Dungeons & Dragons Factions – The Lords’ Alliance

Dungeons & Dragons Factions – The Lords’ Alliance

Hello everybody Jorphdan here the PH is silent. Continuing on with more factions of Faerun
let’s dive into the Lords Alliance, also known as The Council of Lords. Founded in 1325 DR, The Year of the Great
Harvest, it was established in Waterdeep with membership coming from most of the cities
and settlements of the Sword Coast North. It was originally founded to help merchants
in the north compete with the aggression from Amn. Amn was controlling most of the trade coming
from the south so it was decided by the merchants of the north to increase trade in the North. Making it more self sufficient and taking
Amn out of the equation. In short they wanted to unify the defense
of northern cities and promote their economic interests. Started in Waterdeep the Lords’ Alliance
includes many cities in the North. Silverymoon, Baldur’s Gate, Mirabar, Neverwinter
and other free cities and towns within the region. Partially formed to increase trade within
the North but also created to oppose the growing influence of the Black Network in the North
as well as the Shadow Thieves of Amn. The Black Network being the Zhentarim which
we’ll get into more next week! The Shadow Thieves is a guild in Athkatla
which is located in Amn. Originally a thieves guild in Waterdeep the
Lords of Waterdeep routed them out and they moved to Athkatla making an arrangement with
the council of six, which is the governing body of Amn. The Lords Alliance and the Zhentarim do not
get along, and often members of the Lords Alliance will execute raids against Zhentarim
strongholds and outposts. The Lords Alliance strives to keep the trade
routes along the Sword Coast as safe as possible, and free from Zhentarim influence. Not all cities have decided to join the alliance. Luskan has remained out of the alliance as
well as southern lands such as Amn and Calimshan, who rightfully so feel troubled about this
in trading with the north only. The cities within the Lords’ Alliance communicate
through carrier pigeons and magic. They have a military composed of militia from
these cities and smaller villages nearby. Large cities not only patrol their own lands,
but aid smaller towns and support their local militia to keep the lands safe and the trade
routes open. There are complaints from locals in the city
that the Lords are wasting money on grubby peasants, but the information coming in from
these smaller villages has proven valuable. This creates a great feeling of security within
the walls of the city as well as for those who pioneer the wilderness. Adventurers are also hired to help out with
security and exploration. As of 5th edition the Lords’ Alliance has
collectively agreed that evil needs to be kept at bay. Seek out and destroy threats to the homeland,
is the calling for all agents of the Lords’ Alliance. You’ll find bards, paladins, mages, and
fighters all join the ranks of the Alliance. Often they are decked out too, using quality
equipment that was backed by the wealthy and privileged of their respected city. They are highly trained members. They fight for glory and security of their
people, and the Lords who rule over them. Their beliefs are solid. If civilization is to survive, all must unite
against the dark forces that threaten it. Glory comes from protecting one’s home. The best defense is a strong offense. They accomplish these goals by forming a strong
coalition against whatever threatens the cities of the north. These threats are to be eliminated whenever
they arise. Join the cause and become a champion for your
people. Although the Lords’ Alliance does a lot
of good, in its roots it was created to oppose the Zhentarim. Adventurer’s are hired to raid Zhentarim strongholds
and scout out their activity. Now the Lords’ Alliance is that safety net
for the people of the Sword Coast and the North. Despite the leaders and nobles of Faerun having
conflicting goals and long-standing rivalries. These can be put aside as they band together
to face events that are too big for any one of them to handle. They can pull together when their survival
depends on it. Although the poor and common folk do benefit
from this alliance, it is important to note that the Lords’ Alliance represents the
interests of the rich and the most powerful armies on the Sword Coast. Their unspoken goal is to control wealth that
can hire mercenaries, to ensure loyalty, and bribe whoever else. Even while working together members of the
Lords’ Alliance are advancing their own agenda. I mentioned earlier some of the members such
as fighters, mages, paladins. You’ll find plenty of those classes in a
larger city. You won’t find often barbarians, druids,
or rangers that join the Lords’ Alliance. They just don’t fit in with city life and
often will join the Emerald Enclave instead. Protecting nature and the balance rather than
pleasing a nearby Lord. This has lead to strained relations with the
Emerald Enclave, their world views just don’t sync up very well. If anything the Lords’ Alliance has taught
the cities of the north that it is better to cooperate than fight. Despite Luskan not joining the Alliance it’s
malicious activities have been kept in check thanks to neighboring cities being part of
the Alliance. This has also lead to stopping threats such
as Orc Hordes and Northlander pirates. The Lords’ Alliance was one of the factions
that joined together to oppose the Cult of the Dragon’s plot to release Tiamat. Made popular in the Rise of Tiamat adventure. And that’s it for today. You could really take this alliance and make
an entire game about it. Perhaps there are those trying to do some
political intrigue and upset the Alliance. It’s your job to stop these rumors, and
weed out the group attempting to destroy it. Left with the question why would anyone want
to destroy the Lords’ Alliance and create possible war between these cities? Thanks for watching everyone, if you want
more information on the Lords Alliance you can click my references section in the description
below. I’ll be back next week with a video on the


