Even Wealthy Americans Still Less Healthy Than Europeans

Even Wealthy Americans Still Less Healthy Than Europeans

david beckham insha and david packard
dot com welcome back to the show will mostly on the bike individual membership
please go to david happen dot com slash membership and signing up a new study says that the very wealthy
americans aren’t worth help that western europeans and diet earlier and suffered more disease than residents
of other wealthy nations disadvantaged and from birth seventy five this is a report conducted jointly by
the national research council and the institute of medicine a lot of the details are surprising to
see we assume that those who are wealthier and the u_s_ have better health comparable to what we
see in a lot of western europe americans are dying and suffering at
rates that we know where unnecessary because people and other high-income
countries are living longer lives and enjoying better health what concerns our panel is why for
decades we have been slipping behind even wealthier americans and those with
health insurance were not as healthy as counterparts in other prosperous nations
on a lot of countries were studied for this the u_s_ was in last place or close
to last in nine benchmarks louis infant mortality which will talk more about low
birth weight injuries and homicides teen pregnancies sexually transmitted
infections h_i_v_ and aids drug related deaths obesity and diabetes heart
disease chronic lung disease and disability a lot of these
disproportionately affect children is anyone surprised by this now and what i mean by that is we are
health care system that is designed too q r or two maintaining a chronic state of health
assuming you are medicated as opposed to preventing it’s just that
the system we have that it’s a major part of it and also our food is crap rat it’s it doesn’t matter who you are
how much money you have if you want to be well you have to seek out healthy foods and it’s not easy to do
with specially in certain part of the country’s right you have chain’s
supermarkets that are just full of crap not to mention look at all the lack that michelle obama got when she was
trying to improve school lunches government meddling in private lives of
liberals telling you what fifty eyes she’s trying to to strategies really
doing she’s not in a prevention that’s the reality talk about prevention as
opposed to curing this is not a surprise right on no i mean although i am a little
surprised because i was under the impression that you know the wealthier you are in this
country build more like the disney reggie cated and the more likely it is
that you have access to healthcare that’s as good as it is in
western europe which probably is the case but it’s probably more of a
lifestyle issue right except a lot of wealthy people uh… are like a lot of other americans
who don’t care about it shows you don’t care about what the reading they do what they want to do with the
joy uh… regardless of the consequences


  1. WingedGreenBean says:

    free health care y'know keeps people alive

  2. god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP says:

    to tha victor goes tha spoils

  3. Polydynamix says:

    culture cannot be measured on a scale, making a statement that anyone's culture is 'superior to another' is a very uneducated generalization.

    You may want to learn the definition of the word 'perspective'.

  4. Jaime Uh says:

    even my salad has sugar and calories in it!

  5. Aiden Aude says:

    Europe has a superior culture? Which part of it? Are you that ignorant?

  6. vincentx915 says:

    My uncle was overweight but lost 50 lbs cause of a Lifestyle change that recently occurred in his life. He met a hot young 21 year old and married her.
    And the lesson he learned from it told me on Xmas…

    "Give me a reason to Live."

  7. Tangle2Brook says:

    The prevention vs cure issue is very big. But how do European health systems encourage prevention?

  8. Gabriela Gagnier says:

    LOL, good for your uncle!

  9. zpth0z says:

    u mad breh?

  10. JFAINTER88 says:


  11. clizzaster says:

    I guess it depends how you define "quality". IMO, healthy living is quality living. The culture of excess and misinformation are massive factors here.

  12. biggydx says:


  13. Hungarian Paragon says:

    We're #1!!
    Europeans wants to live the American dream!
    -In the 1700, when it actually was a land of opportunity, because it wasn't filled with Americans.
    Scientists are wrong about God so I'll trust corporations about food and global warming etc…!
    Corporations are people!
    -Get the fuck out of here.

  14. mark ross says:

    Well, not since 1945.

  15. mark ross says:

    And McDonalds, Olive Garden, and all the little noshies and soda that are contained in 2 entire supermarket aisles.

  16. mark ross says:

    Starting with answering comments on computers, playing video games, texting, sexting, dvd's.

  17. mark ross says:

    literature, opera, ballet, classical music, cinema,theater(not cheesy Broadway. Ibsen, Shaw and Moliere not Andrew Lloyd Webber).

  18. mark ross says:

    Look more at Stouffers, Swansen and other processed meals. All the noshie foods, the food from Taco Bell, McDonalds, even Subway.

  19. mark ross says:

    Rush Limbaugh and Chris Christie for examples.

  20. Spencer Webb says:

    I think if fat people are caught riding those carts intended for disabled people, they should be pushed off and forced to do push-ups for an indefinite amount of time.

    Average weight will plummet.

  21. FifthGear says:

    Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich and Alex Jones

  22. Spencer Webb says:

    I think everyone should have health insurance, but I'll never like paying for it. You are right, though, that there should be some avenues put into place that ENCOURAGE fat people to lose the weight. I do not think they should receive special treatment. Maybe a "fat tax".

  23. David Longland says:

    Wealthy fat people believe the time will soon come when their brain could be transplanted into a healthy body maybe that of a fit death row inmate. Or perhaps into a robot body.

  24. GreatPirateSolomon says:

    I was in Dunkin Donuts the other day getting a coffee, and this dude was in front of me. Now, I'm a little over weight myself, but this guy was enormous, 350 lbs at least. After I got my coffee I left, and I saw him pulling out of the lot in his huge SUV. I crossed the street, literally had not gone half a block, and he pulls up next to me. Thought he was going to ask me something, nope, he lived there. 300 feet or less from Dunkin Donuts and he drove his fat ass there.

  25. Spencer Webb says:

    I know what you mean, I worked for a year at Walmart, and I watched 500-pound assholes take all of the disability parking and the scooters.

