Happy Poor, Unhappy Rich

Happy Poor, Unhappy Rich

I knew a guy who had every right to be unhappy.
He was extremely poor — his house was like a hovel, his wife had serious health problems
— and, I kid you not, he worked in a graveyard. [intro music] But he always seemed to be cheerful and happy.
I’ll never forget, one day I saw him after work, it had been raining all day, he was
wet and muddy. I asked what he’d been doing that day, and he said, “Diggin’ up bodies.” Now, there’s a guy whose happiness is not
defined by his circumstances. Why is he happy? I suspect it’s because he knows he’s earning
his keep. What little money he spends is money he earned with his own labors. 
Now let’s look at the other end of the spectrum. Have you ever known someone with lots and
lots of money who was UNhappy? Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of very happy and
well-adjusted rich people. But I’ve also known some people with plenty of money who are miserable,
and I think it’s pretty common. Lottery winners can provide a stark example.
Consider the true story of Billie Bob Harrell, Jr., who won 31 million dollars in the Texas
Lottery.  By all accounts Billie Bob was a good and religious man — and he was generous
with his good fortune, buying homes and cars for loved ones and loaning money to others.
But it seemed like his only value to some of these folks lay in the fact that he had
money. Everybody wanted something from him. His marriage fell apart, his family disintegrated.
And in the end, he killed himself. As I say, that’s a stark example, but who’s
better off: the lottery winner or my grave digger friend? Perhaps more to the point:
what if the grave digger were to WIN the lottery? At his job he gets a day’s pay for a day’s
work. But if he wins the lottery he gets a lifetime’s pay for NO work. For someone in
that situation, it’s not a stretch to think of yourself as being just a giant freeloader.
If you can’t find a new value proposition for yourself beyond just having and spending
money, you’re not likely to be very happy. Money is important, but it should support
the major priorities in your life, not BECOME the major priority in your life.
So you might not want to envy the next big lottery winner too much — because money and
value are two different things. [music] That’s it for today. Thanks for watching,
have a great day, and we’ll see you next time.


  1. joe woods says:

    Amen Andy, a strong faith and a good heart holds riches that no currency can ever trump.

  2. FluffySpartan says:

    so true.

  3. MaRoMoRoStaR says:

    True that, im not rich but i have a job, food on the table and a home and i am happy. Btw this nice guy looks like George Bush

  4. He-Ay TM says:

    I once heard someone say that less is more

  5. linas balaisis says:

    hi.. can i use your video for my website

  6. Wayne Dent says:

    Someone once said, if you are a generally happy person before you get a lot of money, you stand a good chance of being happy after getting a lot of money. However, if you are a generally unhappy person before getting a lot of money, you will remain so after getting rich. Money won't make you happy if you are miserable anyway!

  7. jimmy Lzq says:

    Fake News

  8. jimmy Lzq says:

    people who don't want to become wealthy will believe this.

  9. MrRWF2004 says:

    The reason that he killed himself was that he couldn't believe that no one values him for what he is, not the money he own. That's how the world spins. He would have been better half if he hadn't won the lottery. I too realised late. But I learned to live with that. Now I am not disappointed, happy or unhappy.

  10. Ross Harris says:

    poor in spirit = poor in mind-Rom.7:24 = poor in life- James 2:5

  11. Pure Energy says:

    The unhappiness stems from believing in death. Rich people know that money will not save them from dying. So money can seem useless. After all, why buy anything if you are going to die anyway? What is the point? Money keeps you moving though. takes time to spend all that money. Having a busy day everyday takes away fears of death.
    I am happy because I know that there is no such thing as death. I have no money, yet I know I have got what 99% of what most people don't have–a loss of fear of death.
    Of course in this life it seems like I had to have a tortuous childhood to know that. When that grieving mother was violent and sarcastic and distant, I would hide and cry. I spent a huge amount of time by myself. When alone I heard voices in my head and sometimes from across the room. I felt these invisible beings. I knew that they were there. I was bullied for talking about them, so I finally shut up. But these beings became my family because they listened to me. They had compassionate voices, but maybe only neutral. But what they didn't have was harshness coming from the people around me. Teachers and other kids bullied me, so I became very anti social. But I knew that there was no such thing as death.
    Then in my 20's one of these voices told me to go talk to a man walking down the street. Through him I found the book "Living the Infinite Way" by Joel Goldsmith. With this book I discovered my goosebumps of excitement. Literal goosebumps I felt when reading this book. Then I found more books on really fast healing. Wow. I learned to heal myself by changing my thoughts. I read story after story of other people's fast healing that they called miracles. I wanted to see miracles and magic. Then one day a co worker fell down in pain. I suddenly felt a huge amount of energy become my body, so I put my hand on him. He jumped up not in pain anymore. Overwhelming to me to say the least. I didn't know how to talk about this energy, so I stayed anti social. After all, nobody had ever wanted to hear about the voices I heard in my head.

