11. Some SJW Male Feminist's Balls says:

    Taxation is extortion by an armed gang of robbers.

  12. Oh yeahh says:

    Ocasio delivery was the problem.. instead of just plainly saying 70%tax, she should say I'm gonna take from the rich and give it to the poor.. People would love it more.. like Robin Hood

  13. Khneefer says:

    It always doesn't work –

  14. Be Progressive says:

    conservatives got offended on tax but ok with bailout. loosers.

  15. Ashley Zheng says:

    This is bullshit! Everyone should pay the same percentage of their income in taxes a number around 20-25% would be good! I hope this bitch who wants to tax 70% of rich people’s income gets assassinated! The more the rich get abused by unfair taxes the more we will find both legal and illegal ways to avoid paying!

  16. Ashley Zheng says:

    I think before we switch to having a fair tax system where everyone pays the same percentage in taxes e.g. 20% we should try a short period of regressive taxes where the poorest pay the highest percentage of their income in taxes so they can get a taste of what it feels like to be abused.

  17. LORDE 2729 says:

    Increasing taxes wont do shit if most of it is just spent to maintain military bases abroad and to make weapons and spend on military.. Taxes can stay the same but just need t to reform. Other countries have Lower medical tax cost and still have a universal health care

  18. Reynan Henry says:

    The more you earn the more you keep

  19. Duci1989 says:

    In the Netherlands where I live you pay already 52% from around 70K income..

  20. Samuel Jordan says:

    The video should have also explained the difference between marginal and effective tax rates. Most people being taxed at 70% never ended up paying that because of the many loopholes and deductions. You also never explained why there is opposition to such a high tax rate which is important to understanding the economy.

  21. Michael Geiss says:

    How to fairly tax the rich while taking a step toward UBI: Tax all income at 50% but send every US citizen $1000 per month with adjustments for inflation. Future voters can fight to change to the tax percentage and dollars per month.

  22. Keenan Schomburger says:

    Tried to be unbias.


  23. NewginsLab says:

    All people who want socialism are lazy and entitled and contribute nothing to society. There, I said it.

  24. Alejandro Salazar says:

    I really don't understand this stupid idea that richer people need to contribute more % of their salary than poorer people. You do know how percentages work, right? People that gain more already contribute more at the same percentage. It's also stupid that they want to PUNISH people for working hard and gaining more money

  25. Matthew Wood says:

    Dems can pay the government whatever they want. There's no law against giving extra. If they want to pay 70% why aren't they? Also Obama and the Clinton's payed less of a percent than I will making 45,000 a year. They should put their money where their mouths are

  26. nishiki says:

    I am a Democrat and don’t support a marginal tax rate above 50% at ANY income level. Above that, it becomes unfair & counterproductive with regard to incentives, etc. Remember, we should want to seek to optimize the best results for the total and average greater good of society, which requires reason and balance. There is no chance mainstream Democrats would support anything above about 50% marginal tax rate for the wealthy on a national basis, so there is absolutely nothing to fear. OCortez does not represent most of us, who are more reasonable and sober.

  27. IHEartLReoy says:

    Stop the lies, our tax system is not complicated that’s a meme repeated by stupid people with little to no power to critically think. It’s a very easy to understand system, those with the ability pay more than those without and the government attempts to promote certain behaviors and actions by offering incentives to reduce your taxable income.

  28. caulkins69 says:

    Please explain why an outfit calling itself Cheddar uses a logo that depicts a piece of Swiss cheese. Right out of the gate, your credibility is suspect.

  29. selfreference2 says:

    The problem is the rich don't make their money through income.

  30. Andrew Scott says:

    10% of $9525 is $952.50…

  31. Dean says:

    Hun the UK has lower Taxes for the poor like the first 10K you make you don't pay income tax on but you still have to pay national health but that's kinda small in comparison

  32. Peter Musante says:

    I couldn't sleep at night if Scrooge McDuck didn't have his gold swimming pool.

  33. J Dubs C says:

    I always love Ali but I feel like the cheddar videos often leave me hanging. They feel like there should be a more definitive end point than when the video stops and it feels like there should have been another several minutes of info.
    Am I the only one ?

  34. Quina says:

    let's steal money from those who have and earn it and give it out to those who do not work.
    Lets punish those who succeed!


  35. Moonatik says:

    Funny you mention how high it was under Eisenhower as the starting point, considering it was even higher under Truman.

