Hanson: ‘Trump’s in the driver’s seat’ on impeachment

Hanson: ‘Trump’s in the driver’s seat’ on impeachment


  1. Josie Whales says:

    TrumpNation, Just keep Economy booming Mr President

  2. RogerUSA says:

    On the IG Horrowitz report …."His conclusions about motive were not supported by his own evidence." Boom!!
    What a wonderful wordsmith Victor Davis Hanson is.

  3. Paul Heath says:

    Good luck white people try getting the popular vote when a black person says that's crazy and MAGA thinks that its a good thing

  4. Lisa Saunders says:

    Lindsey Graham just nailed dems. coffin shut today in front of Horowitz! Time to dig their graves!!! Set the date, their funeral is coming soon!

  5. Janet Keveryn says:

    GOD BLESS our PRESIDENT ✝️✝️✝️????????????We will be VOTING for TRUMP again because he is an AWESOME President and we THANK GOD ALMIGHTY for all of the FIRST FAMILY ❤️❤️❤️❤️???

  6. Jakob Jakobi says:

    Donald Trump is the best President in the world!

  7. Pat Melton says:

    Dims are drowning in their own lies!

  8. truth warrior7711 says:

    After the Circus this former Democrat will be voting TRUMP 2020! Never again will I ever vote DEM!

  9. Gee Lawrence says:

    Fox news cable or corporate is nothing but a liar..A LlAR.
    With their alternate lying foolishness and ignorance of what the Constitution of the United States is and what it stands for.
    All other major news organizations are on the same page.. EXCEPT FOX NEWS. They are lying to the public they are lying to the world.
    There alternate version of a dystopian world is NOT THE TRUTH..
    Fox news is twisting it into a false and dystopian Truth and lying about what is real and what is not reality!!!!

  10. Richard Perkey says:

    ????TRUMP 2020-24-28????

  11. CRIP ZOE says:

    Trump did his job and I give you full command and support for duty in 2020

  12. Doug Texas says:

    If this goes to the Senate, the Republicans can bring out the Democrat's dirty laundry. They will regret it !!!!!!!!!

  13. RALEIGH WOOD says:

    It feels good to be on the right side of history.  Be extra vigilant Patriots .

  14. vladimir trump says:

    Why do Americans hate Putin and Russia for? I give 100 $ who give the best answer.

  15. Glenn Sankey says:


  16. Stephen H says:

    Trump's Totality of Accomplishments = 100% USA !

  17. Tommy Twotoes says:

    FOX News never says anything NEGATIVE about Trump and CNN News never says anything POSITIVE about Trump. Neither one is reliable. They both suck.

  18. John F says:

    Leading the way to the hot ? Seat

  19. Gonzalo Azocar. says:

    God bless you president trump

  20. Chantel Smith says:


  21. CottageGarden SMITH says:


  22. Keith McCoy says:

    Out of 12 presidents in my life, the Greatest!

  23. Kirk Cox says:

    Trump will get through the impeachment I hope he does not blow it in the election he needs to tone down and not enrage his base

  24. Frag Out, Fire in the Hole! says:

    We win. -maga country

  25. starastronomer says:

    CORRUPTION defined = Pelosi, Schiff, & Nadler. Trump 2020

  26. Randy Brindle says:

    Trump lives in all their heads 24/7….Trump 2020

  27. Deek 44 says:

    Every time I see a Trump rally like the one in Pa last night, with thousands and thousands and thousands of people trying to get int to see him, it makes me wonder just how stupid the Democrats can be!!!!!!!

  28. MR Yo says:

    I greatly doubt that he will be really Impeached

  29. tony lyons says:

    It truly amazes me how you guys don't see the light about this inept administration! This is not about winning. The american people need to know the truth, make a change from this circus.

  30. raul ruiz says:

    Duuuuh he's the one impeached and that stain will be there forever

  31. BUILD THE WALL says:


    Did you hear Monica Lewinsky is becoming Republican? 

    The Democrats left a bad taste in her mouth!!  ??

  32. GDV says:

    Trump never has a bad week bro let's lock up that landslide 2020

  33. RANDY WASSUM says:

    Here is a man who knows more about this country than any 50 people, even he says Horowitz should have recommended several people for criminal prosecution, once again proves Horowitz is bias, deep state, or smoking crack.

