Getting dressed in the 18th century

Getting dressed in the 18th century

The shift was the undergarment worn next to the skin, made from linen. It was washable and protected the clothes from bodily moisture and the body from possibly harsh textiles being worn. It was not meant to be seen. No knickers were worn. Over-the-knee stockings made
from wool cotton silk or a mixture of these yarns were machine or hand knitted. They were often decorated at the ankle with a woven design known as clocks. Ribbon garters were tied just above the
knee. However for walking or dancing the garters were often tied below the knee
and the stocking rolled down over them to secure everything in place. The Dickey
petticoat is a knee-length white linin petticoat worn for warmth and modesty. Stays were made from layers of linen and
boned with strips of baleen. Some were left plain and others faced with
decorative silk fabric. They altered the body to the characteristic 18th century
shape of upright flat back, narrow conical waist and raised bosom. Pocket bags were worn at the hip and carried around the waist on the linen cord. Side openings and the skirts allowed access to them. They were made from plain or
decorated fabric embroidered or as in this example made from a patchwork of
pieced fabrics. It was possible to lose your pockets however if the ties came undone. Lucy locket lost her pocket, Kitty Fischer found it, not a penny was there in
it, only a ribbon round it. Paneas or a hip pad were worn to lift and display the
skirts and to emphasize the small waist. The hip pad was a large roll tapering at
the ends and tied around the waist. It may have been padded with anything from
wool to cork At least one full-length linen petticoat
was also worn. In the winter and under-petticoat wadded with wool and quilted for warmth may have been worn. During the day a linen or silk kerchief
or fisher was worn over the bosom for warmth, modesty and protect from the Sun. It could be worn tucked into the gown or worn over the shoulders and sometimes it
was crossed over the chest and tied at the back. The stomacher was a
decorative panel of fabric that filled the center front bodice of a gown. It could have been stiffened or just lined and had three pairs of linen tabs at the
side, to help pin it to the stage beneath. Stomachers could be highly decorated
and worn with many different gowns or made of matching fabric. The gown
petticoat could be made of contrasting fabric or to match the gown. It was lined
with silk or linen and had side openings for pocket access. Elaborately quilted
silk petticoat were often worn in colder weather. The gown is pinned into place down the side front of the stomacher with straight pins. The maid’s linen apron has a
bib pinned into position. The origin of the term ‘pinafore’. She has placed the
straight pins in the bib ready for fastening her mistress’s gown. Ribbons beneath the gowns skirts are tied together to raise the skirts into a
polonaise puff. Day caps were worn by all classes and varied from practical to
decorative. Finally a delicate silk or embroidered
muslin apron is added, which serves no purpose but to indicate the fine status
of the individual wearing it; conspicuous consumption


  1. EggSquad says:

    this woman seems nicer than the guy version

  2. warrior of God says:

    V lỡ mắc đái thì s

  3. 쭈짱구 says:

    무슨 상의고 치마고 안에 입는 옷이 저렇게 많냐?기존에 생각해 오던 것관 달리 특이한 패션이네

  4. ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ says:

    Good lord! Could you imagine having to put all that on everyday?!

  5. Kimmerie Sky says:

    So many layers. Lucky she still look slim after wearing these layers of clothings. For bigger woman, it’s going to look like …

  6. Siviwe Xakaza says:

    Going to the bathroom must have been hell

  7. Lorraine Filmer says:

    You would need tons of time to get dressed….

  8. Plate says:

    boys in 1800s: I would admire if you would deliver some of your fine ankle sketches.

  9. Grace morgan says:

    Jeez am I glad all I gotta do is put on some nike shorts and throw on a hoodie when I get dressed 😅

  10. miz erie says:

    18th century: HIP PADS
    21st century: BUTT PADS

    Love yourself 💋

  11. Isabel Santos says:

    I think that's a bum role, not a pannier as a pannier is something Marie Antoinette would have worn under her dress. A pannier is kinda like a cage that's kind narrow. It was used to extend the width of the skirt.

  12. Tori Tortuga says:

    I'd be terrified of being stabbed by a fucking pin

  13. mediiskit says:

    If she needs go to toilet, wtf she is gonna do?

  14. Subscribe To PewDIePie says:

    This would be porn 80 years ago

  15. thisisnotatest says:

    How did pregnant women dress? Would they still wear all the layers?

  16. Wendell Fugate says:

    Thanks. Very educational and useful .

  17. Sojali Farm says:

    What was the "rod" she placed inside her corset at 2.10?