  36. Adam Smith says:

    Too high of a tax rate and the rich just flee. Look at Venezuela, no rich people other than Maduro left there

  37. gta4everrr says:

    I think the government should explore ways to spend tax revenue more efficiently before increasing taxes.

  38. Jonathan F says:

    In my opinion, large corporations built their wealth off of our infrastructure, public educational system and military, so it makes sense that they help to keep those services running. Instead, they're always trying to dodge taxes by hiding money in offshore accounts or hiring lobbyists to help implement loopholes in the tax code so they can avoid it altogether.
    We already know that private entities can't raise the capital needed to facilitate public essentials. That's where the government steps in to collect taxes to spend it on these essentials for the public's benefit. However, the US pays for many of these essentials by borrowing money because taxes aren't enough, and this is causing it to sink deeper and deeper into debt. What's worse, middle class wages have stagnated (thank you trickle-down economics), all while the the ultra rich are richer than ever before.
    So there's this "pie" conservatives like to refer to whenever we talk about taxes. They want to grow the pie, but the evil government keeps stealing from it to pay for crazy things like public education and healthcare. Well, the pie in question actually became quite large (like really large), but the slice of pie for the middle class somehow either never grew in proportion, or shrunk. That means the only way we can keep the government running without borrowing money is either by asking the ultra rich for slightly a bigger slice, or by getting rid of public services so the rich can stay rich and everyone else can essentially suck it.
    The rich, after all, aren't affected when the government needs to cut back on public services. They can continue to send their kids to private school even if there was no public schooling anymore. They can also use their own private roads when ours are full of cracks and potholes and aren't usable.
    In essence, a 70% marginal tax ABOVE $10,000,000 is not going to affect their way of life. They're not going to struggle to live. And the money will be used to benefit everyone.
    But I digress, this tax will never pass. There are a lot of Democrats and Republicans who made themselves millionaires serving in Congress, and they won't easily part with that dough.

  39. JuanLeMod says:

    I consider myself a Moderate Democrat leaning to the left, but I think it would be ridiculous to tax the super rich that much. In fact, I think everyone, no matter how rich or poor you are, should pay the same amount in taxes. I say somewhere between 15%-30%. You shouldn’t be taxed more just because you make more money. That gives you less incentive to earn more money, to innovate and to pay the proper taxes you owe.

    Also, I’m low-income and barely starting to earn my own money that’s somewhat decent, so I’m not a rich person trying to pay less taxes. I’m a poor person thinking the rich shouldn’t be taxed a lot. Everyone should be taxed at the same percentage rate, imho.

  40. Darth Archer says:

    The government should not be allowed to take more than 50 % of your income. Even if You make 10 Million a year.

  41. mritachi15 says:

    raise taxes the super rich will park their cash somewhere else

  42. PlanetVaster says:

    No matter what you say a tax rate over 50% is stupid. (Besides inheritance) people work hard for that money, just because someone became rich doesn't mean more than half their income over X amount should be taxes.

  43. Petar Miletic says:

    Taxes are a neccessary evil and should be as low as possible. Taxing high earners is in fact worse for the economy since the rich tend to reinvest the money they earn thus helping create jobs. Increasing the top tax rate to 70% would be a bad idea. In fact the top 1% of earners already pay 25% of federal tax revenue. The bottom 60% earners combined pay less than that, around 15% percent of the total federal tax revenue. So no, 70% top marginal tax rate is neither neccessary nor a good idea.
    What really needs to happen is a limit for the federal spending. The public debt is huge, and the interest paid on it yearly is over 350 billion dollars. Luckily the interest rate is low since inverstors considered the US safe, but if the interest rates rise for any reason the interest payments will increase thus creating even bigger deficits which creates more debt which creates more interest payments which creates more deficit etc. etc. It's a self reinforcing loop. What needs to happen is immidiate 10% spending cut and the spending should remain limited at that level until debt drops below 50% GDP

  44. Patrik Szabó says:

    Trigger warning: unpopular opinion ahead.

    Due to the shitload of deductions in the US tax code, the 1% would probably pay more under a flat tax system with a reasonable rate but without any deductions (or maybe a standard deduction and nothing else) than under the current system just amended to include an outrageous marginal rate on super large income brackets.

