Guess My Income (Dae) | Lineup | Cut

Guess My Income (Dae) | Lineup | Cut

– The look. I think you wrote a book and
your face is on the cover. You probably have a cult
following, so probably $1 million. But she doesn’t charge a lot. You may even have Groupons for classes. (quirky instrumental music) I’m Dae Shik Kim Hawkins Jr. – Let me do some basic
Asian math, $35,000. – Income? Thank God. I was told I was guessing penis sizes. – Hello. Wayleen. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you.
– Strong hand shake. – I’m just gonna, I’m gonna
turn real judgemental now. All right, you definitely feel like you have more money than me. (laughing) So, your lips are purple,
which is a very bold color, which either you make so much
money where you don’t care or you don’t have a job. You should be making $1.2 million, but because of systemic racism, you’re probably making about 350. Nice meeting you. – Nice meeting you. – The bar has to be set. Everyone’s broke from here. Hello! – Hello sir. – That’s not how rich people shake hands. Could I examine your tattoos? – Yeah. – Interesting, what is this? – It says October 31st,
2005, true love forever. It was when my first wife
tried to stab me to death in a coke induced rage. – Oh. – Did you dump her after that? – Oh, yeah, yeah. – All right, well, I’m getting
uncomfortable, but also I- You’re a midnight stocker at Hot Topic and you make $15 an hour because Seattle fought for that
minimum wage and thank God. – Sweet. – Can I get a discount? – No. – Okay, see ya. – You just look like somebody I’m about to watch a life montage about. – Yeah, what does that mean, exactly? – I feel like you just
strike me as somebody who likes to take advantage of the moment. – Yes. – What is that necklace you have? Is that a whistle?
– It’s a whistle. – [Dae] Can you blow it? – I can. (high pitched whistling) – You’re rich. Three million a year. – Three million? – Yeah, I think you’re famous. He’s famous. – Finally, a non-white person. Well, I gotta be honest man,
you smell like marijuana. – Yeah. – Man, I like you. I think, what you should
be making is millions. I think you either are a motivational speaker to youth in high schools,
– Mmhm – or work at a phone sex hotline. – ‘Cause you got a good voice, dude. $50,000 a year, bro. – Good meeting you. – Judge me. – The look. Have you ever been to Laguna Beach? – Nope. – I think you wrote a book
and your face is on the cover. And the font is like this big. – Where’s my book? – It’s probably at Safeway
on the number two rank– – Safeway Best Seller!
– On that shelf behind– – Yes. You probably have a cult
following, so probably $1 million. But she doesn’t charge a lot. You may even have Groupons for classes. Maybe even a free month trial. Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Where did you get your shoes? Can I touch ’em?
– Sure thing. – They’re not steel toe. – No. – That means you’re not
in dangerous situations. – That means I don’t put my
feet where they shouldn’t be. – Can I ask you a personal question? What are the stains on your shirt? – Oh, that’s glue. – It’s glue? – Promise?
– [Man] Mm-hmm. – What color? – Grayish. – Correct. – He got wood glue on his shirt. So you make about a solid 10 grand a year. Legally. And the rest of your
hobbies, I don’t know. We won’t go there. – Thank you. – Thank you. Why did he do that? That guy was scary. – Well, you definitely
either have the makeup of a tech bro or a youth pastor. – Oh. Jesus, man. – I think your income probably
is, I would say 60,000. Good luck to your ministry. – Thank you.
– Yeah. – Well dressed, beautiful
black woman in Seattle. Two steps away from cracking the top and until I see that
bling-bling thumb ring, I think you’re about 80,000 right now. – Okay.
– Oh. – Sounds like I was wrong. – That was very hard. I think I’m very wrong. I think this was hard for me
because I just always assume everyone makes more money
than me in this city. – Yeah. – Okay. – The famous guy. – What’s up? – Hope I didn’t offend the rich people. (people laughing) Damn! I was kinda close. What happened, bro? (overlapping talking and laughter) – I lost some money, went to
college and working four jobs. – You’re a student?
– Yes. – You work four jobs?
– Yes. – You do all of that and
you’re at the end of the line? – Yeah, college course stuff yeah – Oh ok, so you’re putting all
that money back into tuition? – Yeah So um, how much do you really make? – I make around, 35 to 40 thousand a year. – Doing what? – I am a CNA. – Mmm. – Four jobs?
– Yep. – Everybody works four jobs
on this end of the line. – Alright, nice meeting you. – Meet again, how’s it going? – So what do you do? – I’m a banker. – Oh is that when you code switch? – No, yeah exactly! You have to. I couldn’t be in there just
chilling, like you know, me. That wouldn’t go off right. – How much you make a year? – Oh um, well last year I
made about 41 thousand or so. – Let’s get to that end of the line – Of course.
– Yeah, lets do it. – Most recently, I have
been simply an exterminator. – So how much do you
make as an exterminator? – I make about 40 thousand a year. – And what do you exterminate? – If it walks, crawls, or
flies, we will kill it. – Thank you, John.
– Thank you. – Goodluck. Hello
– What’s happening? – I’m the vice president of media property and events company. So I throw concerts and
promote artists and musicians. – How much do you make a year? – About 90. – Damn! – We got some millionaires over there. 90? What’s the whistle for? – Just in case, man you know? – Stay safe.
– Thank you. – Rich Hawaiian over here. How much you make? – 101 – 101? You know to the T what it is.
– Mhm, I do. – So what do you do? – I do hair at Microsoft. – Microsoft has a salon?
– Yes. – You cut Bill’s hair?
– No. – No.
– But I would like to. Do you need a haircut? – Yeah Bill, she’s good. – How much do you make?
Lets get right to it. – Last year, cleared about 150. – What do you do? – I’m the president and
CEO of a technology firm. An IT company. – You own your own company?
– Yes. – You started it?
– Yes. – Wow, congratulations. I judged you Ry, I apologize. You forgive me?
– Oh yeah. – Hello. Oh she’s mad. You coach a lot more
people than I thought huh? What do you do? – I’m a business and life coach. – Oh, so you do have that
book with your face on it. – One day.
– One day yeah. – You had some parallels to what I do. – How much do you make a year? – In 2018, my monthly
revenue has been between 15 and 20. That was in a month. But it’s not about the money
for me, it really wasn’t. It never started that way. – Is that what you tell your clients? Am I still in the trial period? Rich. Nice to meet you.
– Thank you.


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