GREATNESS HAS A COST – Motivational Video

GREATNESS HAS A COST – Motivational Video

this is why I don’t think that we should be together and I’ve thought about a little on and this is what’s gonna happen okay I’m gonna keep pursuing what I’m pursuing and because I’m doing that it’s gonna take a more more in my time and I’m not gonna be able to spend as much time with you and even when I do spend time with you I’m gonna be thinking about drumming I mean everything about jasmiyah can my charts and all that and because of that you’re gonna start to resent me and you’re gonna tell me to ease up on the drumming spend more time with you because you’re not feeling important and I’m not gonna be able to do that and really I’m just gonna start to resent you for even asking me to stop drumming and we’re just gonna start to hate each other and it’s gonna get very it’s gonna be ugly and so for those reasons I’d rather just you know break it off clean because I want to be great [Music] greatness it’s just something we made up somehow we’ve come to believe that greatness is a gift reserved for a chosen few the prodigies for Superstars and the rest of us can only stand by watching you can forget that greatness is not some rare DNA strand it’s not some precious thing greatness is no more unique to us than breathing we’re all capable of it all of us to take that first step towards greatness it’s very hard that’s a hardest step in there beneath that first step right that first step towards greatness is hard what’s a lot harder is when time expires in life you look back on your life knowing you could have been great that’s something you can’t control anymore this time run out but if you don’t believe you can do it don’t even start the journey it’s too hard it’s a winnable easy war but if you don’t if you don’t believe it don’t do it if you’re trying to do something meaningful if you don’t have the mindset that you’re the best ever you’ve failed already and that’s been my mindset since I can remember that will be my mindset as long as I can remember anything that I am the best ever at what I do and every day that I step on a basketball floor I will strive to be that but my mindset will always be as such as I am the best to do what I do and that’ll give me a shot at being the best but before you can ever reach anything you have to believe it you don’t just mistakenly become great at something you probably at one point at one time or another believe that you can be great at that and then you work to get great at that and you reach their greatness but you don’t mistakenly become great side of us or past relationships [Music] reason are you surprised [Music] [Music] you [Music]


  1. Ahmed Lumi says:

    Early hours gang
    Stay motivated every one 😊😊

  2. dolfingaming 333 says:

    I did it first comment

  3. RAM KRISHNA says:

    "Sacrifice what you are for what you want to be."

  4. Connor Apple says:

    The intro is total fire!!!

  5. Toby Toor says:

    I love this

  6. Toby Toor says:


  7. Mateo says:

    Yay i'm early

  8. AGT tech & motivation says:

    I recently completed 1,000 subscribers & I am super motivated, my goal 1M 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Tanmay Arvind says:

    Wow. Thank you.

  10. xplicit bars says:


  11. bencb3 says:

    First 1:45 was really good rest was a bit dead tbh

  12. Raj Maru says:

    The humans who are disliking it they are losser fu ck you looser…..💪👊

  13. Rafael Aguilera Royo says:

    Which movie is whats get at beggining?

  14. Guadalupe Vásquez says:

    Gracias por tanto👏 este canal es genial

  15. Krasz says:

    jestem ciekawy ilu ludzi rozwiodło się ze swoją drugą połówką przez ten film

  16. BlackFish says:

    Who is reading that, i want you to know that u are incredible!

  17. Chimchim Jamjam says:

    gosh I'm so fckn grateful that I found this channel this kind of motivation is what I need (sadly) really often

  18. Bogart Sandoval says:

    I am a drummer that needed this. Thank God and thank you for this.

  19. Símön Dañgöl says:

    Chispa motivation is some short and extremely powerful

  20. parthasarathi rout says:

    1 of the best


    Fantastic video to take massive action!

  22. Cesar Sanchez Gomez says:

    Como siempre!!!! Grande

  23. Stephen Fry says:

    I dont need friends. I'm gonna do this on my own, watch me.

  24. Designood says:


  25. Avinash Shinde says:

    Thank you Sir 🤗… Powerful message….

  26. Derrick Gentry says:

    This video is exactly what we all should realize that if you want something in life you must have confidence,belief,and always know that as long as you're continuing to keep pushing towards what you want and what was yours from the beginning you were great from the start and always remember that you have everything it takes to strive and be the champion of your life all you have to do is continue to go after your opportunities and never stop or make excuses to why something didn't happen if you didn't make it happen or possible🙏🏽💯💯👏🏽

  27. Chispa Motivation says:

    Hey guys, I just launched New Merch! If you wanna check it out, the shirts and hoodies are below every single video I post on YouTube.
    Thanks for all the support you have given me lately, it means the world to me 🥰

  28. Diego Mesa says:

    Muchas, muchas gracias..

  29. sebas Rolas says:

    Man i AM SO glad you put what Draymond Green said in this vídeo it's all true and impactfull

  30. Shelby Lee says:

    This is one of the best I've seen in a while! Well done.

  31. Ollie says:

    You need to make a spotify artist account and upload these videos in audio for people to listen to on the go!

  32. Sun Jae Paek says:

    Thank you for this. I needed it.

  33. Cody Tittle says:

    I remember when Draymond said that I was thinking that's the only thing he's ever said that makes sense to me

  34. Vishal Sabat says:

    I didn't came this far only to come this far.

  35. Físico Nuclear Cuántico says:

    Greatness is not a thought process, it is a state of mind.

  36. Gasper Pozderec says:

    Donkey Green, the greatest person on NBA floor, who blew out 3-1 lead
    Really great editing this stupid chum.
    When u strive for greatness u achive not get broken

  37. DominantSmoothie says:

    I really identify with this one. thank you!

  38. Silver Fox says:

    Awesome 👊

  39. almostgifted says:

    Ray Lewis knows what it takes to get off a murder charge

  40. Janess13 says:


  41. 조재민 says:

    please korean subtitle

  42. Ascended Master says:

    This might get to you in a week, a month or a year. But know that attaining God-Realization is the sole purpose of your life. To fully realize the infinite bliss, infinite power, and infinite knowledge that is your true self. 👑☇🌞
    BRAHMACHARYA ( nofap monkmode ) and MEDITATION are the only WAY it is the way to ENLIGHTENMENT 👌🙏💎😄🔥💖 and to actually becoming GOD 🎇🔓♾😀😂🦁
    This is the ONLY WAY you can reach it in this lifetime or a thousand lifetimes from now but inevitably you'll have to reach the ULTIMATE.

  43. zakaria lahmicha says:

    Most powerful Motivational video I've ever seen, especially the first part. the soundtrack, please?

  44. Glasco Martin IV says:

    Normally I only watch Ben Lionel but you been putting out flames lately! Just subbed!

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