[EU4][MP] Mandate of Heaven Multiplayer Part 13 – Europa Universalis 4 Lets Play

Hello and Welcome back I am Arumba. Thank you for joining me let’s play some more EU4 mandate of heaven multiplayer with filthy robot How you doing, buddy? I’m doing very well man.How about yourself? It’s good. It’s good We missed a day we missed an episode because you were gone it’s been a while since we played together. I hope the fans forgive us I Think some of them will So tell me about your vassal Ie the vassal that I can’t release.Yeah, that’s the one. Yeah, so it turns out that it’s been this way for ages, and I’ve just like never run into it but um yeah I can’t release Dali because it’s not their primary culture,Shan is not their primary culture apparently I had to go check the Eu4 wiki their primary culture is Bai Now there’s no way of knowing no way of knowing at all that the primary culture of Dali is Bai without looking at the wiki and the tooltip flat-out lies Because it says quote unquote like like literal word for word Dali is considers this to be one of her core provinces this country may be created from this province end quote,like done bullsh*t it may, not it should say Meh maybe they could if it’s the right culture except in this case. It’s not so haha just kidding but no no it yeah, so it’s a very rare thing, but yeah, I can’t really him as a subject,so So there goes my game plan there guess I’m gonna core their land instead Pretty obnoxious. I find it to be yeah
Well anyway are you ready to unpause? Yeah,let’s do it okay now I don’t I hope that things are stable apparently there’s some bugs with protectorates don’t know if you’re aware of that you might be a,no i don’t know Lan Xiang just rivaled me. I don’t remember this campaign at all Filhty hahaha It’s like two weeks since you recorded I have like four campaigns in Eu 4 going on all at once right now. It’s very difficult to keep up at all This is the campaign where I rejected Ming offering to make me a tributary before we realize that it costs You trust so i have lost like minus a thousand trust with f****ng Ming over here. Yeah, that was bad. Why’d you do that? Aw man,it was totally intended Apparently all my forts are on right now, and that’s very expensive. I guess we’re going to not have those Turned on so I can actually make some money. I’m also rooting out corruption now, cool. Making money that’s not part of my campaign i’m playing at all. Oh,so ok I want to try this one so um, I’m going to pause here sorry Hey you you’ve had a rough go through this campaign I’ll give you that I it’s been a Terrible start so how do I I’ve never done this so what is this so I now have a province This is I want to I want to attempt to get some more horde unity. This is killing me to have zero horde unity You’re gonna do it you’re gonna raise the I want to but It’s not raising,It apperantly it’s not raising that’s not raising I don’t have by the way the raised option is not available to me on occupied territory No Cuz you have to take the land you have to take the land and the peace deal and then before you’ve cored it You’ll have the ability to raise it So I don’t understand why I want to do that. I get that I need cored I guess I’m being hugely punished for not having horde unity But why the hell do I want to burn down the development of my own land? Because you get Monarch points and you get horde unity that’s it which long-term. yep. long-term don’t.yep.It’s super important for everything yep, so.but you’re your hive No ask them why do I want to bring down my own way. Ok if you don’t want to do that then you got to go? F-18 and look at your national decisions and look at the things you need to do to stop being a horde cuz So you’re not a hard you need horde unity. Oh man Ok I gotta take a quick look at that So what is the reform the government that gonna be not afford any more. yes reforming the government I think in the description, it’ll tell you that you’ll no longer be a horde. Oh God All right, well I did pick the right idea group and you see those the stability of three and horde unity of 60 Huh, all right. It’s like you’re going to be doing some raising, huh? Yeah, looks like he’ll be raised it. All my own land down. It seems clever alright Gonna unpause.You ready? Yep feel free So I have negative Karma because I can’t release the subject I intended to release I love when you laugh at my misfortune. That’s great makes me feel good feels like Feels like I’ve had a lot of misfortune, and I’m there for a lot to laugh at other people’s misfortunes I don’t know very not it fair enough. That’s fair also again the the offer vassallation buttons Just like completely gone when someone’s a protectorate or not a protector tributary so So yeah where my rivals right now am i at risk of getting murdered horribly possibly Sorry, I just need to make sure my allies not being stupid right? How are we doing on institutions mmM nasty there is no, no renaissance over here at all is there Tangu Oh God, it’s really not good. Oh come on. What’s wrong now? Come the f*ck on this reinforcement timing is terrible Oh no noo! Oh come on my ally. I just lost the siege I absolutely needed to not lose my ally reinforced so f*cking slowly into this fight he had Try try described to you are you serious because this is ridiculous Yeah cuz I can’t actually see I Can see like the border of who