Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy

Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy

♫ ♪ ♫ ♫ Uhhhhh…♫ Dont fuck with me Dont fuck with me Dont fuck with me Dont fuck with me I got car money , fresh start money I want Saudi money I want art money I want women to cry and pour out their heart for me And tell me how much they hate it when they apart from me Yeah And lately I do bitches the meanest Tell em I love em and don’t ever mean it We go on dates I send the Maybach out the neighbourhoods, they never seen it That shit is dangerous but it so convenient I aint lying, yeah And comfortable I sit That manual Ferrari Italian, some fly shit It’s sittin’ at the house like I bought it in ‘9-6 Cause honestly I’m too f-cking busy to drive stick I swear too f-cking busy, too busy f-cking This nigga girl, but to me she wasn’t Been hot before they open doors for me Preheated oven, I’m in this so But I aint finished though It’s been a minute though My newest girl back home, got issues with parents and some charges how the fuck can I get her to paris Luckily I am the greatest My countries ever seen so chances are I get the border to issue me the clearance dreams money can buy everybody yelled surprised I wasn’t surprised that’s only cause I have been waiting on nigga so fuck who ever hating on Nigga of course Dont fuck with me Dont fuck with me Dont fuck with me Dont fuck with me food from india she is charlotte olympias we talked music for hours she never mentioned ya can’t tell you how much I love when niggas think they got it and I love the fact that line made em think about it YMCMB these niggas make it so hard to be friendly when I know part of its envy tryna fill the shoes nigga so far these are empty I take em off in the house because the throw carpets and fendi Ohh, I never seen the car You claim to drive shit i seen it you just aint inside and I feel like lately I went from top 5 to remaining 5 My favorite rappers either lost it or they ain’t live and they tryna bring us down me, wezzy and stunna we stayed up, Christmas lights in the middle of summer and if the girls standing next to me got a fat ass then I’ll probably give her my number yeah, I throw my dollar up high and they land on the stage, dance on we got company coming over would it kill you to put some pants on dream money can buy thay told me its like a high it wasn’t a lie yeah, just got some good pussy waitin’ on a nigga and fuck whoever hatin on a nigga Dont fuck with me Dont fuck with me Dont fuck with me Dont fuck with me “music”


  1. You only live Once says:


  2. Chef says:

    Samples BTSTU and doesn't even credit jai paul. disappointing.

  3. gabe webber says:

    June 2020!??!

  4. LH says:

    And if the girl standing next to got fat aaaaaaass , this moment is 🔥

  5. Kashish Vij says:

    Love this album man!

  6. YokesTheIsraelite says:

    I remember sophomore year of high school, headphones in, headed to either class or football practice. Played this on repeat until senior year. I’m a senior in college now. This really was the theme song of my life. The nostalgia …

  7. xXMrnobodyXx says:

    TBH G-eazy used this sound 10 times better than Drake with his song, Kings

  8. Renny Martin says:

    Ready when you are

  9. Renny Martin says:

    Parents know everything

  10. Renny Martin says:

    Drake and Emilia. Emelia is the business woman

  11. Renny Martin says:

    We play video games

  12. Renny Martin says:

    Check my Twitter. Rennymartin5

  13. Dolphus Fleming says:

    He speaks facts 🤯💯 every song 😍

  14. ömeryrz says:


  15. Zombie Gang Ent says:

    Fuck whoever's hatin on a nigga

  16. caleb Lee says:


  17. Siyanda Arnold says:

    17 October 2019, I'm still listening it 💯❤

  18. Calef Canfil says:


  19. Bandman Gg says:

    I felt this whole song. This hit different🔥🔥🔥

  20. Taziyana Ndhlovu says:

    Man if you know that your music do to me you kill me man ovo big fun

  21. 1121resident Gmail says:

    I heard nothing offensive in this song

  22. Ash Ralph says:

    If you can buy ever dreams u ever dreamed. Would you?

  23. Tommy Gunz VLOGS says:

    You will be rich!!!! LIKE to activate

  24. Dej M says:

    Always will b a banger

  25. tyron goudy says:

    He killed it like tag your it 💯🔥

  26. Steven A says:

    YouTube mad

  27. Jaymin Smith says:

    Freaking G.O.A.T right here

  28. johnny knoll says:

    Still here 2019?

  29. puffed chainese says:

    0:00–0:32 That song is called BTSTU by Jai Paul! 😀

  30. lokito Lhopez says:

    Fuck Spanish trap drake is the veteran ever

  31. Teebaby gee says:

    Love me some DRAKE..💓💓💓💓💓💓🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  32. Tour na PWT 2017 says:


  33. Azal Johnson says:

    Fuck them hater Drake u still the greatest

  34. Rocket187 says:

    Don’t fuck wit me !!!!!🙌🏽🚀

  35. EC 13 says:


  36. Shine G says:

    Doofus come visit

  37. Shine G says:

    Someone better help my brother drake. Not a joke. Someone is threatening our family. Please help
    He is my twin.

