Here’s why you’ll NEVER make money in Forex. The Forex Cycle of Doom…

Here’s why you’ll NEVER make money in Forex. The Forex Cycle of Doom…

You’re never going to make any money trading the Forex market! Trust me! I’m a thirty-years experienced veteran trader. Hey there! Now, some of you may have already seen this video that we’re uploading today. And that’s because for some strange reason, the original version had its ranking removed by YouTube. Now, this could be a number of reasons possibly, because other channels have been stealing our content…who knows? Either way, considering the exposure we were getting and the relevance in the topic that I was discussing, we’re going to reupload it because… …I think it’s a real shame. We were helping so many traders learn a very valuable lesson. So, for all you new and aspiring traders, Thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoy it! One of the main reasons why most traders fail in the forex market… …is because they end up getting trapped to what I call, the “Cycle of Doom”. So, what is the Cycle of Doom? I hear you cry! Well, the Cycle of Doom is basically this… Let’s assume now, you start off trading the forex markets. You’ve got yourself a strategy. Now… …you might have developed the strategy yourself. You might have copied it from another successful trader. Indeed, you might have bought it from somewhere on the web or so forth. So, now you have your strategy and you’re about to start trading this with live money. You start putting the trigger and off the bat, you start making some money! Everything’s going great. Then the inevitable happens. You start losing some money. The strategy starts… …taking money away from your trading account. Now, this doesn’t feel comfortable, so the most common… …thing you do when you start to lose money is you start to doubt the strategy. So you start to tweak the strategy, you make… minor changes to the strategy. And then, you get back trading again, and of course you start to make some money again! And now, you have the perfect strategy! But then again, the inevitable will happen. You will start to lose money. Every strategy will go through its losing periods. But you doubted, you start to doubt your
strategy. So again, you start to tweak, you make further, minor changes to the strategy, and off you go again! It starts to make money. Same thing happens, you start to lose money, and you tweak again. Eventually, after tweaking so many times you’re going to have completely lost faith in that strategy. You’re going to throw it out, and you’re going to go and search for another strategy! You’re going to hop between that old strategy and a new strategy. The same thing will happen, you start to make money… …and then the inevitable happen, you’ll start to tweak it, and then round and round the circle, the cycle of doom, you go. Hopping and changing between strategies in the hope that you’re gonna find that Holy Grail. Well, get this, It doesn’t exist! How do you make sure you don’t get trapped in that cycle of doom? Well, first thing you need to do is you need to have confidence in the strategy that you’re implementing in the market. Well, how do you gain confidence in your strategy? Well, you need to fully… …backtest the strategy. You need to put it through all the historical data, so you know the characteristics of that strategy. You know how it’s going to perform in… …winning periods, and you know how it’s going to perform in the losing periods. And it’s only then when you know, and …expect to have losing periods that your not going to lose faith in that strategy, moving forward…. …and you’re gonna continue… …trading that strategy, knowing that it’s going to come back and give you the profits that you so… …desire, and that you so you’ve seen in the back testing. That’s one of the main reasons, why most traders fail in this business. The other main reason I think, why a lot of traders fail in this business is because they come in with… …completely, the wrong expectations. Now, they’ve read all the… …marketing hype from the gurus and the educators; how you can trade from the beach, you can give up your day job, you can tell your boss to go and jump in the lake. You’re now a… …Forex trader and you don’t need to do that day job anymore! Well, that’s comple hogwash! It’s not gonna happen overnight! The other thing, you know, misguided… …bs that’s out there is that you can start off trading and make a ton of money with a $500 trading account! Again, that is not going to happen. Now, that’s not to say you can’t make a decent living with a small trading account, but it’s going to take time and it’s going to take work on your behalf. Why do you think it is? The brokers offer you such bonuses to come and join them. If you put in five hundred dollars, they’ll match it with five hundred dollars. They do that for one main reason, because they know you’re gonna blow that trading account! Let’s assume, a broker signs up 100 new clients a week, each with a… …$500 trading account, small trading account. Yeah? Now, they know that you’re gonna lose that money! That hundred dollars, that hundred clients, a week, is a two-and-a-half… …million-dollar-a-year business for that broker, because they know that you’re going to blow that money, because you’re coming in with the wrong… …expectations. You need to be… …realistic about what you can achieve in the Forex market. A hedge fund, hedge fund manager would give his right arm, for example, to have a 25 percent… …return of investment. Imagine, you start off with a 500 dollar trading account, and you have a great year. You’ve made… …25% on your initial… …deposit with your brokerage. That’s about 120 bucks, $125 or whatever it is now. That’s hardly enough to pay your internet! But you’ve got to make sure that you’re coming into this with the right expectations. As I said in future videos, I’m going to show you how you can turn small accounts into a lucrative business. Do make sure, you check out my videos on that! Also, the other main reason why people lose money in this business is they over leverage. Okay? They’re taking on… …unnecessary risk. And why are they taking unnecessary risk? It’s because they have unrealistic goals. Again, you’ve got to ask yourself a question. Why is it that the broker will offer you, 100, 200, 500 to one leverage? Because they know the greed mentality of most people! You’re gonna lose that leverage, and you’re gonna blow and wipe out your trading account! So make sure you don’t get trapped in the cycle of doom. I’ll explain about that in further videos, as well. Make sure you have… …the realistic expectations about the Forex market and what it can deliver you. If you can start off and …get your head around those two facts, then you’re gonna be halfway there to becoming a successful trader. Now, that’s about it for this video! If you like the video, give me a thumbs up. If don’t like the video, no problem, give me a thumbs down. Any questions at all, any comments, if you found yourself in the cycle of doom, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you; hear your… experiences, and see if we can help you! So look, I look forward to seeing you on the next video! In the meantime, best of luck with your trading endeavors!