  45. Manarchist Matt says:

    Over. Ten. Million. That’s more than most of us will ever see in our lives. If you’re legitimately upset about having most money over that be taxed to literally save our fucking planet, you or your parents either have that much yourself and care more for your class interests than you do for anyone else, or you’re licking the boots of the assholes that do.

  46. H&Ks until the end of days! says:

    Fuck the crown! Taxation is theft! And fuck all you brain-dead marxists.

  47. Jorge Arellano says:

    I am not from the US but we have these tax the wealthy narratives in my country too. And it´s funny to see how naive people are to think Super Rich are stupid enough to say oh you want 70% of these 10 million? There you have it, it´s the law. They end up doing some financial magic and BOOM! They pay the same or less than before.

  48. Air Crash says:

    The host was cute.

  49. Justin S says:

    Thanks for the video, but there are too many MAGA chuds who don't seem to be interested in learning what a marginal tax rate is. They think that everyone would be taxed at a 70% rate, and they seem perfectly happy being angry about that

  50. Prkrtr says:

    70% on the super rich? Do rich using tax havens even pay 30% that you imagine them paying 70% now?
    In our current financial system, it's damn easy to set offshore accounts and trusts and pay zero taxes even with countless billions, and it's legal.

    Grow the fuck up, 70% isn't gonna work and will definitely end up falling on the honest middle class who don't use tax havens. Always remember that tax havens exist and its legal to use them.

  51. J B says:

    Guess where the super rich will go thanks to globalization this kind of tax system is a guarantee that they will move ship

  52. cientochentasur says:

    Ripoff of a vox video

  53. shizik001 says:

    One issue that rarely clarified is that, wealth of ultra wealthy doesn't come from salary, it comes from capital gains on their stocks and other assets. Changing the marginal rate on income will hardly make a difference or achieve the intended effect.

  54. Thinker 05 says:

    Taxation without representation could be preached if such a thing were to happen

  55. Doctor Dab says:

    Americans and Canadians need to realize that they have more in common with the homeless dude sitting at the intersection than they do with the 1% billionaires. Its been shown that many people in both countries do not have enough money saved up, they're just one or two pay cheques away from major financial issues.

  56. Wayne Perkins says:

    How much of what one makes belongs to the government? If you want a 70 pecent tax rate, you pay it first. Show everyone else that a 70% rate works. I earn my money, and I want to keep it.

  57. Chicken Nugs says:

    The rich work hard for their money it’s no like they just all of a sudden became rich without work this would encourage less people to work hard as the hard working would get taxed alot

  58. imhungry208 says:

    If they do that so many "rat holes" will pop up 💀

  59. H&Ks until the end of days! says:

    Death to socialism!

  60. Hello There says:

    Look I'm from the UK and I've just got into politics I don't have a clue as to wtf this all is and I don't get the video help please

  61. Jack Black says:

    I don't know why everyone is getting offended in the comment section – none of you are ''super rich'' or ever going to be.

  62. Jack Black says:

    Butthurt conservatives snowflakes can't accept that the rich need to be taxed more lol

  63. TheOlive says:

    Do you want to be like Venezuela? Just follow the dumb ideas of socialist like AOC.

  64. TheOlive says:

    Low taxes under Regean brought more income for the government, because people we more willing to invest the money the could keep. That’s simple.

  65. Tgames Latimore says:

    Why not just a flat tax of 5 percent of annual income.

  66. c a t says:

    I always thought it should be a progressive rate, like up diagonally on a graph. The percentage increasing, as income does – till you reach like a stupidly high amount of money where it'd be like 95%. And if perhaps slighly manipulated, you could make it benefit the poor way more than the rich at any point.

  67. Jeremy Crow says:

    The real concern I'd have is with how a change this dramatic would cause money to leave the US as the highest earners shifted their strategies.

  68. Jonathan Kimbrough says:

    That's not fair. If you worled your whole life to make that kinda money. You should be able to do wtf you want with it. I get you don't need that much to live a reasonably life and it doesn't affect the majority of Americans but that's fucked up.

  69. TheRenaissanceman65 says:

    Certainly a lot of people don't understand that any tax rate only applies to that slice of income, not to all of it. Otherwise there would be a sudden increase in your bill as soon as your income nudged into the next bracket.

    There also comes a point where if you raise the marginal tax rate too much, the very rich will find other ways of being taxed so they don't pay it and the Treasury loses out. They'll find some way to generate their income in a country with a lower tax rate. This is demonstrated in economics by the Laffer curve. For example, a few years ago the UK's top income tax rate became 50% and then the Conservatives reduced it to 45% because that would actually generate more tax. The Labour Party refused to believe this, but the figures proved it.

