Ellen Reviews Products Made Just for Women

Ellen Reviews Products Made Just for Women

I’m a celebrity and– [LAUGHTER] You know that. But I do things the same as you. And I went the other
day to do some shopping. And just like you, I
go in for one thing and then I end up
with 40 things. And unlike you, I pay
with a gold bar, but– [LAUGHTER] I noticed while I was
shopping that sometimes stores have regular products, but
then they have lady products. Have you noticed that? Which is the same
thing, but pink. And they have pink razors,
and they have pink deodorant. And now I found something
else that comes– here’s the first
thing right there. It is a gentle laxative tablet. And I won’t tell you
why I bought them, I’ll just tell you who
I bought them for– Mary. Well, you asked me
to buy them, Mary. Let’s call that exhibit
A, because I don’t want to say the word laxative again. And then this is here. This is exhibit B,
women’s gentle laxative tablets in pink, of course. That’s how you know it’s
safe for a lady to take. Both bottles are the
same price because they have the same thing inside. I’m kidding. The pink one has
40 fewer tablets. I know that’s not a
good deal, because I ask a man to do the math. [LAUGHTER] This– this is insane. Same amount of money,
40 less tablets. That’s not the most
ridiculous thing I found. Because then I went
over to Office Depot. I didn’t need
anything, but I just wanted to sniff the markers. [LAUGHTER] And then I found this. And it’s a super cute
emergency escape hammer. If you get in a
car accident, you can use this to cut your
seat belt or break a window. As you can see,
it’s pink and shiny. That’s why I was
immediately drawn to it. And if you look right here,
it says, get out, girl. [LAUGHTER] No, you get out, super cute
emergency escape hammer. Apparently, the lady car
accidents are adorable. And there’s not even a mirror. How am I supposed
to check my makeup after I drive into a lake? I don’t understand. They sell a non-lady version
that looks like this, but that’s yellow. That doesn’t make
me want to get it. Plus, how do I get my little
lady hands around something this big? The yellow hammer’s $8. The pink one is $12. Once again, we’re
paying more for less. We don’t want pink hammers. We don’t want pink laxatives. We want the same thing
for the same price. And a changing room
with decent lighting. That’s what we want. [APPLAUSE] And a Friends reunion,
that’s what we want. [CHEERING] We’re going to make that happen.


  1. MoFerid ْ says:

    Then just buy the ordinary things

  2. Tan Tan says:

    I just got an ellen ad on an ellen video

  3. thenikkiroom says:

    I use men’s razors and shaving cream. Yes, it is cheaper that the pink products. I also figured that if it’s good enough for a man’s face, then it’s good enough for my legs and armpits.

  4. Kailey Sullivan says:

    We want P O C K E T S

  5. Drunkenn Monkeyy says:

    Don't buy pink stuff. No demand means no production.

  6. AliceKillercat says:

    I'm using men shampoo because I am allergic to the parfumes which are in the ladies version of the same. (and this is literally the only shampoo my skin accepts!)

  7. Halo says:

    Bragging is very becoming of you Ellen

  8. rdnw2978 says:

    It's been 84 YEARS, and I'm still waiting for the Alex Morgan interview Ellen 😩

  9. bob says:

    "im a celebrity"

  10. supersmex says:

    This is all jokes. I love it

  11. hey sisters says:

    Then buy men products

  12. Mass india says:

    Hammers are diff products from different companies. So price is different.

  13. Wilson Crystal says:

    Run for President 2020!!! Lol 🇺🇸

  14. soundofbreathing says:

    Since you do things just like me and pay with a gold bar, you owe me a gold bar. Your words, no outs.

  15. M. R. says:


  16. fulya0113 says:

    women make less money but need to pay more

  17. Autonomous Prime ASMR says:

    And a changing room with a fan

  18. Lacey Fisher says:

    I love her 😂

  19. 78Crunchyforever says:

    We stan.

  20. Rion J says:

    Anecdotes. Search the market, you will find plenty of opposite examples. This is a non issue.