  1. Norwegian Wellness says:

    Thank you for keeping it real. Hard work realistic expectations and consistency is key 😎💫

  2. conor oun says:

    Sir so do u want to discourage traders with your video title? ?
    Then in if u are us that why u did not change ur trade to another buissnes?
    It's not good to discourage people who learn and have targets to achieve
    So what's ur purpose sir !!!

  3. The Mix Channel says:

    If nobody is able to make money, this Market won’t exist…Dump

  4. Greg Michalowski says:

    95% of all Forex traders fail- why? Because they give up. It takes time and lots of trading experience to become a profitable trader. An alternative is follow professional trader's analysis.
    Great Video👍

  5. Alonzo Sirmans says:

    need more lambos in the video lmao jk, great video!! looking forward to learning more from your channel

  6. Hamifah says:

    Good video! For all new traders out there, when devising your strategy, DO NOT add / use any indicators to the chart. It took me years to know this. (Well, I'm not a smart person). Use indicators (if needed) only to filter your entry.

  7. Khosta says:

    This is false, some of us are and have

  8. Akiva Kani says:


  9. epic videos says:

    Yah really
    You want me to believe that 😂😂😂😂

  10. Nictorious NZ says:

    I got a message on twitter saying they are an account manager in forex trading and they proceeded to pitch to me. I'd never heard of it. Oh noooooooo. She sent me a link. Is this a scam?

  11. Astroboi says:

    shut yo ass up

  12. Umer K says:

    This man is honest and sound very logical to me. If it was that easy to make money by simply clicking a button or two, 90% of us would be millionaires. I read in the comments that he is discouraging others to do trade, I see it that he is telling the truth and is therefore helping people (my take on this). I will give Forex a shot and this video has actually encouraged me to go with "the right expectation and due diligence". Thank you kind Sir.

  13. Robert Young says:

    I don't know what to make of this but he has some points that's cycle of death that's not good.. I've lost money and one of the ways you can lose money is staying too long not doing your homework I'm guilty of both so the strategy is the hold which was a bad strategy that can work on long-range stocks cuz it doesn't matter if it goes up and down it just goes up and down it always returns up higher or you get your money back where this strategy may be based on Greed I don't know what the strategy is so what strategy are you using and why are you tweaking a strategy if the strategy is not working stay out of it

  14. Michaela Morris says:

    How do I become a forex broker?

  15. Oli Hasan says:

    Loser not making money for 30 years. Still has 6 monitors he keeps staring at.


    i blew my account yesterday after changing leverage

  17. Moheb Haidari says:

    Why would you set up 5 to 6 screens and dedicate one room for forex while it doesn't bring money?

  18. Arthur van Benthem says:

    Great video!. I want to create a trading plan but need help. What do you suggest?

  19. Shikamaru says:

    Completely agree

  20. Joshua samlall says:


  21. Aljaž Jesen says:

    Why the fuck does he have a channel based on forex trading and also says you will never make money out of it. You literally can, idk what am i missing

  22. Travis Tran says:

    forex: if you look at the monitor more than 1 hour a day, you re surelly loose money on forex. I observed my trader friend i know. i could teach you to win, but nobody listen. i can't even teach my close friends my system because they can't do it.

    ps: i double my account every 2 months and i am just slowing down because i look at the screen more than one hour a day. time to take a break for 2 – 3 months and repeat.

