This famine is one of the
great shameful things of our time and I find it an indictment of us
and a pathetic way of living. That a piece of plastic
7 inches across with a hole in the middle is the price of someones life this year. You’ve got to get on the phone
and take the money out of your pocket. Don’t go to the pub tonight.
Please, stay in and give us the money. There are people dying now.
So give me the money. The cult of celebrity was now a currency. You could spend that currency. We just had a great visit in the oval office. With 3.8 billion people in our back pockets how can they refuse us? If all you have managed to do
is to get a little bit more money, you know that you haven’t got
to the route of the problem. If you want to really make a difference in Africa,
why are you not speaking to us? I hope soon that a rock and roller in his fifties will be just told to “fuck off”
and with pleasure.

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  1. Joseph Smith says:

    Its ironic that this video shows the underlying flaw with those who believe in heavy handed policies to end poverty. Despite raising Billions with several concerts, those donations went mostly to dictators because they weren't allowed to ensure it was allocated to those who needed it. People are full of good will, just lacking in sense enough to ensure that what they are doing is actually helping those they want to help.

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