  18. OOF FOO says:

    If I would ever get to wear something like this in my country. I'd instantly have an heat stroke, not lasting a second outside.

  19. Yadifannum1 Baseballlover says:

    imagine trying to tie all this by yourself

  20. David Hall says:

    I am all in favor of an upraised bosom but no knickers means it would be easier for a quickie!

  21. ChickenSquabble says:

    No knickers!? My word!

  22. Brian Lewis says:

    Today we ladies complain about how uncomfortable bras are ( which is a real problem) that day n' age you had to wear a whole dress just in case you wear something that could be uncomfortable to wear! AND they wore layers on layers with pins holding some of your clothes together.
    Not bras in sight, but so much worse!!

  23. Ruchi Konwar says:

    It's so suffocating…

  24. N says:

    Could you do a video of an 18th century ‘working man’? There are many videos of fancy upperclass men with their elaborate clothing and wigs, but I was hoping to find a video of someone less privileged and in one of the lower classes?

  25. Purple Panda Playz says:

    Looks like one of Eliza’s dresses from Hamilton.

  26. Faha Haider says:

    How did they used to handle toilet with all these layers 🤔🤔

  27. wendy wadford says:

    Too much for me ,I'm very low maintenance

  28. Maddi Sheppard says:

    I can’t even imagine how hot it would get wearing this in the summer

  29. Monika Mika says:

    No nickers, no tampax, no antiperspirant…

  30. Agent_lil_savy double O saven. says:

    I won't be surprised if that many layer of cloth will stop a bullet.

  31. cupcakey_ awesomeness says:

    I wish the camera would have backed up at the end so we could see her whole body and the bottom half of the dress

  32. Tess Peng says:

    Hahaha… how heavy did the wealthy women have to wear in the long past? In Japan, in the same a princess needed to wear 12 layers of kimono.But its fun to watch…..STF…..

  33. faye martin says:

    Can you imagine having a hot flash in that outfit ? Kill
    Me now …….

  34. Queen Of Pelicans says:

    They wear all those layers, I'm here in a sports bra and leggings dying in heat-
    Imagine those poor people with all those layers in the heat-

  35. Thomas Jefferson says:

    By the time you got her clothes off, you wouldn’t want to have sex anymore.

  36. Kim Hatcher says:

    Too many layers of clothing. This is very cumbersome. I would be in hell wearing that in 100+ Arizona weather. It takes me an hour to get ready now. That outfit would take me forever. How did they go to the restroom? What women do for that time of the month?

  37. Katia Manfredi says:

    All those 'unsafety' pins make me nervous!!!😯

  38. Clematis Jt says:

    Omg too many clothes 😱 but anyway, I like these old dresses 😍

  39. Clematis Jt says:

    I like the classical music in the background. It's sounds like Vivaldi's or Handel's music 🙂

  40. Lemon Bleach says:

    Very THICC


  41. Juci Shockwave says:

    Today I feel frustrated with my clothing…. at least they had pockets back then…. BIG pockets, not decorative useless tiny pockets like todays clothing. When will bell bottom mom pants make a comeback? They had actual pockets!

  42. Minna Lei says:

    Ok, but how did you go to the toilet?

  43. m8rte says:

    And in the end she looks like a big blue onion

  44. A Dose of Faith says:

    “No knickers were worn…” 🤪

  45. Danniela says:

    Imagine wearing this on your menstruation (period)..

  46. Natalya Gal says:

    So interesting! Thank you very much.

  47. Brenda Kline says:

    Who in there right mind would concoct such a way of dress? How rediculous!

  48. Spooky Stela says:

    Can you imagine just being like “damn I left my pockets at home”

  49. Vecky Beograd says:

    She's start to sweet lol 😁too many👗 put on.

  50. Yawina Rada says:

    When I was in High school (and reading those bodice rippers), I really wondered how the rakes would undress the heroines hahahahaaha! It seemed so easy basing on the book covers. Seeing these videos of how they dressed before, my imaginations run amok again. Did they do it like Zorro style? swish swish with the sword?

  51. green yoshi gamer gaming,vlogs,and more dumb stuff says:

    If these ladies can see us now!!!

  52. Ольга Щербач says:

    Но какая красота!

  53. Koyqxxx _ says:

    It would be difficult for her if she wanna use the bathroom

  54. xadam2dudex says:

    No wonder the rich were always mean and bitchy that crap musta been hot as hell during the summer and uncomfortable 365 days a year

  55. mirch avgust says:

    How she is not hot to wear so many skirts???

