Habits of Rich People |A Mentor|

Here friends welcome to our channel in this video We will see the habits of rich people Right now is the best time to become rich and the reason is there are a lot of opportunities as compared to few years back then And the people are becoming rich very quickly So today I will share those qualities habits secrets and behavior, which will help to be a millionaire So watch this video till end The best thing is you can learn and apply these habits in your life in order to become a millionaire Number one dreams the first step or you can say the base of success is dreaming Because if you don’t have dreams, then there will be nothing to chase all those successful achievers who are ones are dreamers It is said that if your dream does not found to be impossible, then it is not a dream Imagine how you see yourself after five years What works you will be doing which car you will be driving how much money you will have etc, etc Just imagine your health wealth relationship success and Happiness It is said that if you will fight for your dreams then your dreams will fight for you so dream big Number two taking responsibility of your life. Most of the people doesn’t get success in their life So they blame other things for example I didn’t scored well because the examples very tough or I am not taking a job because of government etc, etc And blaming other things is the biggest enemy of their dreams Because if you will blame other things then you will think that it is not my fault and you won’t take actions But if you will take responsibility of all those things happening in your life Then you will take actions in order to improve it and you will become better Number 3 work harder and longer they are two kinds of people one normal people and second successful people normal, people work 40 hours a week in order to fulfill their needs on the other hand successful entrepreneurs work 80 to 90 hours a Week for themselves and that’s a major difference between normal people and self made millionaires when you work for 40 years Then you are just fulfilling your needs But then extra 40-50 hours you are working for your dreams. You are getting closer towards it Most of the successful people like Elon Musk work 80 to 90 hours a week and manages both his companies SpaceX and Tesla So work harder and longer Number four become a learner most of the successful people learns consistently people think that Education is over after school and colleges but successful entrepreneurs say that real study start after college Because if you want to make money, then you need to learn how to make money skills Like communicating with clients customers how to close sales what to do with your hard-earned money Normally people spend their money in liabilities like car clothes electronic gadgets But successful entrepreneurs save an invest their money So there are many things which are not taught in school and colleges You can read books regarding money management business investment, etc. Or you then listen to audio book summary Warren Buffet world’s fourth richest man and king of investment reached 500 pages every day Number 5 maintain trust for example You need a financial plan for your future and there are two brokers One is very honest and always tells the truth ups and down of the plan and the other makes faith promises and lies a lot Then whom will you trust? Obviously the first one so the best way to maintain trust customers is always speak truth people like that person who speak truth Number six speed and dependability nowadays people don’t have time to wait. They want everything fast Amazon observed that absorb that if their website loads one second late Then it can cause them a loss of 1.6 billion dollars in a year Whereas Google observed that if the page loads one second late Then it will lead to a loss of 32 million searches per day so you can imagine how important speed is For example, there are two restaurant One restaurant take a lot of time in preparing your order where if the other restaurant prepare your order very fast Then, which also will you prefer most of the people will prefer this restaurant because of the speed of preparing your order So these gonna habits of rich people and distance apart video if you liked the video then like share and subscribe Thanks for watching

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