  23. Don Wallace says:

    Awesome YouTube style…

  24. Rodrigo Mastrandea says:

    This is true !!

  25. MEEK CLICK says:

    The way he pronunciate strategy his annoying

  26. jean doe says:

    Lol I totally disagree

  27. miraji Juma says:

    So Mr l want to join in forx market but you're clip give me so sad

  28. Kurt Olson says:

    Title should be changed to "Why most Forex traders don't make money"

  29. sodabanks says:

    lmao you clown

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  32. ISIAKA AHMED says:

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  34. g1shawn says:

    This is the only video I have ever seen on youtube, where he actually said, if you dont like the video to GIVE HIM A THUMBS down. Lol he a real one

  35. Heri Andika says:

    Thank you so much for your vidio, i know what i must to do now. Go full backtesting for my strategy

  36. Conrad B says:

    Made money on forex in 75mins off my iPhone. Relax guy.

  37. Juber Siddique says:

    Informative video. But speak little slowly. Everyone are not native English speakers unlike you.

  38. Gabrielle Barile says:

    I had so many people try to recruit me for opportunities it’s not even funny. I taught myself how to trade for free and replaced my fulltime income in 3 months.

  39. Eric Naumann says:

    People lose money because they don't understand leverage, it's very powerful tool but very dangerous perk that you get when you decide to trade

  40. Edward Gonzalez says:

    Great Video !

  41. Geezer Me says:

    This clown was never a trader

  42. Ian says:

    There were some guys in my college promoting their forex trading group so badly , and they all often show off their bosses sports car say that their boss earn it through forex , you can be like them one day , by joining their company they will always send you new tips to buy what or what , sometimes it really makes me wonder hahaha , I mean it sometimes makes me wonder if the trading group were a scam

  43. camdevtube says:

    the amount of people in the comments who didn't watch the video is astounding. actually watch the video, please. this video is not saying "its impossible to make money in forex", what he's saying is that the average person who gets into forex makes several mistakes that prevent them from ever doing so.

  44. munda420s says:

    You CAN make money in forex.

  45. Jerry Wester says:

    forex is just like medicine or engineering profession. It is not meant for everyone and requires training, discipline and expertise.
    I have been making money frim forex since 2011 and i dont make noise about it. I see so many resources and hype online… they are all fake and won't get you anywhere. Get a great trader to do the job or you learn how to trade for at least 1 year.

  46. Nick S says:

    dont buy 4 monitors. just buy a big tv and put the programs in 4 squares on the tv. saves money and is easier

  47. Lester Crest says:

    Listen to him, he tells you right off the bat he’s a veteran trader with 30 years experience and here all you New traders are bad mouthing him like you have any ground to stand on at all

  48. Samjela Nyoh says:

    Why are my watching this video😒

  49. Williams Bright says:

    Most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advised them against investing and trading forex while the wise ones kept investing and growing higher financially

  50. Gwen Porter says:

    Great video.
    But still yet I can’t trade on my own 🙁

  51. James Copeland says:

    In short, money is made in risk. If you are consistently adapting your strategy to insulate against risk, you are losing measure in your gains. Plain and simple.

  52. Shyanne Tignor says:

    I think its a real shame that you spent 30 years doing something that supposedly doesn't make money, and then made a video about it. LOL!

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  54. Russian Bot says:

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  57. Edgar Wills says:

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  58. Rafal Z says:

    There is a very good reason why banks having huge resources, knowledge, experience and technology still prefer to make money by e.g. lending money to people for crappy 3-4% return instead of "making" money in Forex. 3-4% is of course gross income which makes it even less attractive. Forex is almost completely random but very few people truly understand that. Ask any wannabe trader what is statistical significance, data dredging, hindsight bias – you will get blank stare.

  59. UNITED4FUN says:

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  60. Serjo says:

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    Also does it for 30 years

  61. Trading Strategy Guides says:

    Great video…. All of the negative commenters are missing the main point of your video. Keep up the great work! -Ben

  62. World Government says:

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  63. ANASTASIA ! says:

    SMART .

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    Has too resort to Youtube to make a income

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    Great video and very straightforward! It's certainly no walk in the park getting started in forex. Lots of learning non-stop

  67. Bradley Mogate says:

    This guy basically lost profit for almost 30 years I won’t fall for this bullshit.

