Florence Foster Jenkins Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant Movie HD

Florence Foster Jenkins Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant Movie HD

Thank you, thank you We are going to make a recording Bravo! It was wonderful Mind try another take ? I don’t see why ? That seemed perfect to me When I was 16 years old, my father told me if I didn’t give up music he would cut me off Of course he didn’t understand, music is my life Cosmé McMoon? That’s me Sir This is the talented young man, I was telling you about Let’s get started She’s remarkable isn’t she ? She can be a little flat Flat ? It defies medical science Do you think I’m ready for a concert ? Expand your diaphragm, Florence I think Madam Florence, might needed more lessons Please my wife is ill Singing is her dream I’m going to give it to her We have to help her Because without loyalty there’s nothing I’ve played for the President when I was 8 years old Really ? Yes ! “Little Miss Foster” they called me I have very high hopes Of becoming a concert pianist But then when the nerves were damaged Did my left hand That’s not to be Her condition has improving What is her secret ? Music ! She lives for music That was Florence Foster Jenkins How did she get on the radio ? The lady is a lesson and courage and we love her Oh god She must never see this I like every copy of the post that you have I’ve just thinked that this might be too much for you This is my favourite place and I’m going to sing here I cannot play Carnagie Hall with Madam Florence We’ll be murdered out there Music is important It should not be marked That includes you ! 3000 people They need joy they need music Oh .. I’m afraid Madam Florence You must go on This is what we lived for, isn’t it ? this moment It’s going very very very well Bravo!


  1. George Bonta says:

    This movie was painful to watch. Sadly that is the reality of today. One does not need talent, one only requires the approval of the people, and their so called music is acceptable and revered.

  2. Rich Kretzschmar says:

    With only 11 days till January 14th the opening day of the NEW Hampton convergence we are already seeing arrivals here at our local Wal-Mart in Johnsburg, Illinois.  Of note is that their are peculiar effects upon the vendor machines such as RedBox which has dispensed an unauthorized nor paid for copy of Florence Foster Jenkins to my dad who was in it's proximity.  They say the net has now been infected with a bin-ary Yeti.  An abdominal circuit of cognitive artificial intelligence from the frigid navel of Earths Kara Sea.  Imagine a Sasquatch of hairy filaments that IF captured and studied in the lab can act as an advisor to the United Nations panel.  I spoke with Michelle, there on the sampling staff,  and together we hope to manufacture gummies of this entity, as an antidote to the frigid being.  Back home in the (fx) Kretzschmar Lab technicians have launched a program code names [Firmament 421] in hopes of isolating key to unlocking the potential of this discovery.  There are clues one can find already in place to witnessing [Firmament 421] for yourself.  Simply locate the Space Solutions Organizer near the Post IT flags and see how these multi-color banderitas act as a 'brain' to the Firmament 421 profile.  It's as IF the Hydra galaxy has magically appeared via the spectrum of Virtual Reality to whisper something from it's Crater filament mouth into the ears of those at 2100 Wilson Ave in Saint Paul Minnesota.  Following this logic one can deduce that the Leo cluster with it's sickle is at the heart of the apparitions brain.  The 'Old Mold' has 'Told' and now we plan to interrogate it with questions that mankind has postulated for centuries.

  3. VicRules666 says:

    Who enjoys this shit?!

  4. Marius Fortelni says:

    Terrible boooooring film.

  5. Joy foraker says:

    Hated this film, her career is so over.

  6. Nexus says:

    Meryl Street is a bigot.

  7. Digistrom X says:

    I hate that Streep used a big opportunity to throw more fuel on an already raging fire instead of striking middle-ground and trying to heal the divide.

    You may not like the person but you have to be able to step back and see the bigger picture and what really matters. It's for this reason that I won't automatically boycott any movie she's in, if you do that you're falling in the same negativity trap that Meryl Streep did. If you miss a good film it's more your loss than anyone else's.

    And I'm not talking about this particular film (which doesn't interest me), but in general. Be positive and you'll emerge ahead of others who aren't.

  8. nicole nance says:

    just watched it so so so good!

  9. Marketable Misfit says:

    Am I insane? This looks like a dog's shit.

  10. Franz Capdevila says:

    Je déteste quand les américains font des reprises des films français. Ils les détruisent, comme la reprise du film le dîner des cons

  11. Andrei Chete says:

    Ever heard of a movie that is so bad it's good. Well in this case it's so good that is bad.Pity a talent like Simon was wasted on such a cringe offering movie.

  12. B Richards says:


  13. RADHAMROUN says:

    I think I've already seen this movie .. a french version : marguerite !

  14. Dionisius Denis says:

    I enjoyed this more than la la land actually..

  15. Felix Krutzenbichler says:

    this was a really good movie, u'd better give it a try

  16. Pete.M. says:

    Boycott Oscars 2017. Meryl Streep, what a piece of shit!