you’re at war with and I can actually see the little outline of what you have claims on But I can’t I can’t see any of his county So we’re sieging his capital which I have to get in capital as the gold mine province the whole Campaign is basically hinged on that gold mine Province like it’s like Buryatia I think that level three fort.far goes on there’s something like that. Yeah, okay, and my ally I’m sieging it with A Ten stack of Troops you know just enough to siege his level three fort then my ally has 8 8 8 or 9 k troops one province to the East the Enemy just attacked it with 13 k troops. We’re leaving out would sport which is pretty bad, especially for me as you know bored but uh my and my ally took to just chose to wait quite a while before reinforcing and the fight ended before the f*cking reinforcements arrived and when the reinforcements arrived and wipe Not stack wipe but die like lost all the troops So so we we just gave up the support that we are sieging the capital for it which I have to take so I don’t Think if my ally occupies it he’s going to keep it for himself and not give it to me And I’m not going to get a gold mine out of it Which is going to be crucially bad. But I don’t have the manpower to do this repeatedly because my manpower’s there’s a super super low So I really needed my allies to take the brunt of that fight he just didn’t get their soon. So now totally f*cking screwed Awesome very good perfect. Wow dude That sucks Mm-Hmm Sorry I’m really sorry to hear, that I mean that it is really really unfortunate So you called him in a like in a promise to territory or he’s indicated that this is the war that he called me in On a phone great because I wanted to do that to be the war leader But he wouldn’t do it and then two seconds later turned around and did the exact same thing. I wanted him to get All right, all right. I got you I’m not actually concerned. We won’t win this war because we have more troops than him combined when I have Manpower, but I don’t have manpower So that’s pretty bad pretty bad all right so um Could I get this bannerman thing? We’ve done. This is probably not playing a campaign in h of an agent. So some way I can like Summon troops out of my land that correct okay yeah, you gotta you gotta go to your state Yes Kianna province, and then there’s a button down there They kind a hid that one on you honestly They had their own Manpower do I have to have manpower to do it no manpower you take corruption which is effectively money and monarch Monarch power costs over time you know But if you can get ahead on the stability and stuff then you’re good also by the way There’s a crash that will happen if ming ever tries to decline like they ever tried a tribute somebody or a monarch point And then they’re no longer eligible to Grant Monarch points or something then the game will just crash just be ready for that the game Might just crash out of nowhere And we’ll have to edit the save file to make ming not an idiot making the game crash I don’t know why they haven’t hotfixed that yet, but it’s kind of a big deal Ah I share about this because I just raised Banners and they are not they start at They’re not full health banish. They’re not fully reinforced to start at two hundred manpower Well they start off week, but as they reinforced they don’t take your manpower. Oh, they don’t Hover over the Manpower bar on the Top left And it should say like to fully reinforce your armies you need x or assuming you have no other troops that are Repairing it shouldn’t show them. Well. I’m on my new mostly. So I just assume that you’re right We’ll see in a minute because I’m going to run out of Manpower about one second here and then if these a bit your keep reinforcing, that would be Yeah, I’m mostly sure I could be wrong. I don’t know I’m not actually played outside of like a little little tiny bit of play testing so good we could be wrong My corruption is not three That’s pretty good. I Don’t think I almost never even let it go above one. I just raised like four Banners. And each individual each individual one you click raises. It doesn’t it? This campaign is excellent Arumba excellent, all right Oh Man I’m trying. I’m doing something so silly. I’m trying two min-max One Admin point because I’m really concerned about falling behind on Admin tech and diplo tech and all the Tech I Have excellent.I’ve I mean some of my numbers are really good power projection looks good I’ve got some manpower. I’m actually making a little bit of money and those those things are good I’m a little bit concerned about the potential that someone could attack me right now, so Need to accumulate 130 ducats could you go ahead and send me a few thousand ducats please You had some spare of ducats from the last patch anytime you need them just ask I’ll be more than happy(sarcasm).from the last campaign you had lots of money I remember. State’s two main control provinces, I suppose that’s fair and yes military access through this guy But I’m not right rivals not going to giving me Okay, access By the way, I do appreciate the comments over the last number of videos people were explaining Why I was getting 0 dip piece offers, you know what be great Paradox. Just as an idea is crazy You’re gonna suggest tooltips. Maybe maybe if you’re playing is a buddhist nation they should say something about that and a freaking tooltip