  68. john jacques says:

    Can't make money trading forex simply because most of the retail brokers out there trade against you. Trade with an exchange like CME or find a big bank

  69. Landi Putra says:

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  72. LuminousStick 12 says:

    Tempting video title, but worthwhile thoughts.

  73. Sadiyah Fathima says:

    he rick rolled me

  74. extream invincible says:

    Your correct… dont expect big in your evryday trade… consistent 2 to 5 percent profit of your capital in evrytrade in 1 stock evry week is enough… start in small gain but consistent is the way to get profitable.. once you master this technic then go up to the next level…

  75. Tomas Zarnovsky says:


  76. Jay Mcihael says:

    Hey, ForexSignals TV!

    I really liked this video. I am a blogger and I am currently writing a piece on "can you make money in forex?". I am going to post a link to the article here.

    The comments section is such a great thing to use as a learning material. This video is 7 minutes but instead of first watching it, people start writing their comments. And what if it's a clickbait-ish? What's up with that? The last time I was on a date, the girl had extremely tight jeans and extremely bring lipstick. We concurred it was OK.

    It shows to you the herd mentality and the desire to keep with the pack, humiliating and bad-mouthing anybody who's trying to talk some sense into the back. Very reminiscent of the Lord of the Flies. It shows to you whether you want to be a spectacled guy or a savage. And there are time when it's better to be one and there are time when it's better to be the other. So, it's up too. You can start deciding whether you want to move with the herd or whether you want to move on your own.

    The idea is that you need to do the following sequence:

    1) Watch the video
    2) Read the comments section
    3) Ponder on

    1. Why are you doing 1) and 2)?
    2. Why are people saying that both the video and the idea of trading FX is BS? And what do you think about the people who started writing comments without first watching the video and trying to fully internalize its contents?
    3. You'll eventually come to the realization that you don't actually understand whether FX is BS or not (and this video might as well be, but you are here not because of this video, but because you want to understand that whether trading FX is BS).
    4. Accept that FX low-trime-frame trading might be BS and just start trading long. I've been trading VERY LONG for over a year and I am making 1% per month. YOU CAN'T EVEN START UNDERSTANDING HOW FUCKING PROUD I AM OF MYSELF COZ I AM PROFITABLE AND THIS IS WHAT MATTERS LONG-TERM, IMHO.

  77. Oleg says:

    forex is just like medicine or engineering profession. It is not meant for everyone and requires training, discipline and expertise.

  78. Dimooon Yankl says:

    Listen to him, he tells you right off the bat he’s a veteran trader with 30 years experience and here all you New traders are bad mouthing him like you have any ground to stand on at all

  79. Haha Hooligan says:

    1. There's plenty of people making money in Forex.
    2. He's done it for 30 years, meaning if he never saw an increase in money, he wouldn't have kept doing it.

    For 30 years he couldn't successfully grow is what he's saying. He didn't understand what he was doing for 30 years.

  80. Erick mremi says:

    When i was starting my forex journey back in 2018 i saw this video i just watched it for the first minute then i said this guy is making me give up forex then i closed the video it has been one year today i watched the whole video now i know why i was failing sometimes were given opportunities to learn things free on youtube but we dont follow so we have to pay school fees to the market to learn in the hard way

  81. Rashad Hickman says:

    Great advice in this video. Wealth building takes time and having a good strategy, confidence, risk management and realistic expectations are key. I know quite a few Forex traders who have been doing it for a while. They all gave me the same advice: learn the market, constantly educate yourself, know that Forex trading is no get rich quick scheme and don’t make stupid investments by getting greedy.

  82. Camille Parker says:

    Trade wisely and better.

  83. Wamiq Ahmed says:

    At first i thought this was a bullshit video, but after watching, he talks truth about new traders strategies.


    I am intersting To start forex trading and i want know very straight questions !!! 2020 could i make réal money this trade.

    What is thé most difficulties i need To challenge To strat.

    How much money i can start min and max for best way .

    Where i can Get best coaching or learning skill

    Thank you

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    I have never had these unrealistic expectations. My number one motivation is that I love doing analysis and I don't want to lose money. I have a demo account now and I am learning and wamt to learn more. The part of getting rich or trading on the beach is a remote dream. Could very well be I will never get there.

  88. nathaniel comic life says:

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    We need to trade with large amounts to make serious money on forex…

    #that it

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    I am

  95. artyserio says:

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