what’s up guys welcome to the vlog
welcome back to my channel if you’re new here I’m Carter share and today we’re
gonna be asking random strangers what they would do for $10,000 it’s gonna be
a very interesting social experiment we’re gonna go up to random people ask
him what they would do for different amounts of money and when they say what
they would do we’re gonna pull out that amount of money and see if they’re
actually going to do it it’s gonna be really interesting and I sold it and I
actually rented a Tesla because I’ve always wanted one and I loved it so much
I placed an order and it’s coming next month so you sold the RV oh man alright
well I’m excited to see it let’s go in the bank behind us and let’s go make a
big withdraws do it alright so Carter is inside right now
getting the cash and oh there he is right there oh my gosh give me a bag
that’s how much to good stuff that’s $500 and 502 give me bigger bills that’s
this is just like volume that’s volume we’re gonna go around his hand this out
to random people this is gonna be a fun video oh I’m so high let’s go let’s go
inside and show everyone the cash they’re gonna be amazed I don’t know guys we are here at the park and now
it’s time to go to random people ask them what they would do with different
amounts of money and when we pull out the cash it’s gonna be very interesting
to see if they do it or not alright well let’s see if people are gonna put their
mouths where their if they’re gonna walk them if they’re gonna walk the talk
basically can they back their taco I don’t see anyone yet seems like
everyone’s this chilling right now we gotta find the right people though that
are gonna want to participate you know that everyone wants to be okay for
exactly and we don’t want to force anything on people
this guy right here’s this chilling let’s see a these down for it what’s
your name Kelly Kelly stove nice to meet you it’s
Brian you know so we’re asking people what they would do for a different about
somebody okay would you shave your head for today no honestly wouldn’t like the
ten thousand I would shave mine would you eat something gross now if I would
about to go find someone else Chris yeah okay so it’s your lucky day
then okay we thought we have a cricket we have a cricket are you praying and
cheese-flavored so you would eat one of those four
hundred bucks yeah that’s one yeah well I mean you did pay $100 all right so
it’s 100 dollars in cash so if you eat one bug right now get a good look at
those okay come on like Carter oh no your first day yeah like all right that’s one kickin but Ceylon tea
doing it you’re just like sucking on it chew it wow that was impressive
alright what congratulate you got yourself a hundred bucks he’s like what
it was a normal day of from walk the artist straight up look at what people
will do for different prices thank you I’m like shaking money holy mess of shoes yeah yeah bro
all right well that was a success I eat a bug we founded do to eat a bug for
under bucks I think it’s time to step it up yeah this is the guy he gave the
iPhones it’s a nice I guess even what what’s your price to
eat a bug 80 $80 to be fair bugs are very there’s a lots of different variety
of bugs I will show you the bug and then you tell me you’re okay this is a big bug and you’re saying
you’re gonna do that for $200 okay are you sure you know they are edible exotic
giant water scorpions even if they would eat one bite of this that’s some serious respect
that tastes like anything she says it was salty a little bit all right two
hundred dollars in cash that’s a big bug day two we are now out here at Venice
Beach skate park let’s see if we can find some crazy stuff do it there’s got
to be people out here look at all the people these skaters are crazy let’s go
talk to some of those okay so this guy’s gonna jump me how do i how do I even
enter this thing Oh am I gonna die if you put a first try we’re gonna do it
first try alright so that was that was literally
insane but that really wasn’t a hypothetical social experiment so we got
to find some people okay I want to see what people will say for how what their
price would be for shaving a beer I think that’s our goal let’s find someone
to shave some facial hair let’s do it your bottom dollar what would you shave would you do it right now for five
hundred bucks yeah are you sure what you guys actually
have you guys actually have it all right he said five hundred bucks gonna be half
outer bugs that looks like 500 bucks right there wait so you guys just straight up have
like the money no but like five hundred dollars so far ones dollars okay how
about another I actually I didn’t know you have five hundred episodes
okay so that’s like a we hear what people say and you said you would just
like would you walk the walk talk to me after okay so we found someone who said
he would be willing for 500 shave his head but when when push came to shove he
was not down to actually do it for that price which is interesting so let’s try
to find someone else and see if they’re gonna actually stick to their word when
they see the cash they actually do it thanks guys for joining so it’s a game
that’s like would you or have you ever eaten but I would for how much for free cutting your pony so yeah like right
below that would be a lot that would be a look that would be like what did you I
want to know what your actual like number is would it be five bucks to just
type it right where the rubber band is how much what’s your number to go 300
$300 and you a jump in the ocean okay so guys we found someone to jump into the
ocean for $300 cash he’s gonna do it right now pick you out again
standardized Wow okay so we literally just got a dude
to jump in the ocean for $300 that’s pretty crazy the water’s cold I mean you
see what I’m wearing we found a lot of people to do some crazy stuff today but
we still have quite a bit of cash it was harder than we thought to get people to
agree to the hypothetical situations that they that we were talking about so
guys I think we got to do a part two do you guys think this is interesting we
can come out here again we can spend more time we can try to find more people
to do some more crazy stuff and we’re also learning how to do social
experiments like this so a little bit of a learning curve for us we’re kind of
fish outta water out here we’re not used to just interacting with random people
like this throughout a video so we’re getting better if you guys like this we
have more cash so we can do a part to hit that like button right now comment
down below if you want to see more because we got to hear from you what you
want to see yeah we’re having a great time out here and we’ll see you on the
next vlog maybe a part two


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