  34. Tim N says:

    Protection our President. So far , I see President love American and make American Great

  35. The Observer says:

    Trump is not perfect, none of us do, …..Trump also have FLAWS, just like all of us……but it is not his Imperfection nor his Flaws that makes America great…..it is his TRUE LOVE and PATRIOTISM for this Nation, and his Serious Dedication to Leadership with the support of the Republican Party together with the People's Support under Almighty God……that makes "America GREAT Again"…..Trump put his Action where his Mouth is……Promises Made, Promises Kept…..Trump stand for all of us and doing it for FREE……it is now our time to stand by him in this Hoax Impeachment Trial of the Demo, based only with Hatred, Lies and Anger without Truth nor Facts…..and must stand up again in 2020, for 4 more years to KEEP AMERICA GREAT,….God bless America and Long Live Trump.

  36. Keith Hanson says:

    Thanks uncle !

  37. Roger Quarton says:

    Professor Hanson is one of my favorites! Very knowledgeable and precise.

  38. JesusChristisGodintheFlesh says:

    USSR=American Democrats

  39. JesusChristisGodintheFlesh says:

    Rudy G. Has the evidence.

  40. JesusChristisGodintheFlesh says:

    Heaven backs Trump!

  41. Craig Martin says:

    VDH is wonderful, he is truly aware politically

  42. Dan Lee says:

    Trump is politically and personally a realy lost soul
    on a fast crumbling cliff,who's is desperately
    looking for all kind of ways for nothing loosing
    his balance.

  43. Christina just Christina says:

    "…this represents commitment to Nato….."

  44. D Man says:

    So a Foreign friendly Country can start a investigation to get the FBI to investigate a United States citizen,  but TRUMP 2020 can not ask a Foreign friendly country to investigate a United states citizen who on video, told the American people that the Obama administration had interfered in a Foreign corrupt country. Also a VP who's son compromised his seat in office,

  45. External power says:

    He is clearly thrilled about it based on his Tweets. Lol. The guy has no filter he isnt playing 2 moves ahead. He has no idea what he is even doing.

  46. Laurie Stratton says:

    Trump will always win. He has the hand of God on his shoulder.

  47. Sara Wilson says:

    Thankful for Victor Davis Hanson.

  48. CarlosChip Morales says:

    Stop chewing tobacco hanson!

  49. V Ghost says:

    good Catholics don't lie, cheat and commit fraud Mrs. Pelosi. i will pray for you to burn in hell for all eternity
    : )

  50. Shula Hangel says:

    only God is better then trump

  51. Wwe Fanatic says:

    God bless all soldiers around the world in the name of Jesus Christ.?????????????????????????????

  52. Jorge Ventura says:

    The impeachment is a reaction from deep state that can't have Trump for a second term.

  53. Edwin Zakrzewski Jr says:

    Trump 2020 Vote straight Republican America

  54. David Ohrn says:

    JFK DEMOCRAT here.
    Voting for Trump 2020.

  55. Avigail G. says:


  56. Sylvia Fashant says:

    I like a President that hauls the bucking bronco
    on his back..up the mountain??️‍♂️?

  57. Amparo Howell says:


  58. RICK NICK says:

    Pelosi is just bitter because she got the letter

  59. Deibama says:

    Horowitz is just another swamp dweller.

  60. S O'Leary says:

    Love to listen to Victor’s opinions, it gives me great ? education about our political avenues!. Trump 2020 !

  61. Ron Alonzo says:

    Trump will go down in history as being the best president of all times….
    Mover and a shaker…
    A real doer….

  62. redcomic619 says:

    Lou can stop dying his hair. It’s not fooling anyone.

  63. Jeff Davis says:

    The democrats haven’t all of a sudden become extreme left wing/socialism/justice warriors overnight. It’s been like this for years and years now. The only difference NOW is that Trump has exposed it all. He’s pretty much single-handedly shown us all their true colors. And it’s nothing but pitch blackness. Trumps going to win 4 more years. Any sane rational logical person knows as much.

  64. Andrea Vlasis says:


  65. rick hale says:

    Mr. Hanson has a rare humility. Refreshing.

  66. Karen Haynes says:

    Satan is the great deceiver.

  67. Michael Lydeen says:

    NATO is BS
    It's colluding with the NEW enemies … Our old allies.

    Get out of NATO

    Taxpayers have rights.

    NATO is being corrupted by the UN.

  68. P M says:

    I'm sorry but why does the president look liked he was streched out on the thimbnail?

  69. dennis winters says:

    Have any of you inbred congenital idiots ever seen Donald Trump at a steering wheel ? It doesn't exactly inspire confidence, I can tell you.

  70. Will to Freedom says:

    Love Victor Davis Hanson. Can't wait to see his election year update on his "The Case for Trump" book.

  71. Wynette Greer says:

    The authority’s are white washing these traitors! Americans are chomping at the bits to take our country back! If the law does not do their job! All almost 2 hundred thousand criminals have to be prosecuted! To drain this treason from our country and our gov

  72. Jason Jackson says:

    Imagine a Congress & Senate with a Republican majority, something will actually get done ???