    Realistically though, legislation barring fat people from health insurance is political suicide in this nation. We're too PC.

  26. Red Tankgirl says:

    There is not only crap food, but even if you are buying supposed healthy foods. You are under the thumb still of Corporate Monsanto,being subjected to consuming GMO's and growth hormones,herbicides, pesticides and antibiotics. This is having a grave effect on the health of the population. Until the population of the TRUE PEOPLE, not the Corporations, has control of the regulation of the food source and food chain. This will never change.Money must not be the control of the FDA.

  27. Mina Bell Botched Photoshop lmao says:

    It's like the South Park episode with all the fat people on mobility scooters at Walmart LOL I didn't know that was real.

  28. Spencer Webb says:

    It's real, alright. I can't even run through quickly for a bag of apples for the girlfriend without having to work on my power-scooter slalom skillz.

  29. s9z9s says:

    What are corporations then, fluoride brain? Ink and paper?

  30. Clownish-Gambino says:

    IT would be SO amazing if access to healthy food was as readily available as fast food restaurants are. A Health food store on every corner.

  31. mark ross says:

    Regrettably most Americans love food that causes obesity, heart attacks, strokes.

  32. resistnzisfutl says:

    Wealthy Americans still tend to be healthier and less obese than poorer Americans, even though they may not be as healthy overall as Europeans. Access to health care is one aspect, for sure. The prevalence and convenience of high calorie junk food is another.

    One thing that's different in most of Europe that I've noticed is that most people take public transportation. This requires a lot more walking on a daily basis. Fewer people have cars, and those who do don't drive them as often.

  33. theguitarczar says:

    Good. The wealthy ones deserve to be in the worst health. It's called Karma.

  34. Aiden Aude says:

    LOL subjective idiocy. Thanks.

  35. Aiden Aude says:

    Who says America is number one besides republicans? I fucking hate idiots.

  36. Aiden Aude says:

    Yea, since all wealthy people are bad people. LOL! Dumbass.

  37. mark ross says:

    YOU asked a question. I just gave an honest answer.

  38. mark ross says:

    when more isn't enough. When you can't simply get a meal at a diner, but a dinner that could serve too. When your family of four owns 4 cars. When a 60's suburban home isn't big enough, but a McMansion in a gated community is.

  39. theguitarczar says:

    99% of wealthy people got that way by manipulating the labors of those who aren't. You might want to try to talk down to someone who doesn't know the score. Dumbass.

  40. youngbuck189 says:

    I was much happier when I lived in Lithuania. Better food, better culture, better nightlife, better women.

  41. Aiden Aude says:

    So what? Does that mean they're all bad? Idiot.

  42. theguitarczar says:

    No. It doesn't mean they're all bad. I know better. I don't stereotype. Stereotyping is the way of the Controllers. However, a vast majority are. Your insults mean nothing to me. Do you wish to debate? I'll give you facts; not insults. If you possess enough intelligence to have a civil conversation, show me; but you have not indicated this. Take your insults to the pro wrestling news sources like FOX.

  43. theguitarczar says:

    You know some people that can connect us with people that can help us find jobs in our fields of expertise? I'll buy the tickets! lol

  44. wizardsbane says:

    Who are you even responding to?

    Your "land of opportunity" claim is incorrect, by the way. Immigrants were flooding this nation into the WWI and WWII era and even beyond (though not as heavily). America was so popular (way after the 1700s) that we even had to separate our immigration into periods: "new" and "old." To this day, the United States still holds a positive opinion in Europe (and we should, given that we're basically the financiers for their bailouts.)

  45. floppykid says:

    Unfortunately America was full of Americans in 1700.

  46. floppykid says:

    There's an add for McDonalds in the top left corner for me, ironic.

  47. TheAmmoniacal says:

    Americans, please, stop complaining about the quality of your foods.. It's not bad, just don't deep fry everything!

  48. OMGitsMoose says:

    i love you…

  49. AUSTR Prime Ministress says:

    Sure. Because you have no idea about nourishment and the only coulture they have is the junk food coulture. Healthy food is just not available there. Also, during work they don't have time to eat properly.

  50. youngbuck189 says:

    not particularly. i recommend americans go to their ancestors countries. each person is different, so they will have their own journey to make. what i found was that America really wasn't a place I had to live to be happy. i found a lot out about myself and my family being there. in order to know where you're going, you have to know where you've been. living in lithuania for 13 months for me was like going home. i encourage anyone to visit, its a wonderful place.

  51. mark ross says:

    No. More like Rush Limbaughs.

  52. Dragun Bjorn says:

    It's because we don't believe in evolution.

  53. woofalot13 says:

    OI! lance Armstrong is incredibly fit XP

  54. woofalot13 says:

    Good advice 🙂

  55. Drake Santiago says:

    The food supply has changed markedly in the past 50 years, and especially in the last 20 years. It first started with food subsidy programs by our government that funded the over production of corn, wheat, sugar, and soy. Subsidizing these items, in effect, meant that the very items that make processed food possible, were very cheap, making highly refined processed carbohydrates and sugars (very fattening substances) have an unfair price advantage over healthy alternatives.

  56. Drake Santiago says:

    The typical Republican response to this story will be:

    "Being normal weight and encouraging longer and healthier lifespans is just a Communist plot".

  57. PlaceHolder PlaceHolder says:

    We need to decrease our transportation system to a third world level to force everyone to be healthy.

  58. Misty Blue says:

    OK if it makes u feel better people get paid to do these studies… cause I work hard…. and I hate people who criticize what I eat and I'm a little chubby… my mom at 81 has no diabetes or heart disease… let my god are u gonna start banning pizza and Berger's or go to a restaurant and criticize what people eat… get a life…

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