End Financial Suffering and Create Wealth with Kubera’s Blessings

End Financial Suffering and Create Wealth with Kubera’s Blessings

Kubera is a very important deity and for a
long time he has been kind of forgotten and he is coming back again. He has been up till now considered a demigod
who has not been elevated to the God like Shiva, Vishnu or Ganesha or Muruga. He is a demigod that is why he is called a
Yaksha. Yaksha is a category of beings, who may be
called a demigod, just below the high Gods. But Kubera has important responsibility. He is considered to be a good friend of Shiva
and also loaned money to Vishnu for his wedding. The story of Tirupati, the holy shrine for
Vishnu, which is considered to be the number one temple for wealth building in Andhra Pradesh,
borrowed money from Kubera for his wedding. The mythology says that he is still paying
the interest for Kubera, so all those devotees who go there to Tirupati they contribute cash
so that Vishnu could pay off his interests to Kubera. Kubera is banker of heaven, he is in- charge
of wealth so it is important that we pay attention to him and that is why we have organized this
homa, fire ritual for Kubera, We are going to do Homas like this more often
because they are very important in bringing about changes because in the Bhagavat Gita
for instance, when Arjuna, it is in the 3rd chapter of the Bhagavat Gita, not many people
who read Bhagavat Gita pay attention to that, not even those who explain Bhagavat Gita have
paid attention to this. At one point Krishna explains to Arjuna, how
you can make money very easily and what is going to be the method, and he said fire rituals
is the way to which you can easily make money. The sloka goes on ‘ISHTAN BHOGAN’, whatever
you desire is ‘Ishta’ and ‘Bhoga’ means for enjoyment. Why do you desire things because you want
to enjoy them, how can you get the resources for that, through the fire rituals. And how does it work? Krishna says it was the arrangement that was
made when the world was created. It was Prajapati who said there will be a
reciprocal relationship between the human beings and the God and Goddesses, that they
will mutually kind of dependent on each other. The human beings are supposed to propitiate
them through the fire rituals and give offerings to the deities and the deities in turn will
give gifts to the human beings in abundance and this Krishna says is the best way to make
money or to create money. But, then he gives a warning also. This is something that happens, the wealth
is being created through a short-cut and that is there is nothing wrong about creating money
through a short-cut, especially when you are doing a fire ritual. But then Krishna also warns Arjuna, if money
is got through the fire rituals, you should not keep all the money to yourself. You will have to distribute the money to people
who are in need, if you do not do it then I will disperse you like a summer cloud. That is what Krishna says. So, the fire ritual is a very important tool
for everyone to create wealth that is why we wanted to start the fire ritual programs
beginning with Kubera. Now I will chant few things the Kubera Gayatri,
then you can chant with me. The priests will be doing it also during the
program and then you can chant along with the priest as well. “Om Yaksharajay vidmahe, Vaisravanaye Dhimahi
Tanna Kubera Prachodayat Om Yaksharajay vidmahe, Vaisravanaye Dhimahi
Tanna Kubera Prachodayat Om Yaksharajay vidmahe, Vaisravanaye Dhimahi
Tanna Kubera Prachodayat”


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