Grace To Grace – Hillsong Worship

Grace To Grace – Hillsong Worship

If love endured that ancient cross How precious is my Saviour’s blood The beauty of heaven wrapped in my shame The image of love upon death’s frame If having my heart was worth the pain What joy could You see beyond the grave If love found my soul worth dying for How wonderful How glorious My Saviour’s scars Victorious My chains are gone My debt is paid From death to life And grace to grace If heaven now owns that vacant tomb How great is the hope that lives in You The passion that tore through hell like a rose The promise that rolled back death and its stone If freedom is worth the life You raised Oh where is my sin where is my shame If love paid it all to have my heart How wonderful How glorious My Saviour’s scars Victorious My chains are gone My debt is paid From death to life And grace to grace When I see that cross I see freedom When I see that grave I’ll see Jesus And from death to life I will sing Your praise In the wonder of Your grace When I see that cross I see freedom When I see that grave I’ll see Jesus And from death to life I will sing Your praise In the wonder of Your grace When I see that cross I see freedom When I see that grave I’ll see Jesus And from death to life I will sing Your praise In the wonder of Your grace When I see that cross I see freedom When I see that grave I’ll see Jesus And from death to life I will sing Your praise In the wonder of Your grace How my soul will sing Your praise In the wonder of Your grace How my soul will sing Your praise How wonderful How glorious My Saviour’s scars Victorious My chains are gone My debt is paid From death to life And grace to grace When I see that cross I see freedom When I see that grave I’ll see Jesus And from death to life I will sing Your praise In the wonder of Your grace When I see that cross I see freedom When I see that grave I’ll see Jesus And from death to life I will sing Your praise In the wonder of Your grace How my soul will sing Your praise In the wonder of Your grace How my soul will sing Your praise How wonderful How glorious My Saviour’s scars Victorious My chains are gone My debt is paid From death to life And grace to grace


  1. Kevin Koman says:

    How wonderful , how glorious , My Saviour’s scars
    … victorious <3 <3

  2. Ashish Masih says:

    I love to listen this song

  3. Muthoni Njoroge says:

    good and an inspiring song

  4. Mariam Sh says:

    I am speechless.

  5. Gladys Lopez says:


  6. Magdalena Suciati says:

    God is great don't stop for hoping to Him, He is alive, I 've been found a lot of miracles in Jesus. When you live in Him and He lives in you everything is gonna be fine. You are not worldly anymore, you just see His miracles in your life, you always full of joy to face all the problem in your life. He is Amazing God.

  7. Márcio Andrade says:

    jesus christ bless you!

  8. Princess Dianne Brunio says:


  9. Hajar Uganda says:

    Please God help me to get a new boyfriend bless me lord

  10. George Edwards says:

    Pure lyrics by Joel Houston

  11. lana beiriz says:

    Always help me when I'm down ❤️

  12. Filipe Moreira says:

    Magical moment

  13. Donovan Warnick says:


  14. Raniezio Ribeiro says:

    Hillsong tour 🇧🇷 Brasil

  15. Alejandra Gaytan says:

    I am given a new chance of a new life by the grace of JESUSCHRIST. Thank u. I praise and love u my lord n king for eternity!!

  16. Chui Kwan Wong says:

    These day , as my sound to my heart . Had are must be enough powers . Making taken gived put to down the stared is it’ll a god .

  17. Jason Hall says:

    Your not a competent therapist some of that depression needs to be talked out with a forensic psychologist and a lot of positive inviromental influence would even scratch the surface of someone suffering from real clinical depression ok .. full stop

  18. Rabb'AnnaHu Al-Qur'An says:

    Grace to Grace.
    Life to Life.

  19. Sunny Bhatti says:

    Amen praise the Lord

  20. Deiver Rengifo says:

    Cuando vienen a colombia??
    Los esperamos
    Latinoamérica ❤

  21. MegaSantosgarcia says:

    Grace is not a license to sin we have to walk in holiness away from drugs adultery fornication and tithing don't pay the 10% is the law of the Jews

  22. Sami Betho says:

    Agosto/2019 gostaria que as pessoas Seja o jovens ou não curtisse também essas musica.
    Hoje ele só querem drogas bebidas e putaria ( com o perdão da palavra).Se esquecem do vem maior Deus.

  23. Ann thuo says:

    I love you jesus.

  24. DingDong cheng says:

    If you woke up today then he has a plan for you.

  25. ALICE says:

    I pray that everyone on earth can hear the grace of the gospel, that can save their lives from depression and give everyone hope and a purpose-driven life.

  26. Hector Mantilla says:

    Man god is great. I got so much guilt I hate the life I live and
    I hope he (Jesus) Can take this pain and suffering I got go away

  27. Vickyy Silva says:

    Who loves Jesus ? ❤️❤️❤️
    Press the button below…

  28. hazel cee says:

    Father God, please help me overcome these trying times. Give me strength. Amen!