  12. Bruce says:

    Want, desire are the key to unhappiness. Those who do not have, have learned to be content with all that they have. Having family, friends, loved ones and life itself is happiness. The rich have much to learn from the poor. The rich get caught in the money trap. They come to believe that life is about making money. Money, like all things, is impermanent and never buys happiness. At best, money buys temporary pleasure. There is a big difference. Thank you.

  13. Beatum Forever says:

    This is amazing and that's it for today.

  14. Big Boi says:

    The reason why privileged people get depressed is, because only when you don't have to worry about your basic needs you start seeing the pointlessnes in life. Poor people are too focused on surviving so they dont even have enough time to see that life is meaningless and noone will ever feel fullfilled.

  15. Zyhir Harris says:

    Rich unhappy Because people beg for money but some poor are happy from getting donations lol

  16. Ryan Jarvis says:

    The greatest times I was happy was when I had nothing. Penniless. Found the best Gf I've ever have.
    That only lasted about 3 yrs before we broke up and wanting to wish for being rich because I WILL be happy when I have a mansion, money to travel, cars, trucks, tools, acres of property, throwing parties etc.

    I would not kill myself. I would be the happiest mother fucker in the world if I ever became a millionaire.

  17. Carlos Franco says:

    Thx 🤗

  18. Shane Blankenship says:

    0:26 digging up bodies?

  19. Altair Evercroft says:

    So-called happy poor people are actually middle-class.
    Truly poor people are made unhappy by having to constantly worry about making ends meet.

  20. Hisham Mastura says:

    "My Happiness is defined by my will and passion,I don't care about money,I value my scientific research,my endless conquest for knowledge and my work for the future of humanity",I one day hope I can say that to the world,but I'm still in high school.

  21. Wendy Black says:

    What you own, Eventually owns you

  22. Frank Black says:

    Why the fuck is he digging up bodies?

  23. Gary Williams says:

    No I have never known someone with lots of money who was unhappy. If you have cancer and you are going to die then money will not save you. But it will fix just about everything else. Your example of the guy in Texas who won the lottery is absurd. He did not have to loan money, buy people homes or put himself in the position of a giver, he could have saved the money and had a decent life combined with doing something like giving to an animal shelter and volunteering to help out. It is not rocket science to know that if you are doling out millions to people then people will take advantage of you. And in the end he killed himself so right there he had mental problems. So tell me how people who win money are just a "giant freeloader"? You have an American accent so I presume that you live in the USA. Don´t get seriously sick there without a lot of money. there is no National Health Service. This video is pointless.

  24. Divyansh Sharma says:

    1:20 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i am crying hahahahahahaha

  25. Tanner Herzman says:

    I was always happiest when I was just getting by and had great friends and family then having $$ in my life and no real authentic connection or respect from others.

  26. soli Sanchez says:

    Let’s be real, this is not the case in the everyday world.
    The majority of poor people are unhappy, even depressed. Hence, why too, where they live, is Ghetto looking. They just don’t care. And why most rich people, even middle class do not want to live around them. Which I don’t blame them.

  27. Caine Pamei says:


  28. Ariman98 says:

    Or maybe because he’s a necrophiliac?

  29. brahmoone says:

    it's just a matter of how one spend his money. spending money takes time and happiness!

  30. saganist says:

    Money is simply a tool. It can be used for all kinds of purposes.

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