    If you want the more expensive one. Buy it. If you want the cheaper one. Buy it.

    We have access to internet and can price shop and compare anything.

  21. Chriscom28 says:

    Simple solution. Just don't buy it.

  22. Lpsgotpretzels go to Lpspretzelpuppy says:

    What tf did I just walk into

  23. Krikit says:

    The first bottle of laxatives are delayed release capsules (more expensive), the second bottle is not. Those are not equivalent products.

  24. barbe Doll doll elhelou says:

    Jello how are u i love u ellen u are amazing

  25. barbe Doll doll elhelou says:

    Hello my names is mariam chick out my YouTube channel

  26. GamingWithZoe says:

    Ellen: I’m a celebrity

    James Charles has entered the chat

  27. Clingingpanda 18 says:

    Then just get the male one

  28. Herit Last says:


  29. Jesus Chacon says:

    I love you Ellen.🙂

  30. Yanie says:

    I remember when she talked about the bic pen for girls a few years ago

  31. Torra Liar says:

    No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    James Charles: 0:00

  32. Maria Galani says:

    The "I'm a celebrity" joke in the beginning. Hilarious. James Charles who?

  33. Hela of Universe says:

    She is right!

  34. JJ Mir says:

    I am selling sometimes men clothes to women if we don’t have certain colours or sizes. At First Ladies give me funny reactions but when they try on they happily buy them. Colours are gender less.

  35. Elsa mcmillan says:


  36. Goldfishman says:

    This video is cancer

  37. Karishma Krishnakumar says:

    The fashion industry is making billions with the same thing. Women underwear to shirts. All are more expensive than men's wear.

  38. Alechandro says:


  39. Ingrid DelRio says:

    They actually have a name for this. It's called the "pink tax". So not only do we have to pay more for the same thing, but they gave the price difference a ridiculous and sexist name.

  40. Vince says:

    Then don’t buy the female-targeted stuff. 🤷🏻‍♂️🙈😂 The only reason they sell it is because people buy them.

  41. Lucy Awdry says:

    The ad before this was an "Always" ad. 😅

  42. Stars of Delphi says:

    You go, Ellen!

  43. Riya Uzumaki says:


  44. Tias858 says:

    Supply and demand. They make the product that way and price it that way because woman are going out and buying it.

  45. Autumn Southall says:

    You tell em Ellen!

  46. ZuhaLoveMusic says:

    But I want some cute pink things! Only smart purchases 👌

  47. norwaycheers says:

    The pink tax…

  48. Jess P says:

    It's also great how it isn't men's and women's, but normal version and then the women's version.

  49. Lukas :3 says:

    If it didnt sell it wouldnt be on the market

  50. Valerie says:

    711 dislikes? Oof the men are triggered or what

  51. That Chick says:

    Hahahaha and a Friends reunion!!!

  52. Eartha Forester says:

    I thought this was going to be about menstrual cups. Haha. I love everything Ellen said, and have been griping about the same thing for years. For me it began with seeing pink camouflage in stores.

  53. 미친고양이 says:

    존나 맞는말 투성이.
    대체 핑크텍스 왜붙는건데

  54. Laura Rivera says:

    Well… It is not the same product…. They make a change, even if it is in the bottle, if you don't want any pink, buy the cheaper one! Easy! Don't fall for marketing! Its selling practices, not society's fault

  55. Wolfsblut LP says:

    What I really dislike is what Kinder did. You know the chocolate Eggs with a toy in it ? There is a normal version and a pink version just for girls. Like come on ? Best thing was you could get toy cars or dolls and you never new but you never cared as a kid. Because it’s just toys. Kid grabs a pink one and the father says oh no Kevin pink ones are for girls put that down.

  56. Unauthorized Fork says:

    Ellen is a lesbian.

  57. DozensOfViewers says:

    They do it because women will buy it.

  58. wayne Last says:

    YEAH! And men want the same treatment and respect in court to be able to visit with their kids. Not treated as just a family uncle who pays for things.

