Exclusive: ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Trailer

Exclusive: ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Trailer


  1. terrance chong says:

    The actor and actress voice soo fake.

  2. jîngyâng says:

    who else came from NOC?

  3. bts twt says:

    ayy so whos here from noc

  4. Kiera Chia says:


  5. Aruna Rai says:

    can't wait to watch this movie.. seems like super crazy 😁

  6. Anil Lol says:

    Anyone from noc

  7. BboyKetrio says:

    the 1% rich singaporean

  8. Traduttore Traditore says:


  9. Fart Now says:


  10. knite lore says:


  11. Elena Lai21 says:

    I'm from Singapore

  12. Comments Only says:

    wow, they made singapore look so fancy. me living in singapore lives in small and simple flats and a lot takes public transport but of course the rich lives in places average people could only dream of living.

  13. iloveducks says:

    This reminds a little of A recreation of a Disney movie for some reason 😂😂

  14. Nik Kharè says:

    I get it rich people, have problems too. And some rich people fall in love with poor people. As the South Asian I’m bored a Bollywood movies that try so damn hard to prove that they are Western enough to be loved by the west that they forget the natural charm of being Indian. I’m wondering if the Asian people feels the same?

  15. hangyul step on me pls says:

    They filmed in Singapore????? Wtf

  16. Nelly says:

    I am almost certain that a lot of people only heard of the movie and want to watch it because of Harry Shum jr

  17. sebatian says:

    Ok, why is that guy so Hot? we need this in Holly Wood.

  18. Yolanda Chen says:


  19. Giovanni Fleming says:

    … good for them

  20. Anne Richelle Villarosa says:

    Finally a full Asian cast movie! I am obsessed with the trailer 😍

  21. Ihatemylife Really says:


  22. D M says:

    Cannot wait!!!

  23. Maria Florencia says:

    I read the novel recently, was excited about this prince charming, and then i found out he had a threesome with the antagonist girls. Yeahh not so much 'charming' anymore

  24. Taiming Li says:

    it should called Crazy Rich Singaporean 中国很贫穷。 你不知道中国农村,每年因贫困自杀的人有多少。你不知道中国农村一个孩子为了上学每天走20里的山路的感觉。很多人以为大陆人没有礼貌,是你不知道,中国贫困的环境没有道德的存在。

  25. Juchari Uinapekua says:

    The white washing of Asians, sad how Hollywood wants every ethnic group to behave and act like white people in order to look humane. And another love story based on money and wealth, the root of all evil is money yet people blindly believe money=love… Sad how empty minded humanity is

  26. spanishsamurai says:

    Looks good but you know when you get tied to someone's character from a show and hardly know their real characteristics in real life ……. I still see Jessica Huang from fresh off the boat. Gonna take getting used to

  27. Jason GD says:


  28. Takingout thetrash says:

    wheres jimmy o'yang ? lol

  29. Ishiiwara says:

    hype !! ♥

  30. cansın Rodoplu says:

    I am so ready for this movie

  31. 明神宗朱翊钧 says:


  32. 明神宗朱翊钧 says:

    China is China ,Asia is Asia. Mainland Chinese nothing to do with Other Chinese.We are different.请海外华人不要碰瓷,谢谢合作!╮(╯_╰)╭

  33. Yubi K. says:

    So excited!

  34. 10K subscriber Challenge says:

    I need to watch this

  35. FUZZEH says:

    I love this more than I should

  36. Elizabeth Rini says:


  37. Idreamedadreamlastnight says:

    I actually really want to watch it… gonna read the book first while waiting for the movie to come out

  38. ThisWholeWorld100 says:

    Where's the diversity?

  39. uncle liharn says:


  40. John Smith says:

    It's such a mindfuck seeing so many Asians not in stereotypical roles.

  41. MJ Ardellsa says:

    Great Iban 🌹

  42. Constance Wong-Loke says:

    Isn't this like the NOC one?

  43. Wannaone Noona,dongsaeng hottest says:

    So much excited for this movie..can not wait to see the gorgeous astrid!!!

  44. yue wen says:

    Is singlish included in this film😂😂😂

  45. Maya a y.r says:

    Definitely old money.

  46. Hakim Mancus says:

    Did You Know: Henry Golding is A Malaysian. 💵

  47. Kenny Chong says:

    im a crazy broke asian

  48. Kristine T. says:


  49. coccinelle80 says:

    The novel was great!!! I laughed at all of the Chinese profanity!! I doubt that the movie will be as good, it never is. Books are always be!

  50. Ryan Hoffman says:

    They're crazy! They're rich! And they're Asians!!

    What's not to love?! – Said some marketing exec

  51. Valerie V says:

    Damn can it be August already!

  52. Josephine Rosalia Kurnia says:

    I hope there's no Mandarin in the film. I'm Chinese-Indonesian and having difficulties in speaking and understanding Chinese even though I've learned the language for more than a decade

  53. Kimberly Tunai jiRom says:

    Come here after seeing ross butler post on ig .. Its amazing.. And henry golding..👍

  54. Karyl Mitzi Anne Demetillo says:

    they change the book 😭

  55. Cheryl Michaud says:

    OMG! I just finished reading this book with my Book Club and I loved it! Can't wait to see the movie with my Book Club!

  56. Ava Odette says:

    this is not the type of movie I would watch but I want to watch this

  57. kara dizon says:

    I can't wait to watch this movie. Finally a movie full of Asian cast and culture. Love the actor and his sexy British accent

  58. vanittah mwangi says:

    What is the song that is playing in the beginning

  59. Izzy Boo says:

    Yesss! Finally a movie with Asian lead roles. I am adopted, living in the US. Growing up, I always wondered why there weren't any lead roles for people who looked like me. All the lead female roles where tall, beautiful white women. I felt like I didn't want to be Asian because of what society said was beautiful. As I got older, I embraced who I am. Still, I'm happy to see this and I hope this changes things!😍
    Can't wait to see!😁

  60. James' Brain says:

    Most unrealistic part of the trailer. They are only in first class not some super exclusive 100k hotel room in a plane.

