FFXIV 3.0 0649 Gathering Collectables Guide

FFXIV 3.0 0649 Gathering Collectables Guide

and we’re back for another episode in
this episode we’re going to be doing collectibles on miner so and as always
hello from e3 so we unlocked the collectible system in
the previous episode and I had to do some research ask about friends in the
FC place like that to work out how and where and why you can gather
collectibles as in in the first case as a miner and maybe in the future I’ll
cover botanist I was told basically until I get to the drove on Ian for lads
of forest lands whatever the next zone is called I won’t be able to really do
botanist so for now we’re focused on miner so where we are right now in
coffin western highlands is here the black iron bridge around 3023 because
this is close to where it spawns and every day at 12:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.
is when the nodes spawn so you can see it’s borned very close to here so let’s
go and then I’ll explain which abilities I use when I use them and what the
results of that is basically that’s the important thing
and you can jump off these cliffs without that I haven’t unlocked flying
in this zone yet but hopefully very soon remember you won’t die from full damage
as long as you’re not in combat that is the thing to remember there we go
here’s the deposit so this is what you need to do first things first enable the
collectors glove and then you know maybe stealth is a good idea in case of these
wolves then you right click make sure you have a minimum of 500 GP before you
go in then we’re gonna click coil of the Mountaineer to reveal all of the slots
the one this lot you want is the second slot that’s the one you want then you’re
gonna press the button we’re just going to click on it because we’ve already
activated collectors glove so what you then do is you click on it and when you
click on it the first time it won’t collect anything instead goes to this
menu is a completely different screen which is where a lot of people might be
confused then we’re going to press discerning eye and then we’re going to
click methodical appraisal twice and the reason we do that is because it will
then allow us to increase the rarity of the item enough required for the
collectible for the NPC back in revving its toll and then that’s it then we just
click collect a total of four times and you can see prefer the item with a
collectability of two eight eight an item which can that has been preserved
as collectible cannot be traded or sold okay so let’s do that over do it three
more times and this spot here in where exactly well it’s not here this is here
and also another spot but close to this bridge basically in western koffice
Highlands is only spawns between 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. and also the same 12v
or zine hours later so you only have one ozzie an hour to do this collection but
that’s it that’s how you do it that’s the best way of doing it so you can see
we’ve got four collectibles which are good enough to turn in to the NPC so
what we’re now going to immediately do is we’re going to return to revenant
stall we’re going to hand in these four yellow copper ores we got we’re going to
see how much experience points we get for this so like I said simply activate
collectors glove hit discerning eye after you’ve clicked on the item once
you get the other window and then click before they call appraisal twice and
that gives you enough collect ability for the turn in so remember that with
the collectible system it has to have enough collectability otherwise you just
won’t get any reward from the appraiser so here we go collectible appraiser
let’s talk to him so you can see it’s automatically selected miner because we
are a miner yellow copper ore so you can see 60,000 we got and because we got to
a8 quality we’re gonna get 60,000 480 we could get higher but then we wouldn’t
get as many so it’s obviously mathematically is better that we’ve got
four of these at the minimum then try and get one or two of them at the
highest so let’s click on this so you can see each time I am getting sixty
thousand four hundred and eighty experience for what was just a few
seconds work and that’s it now remember that the turnings towards the appraiser
are unlimited as long as that’s what they’re looking for that day
and as well that particular node spawns every 12 the Ossian hours the coz a now
is not real life hours and a aweseome day is about an hour-ish long so it
means every 30 or so minutes then you’ll be able to go and get another 240,000
experience which is very very fast experience to be honest you can see I’m
already nearly pushing towards 52 without barely even trying so that’s why
doing the collectables for mining is so so important and doing it every half
hour then as well when I progress to seem a scenario a bit more than I will
start looking at they’re doing exactly the same thing for botanist so anyway I
will detail the description everything I’ve spoken about but please take
advantage of the collectable system is gonna work wonders for both crafting and
gathering for us so yeah so if you have any other methods any other ways of
doing this and please let me know in the comments down below
but until then as always thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time so
as always goodbye from me and goodbye from me free


  1. Roberto Quaroni says:

    super easy exp again !
    i think that leveling DOL it's not a pain like ARR right?

  2. Jessi D. says:

    Another wonderful video that lifted the fog that was clouding my eyes. I'm just not good with that thinking and figuring out stuff. It tires me so much that i would rather give up on my beloved trade then to keep going. Happy i am that there are people like Mithrie who help out brain-lazy people like me. Well, maybe not 100% brain-lazy. But just not good at stuff like trial and error field tests. So thumbs up for this one and many thanks!