    So what's this woman's point? Does she want to punish the rich for being rich, in which case raise tax all you like, or is the intention to actually raise more money for the government? Not that it matters much as the effect will be to drive the rich abroad if tax goes high enough. Which may also not help them to provide employment for others.

    And why did you omit any mention of the standard deduction, which effectively gives a zero tax bracket? The video is very misleading without that.

  70. evanrfox says:

    Yes that tax rate would work

  71. Business Knowledge says:

    I want to see Alexandra Ocasio Cortez's tax returns. How much taxes are you paying?

  72. Zeke says:

    3:13 Wonderfull neoliberal framing.

  73. S Matthews says:

    If I was an all powerful Democrat I would create a crony system much like the one America has now. Then I would over tax and regulate that system, flood the work force with dirt cheap labor/AI, while pushing good jobs out of the country. When that system fails I'll scream "look capitalism has failed us! Not to worry socialism and government will save you". Then I'll be able to do whatever I want. So will the Democrats ever get that 70% tax bracket? That's up to us.

  74. Alex Harris says:

    i just don't understand one aspect of how the left/right reasons: why are they so obsessed with the rich paying more? i'm not the most informed person but it just seems like there should be more emphasis put on the middle class paying less than the rich paying more. I'll put it this way: if you received confirmation today that the government doesn't indeed know how to redistribute wealth because the government is full of incapable a-holes…would you really fixate on someone else's tax rate? or would you by any chance be more interested in seeing less of your own taxes go to waste? i think these futile arguments about taxes rates on others are perpetuated because most people still today, have some explainable faith in the government.

  75. m0egrrL says:

    I wish you used bar charts so that it's easier to visualize the difference in percentages.

  76. Delorita McDowell says:

    We should have a flat tax. Everyone pays 10 or 15 percent without any deductions. Just think about it. If we have 3 people and one makes $1 million, one makes $500k and the last makes $100k. The millionaire still pays 100k or 150 which is the same amount as last peroson examples. . The person earning 500k still pays 50k or 75k and the person making $100k still pays 10k or 15k. Regardless or margin or fix the rich still pay a larger portion. I don’t think people should be penalized for excelling or making more. The flat tax without deductions will still give everyone the responsibility of paying their share without penalizing those who worked hard to earn their income or family legacy.
    Side note if you make 30k a year you only pay $3k or $4500. Or 50k you pay 5k or 7500 which these examples still pay SIGNIFICANTLY less than those making more. It’s based on a fixed percentage.

  77. 1N73RC3P7OR says:

    Always remember why the 13 Colonies rebelled!

  78. Bruce IDW says:

    If you look at the history though, nobody actually paid 91% back then, there were all sorts of loopholes and exceptions.

    But as much as i hate AOC I actually agree, in fact i want a 100% tax of everything over $50,000,000 a year. Nobody should be allowed to make more than 50 million dollars a year. THAT is my definition of "super rich". 500k is chump change… barely enough to live on with a house and kids these days. Letting people make over 50mill a year gives some people too much power, it thwarts democracy and allows absolute corruption. Every dollar over 50M a year should be forfeited. If you make 50 million a year every year for a few decades, trust me you’re doing just fine. Oh, and it needs to be a 25 year prison sentence for offshoring/hiding money earned beyond 50m to avoid the tax.

  79. Giuliano Petti says:

    You wrote $9,525.00 twice in your tax bracket info graphic.

  80. Andrew Trevino says:

    This video made me unsuscribe. Nobody paid the 90% marginal rate.
    AOC is a socialist.
    And every average American needs to read the 16th amendment and understand that NONE OF OUR LABOR (OR MONEY MADE FROM THAT LABOR) SHOULD BE TAXED AT ANY LEVEL.
    Government needs taxes and more money to run subsidized welfare programs.
    I'll consider subscribing again once cheddar does a video on the private federal reserve and their evil monetary policy forced upon the American People.

  81. Karol W says:

    This is so far above Cortez's education level! She will never understand!

  82. MrJeep75 says:

    Hell no

  83. MrJeep75 says:

    There should only be 5 tax brackets, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50

  84. Alex Leigh says:

    this still wont work

  85. stynkanator says:

    People wouldn't care as much about the rich if they didn't buy politicians and write the law but since they do the common people don't have much of a choice.