  61. yoko oshit says:

    Alright alright alright Asians repreSENT WHOO

  62. Jobie Seller says:

    Amazing! I want to watch this 💗

  63. Danial Zaini says:

    This movie is depressing. Its really rascist. Trust me it is. If you do your research on Singapore. You will understand. I hate my life.

  64. MARVIN JAMES CABRERA Lopez says:

    I'm all about the clothes they'll be wearing! The book were pretty precise with the brands and designers!

  65. Abdul Rehman Khan says:

    blasé. blasé personified.

  66. Im Roo says:

    Can't wait

  67. Asian Film Fanatic says:

    Initial trailer impressions, that guy looks mixed, and he is.. I throw "representation" terminology out the window cause that's always a problematic stretch when it comes to media and audience consumption. This is a fantasy fictional romance comedy, let's not forget. It was constructed to an audience's liking. I mean this has a more international locale flavor to it than American anyway. Constance sounds a lot better when she's not faking a horribly acted accent. I hate arrogant rich people, arrogant flamboyant rich Asians even more. The Henry Golding fan service should hopefully satisfy the ladies and the homoerotic craving asian male activists. Constance sure is flat; I'm sure she'll buy some implants after obtaining all that wealth. Her blackwashed smart mouthed girlfriend, meh. The "jokes" are for the mainstream audiences that watch crap that think it's funny. I guess this is a "chick flick" like "Mamma Mia". Which hasn't turned me away but I like lower key, more real drama/romance. When I think of "over the top" trashy, this movie and Wong Jing comes to mind. If this was an overseas Asian made movie, I'm still not sure I'd be interested in even watching unless it was popular, extremely well liked, or had more seasoned talent involved. This does seem to be a higher profile project. So I'd probably watch it out of obligation. I'm biased though. The director, meh. Nice to see Michelle Yeoh, but her weight only goes so far. Eventually I'll have to force myself to see it, just so I can form a more credible valid opinion.

  68. Dixie Normas says:

    Do not support this movie. It's made by a racist Director who hopes to destroy Hollywood from the inside. Be weary of this bullshit.

  69. jangyjangskie says:

    I imagined the characters differently.

  70. emma says:


  71. Mohd Redzuan Anuar says:

    Uncle 300 kalimatan workers..meet in chiang mai, Thailand..2007..brooklyn new york housing project..

  72. Tae sh says:

    Remind me of my friend's friend family whom never talked or bought something under $US 1M. GEEEZ

  73. 최재혁 says:

    *stupid. Hollywood is highly racist by putting "Asians" in the movie title. "Black Panther" is not racism. Because black people are actually pitiful, Hollywood has to make such a movie to build their pride. But "Asians" are different. We have equal power with white people. Especially East Asia (China, Korea, Japan). By making the film, they regard the Asians as poor. Damn! *

  74. Melody Headburn says:

    Isn’t she the girl from fresh off the boat?

  75. Sahiti Ss says:

    I read this book 5 years ago? idk omg, i can NOT wait to watch this.

  76. MJ Tagle says:

    Kris Aquino made a cameo here

  77. Ally Episode says:

    Can't wait

  78. Mang Miong Bioman says:

    Kris Aquino? Hahaha… good luck..

  79. Hanang Himawan says:

    wow a trailer exclusively uploaded by ellen. How much did u get paid by asia billionaire ellen? :D:D

  80. gavrilo pricip says:

    Proper representation??? It Should of been titled :"Vapid, greedy Superficial, Asian new-money consumer pop culture whore"! …way to brake the "jade ceiling" with prepetuating the stereotypes we allready had of Asians!!!….what's the seque called l??? "Bad driver,Over-Achiver, Good at Math"???

  81. Joseph Campbell says:

    Promoting of materialism.
    What brings Only sadness in a Human life .
    Money is never the answer fellow planters .

  82. kwonleadah1 says:

    Love this movie!!

  83. Jess Ty track says:

    That guy is from borneo sarawak

  84. beach says:

    " she came back as an asian ellen "

  85. my king jackson wang says:

    im am so excited to see this movie and read the book

  86. Maham Siddique says:

    Im Crazy
    Im Asian
    But Im not Rich 😐

  87. FiftyShades of Kay says:

    Awesome movie…. I can't wait to see It a second time

  88. M-d vlogs &docbaseball28 says:

    I see Kim jong un

  89. Sheldee 123 says:

    I wanna watch this!!!

  90. Nethiuz says:

    As a European Aussie I completely identify as an Asian, I mean we're in the eastern hemisphere, we are basically SE Asia. I love Asian woman, I love my Japanese GF. put more Asian girls on screen, thank you!

  91. dailydoseofdomz says:

    im rich

  92. Agung Wibowo says:

    Crazy rich Sianghai is more Richer than Singapore…

  93. Vivian Nguyen says:


  94. penguin mina says:

    you will never be enough

  95. Mega Killjoy says:

    What song is this

  96. Discontinued Channel says:

    “And one of them came back as Asian Ellen” one of the best quote from the movie

  97. leizel suarez says:

    shades of grey wanna be movie haha

  98. JB911 says:

    Westernized Asians??? how boring

  99. Rizky Arifin says:

    Summer Begins With the Asian.

  100. qqwwee232 says:

    I love Asian women until the last moment of my life. Because it is the best, most beautiful, most exciting and alluring
    I can never do without Asian women

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