Homeless VS Rich Prank!

Homeless VS Rich Prank!

[Sound effects] Hey, what’s up guys? So in the past couple months, I’ve been talking to lots of homeless people and they all told me that people treat them differently. They don’t treat them as human beings. So today, I’m going to dress like a homeless guy and try to go in and eat at a fancy restaurant. Let’s see how they treat me. [Inaudible chatter] [Host] “Sorry, sir Can I eat here?” [Restaurant staff] “No no no no no” not inside” [Host] “Can I check the menu? [Staff] “No” [inaudible, points host in another direction] [Host] “I have some money” [Staff] “Yeah, no problem” [inaudible, continues to point host away from restaurant] [Host] “Can I eat here?” [Staff] “You know what? I don’t think you can do it” [Host] “Oh I can’t?” [Staff] “No” [Host] “Oh, so I…” [Staff] “Especially with the owner that’s here, he’s gonna complain, so…” [Host] “So the owner doesn’t…?” [Staff] “No. I’m sorry” [Host] “Thanks” [Host] “Can I see the menu?” [Staff] “Menu?” [Host] “Yeah” [Staff] “Do you have means of paying for the menu?” [Host] “Yeah I have some money” [Staff] “O…kay” [Host] “Can I…can I come sit inside…?” [Staff] “Not, not inside, no, no inside” [Host] “I can’t s…” [Staff] “No you can’t, sorry” [Host] “Oh, I can’t sit inside?” [Staff] “No you can’t… …she can show you upstairs, there’s a pizza, there’s a whole lot cheaper than this” [Staff] “Thank you sir, thanks for dropping by” [Sound of engine revving] [Valet] “How you doing?” [Host] “Good, how are you?” [Host] “Question: uh, can I just check some menu real quick? I don’t know what you guys have here” [Valet] “Okay” [Host] “Is it okay if I can eat here?” [Staff] “Sure” [Host] “Uh, can I see a menu real quick?” [Staff] “Right here” [Host] “Do you guys have anything like, really nice in here?” [Staff] “Seafood. Like…lobster. Like…shrimps, crab, mussels or something like that?” [Host] “So I can go inside and eat it? It’s cool, right?” [Staff] “Yeah!” [Host] “I was here a couple a…not too long ago. Do you remember me?” [Staff] “What happened?” [Host] “You remember me!” [Staff] “Yes” [Host] “Yeah! So yeah. ‘Cause actually, I had to pick up my car to pick up my clothes” [Staff] “Okay” [Host] “But now that you guys can serve me now It’s kind of like..I don’t get it, like… You guys maybe shouldn’t judge people by the way we look” [Staff] “No, no! That’s..you perfect. No problem” [Host] “I’m perfect now?” [Staff] “Yeah yeah” [Host] “Okay. Well you know what? I’m not really that hungry anymore Because of the way you treat people, it makes me sick” [Staff] “Okay” [Host] “Alright man” [Staff] “Take care” [Staff] “You came in with the little…” [Host] “Yeah yeah you remember me right?” [Staff] “Yes yes yes yes” [Host] “Cause I was asking you guys, you guys said, you know, ‘you can’t really eat here’ so I was like…” [Staff] “No I tell you…don’t be mad, you know? Thank you so much, okay?” [Host] “Yeah…” [inaudible] [Staff] “Next time, go inside the restaurant [inaudible] the poster, she order what you want and that’s it” [Host] “Yeah? That’s it?” [Staff] “That’s it” [Host] “Cheers” [Staff] “Sorry for that, okay? Order a triple and everything” [Host] “Okay” [engine starts] [Host] “Alright” [Staff] “Hey were you that guy?” [Host] “Yeah, I was here earlier, you guys didn’t want to serve me, so I mean I come back” [inaudible] [Host] “We just, we don’t want to judge people by the way we look, by status… …everybody should be equal, you know what I mean?” [inaudible] [Host] “Everybody should be equal” [Staff] “You know what? I’ll tell ya this, that’s me right there” [Host] “You know? Respect everybody” [Staff] “I told them…” [Host] “Dasvidaniya” [engine sounds] [engine sounds] [Music plays]


  1. abandon all hope says:

    wow oh I didn't know homeless people get treated badly wow that's a news flash and wealthy people get treated well wow.I bet this guy treats homeless people the same way would you let a homeless person in your house joshpalerlin ?something tells me you wouldn't?you think because you give a homeless person money that makes you a good person it doesn't a lot of times it makes it worse.a lot of people are homeless because of mental problems and substance abuse.and if you give the money a lot of the times they'll spend it on drugs or alcohol in my opinion people give money to homeless people not to help the homeless person but to feel better about themselves you want to help the homeless give your money to a homeless shelter or donate your time to one.

  2. lal tamang says:

    awesome everybody deserve redpect

  3. SKYLINE 7747 A says:

    At 2:43 you guys didn’t want to EAT me??LOL

  4. Joel Reyes says:

    I think that the video was okay but next time you should pull up with the same homeless clothing in the store.

  5. Kommander Kool says:

    Places like this can kiss my glass…..I'll go to burger king instead.