  29. Geovana Thalita says:

    Jesus rei dos reis ❤️❤️

  30. Réka Mundrusz says:

    Before I believe in God, I was lost, but now I walk on the right way with him. I'm so grateful for everything, what he makes with my life.

  31. pyndapborlang nongkynrih says:

    For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
    Romans 6:23
    Our sin was an offense to the infinitely holy God, and thus justly deserved eternal punishment. But God's grace, which was greater than all our sin, brings us eternal life instead. Amen

  32. Ariela Monterroza says:

    I’m 17 and at my young age most of my days are really sad and I don’t feel happy no more and I’m always scared and anxious and even my own family brings me down sometimes like if they didn’t like to see me happy and all I do is wrong and I don’t have peace is heart and sometimes I think that not even God wants to be on my side I feel alone and I can all day just laying down , I tried my best and important people in my life to me doesn’t even care and all do is wrong for them and I’m at the point where I feel that it would be better if I was not longer here. I’m not here so you can feel sorry for me but I know there’s more people who feel like this and even worse, but living like this it’s not actually living it’s really painful.

  33. Jason Brathwaite says:


  34. Artwell Munashe Chimombe says:

    to Den McMurray

  35. Akosua Animah says:

    A man left me with two kids while was pregnant with the girl i side me
    He got married to another without my knowledge. Have been battling with this for three yrs now
    I dont know how to trust again. But in you i know i would be healed. God help me

  36. Ponciano Gilbero says:

    Lord thanks for the time i dont know where i am and you always guide me at all time of my darkest hopeless totally down the time iwas nothing to do but your so great Lord My God i praise you ilove you JESUS

  37. cristian kenth diaz cercado says:

    hermosa alabanza. la gloria a Dios

  38. Talita Souza Coelho says:


  39. Wurst Eh says:

    Who is the leading singer?

  40. Sammy D says:

    🙏 amen

  41. Sammy D says:

    🙏 just want to say thank you lord for blessing and guidance and to protecting me from evils you have always found a way for me not to be in danger thank you for always there and giving me chance in life all I ask is to keep protecting me from evils guide me through thank you 🙏

  42. Truth Keeper Films says:

    Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first." This garbage music and false trance euphoria is responsible for the great falling away. These people come empty and leave fooled by their emotions. Let's see them pray with passion and fire without this garbage music. We'll see how genuine it really is.

  43. Jayden Halim says:


  44. Paul Murage Wachira says:

    From glory to glory may God's work in your ministry go! In Jesus' name. Amen.

  45. Kiehl A.P. says:

    I always rely on the Lord Jesus at every step of my life

  46. chidi jeff eneugwu says:

    Please pray for me I want twins boys, I love twins 😭😭

  47. Michael Y says:

    I refuse to glory in my love for Jesus.
    I glory in Jesus' love for me.

  48. karlena sanchez says:

    I love Taya so much!!!! And I love this song

  49. Mando Fresco says:

    How many know our trials and tribulations is a process, the bible said count it all joy if your in a trail, God is preparing you for Great things, stay tuned stay focused in Jesus

  50. mateusz czujko says:

    I ask all of you for prayer. I am in hard time and I know that only He can do something with that. God bless you!!

  51. Eleidiane Ferreira says:

    Muito lindo

  52. Elite Jordan says:

    Jesus is my joy and salvation from anxiety and depression.

  53. ihatefake people says:

    My debt is paid…

  54. Swu Naga says:

    What a great meaning lyrics.

    If you are here to relax & redefine your thoughts through this song…god will surely bless you😇😇

  55. Neuri Moratelli says:

    Lindo demais 😊❤👏🏻

  56. Nn Nn says:

    Very beautiful Music😆😆😆❤️🤞😁😁😁😁😁

  57. Wonder Wonder says:

    Do I need a ticket to get in?How much is the ticket?

  58. Justus Chickenbutt says:

    May may k street I quail belt russyie

  59. Jes Im says:

    Lord help us pay our bills. Amen

  60. Mary Ann Knox says:


  61. Coralyn Rojas says:

    Can Jesus come and take us away to heaven. How precious is that thought!!!

  62. Nsinjo peter says:

    Jesus' mercy is undefinable.
    Just imagine being picked from absolutely nothing to eternity.
    At the very beginning We derserved nothing buh death buh through your blood Jesus Christ u gave us life and not only life but life in it's very abaundancy.

  63. Jecson Robinson says:

    syalom hilsong worship team, I asked for permission to use this song and I will post it on my personal channel, but the video that I will post is only in the form of a simple video containing song lyrics. please reply as a sign of agreement from the Hilsong team. thank you Lord Jesus Bless

  64. Elvira Sabino says:

    Pensar que pronto les vamos a tener en lima, exactamente en noviembre, el Señor es lo mas grandeeeee

  65. Precious Cookie Racaza says:


  66. Arceli Baluca says:


  67. David Boyce says:

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  68. Reetu Mallik says:

    Well God's song

  69. Haiti Haiti says:

    Grace to Grace!
    All around the world, Amen!!!
    From Haiti🇭🇹

  70. Coralyn Rojas says:

    Over and over God breeds new life through Jesus. Be free, be healed, be forgiven, be blessed….YES, for me and for YOU

  71. Favour Asu says:

    its on y mind to just tell somebody that God hates a proud look. HUMBLE yourself. Amen.

