Global Access to Technology

Global Access to Technology

Much has been written and said about technology’s
ability to help the rich become wealthier, and this is undoubtedly true. But in the grand
scheme of things, it’s probably the case that the non-rich have benefited from technology
more than the wealthy. If you think about it, things that were available only to the
very wealthiest in the past are available to everybody now. You can imagine a world
where only the very richest could eat ice cream year round, and yet we do that without
a thought. The wealthy could be borne around on litters or carried in chariots when everybody
else had to walk, now we all have cars and bikes. We have our choice of entertainment
in a way that wasn’t even accessible to the wealthy in the past. And the very wealthiest
had access to information that was unavailable to everybody else, and now thanks to Google
the whole of the web, access to information has been democratized. So in many ways, from
antiperspirant to anti-lock brakes, technology’s advances have helped everybody on the planet.
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  1. Hopi Ng says:

    Now imagine what they segregate still… Ice cream goes well with “cake.”

    God bless

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