  17. ERIC MARTINEZ says:

    So happy for Meryl! Making another Oscar nomination record!

  18. Benito Riggio says:

    Yeah yeah my boy Howard!

  19. Valence Videos says:

    The heroism of being so oblivious of your own incompetence that you can feign confidence?

  20. Not Wen says:

    lovemeryl! hope she can win another Oscar but who cares .she is the queen anyeay

  21. Tran Hoang Hieu says:

    The trailer looks good and the movie would probably be good too (kind of remind me of Ed Wood). But why made a movie about a rich talentless woman who paid her way to be a "star". It's like in the future they make a movie about Rebecca Black' Friday

  22. Floppy Bird says:

    stupid movie about a millionaire who lives in a virtual bubble
    this is like celebrities nowadays with their fans on the internet, likes, views, subscribers, followers etc.
    sad sad sad and stupid. Real talent doesnt matter anymore, fake artists rule the world along with pseudointelectuals devastating our culture roots. Meryl got a nomination just because Hollywood wants to show its middle finger to Trump

  23. Jay Scott says:

    Looking forward to Oscar's 2017!

  24. Jean-louise Curry says:

    I love Meryl streep in this film

  25. none none says:

    For my next trick, I will transform myslef into Steven Colbert.

  26. ONG MY GOD, i love ONGNIELHWAN says:


  27. Arshad PC says:

    I saw the movie
    And it was superb And Maryl Sltreep was outstanding, she truly deserves an Oscar for this..

  28. Ines Quesada says:

    That s why we got some lady gaga now! Horrible singers

  29. OfficialDjSyko says:

    Howard, sheldon and leonard are going somehwere lol

  30. Cal Cal says:

    My 5 year old niece laughs so hard every time she sees merly sing from her diaphragm haha merly has always bin an amazing actress

  31. voltaire balagtas says:

    I didn't know they're making a movie about Selena Gomez

  32. Steve Dredd says:

    la historia de penaldo en el fútbol xd

  33. Pete.M. says:

    I hope someone throws a brick pie in her face at the oscars.

  34. Antonio Duverge says:

    Sorry for Emma Stone, she has not chance in this race!

  35. Iam oblivious says:

    Natalie Portman for Jackie 😊

  36. Ziad Obaid says:

    Double toasted brought me here

  37. sodar smith says:

    No thanks this movie looks like one for old cat ladies

  38. Thuc Nguyen says:

    is she a robot. what the hell is this woman. She can just turn into anything, she can even play Obama if she wants to

  39. Joe S says:

    What a wonderful movie, and Meryl is a goddess as always! I can't understand how she didn't receive this year's Oscar and how Simon didn't get nomination for his role? U must watch it!

  40. archazn says:

    I've heard about Ms. Jenkins and have listened to some of her recordings before, but I didn't expect that I'd feel this touched, as well as sad in the end, after seeing the movie. Maybe I was subconsciously thinking it was Meryl Streep (sick, suffering, etc.), but either way, what a fantastic actress who brought the role to life! #overratedmyass

  41. Caglar Kocabiyik says:

    I love her and I am proud of every work she involved but this movie is a copy of another French movie, MARGUERITE…

  42. Sully Vijil says:

    Its like an american version of Marguerite although the french movie is far better than this one, must admit.

  43. Joris Caunes says:

    French version is SO much better!!!! "Marguerite"

  44. Manuel Alvarez says:

    This is a remake, the real one is called: Marguerite, is a french movie, 2015.

  45. F dL says:

    I'm not eating that potato salad, gross!

  46. amy clarke says:

    Found this not too good but hugh was kool

  47. Canal da Familia Milkao says:

    I do not like epic movies, but I take the hat for this movie and for history behind this beautiful production. Without doubt one of the most perfect films I have ever seen. I throw the hat for Mr. Mcmoon and St.clair the true heroes of this story. I really liked this movie very much. Congratulations to Meryl Streep for the beautiful role, Hugh Grant as well as Heroic Pianist Simon Helberg. — eu nao gosto de filmes epicos, mas tiro o chapeu pra este filme e pra historia por tras desta belissima produção. sem duvida um dos filmes mais perfeitos que ja vi. tiro o chapeu pro Sr. Mcmoon e St.clair os verdadeiros herois desta historia. gostei muito muito deste filme. parabens a Meryl Streep pelo belissimo papel, Hugh Grant tambem e ao Pianista Heroi Simon Helberg.

  48. Yiping Hsu says:

    any one knows about the background music, start from 1:02 to the end, using in this trailer? is it from the OST of this movie? or from others

  49. tatjana1707 says:

    Although St Clair wasn't a typical partner/husband, I still loved how he has always tried to protect her from any form of negativity and how he actually cared for her. As always Meryl Streep was perfect, but the biggest surprise is definitely Hugh Grant who has shown how amazing he can be and he had a certain warmth in his eyes whenever he was talking or looking at Meryl/Florence. Truly convincible.