  86. lazloryder says:

    Why should we support a tax increase on anyone? The money does not go to help the common folk. It goes into government pockets. Salaries, pensions for government workers.

  87. Jeff Timmerberg says:

    This video completely ignores exemptions and deductions. In 2018 the first $12,000 a single filer earns is taxed at ZERO percent. The tax you claim is paid by someone making $60,000 is actually the tax paid by someone making $72,000.

  88. Dost Thou Even Logic Brethren? says:

    Now do understand that as an LLC, ALL of my income comes from the form of business revenue, as it is a FTE, or Flow Through Entity. Meaning, all business revenue is deemed as personal income. Any and all personal income that I take home at the end of the day comes from what remains after I pay expenses, which means my income ALL gets taxed at the highest tax bracket that I am in. Should your business generate more than $10,000,000 in income (not hard to do even as a small business), then yes, ALL of your personal income will be taxed at 70%. This is how and why there are tax deductions, which AOC also wants to do away with. This is also why, as you introduce higher and higher tax brackets, you need more and more tax deductions and exemptions in order to prevent such ridiculously heavy tax burdens from completely destroying the economy…which means more wealthy people writing off tax exemptions and thus contributing LESS.

    While AOC loves to tote a time when the US had a marginal tax rate as high as 91%, she fails to realize that it came with an 11,000 page tax code! Two pages explained the definitions of income, and the brackets, with 10,998 pages being exemptions and deductions that prevented even the most wealthy from actually paying any such taxes.

    There is a reason that despite the tax rates ranging from as high as 91% to less than 30%, the actual percentage of GDP collected as tax revenue always remained around 17%. Focus on means in increase the GDP to collect 17% of a larger pie, instead of passing legislation that punishes business owners because of a lack of understanding of real economics.

  89. Dost Thou Even Logic Brethren? says:

    Here's the truth about the 91% tax rate:

  90. thecjc97 says:

    Except…The "rich" don't pay income taxes, they pay taxes on capital gain which is a completely different bracket..70% tax rate does nothing but destroy the skilled middle class (Doctors, Lawyers, Tech developers) and small business owners….But most people are too busy bitching about the "rich" than actually attaining a financial education..

  91. Thiago Nagaoka says:

    Why americans don't follow Sweden steps? Sweden had tried taxing the rich before the reforms implemented in the 1990's. So USA has a lot of examples not only Sweden, Poland also implemented reforms. Sweden taxed the rich more than 100% between 1970's and 1980's, then in the 1990's they reformed the tax system and other reforms as well. Poland also performed liberal reforms after their communist system failed. Sweden learned that punishing the rich for their success made the work class jobs go alway. So they tax more the middle class than the rich and there is no inheritance and profits tax.

  92. Abe Lincoln says:

    This tax bracket should be changed to 0 taxes for anyone under 70k and start the 10 percent at 71k. Reagan screwed us with the trickle down BS.

  93. Zhu Bajie says:

    Another problem is to make capital gains higher for the values above say selling a house. The reason the EFFECTIVE tax rate is so unfair is because of the sources of income of the top 1%.

  94. Joe Combs says:

    Mmmmm this isn't exactly accurate. Yes under Eisenhower the top bracket was 91% but no one paid that because of all the loopholes in the tax code.
    Each time that top bracket was lowered some of the loopholes were closed.
    AOC has not said there will be loopholes or that there will not be loopholes.
    If there are no loopholes then the 71% will be the highest that has been paid in taxes by anyone.

  95. Stuck in the mud says:

    The video fails to mention when Eisenhower was president the lowest bracket was 22 percent. its currently 10 so if u want Eisenhowers plan u will have to more than double poor people taxes.

  96. Abe Lincoln says:

    Reagan was an idiot, he was the start of our countries problems, by lowering tax on the rich.

  97. Abe Lincoln says:

    Actually, I think tax on the rich should be 90% over 10 million. She is too nice!

  98. Abe Lincoln says:

    Sounds like a lot of rich people crying in the comments already.

  99. infinitecanadian says:

    That's a great idea. Make the people who get paid a fortune for doing little have to pay more.

  100. J Batman says:

    There's one thing it wasn't mentioned….the tax brackets are based on taxable income, not gross income…..Taxable income is less than your gross income.

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