  3. CrypticCalamari says:

    72 minutes exactly I believe (24 Eorzean Hours * 3 minutes / Eorzean Hour)

  4. Georgia says:

    Does this become available at level 50, or do you need 51 first?

  5. Julian Herndon says:

    Ran into you just a few moments ago didn't click you fast enough, but for some reason i have the glove active and when i go to the node it isnt active . I don't see anything.

  6. LuckyEevee says:

    Hey Mithrie, great guide-   watched this yesterday and have managed to get 2 levels on BTN and MIN since so thanks 😀

    was wondering, now I'm level 53 I have a few more abilities- is there a more desirable rotation including these abilities to maybe increase the value of the collectibles?

  7. sirmart42 says:

    I hit 60 miner last night. Once you start being able to get the nodes at 10am/pm (need to fly in dravanian forelands) in DF, you can hit the DF for 3 collectables such as pyrite then head back to coerthas west for the 4 yellow copper ores. You'll get about 500k exp per run so close to a million exp per hour. Didn't even need to use cordials.

    I can see this becoming nerfed so get on it!

    FYI – Also, the amount of rarity increased is based upon perception. I was a 4 star miner in 2.0

    Also be sure to check what items are able to be turned in as it changes daily.

  8. JR Messimer says:

    Also don't forget to do your daily
    Grand company turn ins… as a 50 miner yesterday I spent a few minutes gathering 10 hq ogre horns.. I turned them in for 414,600 xp and 2300 seals… now that we can get xp again, it is soooooo worth doing that daily especially if the gathering items are in high demand for the gc… crazy xp for 5 minutes of work

  9. Kona Malani says:

    Thank you!! Wish I'd come here first XD

  10. Arkmeros says:

    Great help, thanks for the video!

  11. CharlemagneIfrit says:

    Hit 60 btn a few days ago (also on sargatanas) and have been doing a few collectibles to turn into shards and clusters. The system gets a bit more complicated as you get more abilities for it. Higher percep increases the amount of rarity increase with some abilities. It's a shame there isn't much worth getting for gatherers with the blue scrips but super useful if you also craft.

  12. Paolo Renier says:

    This is coolt thanks. but what next on higher lvl nodes? for example lvl 56? :3 dunno how much perception is required for them…

  13. Ish Khan says:

    hey have figured out what rotation i need to get the collectables for the scripts gear ?

  14. Mick Knight says:

    how do those timing macros work mithrie?

  15. Mick Knight says:

    ahh i see so they are there for a quick referance?
    or are they supposed to alert you to when the nodes are available
    sorry to bug lol
    valid question tho i think 😀

  16. Dead Noobie says:

    At lvl 51 on the Coerthas node, I was getting 115 rarity when I used methodical Appraisal.  At lvl 59 with over 100 more perception, i STILL only get 115 rarity on the same node.  Is this bugged or is there somethign I am missing? 

    This is without any boosting abilities and jsut testing the ability that says Perc x1.  Clearly the tooltip is not accurate.

  17. Jackalofdeath says:

    aaah thank you for these guides i was rather confused about this system

  18. Anshelm Swift says:

    I guess just a comment on the second rotation. It seems to me that to achieve 400 rarity will require 2 or more "discerning eye"s to proc, which only has about a 1 in 3 chance of happening. On the other hand, hitting first, then doing:
    Utmost Caution
    Discerning Eye
    Methodical Appraisal
    Utmost Caution
    Discerning Eye
    Methodical Appraisal
    Methodical Appraisal
    Methodical Appraisal

    Has 100% chance of reaching 400 rarity and is limited only by your gathering stat and your chances of Collect succeeding.  In almost every case this will result in more average turn-ins. This is tested specifically on Chives.  Am I missing something? Are you reaching 400 rarity with Discerning Eye procing only once?

    The first rotation is awesome, I've leveled BTN/MIN to 55 using that.

    Thx for your vids!

  19. Braulio Aguirre says:

    how would i go at to increase the collectability (like to 400) for seals and higher lvl materials? i can just manage to get 300 before i hit 30/30 wear?

  20. mythic6199 says:

    Can u gather these collectables at lvl50 or do u have to be lvl51 to do these?

  21. guayabapodria says:

    thank you so much! was wondering why I couldn't trade to NPC earlier =D

  22. Exodus Leon says:

    Is it hard to start gathering in 3.0 without any crafted gear on my fisher?