  6. Mirul Muaz says:

    Got no respect event the homeless person have a money to buy it, fuck that shit

  7. Pine apple says:

    Don’t blame the waitress. They’re just doing what the manager said

  8. 최수영 says:

    와우… 현실 참 슬프다..

  9. Aaliyah morton says:

    technically you can be rich and not let in to a fancy restaurant bc its the way you dress not your status

  10. AťØnØ KTM BØŸ Debbarma says:

    Yes ur right

  11. Team Reversity _ says:

    Alright dude, homeless can’t go in a luxury restaurant.

  12. uncle jeremy says:

    Wait a minute…. you said "das vi dania" to a spanish waiter???😅🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Pizarro says:

    should’ve pulled up with the car whilst dressed up as a homeles

  14. Elias Berdiyev says:

    So understandable I wouldnt let them in my chic Restaurant either obviously tf!

  15. Bé Tâm OFFICIAL ✿ ☭ ❖ ✓ says:

    – hello JoshPalerLin ❤ I am Vietnamese, I really admire you ❤

  16. Hish12345 says:

    put the volume loud and you can tell there’s a major difference in sound and that when he said
    “because the way you treat people makes me sick” sounded like it was recorded from a mic at home and then straight after that line the audio goes back to normal

  17. So2 яєcкlєѕѕ says:

    Romania ? :)))

  18. Olive says:

    still advertising the “how does a homeless man spend a hundred dollars” video after the short time he spent with you led him to drinking himself to death? this is a nice message but looks like you’re trying to cure your guilt with that 20k you took from him

  19. 彭爸日常 says:

    這什麼狗屎影片 你要吃可以啊 你要衣裝啊

  20. Depressed Dude says:

    Its normal

  21. Dhdhs Hdhdhhd says:

    Tbh it’s a good thing they don’t let homeless people in because it would be unhygienic and no one would want to eat there if a dirty man was there

  22. aLiiMRan says:

    Gangster Vegas

  23. Asian Dod says:

    This guy doesn't get it. It's not about money. If you're homeless, you're lazy and may have had bad luck. If you're rich you're either a spoilt brat, successful or cunning and smart. And obviously a homeless wouldn't go into a luxury restraunt, that's suspicious and bad for business.

  24. فاعل خير says:

    Recpect brother .. you are s human🙏😢

  25. Rolando Portillo says:

    That’s vitalys intro

  26. Official GameIND says:


  27. Iffa __ says:

    i not really good in english.. so i will write in my language. so, ya, seumur hidupku, aku baru saja, mungkin 15 menit yg lalu menemukan akun youtube kamu, dan baru 3 video yang aku tonton, dan itu benar² menunjukkan seperti apa dunia, dan itu benar² menginspirasiku untuk tetap menjadi orang baik, dan kamu juga orang baik, dan semoga aku berkata benar. ya tuhan.. semoga anda sehat selalu dan tetap dapat berkarya semakin baik. god bles you! 😊

  28. Wina avi says:

    I dont know, but i feel goosebumps ryt now.

  29. Pascal Schröder says:

    I am fuck this Kapitalismus world

  30. Katarina Nicole Jacobs says:

    Josh Paler Lin is a exploitative criminal

  31. Carl Johnson says:

    Nice video

  32. Ali Yıldırım says:

    Ferrari 🙂

  33. IRON KING225 says:

    What's the name of the car?

  34. S Thomas says:

    It makes me sick

  35. Armando Hernandez says:

    They didnt let you in because you didnt have good hygiene. It ruins someone's meal, like imagine tryna eat and you smell this dude who smells like paint and armpits and their smell is clogging up the air circulation. Like you probably won't want to eat anymore.

  36. y am i here again says:

    That car 😍

  37. kazuki X gamerz23 says:

    this is nice being equal make's you a true Human Being

  38. Stewie Griffin says:

    Dude wtf do you expect the guy at the entrance do? He is either instructed to do this shit or scared to be fired

  39. SquidMix says:

    I wouldn’t let him in either. You come advertising like you’re homeless you’re going to be treated as such

  40. Just Chris :p says:

    "You didn't want to eat me"
    xD Ik it's a mistake tho.

  41. Mathinas Davi says:

    + 1 inscrito ( Brasil )

  42. WinterGirl says:

    Everybody IS equal. That's why the rules for classy restaurants with a dress code are not broken for anyone, whether they're a poor person with crappy clothes or a rich arrogant asshole pretending to be a poor person to get views on Youtube.

  43. Amrullah says:

    thanks translate ☺🙏
    im from Indonesian 🇲🇨

  44. Омурбек Кадыралыев says:

    До свидания!

  45. subscribe or ill stab u says:

    They are just doing there job

  46. The Lightning Boys says:

    Yes aly

  47. Logan Trapz says:

    fuckin disgusting

  48. Zamaludin Zem says:


  49. CHabY says:

    Everyone should be equal. Yeah idk how many homeless do you see in a luxury restaurant, grow up kid

  50. Ninja Maxy says:

    The person is not judged as he is
    By Maxy

  51. Capt Yan says:

    Very good

  52. Oliver Dobrowalski says:

    Maybe because u had dirt on ur face and had a shopping cart

  53. TTV says:

    And millionaire probably knows how to talk without sluring words maybe talk normal

  54. TTV says:

    There not in the wrong at all they cant just be letting every damn homeless person in there restraunt how do they make money

  55. AwesomeMan2.1 says:

    People running fancy places like this honestly and totally need to stop treating homeless and less fortunate people like that.