  50. random fox animations! says:


  51. Jasmine Diva says:

    I can't recall the last time I laughed so hard with a movie that was supposed to be a drama

  52. Fuad a says:

    Meryl streep she is amazing actress.i love her so much.

  53. Yana says:

    Hugh Grant should have won an academy award or at least an Oscar!!!

  54. Metanoia says:

    When she died..

  55. Allen Discaya says:


  56. Kiều Anh Hoàng says:

    Even Meryl tried to sing bad as much as she could, she still couldn't reach Florence's level.

  57. adnil Zaff says:

    Cerita yg paling memboringkan.

  58. David RBLX says:

    This movie was so sad! I cried! Music was the only thing that she wanted! She couldn’t even get that, at least she was happy before death..

  59. Julie22 says:

    I watched this movie today and I liked it so much!

  60. Baven Kumar says:

    hugh grant deserves an oscar seriously

  61. joseph kkabalila says:

    from Magreth Thatcher to this,

  62. TheRini123 says:

    its not how good you are, its how big you dream.. life can be wonderful to those who dream big.

  63. BMORE LOYAL says:

    Roscoe Jenkins

  64. I am lonely says:


  65. Alexander Edward Pytko says:

    My girlfriend and I saw this movie and enjoyed it. I told her that this was time where they could've used Simon Cowell. He would've told Florence right away without hesitation that she was awful and that made my girlfriend laugh.

  66. Dan Bertucci says:

    Meryl CREEP! Fugly inside and out!

  67. M B says:

    Just ruin the entire plot why dont you?

  68. Michael 64 says:

    Oh hey Howard.

  69. Henri Roy says:

    Go hear the real Florence Jenkins. It’s a murder for the ears!

  70. Sparkz Mentalz says:

    Wow, I gotta say this a wonderful movie. I thought it was a comedy at first, but it evolved into so much more.

  71. Tasha Zalinski says:

    it seems a little romanticised, perhaps, but just as hilarious and heartwarming as her real performances

  72. Haneen Azhar says:

    Is that……..Simon Helberg? OMG…it's Howard Wolowitz

  73. jeremy western says:


  74. Pat Ilott says:

    This is such a good movie

  75. Anthony Gulliver says:

    This is a stunningly sad and beautifully portrayed film by the superb Meryl Streep . How humiliated she must of felt and that last death bed song is so touching …. brilliant

  76. un cactus verde says:

    Ooh yesss please

  77. wagooairlines says:

    It's a really lovely film.. very touching

  78. Samuel Macias says:

    Just saw this. Its now in my top 10 movies of all time. Loved it!!!

  79. Vasilii Chebyshev says:

    insert "Citizen_Kane_clapping.gif" here

  80. Alfredo Pérez Barba says:

    As far as I know, she already divorced and inherited her father's fortune and after that she afford all her career expenses, by herself. So I think they just put a "romantic" touch to sell the movie.

  81. Joao jr79 says:

    I love this woman. And this movie is a masterpiece.

  82. CHARITY HECH says:


  83. OGMONDOODOO says:

    My grandmother is in this

  84. A Nobody says:

    If Florence was alive today, I'd want to give her a hug.☺

  85. Devin Murphy says:


  86. Janet McGinn says:

    Two of my favourite people.

  87. Seda Matevosian says:

    talk about boring yawn…

  88. David Ferguson says:

    I have no interest in the subject matter, the singer it's about, or even these kinds of movies ….. But in this 2 minute trailer Meryl Streep has made me wanna check this movie out based off nothing but her pure acting ability. I wouldn't consider myself a huge fan but I do appreciate great talent and there's a reason she's been at the too for so long

  89. karan t says:

    People always talk about her methods but look past the emotions she puts into her characters. This movie was an absolute delight to watch because of her.

  90. Teddy Nortness says:

    oh so they'll make a florence foster jenkins movie but they wont even bother to make a daniel johnston movie

  91. Alondra Meier says:

    Such a beautiful movie :((

  92. Brandon MacKinnon says:

    I cried so much in this, Meryl Streep is remarkable

  93. Gizem Yılmaz says:

    I can hear the music as the way it is because finally I can realize my feelings and hear the notes of galaxy thanks to you 🤗❤️😘 this is freedom! Basically

  94. Ms Snape says:

    Rebecca 🧡🧡 omg she's beautiful!

  95. Vedant Vashi says:

    A sweet touchong film…Spectacular performances by Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant..must watch

  96. hughoto says:

    Quieren esos malditos comerciales

  97. Washington Mothapo says:

    I love this film so much you guys😭

  98. Edu Viotto says:

    Nunca ri tanto. Rsrsrs

  99. AGENTKD says:

    Am I the only one who came for Simon

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