Harry Potter World in Japan!!

Harry Potter World in Japan!!

Wow, Shrek is Huge! You have to spin it to make it go faster! We just go out of the ride. It was awesome! It was moving so much we weren’t allowed to bring anything. But oh man that was probably the best ride I’ve ever been on in my life! Marauder’s map! Yoko! Butter Beer! Dozo (go ahead) You have a mustache…you have something on your mouth. I’m in the Tavern here. Three Broomsticks Tavern. And from behind me I just ordered a butter beer. It’s really good. I don’t know if you can see it. The bubbles keep getting higher and higher the more you drink. It’s really cool. It’s like magic!


  1. TubaBuddha says:

    I am house HufflePuff. Without a doubt.

  2. Dashkitt Ju says:

    You have a mustache xD

  3. Japan and Me says:

    Woody the Woodpecker is known in Japan?! Beetlejuice too?!

    Coincidentally I saw the TV avert for this place about 20 seconds before I saw you had uploaded this video.

    In Japan, the scene where Hermione gets a butter-beer mustache seems to be one of the iconic scenes for some reason. Looks great, would love to go sometime!

  4. pedestrianme says:

    gotta agree, the Hogwarts ride is the best park ride I've ever been on, too. stayed late and got to hop on multiple times with no line and it never got old.

  5. Bunny Chan says:

    I have not thought of some of those characters in years! I tell ya though, if I went to the Harry Potter World… I might come back broke and a bag full of merchandise! Lol I am kidding but still.

  6. Miss Deegee says:

    awww Hogwarts..so cute. Thx 4 sharing. Just added Osaka as a must-see when I am going to visit Japan hopefully soon…

  7. joseph llanas says:

    dam whats wrong with ur girl yoko she mad when she was drinking beer and you told her u got something in ur mouth you had a fight or she regrets going out with you i would fuck that girl with ur girl she is fine .

  8. Goldberry Bombadil says:

    Going to Hogsmeade at night was amazing!! We went to it in Florida for 5 days and we cried leaving the Harry Potter World!! I do not like Butter Beer though. Funny thing is….I only came across maybe 5 English speaking people and we were in the US! Did you all get a picture from the Harry Potter ride? We have one and my daughter was terrified!

  9. Gabby S says:

    Butter beer! Would love to get me hands on one of those wands hohoho 😀

  10. Ju bg says:

    buen video amigo

  11. KustomFu says:

    oah awesome!!!!!! I really want to go to the HP world in Florida

  12. KustomFu says:

    0:24 lol what is woody woodpecker doing there?

  13. Kaygee79 says:

    Some of those scenes brought back old memories! Good times! 🙂

  14. replyasmuchasyouwant indiansareinferior. says:

    hi ozzy do you watch Korean or Japanese Drama or you watch american series like big bang.

  15. Capucine Miniatures 1:12 says:

    Hello from France!
    Thank you for this vidéo! There are not enough videos about The Wizarding world of Harry Potter in Osaka !
    Then, thank you!!!
    Can you show us your haul?

  16. Iam Lise says:

    That's awesome! Did you have to get like fast passes for it? And that ride is it like a full on roller coaster? Or more simulator?

  17. Jaderick Brent Ong says:

    when i go in japan i going see harry potter

  18. Johanes Paulus says:

    may i know.. how much the robe cost?

  19. Phantom Kat says:

    STD coming soon?

  20. Commander says:

    2:01 is that Cyarin?!

  21. Jena Grace says:

    Would you be able to tell me how much a cloak is? From the actual store. Some results are telling me they are 300$ I'm going to the Japan park next spring and want to make sure I have all the money I need!

  22. Patrick P says:

    Harry Potter world… One more reason to go to Japan ✌😊

  23. YEE HAW says:

    My dream is to go there

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