  56. -Gęnï- Quartz says:

    dresss cooode

  57. Lucas says:

    do you know what a dress code is?

  58. I am Jein says:

    2:57 "DASVIDANIA"😍🥰

  59. BMX says:

    he made this video to show people it shouldnt matter if your rich or poor

    so where tf is the homeless guy’s money at?

  60. RANGERS Rantau GamerS says:

    This First Time Video I Know U Josh
    So Im Subscribe your Chanell From 4 Years Ago 📹

    Fansfrom #Malaysia

  61. Animated alex says:

    The bettee ricegum

  62. Kristijan Certan says:

    They are so dumb…

  63. Yk1000 Kahssay says:

    Let's see how they react when your half rich half poor.

  64. Rommel Victoriano says:

    homeless can't eat at a restaurant
    rich people can eat at restaurants

    restaurant requirements – Need a home not be homeless

  65. Haziq Riyadh Zikry says:


  66. Keagile Lefifi says:

    More of these please!!!

  67. Scholarly Cat says:

    Very unfair experiment dude. It’s a high-end restaurant. Being homeless is irrelevant. Even if you happened to have enough money to eat there, there’s still a dress code standard they need to uphold for all their customers.

  68. Emmanuel Pabustan says:

    I'm homeless pilipino living in chicago street any help I would appreciate this my email [email protected] I can prove I'm homeless ok…God bless

  69. 崔巍 says:

    They are not being nice to you
    They are being nice to your money.

  70. AnaSophia says:

    It is understandable because imagine if you went to a restaurant and someone served you looking like how he came to the restaurant I’m pretty sure none would eat the food because he would look rough and it wouldn’t look hygienic but they didn’t need to treat him like that😌🙏🏽

  71. Bradley Thirumurthi says:

    Can someone give him "some menu"

  72. Voom Laj Vwj says:

    This still is my favorite prank

  73. Painda says:

    I get what the point is but it is a disturbance to bring a shopping cart with you try it with out the cart

  74. Sumboi says:

    It’s not fair tho it’s disrespectful to go in a nice restaurant wearing bad clothes you gotta dress the part. You don’t go in a business place with normal clothes do you?

  75. Sumboi says:

    It’s not fair dude. You can’t go in a nice place wearing trash clothes. I understand what you’re trying to do but this scenario isn’t the right way to prove it.

  76. cmoneytheman says:

    just sad this discrimination the same way we blacks was treated

    its not against the law but its not right when folks still can have paper to pay for food

  77. ImoogiYangofLight says:

    Well Some are getting a fancy car for Christmas, some are dying on the streets getting nothing….

  78. ImoogiYangofLight says:

    And it is true their is people who would rather let in some hot sexy girl or some hot boy in their restaurants than some poor homeless man or woman on the street….. Whats wrong with this world GOd forgive people of their sins and change them

  79. Flex Boy says:

    Nice good looking

  80. SG Neo says:

    But I kinda get how they didnt let the poor guy in because it would make the place not as rich but who cares people just want to eat

  81. Briana Stan says:

    Restaurants have dress codes so rlly like not even bars allow homeless in sometimes it’s not ok but u have to follow the dress codes in order to get in

  82. Afey Kastam says:

    I relly like this bro

  83. Sumit Dipke says:

    Good lesson teach to resto people

  84. GAB GIB says:

    The waiters should just said that they have a dress code and just tell him to change some better clothing and not tell him to go away.

  85. Polish Redneck says:

    It is completly normal that they dont want some homeless dude in their restaurant

  86. E.H Gaming says:

    I don’t blame them tho imagine ur in a cafe and a homeless man that stinks just sits in one of the seats I understand why they don’t want that ur just being kinda mean to the restaurant people

  87. Lalalaa Ikdsldldld says:


  88. Ammaar Uziri says:

    This dude Rich as hell..

  89. Elbraa Osman says:

    You gave them hard lesson.
    I think they gonna show respect for everyone

  90. Jon Jose says:

    Its discrimination is delit nou

  91. Neillusion says:

    Josh I gotta give you respect man your videos are all consistently dumb

  92. FatFat li says:

    Correct values, please continue with more videos

  93. Ayen Abg says:

    That's the we teach people about equality. Good for them. Cool bro👏 respect 👍

  94. SA 29 says:

    No fancy restaurant is gonna let a man walk on with a cart full of shit comon man

  95. 4สลิง เต็มบาท says:


  96. Rudi Mas says:

    Help my l'm human indonesia

  97. Sexy Vegan says:

    Going out to eat at snooty restaurants is boring anyways.

  98. The Moto King says:

    They could have told him about a dress code. The other comments were very rude what they asked him. "Means of payment" like WTF

  99. natalie lebig says:

    a few minutes later he gets fined because he drove too fast

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