  73. cupchamp5 says:

    Trump will win by default, because the Democrats will already be in prison by election day.U can't impeach presidents for no reason and that's what Nancy Pelosi and her gang of thugs are doing.

  74. Ken Wells says:

    What the heck is a "Legal Opinion" anyway? Isn't that one of those funny phrases like "jumbo shrimp" ?

  75. Lee Watson says:

    This month New York will become the 13th state in the U.S. to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses and officials in counties throughout the Empire State warn they are not equipped to handle the predicted onslaught. One state lawmaker is offering free care for the children of illegal aliens who attend a workshop to help them navigate the process of obtaining a license. More than half a million undocumented immigrants are expected to qualify and all they need is an expired passport, consulate identification or license from their country of citizenship.

  76. Joe LoDico says:

    vote DEM out

  77. Finley Currie says:

    Hate is corrosive and Americans have seen what that powerful, negative emotion has done to the Democrats. They have forsaken ethics, fair play, and honesty to remove a duly elected president. They reduced the solemn impeachment process to sham.

    The Democrats can't even sell their souls to the devil to impeach President Trump because the devil sees no value. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff must cringe when they see their reflections in the mirror.

  78. dominick says:

    Lou Dobbs How Do are you able to speak gargling on Trumps Balls?!? Trump is in the Driver’s Seat on Impeachment Alright, Straight to Leavenworth!! Hey Hanson, Trump has Russian Sergei Lavrov , Putin’s Right Hand Man in the Oval Office Right Now, giving Trump Orders From Putin!! The Fox News Propaganda Network, Pro-Russian Pro-Trump Broadcast!! Traitors!!!

  79. Pamela says:

    Nadler had his naptime, lol.

  80. Truth Seeker says:

    This impeachment is bigger than the Titanic

  81. Kyle Matthews says:

    The captain always goes down with the ship. Nancy's the captain of this ship

  82. Byron Williams says:

    Hanson has been watching Clinton network ?

  83. Susan White says:

    Please go back to Arkansas, Hillary. And please go back to Chicago, Obama.

  84. Susie Hartley says:

    The best President we have ever had!! Trump 2020 and beyond

  85. RON SCHUELER says:

    Dems have no platform to run on but hate Trump which will backfire. NO evidence.

  86. joe latteri says:

    VEHICLE, …get him on more often. This looked like it was recorded at his home in Selma.

  87. bruce lach says:

    trump 2020

  88. Will Paul says:

    Why are we still involved with NATO?

  89. Jim Jr44 says:

    That VDH is very very good. Very logical and thoughtful. Hard to believe they let him in academia.

  90. William Terwilliger says:

    The orange one rules ?

  91. Mibubot says:

    I wish we could put Trump in every driver seat. I don’t even know what purpose the republicans and democrats are serving at this point. The reps are incompotent and the dems are corrupt. Why can’t we just get rid of these parties? They’re both so useless.

  92. 1jimmyluch says:

    trump loves a good fight. the dems are losing it and did you notice trump doesn't look like he aged a day after all this bullship

  93. Deborah55 says:

    I love my president and I pray for him and thank God for him everyday. Our God is protecting president Trump and gives him strength to stand in the midst of this travesty, hate and deception. No one could stand alone in this battle, but soon justice will prevail! Until then we must keep in Prayer. God bless all.

  94. Heaven Sent says:

    I'm sitting in my bed saying I feel so bad for the Democrats, but just realized I'm lying by saying that …oops Trump2020 losers…??

  95. Larry Thomas says:


  96. Robert Maki says:

    The dems are losing their minds.. like when OJ Simpson was found not guilty, but we knew he was… his mind started to become ill,, reprobate,, it’s what happens when you continue in your sin…when you violate Gods laws with impunity, he will eventually turn you over to a reprobate mind..

  97. Sokhan Yuos says:

    I hope Muller is not going to commit suicide like others

  98. Capt. Dale Carlton says:

    President Trump loves America and it's people. The American Unity he inspires is a benefit to every American. Prosperity is one major benefit, there are many more. Unity is so powerful, Democrats don't want you to have it. Your unity makes them weaker and irrelevant. You can pass judgement too, keep your American UNITY, Abort the Democrat Party when next YOU vote! Just do it.

  99. jkirk1626 says:

    Never underestimate the treachery of RINO backstabbing traitors like James Lankford, et al.

  100. Traveler says:

    The Democrats Built the Foundation of Impeachment on Lies… It has No where to go but Crumbling Down…

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