I Mean it even it literally says here’s your discounts But nothing no mention whatsoever of the fact that hey by the way since you’re buddhist zero dip Just no. I mean come on when you headed in the karma functions,don’t you think maybe you could have updated to build it uh It’s just mmM. Yeah Anyway, no big deal right puts my thoughts on that So um I seem to recall the last time we recorded together filthy asking you quite frequently are you dead yet? Are you dead yet? the answers no, Arumba,I’m not dead yet.And your you’re going to stay alive I would be you think struggling for ages on end To not be dead It won’t be glorious won’t be fun wow might be fun. They won’t be glorious We’re just beginning deeper into debt look loan We would go bankrupt again. We’ll see how many times with campaign we can go bankrupt Say, I don’t even remember that the way that my flag looks like yeah, I mean it really just okay I’ve got my ryukyu campaign I’ve got my campaign playing as portugal. I’m very familiar with the portuguese flag Umm I Swear I’m doing oh ideas guy, which is my my one point 19 Achievement run campaign and then I’ve this campaign, so there’s four separate country flags that I’ve got to identify It’s tricky there should be like a little star on your flag say this is you Okay, my truce timer with Mong Yang yang expires in 75 that’s that’s in six months Perhaps I should attack Mong Yang Mong Yang just got allied to Tangu Hoo, I wanted to vassalise, but can’t vassalise because he’s a tributary underneath Ming and I don’t think they’re I really don’t think there’s any way I can force him to stop being a tributary under Ming there’s no like Peaceful way to like get him out, I think Oh I know what I’ll do I’ll check the the new interface To see who would accept an Alliance Oh Nice, but not not a church essere. It’s a 335 I’m haven’t looked my heir in a very long time I Have 1 – 3 – 2 heir Okay, so ming would theoretically consider me to be an ally if it seriously ming once Bengals land. Oh Um Okay Sure, wrong guy Ming would consider me Need to be a proper ally accept that that’s not even possible so I don’t know why the show up on the list Champa ouch Champa I Think champa isn’t very strong Champa here. He’s a one province minor,nice. What’s wrong Now. What’s did you do wrong now? I didn’t realize the bannermen counted against my limit of troops, so I’m spending a f*ck ton of money One troops I can’t afford My stuff. What’re you doing right? Now. I’m gonna have to do it. I’m trying to see if I can find an alternative group of allies Yeah Whoa, I actually have a lot of aggressive expansion, too Why’d I do that no clue doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do now Ok you can sally up some troops. I have to do that, so Perfect Why on Earth would Brahmanis rival me? Wonder why my cash is so terrible that explains it well I do recall actually part of the reason your your cash is so terrible is your autonomy And its really high in a lot of provinces with assume that you’ve got the horde yeah Switched over to being more terrible than it used to be now Ok I would stop changing its mind about everything Oh my God, I accidentally lowered autonomy in a province that I meant to increase autonomy. God damn it it’s probably not ideal no it’s really not especially because there’s There’s an estate in charge So I don’t think I even got I think I was like forty percent and so the button only took me down by 15 So not only does not only get like sixty percent of the benefit of the button But also it raised the unrest in a province,that i was trying to lower unrest in, so that’s that’s awesome It’s great really good I Like thst the Bannermen use a different manpower pool. It’s extremely useful. I should’ve been using these guys earlier in this campaign Didn’t realize that What other limitations are there on them do you know? All I know is that they have higher discipline. Which is good yeah mmm Should just raise autonomy the beginning this video. Messed up Should done a long time ago. Should not have lowered autonomy in this province. That’s for sure Arumba. I suggested Uh don’t don’t lower autonomy down there. Yeah, so just just like you I have Four provinces that are above 75 percent autonomy. Oh Yeah, you can see by layer I still have no f*cking idea what you’re doing three? If three of mine are actually at ninety-nine point nine percent of fun of me. I hear that’s a good number and The Rebellion is going to be Fire tomorrow, I think pretty sure It’s going to be 19 k troops and I’ve got 13 Would be fine don’t worry about it be all right Hmm tricky Oh Man, don’t do it caushion don’t f*cking do it It is possible that no salvage with war At the cost of a bunch of our loans that I really didn’t want to pay can probably didn’t need But I’m going to have to take I am still just trying to get used to what my freaking flag looks like I swear. I’m see I keep seeing one that looks exactly like the kingdom of might, and then I’m like oh there. I am wait a minute This is not that campaign I’m a rival to Daiviet as well ok I guess that makes sense? Yeah, there’s the rebels thought one coming alright cool well uh Yeah, all right it’s that time and it’s gonna be interesting. We’ll see Thanks for watching everyone will be back same time same place tomorrow. See you in a bit

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