  59. Rebecca Lusk says:


  60. Exploding Tree says:

    If you don’t want it… don’t buy it 😂 clearly women are falling for these marketing tactics because they are still using them

  61. Lesbian Amazon Sister says:

    Ellen’s sarcasm 😂👍

  62. Davona Whites says:

    When she said "……And a friends union" I screamed with the crowd !!

  63. James T. Kirk says:

    Literally just dont buy it then.

  64. Katie Neves says:

    I pay with gold bars all the time. It's not that special, Ellen.

  65. Francesca Lacey says:

    This show still going…?

  66. Maria Leonor Gaspar says:


  67. Knight says:

    I don't see a reason for complaint, no one forces women to buy pink products. Just be generally careful with what you buy, compare products and try to make smart decisions.

  68. Taggik says:

    sadly there ARE women who buy only this kind of "womanized" stuff 🤦🏽‍♀️

  69. Sean Clark says:

    i want a pink hammer…

  70. 카미사마 says:

    👏👊👊👊 백래시의 나라 미국도 이런얘기가 이제 나오는군아

  71. Aviana Issadore says:

    The FRIENDS REUNION!!! IM so on board

  72. Amp says:

    Booooo genderism

  73. Mia Bell says:

    So just don't buy it. They can make whatever product they want, just don't buy it.

  74. Sun :3 says:


  75. moaaa // says:

    ellen: im a celebirty
    the audience: HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  76. whoviankaleigh says:

    Idea: don’t buy the women’s item just because it says you should.
    Concept: don’t complain about the price difference because only idiot women are dumb enough to spend more money on something that’s pink.

  77. Angela Chezick says:

    We want equal wages!

  78. HeyFromAustralia says:

    Well I asked me 2 but em mary

  79. C. R. says:

    As always pushing the left's agenda… a woman can easily buy the standard one, but no, you want to divide products, and then say " Oh no! We are paying more for less!". Equality is by not making women and pink products for things that can be used by both…

  80. Emily IG says:


  81. Wiktor Adamiec says:

    Does she know she can buy better product if she wants? Especially if she said that they are the same smh

  82. Beny bayina fath says:

    The reason is colours 😂, good trick

  83. Marina Coteco says:

    We want our clothes to have real pockets!!

  84. AbnormalAbbi says:

    literally the same for shavers. Feminine shavers are so much more expensive.

  85. Der Kleebaum says:

    2:38 ? Go ahead, buy the products, they are right there.


    Sales of these products completely contradicts her arguments

  87. Rabeka Shook says:

    "And a Friend's reunion. That's what we want!"

  88. Brishka says:

    Ellen is the most amazing person ❤️

  89. cupcakebruh says:

    They have a women's version of a tool box. Same product, but pink..

  90. TheAssholeProphet says:


  91. Irandomlycreatedthisaccount Idk says:

    Just shop in tbe men's section

  92. Tiffany Day says:

    I noticed it starts early too! Kids vitamins same brand, same amount. Barbie ones are $1 more than avengers. Good thing my daughters like Marvel.

  93. Vidya S says:

    "Friends reunion"💜

  94. Anshuman Goswami says:

    I DON'T want a Friends reunion. It's not going to be the same. Not with today's PC audience.

  95. Anshuman Goswami says:

    Women have problems for every solution.

  96. Verónica Haro says:

    Ellen you are our voice, thank you for that!

  97. Ade Gbenjo says:

    You better "Get out girl!" Your car is about to explode!

  98. Lucie Pospichal says:

    The only gendered product I buy are tampons, i try to stay away from anything else and honestly it's not even that hard, there are companies that either don't sell gendered products, or do And advertise the same thing in two different styles but for the same price. It's just a shame that not all companies do that. There's nothing wrong with selling a pink hammer for as long as it costs the same and works as well as the super masculine green one.

  99. Julia says:

    buy the "male" one then?

  100. Lakota Jones says:

    Did anyone happen to notice the women’s laxatives had a twist off top and the other one had a safety top on it? I guess women don’t know how to use a child proofed medication lid??

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