  38. Shine G says:

    I sent people to keep you safe bucket.

  39. Shine G says:

    Take that hateful video down. With the handcuffs. That's not you.

  40. Raphael Paredes says:

    nov 2019

  41. Nemr Kanafani says:

    At the start I was kinda annoying why he was saying don’t fuck with me don’t fuck with me don’t fuck with me

  42. Just_PhranQ Entertainment says:

    20 Nov 2019 – and still listening to this HEAT!

  43. Nick Mulligan says:

    Brought here by the goat Jai Paul

  44. Gustavo Brown says:


  45. Oscar-Ray Lopez says:

    Fuck boes our generation destroyed the meaning of love , no respect from both male and females

  46. Luca Kostakakis says:

    This fucken sucks, how dare you sample Jai Paul

  47. Amanda McClurkin says:

    What song is the original?

  48. JonDavid Escoto says:

    Been listening to this since way back.

  49. chris bigej says:

    This is the flyest song….

  50. Jmoney3rdWRLD says:

    where the bob Marley speaking part ? legendary speech



  52. TNC NYOSHE says:

    I dont know how this is restricted but ok

  53. justin McClarthy says:

    Offensive? Really YouTube? Disagree. Underrated? Agree. Still with it in 2019

  54. Dmatic 587 says:

    People Don t realize how much this song was fire most defenitily a lost track

  55. Josh Millan says:

    Literally the most slept on song in history.

  56. Josh Millan says:

    I like how Drake can make any song seem like your watching a music video without watching a music video! 🤯🤯

  57. ParisXXX says:

    this is the best drake song ever recorded ON GOD

  58. WeLuvJasmine 2020 says:

    Don’t fuck with me, don’t fuck with me. 🦉

  59. Feniko says:

    favorite drake song!

  60. Tay Miller says:

    That Jai Paul sample is nasty!!!

  61. Cameron Mike says:

    “Lately it went from top 5 to remaining 5, my favorite rappers either lost it or they ain’t alive” I feel this verse more than ever. rip juice wrld, lil peep, mac and xxx. My favorite artist truly are dead 😞

  62. Kaushik Dev says:

    The sample is from this unknown legend Jai Paul – BTSTU.

  63. The Absolute says:

    It sucks

  64. SamuelElliott says:

    I find it offensive and take offense that they think this music is inappropriate or offensive…

  65. Kacper Urbańczyk says:

    I know thats is 3 years but this is the Best song o the world

  66. Andre Brown says:

    Worrying about the wrong thing. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Stop making music.

  67. tyler kalohelani says:

    "And i feel like lately it went from top 5 to remaining 5. My favorite rappers either lost it or they aint alive.."🔥

  68. Huskys Demise says:

    Imagine sampling this from g eazy

  69. The Old Dusty trail says:

    The funny thing about this sample. G Eazy did it first. But because he wasnt big or known yet at the time drake got the attention for it

  70. dbevans1328😀 says:

    How is this OFFENSIVE

  71. Lanukumzuk Jamir says:

    Why would anyone term this inappropriate……It speaks the truth of this world………Stupid mfs

  72. myself says:

    💙⚡️-till death

  73. Amina Green says:


  74. Proflash Gaming says:

    COPY CAT!!!

  75. Alan says:

    Dude he fucking ripped this song off g-eazy

  76. Raymond Torrrs says:

    People just always looking to say something.if they don't like it change it

  77. Stormgoblîñ?X says:


  78. messinaround117 says:

    Billie eilish took this instrumental

  79. Dayton Winfield says:

    Its only cause I been waitn on it nigga so fukk whoever hatin on a nigga 2020 here Year of The Success

  80. Javier Serrano says:

    Someone’s house must of burned down when listening to this song 💀🤣

  81. Elvin Stafford says:

    Fux it 2020

  82. Me funny slippers B says:

    Drake is the best! Much love !!!

  83. BoyOnTheInternet__ says:

    2020 who's here

  84. Annaka Campbell says:

    I am a loner

  85. Annaka Campbell says:

    Maybe I will never love

  86. #MMS #MZY #MGod $ensei says:

    Here in 2020

  87. yup dest says:

    2020 anyone?

  88. Vasu Gaur says:

    It's 2020… And I am still listening 💞💞

  89. KEEP CALM CALVIN says:

    That pop up will save youtube


    Awww was hoping to hear this in his top 5 slept on, on Rap Radar
    Mabey hes forgot about it

  91. Damion Aughtry says:

    Can't go wrong with this track

  92. manuel carrillo says:

    Venezuela en Pinta en el Youtube gringo

  93. Mike Ball says:


  94. Mike Ball says:

    Virtual Dealer endorses Drake

  95. Mike Ball says:

    Arriving Safely contact Alex Archer to Network 8478635702

  96. Mwiley Music says:

    Still here in 2020 … 🤞🏾

  97. Briana Campos says:

    I like that 1950s era type harmonizing. Bring in the creep essence back & spittin’ fire from the present 🎁 💝

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