  23. Bananabutt says:

    I'm 60 and still cant gather 58 collectables cause i can't get enough rarity. it makes me mad -_-

  24. Abhijit Gill says:

    how come your in game time is passing fast but when i play its my actual real life time?

  25. Daisy Ryan says:

    I am really confused. I've been using this method on my miner, which is now lvl54, but now I can only seem to collect 3 yellow copper ore collectibles at a time, instead of 4.

  26. Mannie says:

    Look who is sponsored now…CONGRATS!!!

  27. Kingstalk says:

    every 12 hour eorzia time*

  28. Krystal Neufeld says:

    omg ty so much, I wasted a couple nodes trying to figure it out and I just kept confusing myself overthinking it ♥

  29. Dmitry Sytkov says:

    High-level gear rotation for Old world fig farm (GP 600, Perception: to the cap, Potency 321-430, Yield 5):
    * Reveal
    * Single Mind
    * Imp (proc)
    * SingleM
    * DE + Imp (proc)
    * Single Mind
    * DE + Meth
    * Collect x 5

    74k+ or 81k+ EXP per each fig

  30. Dmitry Sytkov says:

    Rotation for counterfoil collectibles (GP 600, Perception: 570+, Potency 533-637, Yield 1-2):
    * Reveal
    * DE + Imp (proc)
    * UC + Imp (proc)
    * UC + Imp (proc)
    (* Single Mind, if you got free DE from proc)
    * DE + Meth
    * Collect x1-2

  31. Dmitry Sytkov says:

    Rotation for red scrips collectibles (GP 600, Perception: 470+, Potency 482, Yield 2-4):
    * Reveal
    * DE + Imp (proc)
    (* Single Mind, if you got free DE from proc)
    * DE + Imp (proc)
    (* Single Mind, if you got free DE from proc)
    * DE + Meth
    * Collect x2-4

  32. Dmitry Sytkov says:

    Ephemeral node rotation http://i.imgur.com/r20AcgT.png via http://redd.it/3flx2l

  33. Henry Leopold says:

    Hey guy. Thanks for support. Your vídeos help a lot. About guide, can I take red scrib item, blue scrib item and hit 450+ rarity with second rotation? I think so confused because Botanist have thousand skills but use only three or four….thanks

  34. Jan Mack says:

    Question – do you know any calculator which would  give me the correct rotation if I enter the gath/perc I have and the material I need in certain collectability? I have at the moment just 567 gath and 549 perc and cant make it to gather adamantite ore with 450. I know my stats are low but Id like to know if Im using wrong rotation, and what rotation I should use for other materials.

  35. Rynn21 says:

    I don't know much about unspoiled gathering nodes. Everything remains grayed out when I try.

  36. Kuroi Sakura says:

    How do you have 600GP at your level? I'm 52 and only have 569 GP as a Miner. :X

  37. Othric_the_bearded says:

    if you look on the Google play store there is a free app for this

  38. Daniel Carl says:

    Thank you! This is the clearest explanation of the collectables system I have found so far.

  39. Katharina Von Walde says:

    botanist alternatives…? i dont have those skills…

  40. J Ro says:

    How come when I talk to the Collectible Appraiser it doesn't bring up the collectible screen? My miner is level 51 can someone please help me.

  41. RickPellegrino says:

    Okay, I'm a total noob at this and I'm a lvl. 52 miner with 425 GP maximum. How can I increase my stats like gathering, GP and perception?

  42. jeff fisher says:

    I have been playing for over 3 years and I'm nustvlearning this. lol. thanks bud

  43. slamdunkd12345 says:

    great explanation man. helps a lot

  44. arinze a4 says:

    It says out of reach even with the gloves on

  45. The Red Gamer says:

    Does King's Yield work on it?

  46. CairoRose1 says:

    Thank you Mithrie. You always explain things step by step which is exactly what new players need. You are the first one that has made sense to me. Thanks again.

  47. JReyesTbn46 says:

    12? I see them spawn at 4am/pm Eorzean time.

  48. rongadress says:

    thank you so much for the video this really help me out 😀

  49. Getfit Gamer says:

    Huge help as always cheers

  50. Tsiney Kinori says:

    I learned how to do it this only because of you, Mithrie. Thank you so much!

  51. Trav Dickerson says:

    You see this pretty girl and all of a sudden you get DR.GIRLFRIENDS voice behind it. Boys be boys please… these girl toons with male voices is scary. ty for video

  52. Jereme Smith says:

    I pop on collectors glove, and I can’t do any collectible initiation with any item.
    I’m lost

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