Every Gift Matters | The Spirit of the Tent Campaign

Every Gift Matters | The Spirit of the Tent Campaign

(soaring orchestral music) – Hi, I’m Antony Cimolino,
artistic director of the Stratford Festival, and I’m here at the largest archives
dedicated to a single theater in the world, the Stratford
Festival Archives. And today, I’m looking through something that’s really fun, an
old ledger book entitled, The Stratford Shakespearean
Festival of Canada Foundation Canvass List. And this outlines the
donors who helped support the Stratford Festival in 1953 and 1954. And you know, it’s tempting to think in a campaign this significant, and something that made such
big changes in the world, that these must be all major gifts, from people who were immensely wealthy, because the impact has been huge. But in fact, there’s
many names of individuals who gave what they could. A dollar, two dollars, three
dollars over the course, sometimes, of three years. But what united them all was
the fact that they believed that the Stratford Festival
could make the world a bit better, and every gift mattered, and every gift made an enduring and enormous difference,
regardless of the size. So as you’re considering your support, know it’ll be as important to the future as V. Pauli’s was, who
gave two dollars in 1953. Or R. Puttacomb, who gave a dollar. What united all these
gifts is faith in future, and faith in the arts. You could do that, too. (uplifting music)

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