Elite Matchmaker Helps The Rich Find Love – From $30,000

Elite Matchmaker Helps The Rich Find Love – From $30,000

TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: I think matchmaking is a very worthwhile service. I love making people happy. You have put two people together and you are part of their puzzle, and so we are forever intertwined, which is quite special. TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: My name is Taylor Francois Bodine and I am a professional matchmaker for the elite. TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: I understand, you know, how much everyone wants to be in love and to find this partner. TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: My success rate is 85-90% success. The caveat to that is that it’s within a two-year time frame. TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: I never take on more than 8-10 clients at a time. And I can honestly say that all the clients that I have ever taken on are people who I would want to be friends with after. TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: The typical professions of my clients really vary. All of them are successful. I have doctors, lawyers, presidents of fortune 500 companies, varied levels of celebrity and they are all very successful in their own right, which is why they can use a matchmaker. The issue is not their level of success. It’s simply that they don’t have the time to commit to putting in the work to finding the appropriate partner. TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: So, in general I always like to meet the clients face to face. Initially, we might start with a Facetime or Skype session. But when working with them, I think it’s very important to have a personal touch and to get to meet them in person. TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: So today we are in San Francisco to meet my client, Stephanie, for the first time. STEPHANIE SCHWAB: My name is Stephanie Schwab and I am 34 years old and I run customer advisory boards for a Silicon Valley high-tech company. I want to be in a relationship so badly and I have been doing all of the online dating and things like that. But I don’t feel like it is resonating with me because I am still single and I feel like I have so much to offer the world and I think that in order to find that right person, you have to call in outside help. TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: The process is that we will do some styling sessions, have a hair and makeover session and then it will end in a photo shoot. STEPHANIE SCHWAB: So I am excited to see how the day turns out. TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: I am too and I think once we get everything pulled together, you know, you will have such a sense of confidence when you go on these dates that it will change everything. STEPHANIE SCHWAB: Let’s do it.
TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: Let’s do it. Let’s go. TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: The cost for clients really varies. Everything is customised based on the client’s needs. So there is not an average cost. I would say when looking for a good matchmaker, if one is not ready to invest a minimum of $30,000 for a rather simple search, you know, it would not be advantageous. STEPHANIE SCHWAB: My ideal partner is a true gentleman. I am looking for a man with character, a man that makes me feel good about myself. I hope at the end of today I am smiling through just joy and a gratefulness for what a wonderful opportunity this is. I am excited to see how beautiful I can look. STEPHANIE SCHWAB: I have tried pretty much everything. I have done all of the standard websites and I have done all of the apps. I am not on social media. I don’t know how to present myself in that way, and so online dating has always been a struggle. TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: I think everyone could use some help with dating tips. I think that with the shift in technology, there is a sense of a less than personal touch to the way that one goes about dating. CHARLOTTE: I have paired various looks for Stephanie that she could wear to different types of dates. Whether it is daytime wine tasting or really sexy dinner, different looks that will make her feel confident and ready to meet the next love of her life. STEPHANIE SCHWAB: Being a curvier woman to have someone show me how to dress for my body type, I think is really important, and so I feel confident and can’t wait to do my hair next. STEPHANIE SCHWAB: So the reason that I want to be financially investing in a matchmaker is that I am at a point in my life where I want a man who is as equally invested. I maybe putting money down but I am thinking 5-10 years from now about where that money could have gone in different ways and I am so much happier that I have put it into finding my true love. STEPHANIE SCHWAB: I am feeling great, I feel pretty and I feel like, cutting off that hair was oddly freeing. TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: Sometime ago I worked for a prominent senator on the hill and I found myself after hours doing some matchmaking with various colleagues and I found that I was matching people so well, I decided that I would leave that profession and start the matchmaking firm. With each client, I get better at this. You run into different personality types, different problems that you didn’t know before and it’s really interesting even the growth that I have because, you know, you are constantly learning something. STEPHANIE SCHWAB: So it’s been an awesome day. Thank you! Thank you for making me feel beautiful in my skin and it really means a lot. So, thank you. Yeah! STEPHANIE SCHWAB: I love my new look. I am proud of my new look. This is a big step for me today to come out and be surrounded by all of these people who said wonderful warm things about me. And I feel like I am a different woman than I was this morning. STEPHANIE SCHWAB: I do feel very hopeful that Taylor will not only find me a date but she will find me my future husband. I am really excited about the future. I am excited because for the first time in my life, I truly feel like good things are happening for me and that love is coming and that the opportunities that I have always dreamed about for myself are real. TAYLOR FRANCOIS BODINE: Oh, I really enjoy it. I really enjoy it. It’s not an easy job by any stretch of the imagination and there is pressure because people are always expecting you to produce and I do that, you know, but that comes at a price. But I love it and I love making people happy, you know, it’s really important to me. STEPHANIE SCHWAB: To the future.