  56. Santhoshini Sree says:

    What the heck…it takes a century to dress and another century to undress….
    Glad that in this century only a bra and panty is enough…and iam still complaining about it😂😂

  57. Poorvi Sharma says:

    And I can barely walk.

  58. AD says:

    You: watches asmr about slime, personal attention, roleplays, etc
    Me, an intellectual: has getting dressed in the 18th century vid on repeat

  59. Blair says:

    What bothers me is she's getting dressed infront of a window

  60. Filip Šuran says:

    Super kanal

  61. DollyBear X says:

    What if the pins come out😱

  62. Makeup Deen says:

    There were no chance to have quick fun

  63. jamillas28 says:

    “Nowadays we don’t need clothes anymore!! We see our nakedness through the eyes of arts and hide behind hideous masks of makeup!!! But what if the effort is greater than the amount of work?what have we done to this world?!?”Simone A

  64. Moderate view says:

    the only easy thing in this dress is to pee

  65. George Hahn says:

    If you worked at strip club wearing that it'll probably take an hour to get completely undressed

  66. Suzannah Chirgwin-wade says:

    Why so much clothing

  67. Suzannah Chirgwin-wade says:

    How did the ladies went to the ladies toilet

  68. Chaudhry Chaudhry says:

    It means that u cannot wear clothes independently….. All the time u need helpers and who helps helpers to wear their dresses…….? 🤔

  69. Mashal Ahmad says:

    I don't know why everyone's complaining, it's just 7 mins and 23 seconds effort no?

  70. mari garcia says:

    Siempre me he preguntado, como le hacían para ir al baño.. Y más cuando se enfermaban del estómago… 😮

  71. Destiny Harrison says:

    Legend says she's still undressing

  72. Anita Khatri says:

    when you are alone home how you are about to get dressed??

  73. Neko_Mew Kawaii says:

    The layers upon layers I'm seeing is making sweaty already…. Idk how they could wear this in hot weather or even cold weather also bathroom would be a pain in that.

  74. antarikhya dutta says:

    What about fatty ones

  75. Rebecca's Sofa says:

    Before deodorant was invented!! With all those layers, imagine the body odour 🤢

  76. Fuck ur feelings says:

    Fuck all that noise.

  77. reggie bayard says:

    dirty muslums say women should be covered head to toe….even if theres a heat-wave going on. oh hell just dress her in full black. the sun wont absorb that

  78. Alisha Santiago says:

    * does all of this and then looks in the mirror *
    "Nope I hate it"

  79. superultrafriendly skeptic says:

    that lorde look alike is sure dressing like a royal

  80. superultrafriendly skeptic says:

    i wish they would have clarified which decade this is accurate for :/. i’m thinking 1760s-70s??


    Imagine how hard it is to visit the restroom in their time🤔

  82. kidz 47 says:

    The dressing were all abt being Modest👩..I luv it…Guls were most respectful than today with🤔(without) clothes😜

  83. Ariana Jackson says:

    Is anyone else getting Hamilton vibes from seeing this?

  84. Catherine says:

    Felicity Merriman 🙂 <3

  85. Jocelyn Lin says:

    The model looks like she is straining to breathe but trying to look normal and comfertable at the same time.

  86. Dennis Flo says:

    Damn no shower 🚿

  87. Jebi Se says:

    wait… what was that stick?

  88. Dips Dash says:

    Omg… if i have to leave house at 7am. I wud have to wake up at 2am just to get dressed. Horrible

  89. Gwyneth Wragg says:

    Imagine having to go to the bathroom

  90. breakfast bouy says:

    Imagine having a diarrhea wearing this

  91. Wtf Srsly? says:

    Women today: oh my god i regret wearing a bra today its so hot.

    18th century women: hOLd mY pEtIcOat

  92. Flare Fusion says:

    Such a great fact that after all those layers she still looks to have a perfect upper body💗

  93. century trustworthy says:

    They used to wear gorgeous dressed so no makeup was needed

  94. Notmyrealname - says:

    What if you wanted sum immediate quick fuck

  95. I.s.s.y says:

    Which decade would this be?

  96. KT W says:

    I bet it'd be hard to get out of water while drowning huh

  97. No More says:

    I feel so sorry for those women when the summer temperature went up to 90 degrees F and didn't have AC, not even a fan.

  98. freelancelady says:

    At the time where most houses were cold in the winter, they needed layers of clothing. Now that we have air conditioned and central heat no need for these layers of clothes.

  99. صمت الاحاسيس says:

    ملا بسهم صعبه جدآ احنا اتسهلت لنا الحياه مع تقدم الزمن

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