Healthy Lifestyle For Beginners | Health Equals Wealth | How Good Health can Translate to Wealth

Healthy Lifestyle For Beginners | Health Equals Wealth | How Good Health can Translate to Wealth

what’s up everybody you’re in the
building with Joe uncle MA and this is gonna be a life gains fitness video
because Fitness has been the foundation for what has helped transform my life I
don’t get a lot of views on these videos but the views I do get are people who
are very passionate about the full circle of life gains and that’s why I
continue to do them and I engage get a chance to engage that audience a little
more so let’s jump into me put on my plus seven glasses of the sexiest he’ll
work on skilling up my craft help me give you guys a better YouTube
experience something better to look at sponsors of this video are in the video
description link go down there and check them out my wife is doing a YouTube
channel she is a nephrologist at do so if you’ve got people that’s got kidney
issues hypertension issues blood pressure issues check the video
description I’ve also got some links and other people that do different fat
trimming programs different nutritional programs that are in the video
description check them out so I haven’t been doing my life games fitness videos
I haven’t been taking off my shirt showing as much of my cuts for the sluts
any of that stuff but I do want you guys know I am still training right now I’m
training for a half marathon in October in Durham Bulls city run and I wanted to
come up here and give you guys a video on why health equals well and what it
has done for me so first and foremost if you guys haven’t noticed 75% of people
in America are overweight 75 and why because losing weight is hard as hell it
is one of the hardest things you have to do because life is so busy getting in
shape and being in a good body fat somewhere around 15% or less it’s hard
to do because life makes food convenient food is something some of us get
pleasure from alcohol is something you get pleasure
from that doesn’t necessarily help you be fit going to the gym takes time you
got to put it into your schedule I mean it’s just a baby a different thing so
think about how that would relate to helping you be better in your businesses
helping you be better in life the discipline that is required to be
physically fit is put it into a gym schedule and a plan and doing it cooking
going to get your groceries and making that all work and sticking to them when
you don’t feel like going that set of discipline is the same discipline people
put in business in their marriages in their life everywhere across the board
it just so happens that the Fitness one is usually the hardest one so just think
if you can get into a good schedule of being in a habit of going to the gym
working out your plan cooking buying your meals and settle into that
discipline imagine how you might be able to translate that discipline to your
side hustles to your current job and how you can be more productive so being
physically fit also leads to long term gratification for you doing short term
work getting yourself physically fit unless you’ve got a hundred or more
pounds to lose the average person just by doing these discipline steps can get
in decent shape in about six to eight to ten months short-term gratification but
that short-term gratification can lead to long term habits of good he’ll allow
you to live a longer fuller life with more productivity and more quality of
life and then being able to live longer and spend all this money and enjoy it
because you’ve worked all these years to save it and invest it and you’re not
some damn vegetable potato in a bed you can’t get out that’s another
gratification of getting discipline and discipline making life better for you it
also makes you healthier you know creating better outcomes because fellas
you know as you get older if you haven’t been taking care of yourself
that little Wii wheel you’re starts not to work properly if you can maintain a
level of physical fitness throughout your life you are going to be in a
better position to be able to do all the things you’re doing when you’re as 20s
even when you’re in your 60s and 70s I just happen to be blessed to be around
coaches that are 55 plus then adorned things 20 year olds aren’t doing I mean
these dudes is in great physical shape and that has rubbed off for me and when
I was going through my various hard time for my business the discipline of being
on my diet made it easier to get through those hard times in business because all
that required was a little bit more discipline in my business and I was able
to do it because the dieting was so hard that part of my business didn’t really
feel all that hard which brings me to the last point just being able to
maintain that level of physical fitness it’s very hard and by it being so hard
it makes all the other things in your life easy now granted once you start
living this once you put it into a lifestyle it does become easier it makes
things easier and then certain things that used to bother you and get on your
nerves you’ll look at it be like oh damn that doesn’t bother me now why am I even
sweating there because you have built a lifestyle of discipline around your
physical fitness so ladies and gentlemen I want you to leave me some comments why
wait to new years to start getting yourself physically fit start it now so
when New Year’s comes you ahead of the game let me know if you’re incorporating
a healthy and fit lifestyle into your journey no matter what you’re doing
y’all know my story keep following it and I’ll keep you informed and that’s
gonna do it for this video don’t forget to like my video comment and subscribe
go get yourself a life game check that video description box for all the life
games that might be down there that can help you make more gains in your
lifestyle and until the next sex is hell video I’ll see you


  1. Matthew Rodriguez says:

    I'm super overweight and dont have any motivation. Any advice?

  2. vickie drain says:

    Congratulations on entering the 1/2 marathon. I know you're gonna do well.

  3. vickie drain says:

    I workout everyday without fail doing fasted cardio, weight training and core strengthening. I have gotten amazing results from that, but a clean diet I believe helped me tremendously as well.

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