  1. The Shona Show says:

    Millionare matchmaker is quaking

  2. Booboo DaFoo says:

    She looks like a young Wendy Williams

  3. x3sirix3 says:

    She needs better Make-up and wig.

  4. marly Girl says:

    A Very smart lady!! She found a business, because what seems so easy for most people to do naturally they can’t. 👌🏽💕

  5. S'ymone Ranea says:

    30 grand you think she would have better weave. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. Cristos De Graaf says:

    So that first lady-client is looking for a man that can make her feel good About herself, 😂😂😂 well if you aint happy About yourself all the money of the world wont change it girl 😅😇

  7. yazyh says:

    Why is her house so empty?

  8. Ningduanguangliu R. panmei says:


  9. Joana Reyna says:

    This could be an individual with some form of social trauma that happens to have economic access that allows her to “try/attempt” to bypass some of life’s struggles. 🤔

  10. T. Monet says:

    Those clothes look hideous on her. Those clothes give her the same boring look.

  11. Stephanie Santana says:

    House seemed empty Miss Matchmaker. Did u match yourself?🤔

  12. Stephanie Santana says:

    Dude in the blue hoodie was at you girl, lol. 👀

  13. juke box says:

    she looks like Ricki Lake

  14. Dandara Cardoso says:

    My God

  15. Tongla G says:

    My husband owes me a do over, we met for free🤨

  16. DarkMatter11k says:

    The woman searching for love looks a lot like Ricki Lake

  17. The Little Blerdmaid says:

    People saying they wouldn't spend 30K on this as if they have 30K on standby in the 1st place. It's not a choice when you don't have the funds to begin with 🤣🤣🤣.

  18. Seven P. says:

    I'm getting Lynn Whitfield vibes from her

  19. dymplez says:

    I have Hella Buyer's Remorse…so what happens IF it doesn't work out? Is there a money back guarantee?🙄🤔

  20. ComeAtMeBro says:


  21. Bella Wangari says:

    You go gal.

  22. Ryan Battlefield says:

    Lowkey thought it was Khloes friend

  23. Chanelle Mulan says:

    For only $20 bucks a session, I can help anyone find a date on POF. Email me serious inquiries only.

  24. Black Girl In Iran ! says:

    Was the guy at 2:04 looking for a match? 👀

  25. sookie manning says:

    Is the make over inclusive of the 30k?

  26. Marlie J says:

    Y’all saying $30,000 is too much these people loaded, that’s nothing to them

  27. Justine Rebina says:

    Both of these women are really beautiful❤️

  28. esor val says:

    This woman doesnt exude femininity tgats her problem

  29. TaylorAnn Lawless says:

    Is the matchmaker Haitian? If so, they are known for their strong work ethic and getting PAID!

  30. Daniella Farkash says:

    I’ll love you forever if you feed me and buy me snacks 😂😂

  31. Jaime Baird says:

    Looks like brandy

  32. Santosh Padwal says:

    Would you like to be with a desont Indian guy.. 917722006959

  33. Haiitzcai says:

    I can do this too, 😂 shoot I'll be cupid, where my bow and arrow at?!

  34. SK E says:

    I would rather have a personal assistant/ housekeeper for half of that money.

  35. Rosy rosado says:

    And where is the wedding foto

  36. Bob Johnson says:

    ANY millionaire who approaches dating wearing his "millionaire" status on his sleeve as a badge of honor to make himself more "appealing" and "desirable" …DESERVES what he gets!

  37. Bob Johnson says:

    I will gladly and happily spend my millions on ANYTHING my wife wants …except FAKE HAIR! 🙄

    (Fortunately she doesn't need nor want it!)

  38. Laurina Tsvacenko says:

    She says that she is not into social media and online dating sites. I get it. If she could loose some pounds or have the fat on her body removed by a plastic surgeon (who would cost her less money), she could find the one online. It is not the technological illeteracy of her, it is her low self esteem and the extra pounds that make it difficult (for her) to find a man.

  39. julianne sharpe says:

    Stephanie is pretty, intelligent, mature with a lovely personality!!!

  40. Merion says:

    Does anyone know what music we hear in the background? 🙂

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  42. Abhijit Guha says:

    I don't get it. The client is a confident young woman it seems. Why should she need advice on how to dress ? Why should she rely on someone else to give her dress sense ? Is she really confident ?

  43. ladygabrielle36 says:

    I like that she’s making her clients put their best foot forward, because on your own, sometimes you need someone to force you to do that instead of being by yourself and blowing it off…..good for the client and the matchmaker👍🏾

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