  72. Michael says:


  73. Cristine Albano says:

    i love you lord

  74. Matimu Vincent Maluleke says:

    I just can't stop repeating this song i can repeat it more than 50 times a day

  75. Renan ferreira says:

    não me canso dessa musica

  76. Jhon Sneijder says:

    Top demais essa canção! Ouvindo em 2019

  77. David Boyce says:

    . My daughter is the rockstar Victoria Corneva who gave Elihana Elia her soundtrack for her hit Desert Rain which is the Bride of Rev.22:17 Elihana Elia' song Rivers in the Deserts. I am Sir Eric Patrick Clapton 's half brother. Our father is an Eloah named Odin of the Elohim from the Bible God's City of the God's inside a mountain Range in Vesteralen Norway, KING DAVID =VIKING DAD, so 3000 years ago King David and his court knew where the Elohim lived and David constructed his Psalm104 legal Layline
    How wonderful, how glorious

    My Savior's scars victorious

    My chains are gone, my debt is paid

    From death to life and grace to grace=

  78. Ana Milovanovic says:

    I am crying. This is beyond beautiful. I am from a country in Europe, orthodox country, and I adore this worship, singers, songs, everything. It is so captivating and ethereal. And this girl is amazing, her voice is better than the most mainstream singers, actually she has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard.

  79. Marvisrehnne Mukuka says:


  80. Suliaman Jacobs says:

    cool song of god I love Jesus

  81. Tim Rubin Halcomb says:

    Well isn't that something? Showing a violent advertisement before a wonderful Christian song is played? What's the point? You should stop them from showing these advertisements because it is ruining the beauty of these songs. I didn't come here to see violence. Rather, I came here to listen to and watch people praise God. We need to get the devil out of our country!

  82. Tim Rubin Halcomb says:

    Here's a message to the young Christian Genius: Now is the time for us to start preparing to do battle against evil. I know there are benevolent geniuses out there too. We need to learn everything we can about technology, and to start utilizing it to do God's work. Don't be deceived! Technology is a two way street. It can be used to work evil, and it can be used to battle against it. I choose the latter. Jesus doesn't want us to be ignorant. On the contrary, he wants us all to work towards educating ourselves to the best of our abilities. We're not just supposed to lay back and put everything on God's shoulders. Rather, we need to do our part too, and even if we can, we must work towards stopping souls from being tormented. I have heard the evil ones call science the new magic, but that's not true. Science comes from God, and we should be using it to work towards stopping all torment on our planet!I took a wrong turn in life, and whether it is or is not too late, I am still sorry for going in the wrong direction, and now I have taken a U-turn. I want to do what I can to contribute to stopping torment for all of us. No! We should not even have to deal with it on our planet. Praise God. God Bless all of you wonderful people.

  83. Mitchie Mica Exume Victor says:

    Oh Lord how i love listening to this wonderful women of God because my heart always found peace well listen to her because i can see God in her 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  84. Addi Engida says:

    I am Thankfull for God's presence

  85. Jazz Once says:

    😍😇🙏💖💘🧡💛💚💝💙💞💜💕❣️❤️😘💓AMEN ILOVEYOU PAPA LORD GOD JESUS AND MAMA MARY 😍😇🙏💖💘🧡💛💚💝💙💞💜💕❣️❤️😘💓

  86. Indra Demar says:

    Praise God😇😇

  87. Fernando Noé says:

    i love God's songs

  88. The Joy of the Lord Ministry says:

    💜❤️Love reigns 🔥✨✨✨✨✨Jesus✨✨✨✨✨✨✨💪

  89. Emerson Barbosa says:

    Baixada maranhense- Brasil 2019🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤❤❤….Glória a te Jesus👏👏👏

  90. Euiz Ruizn says:


  91. Vinicin 0924N says:


  92. Mzwakhe Kubheka says:


  93. huffingting says:

    Freaking nice

  94. maximo arturo maximo says:

    I ask my God him what has all power for blessing you ,and the people what listen the sing God you are beautiful you are specialty,great there is one like you ,I love you So much ,I don't speak English very good but I arrive blessing in this adoration,thank you God

  95. David Sitnic says:


  96. Glenda Kongolo says:

    God is great thank you Jesus 🙏

  97. bu ndi says:

    Grace of life
    Grace for forgiveness
    Thank you lord for your grace

  98. Janet Shao says:

    Thank you Lord

  99. Jonah Mungai says:

    Let our God give to us grace to live as he wishes for us.For if indeed our chains are gone in his name then his name is an entity without comparison.

  100. Writers Ink says:

    Who's singing? The girl?

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