  1. Alexander Wirth says:

    Do these factions work together sometimes?
    Edit do can you do a video on the cult of the dragon plz

  2. Sam Fivecoate says:

    That's what I'm doing in my Campaign . The party has been hired to go from city to city solving problems and preparing for a great army that a storm giant is putting together.

  3. Teia Ostrander says:

    Zhents 4 life

  4. TheBloodly Rage says:

    These citys are mostly humans right?

  5. Pedro says:

    Saving the best for the end are we?

  6. I Hate Your Dad says:

    I have a piece of bread stuck in my nose.

  7. Justin M says:

    Fantastic video as usual!

  8. Chung Ming Zen says:

    Fun fact: Under Adventurers League, Lords' Alliance is one of the only two faction that would accept members of Lawful Evil alignment (no price for guessing which other faction also allows LE).

    Also, here is a Hill Dwarf Druid who joined the Lords' Alliance!

    "Druidism is but the way I was taught to fight, and never my way of life."

    Brought up working closely with the Lords' Alliance, Sire Warwick is lot more aligned towards to their theology over that of the Emerald Enclave. Merely being the watcher of the balance between nature and civilisation is too passive for his taste. Someone has to take the role of proactively maintaining the status quo, and he is more than happy to take the mantle.

  9. Matthew Pittard says:

    More quality content. Thanks!

  10. Gabriel Russell says:

    TLDR: They're the UN of the north.

  11. Ambiente De Música says:

    Can you make a video about Larloch the Shadow King, he is believed to be the most powerful arcane user and maybe the most powerful Lich. He rules the Warlock's Crypt. And is the patron of my warlock of the undying in the campaign i'm on right now.

  12. Amos Ericson says:

    Thank you Jorphdan!

  13. TraciPeteyforlife says:

    Excellent video.

  14. Jez says:

    Episode 69? Nice. While I'm very much in the favour of the Harpers, I know without the overt actions of the Lord's Alliance, us Harpers would probably have a much bigger target on their back. But they should always be watched.

  15. BUSH DID 711 says:

    I dont get y the only alliance the yuan ti can side with are the lords alliance there are supposed to be EVIL and they only let you side with the alliance.wtf?

  16. Greg Nichols says:

    Hey Jorphdan, i love this series and I'm glad i stumbled acrossed it. It has answered so much for me. Especially the history. But i was wondering, do you think you'll eventually start a channel diving into Ravenloft and the other areas. I myself just happen to really love Ravenloft. But keep up thugs good work, i really love these videos, in fact any one new to DnD i send right to your videos so they can start learning about the world.

  17. Connor Clark says:

    I feel like I should be on board with the Lord's Alliance, but I'm halfway through a playthrough of SKT with my siblings who have taken Kella as a party member NPC and the Zhentarim are pretty cool in my eyes atm

  18. Symmetry Thomas says:

    Can you do it a video on the force Grey?

  19. Khazid' hea says:

    Why isn't Bregan D'aerthe considered one of the factions?

  20. Dillon Brunschon says:

    You should do a video on the bloodstone lands.

  21. The Dark Lord of The Sith says:

    I have a Drow Campaign that I have been running for 10 years. The House now has a large trade city in the Sword Coast. They are Lawful Evil, with the focus on the Lawful part. The Matron of this city is going to be asked to join the Lord's Alliance, simply because all she cares about is the Platinum Trade Bats that she can send to her Mother in the Underdark. Plus she can provide the best night security for the ports and trade routes. She also hates the Black Network

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