Douchiest Rich Kid Snapchats

Douchiest Rich Kid Snapchats

How’s it going guys welcome to reaction time. Today we’re going to be looking at some douchy rich kids on Snapchat. The most important thing when someone has money is to stay humble, you can’t just be a douchebag. People are just going to be like hey look at this douche. We’re gonna just jump right in to this so let’s go, lets do this. Cashed the Aston now I’m driving this. Aww I’m so sorry you have to drive a Bentley. Oh my God I feel so bad for you. Do you feel bad for this guy he has to drive a Bentley. He just crashed his Aston Martin, I mean now he has to drive a Bentley that’s so sad. I don’t know a lot a people that drive Bentleys… Oh yea that’s because there so expensive. That’s why no one drives Bentleys. I asked for a yacht but k… Thx dad. He just gave me like gold watches like… Seriously dad I wanted a yacht.. ok. Hahaha. You’re so spoiled, I’m so sorry. You asked for a yacht but you got a 10,00 dollar gold, maybe even more, that looks… is that diamonds? Does it have diamonds in there? Using your credit card as a ruler. Yeah, I mean that’s totally normal. I needed a coaster for my drink, so I decided to put my iPhone underneath my drink. So if anything spills, you know I’ll just spill my iPhone, I can just get a new one, cause I’m so rich, I’m so filthy rich. Decisions, decisions… Hmmmmm…What should I get? Which cars would I drive today? We’ve got the Tesla…we got so many different cars to choose from. I mean, what do you guys think? Which car should I choose? I don’t wanna I don’t wanna overdo it you know, like I don’t want to do it too much. Because them like people kind of stare at me, but I think I’m gonna be more humble about it today and just, Im just gonna go with a Ferrari. Daddy will have to buy me another one. Thanks dad. I love your money. There’s not such thing as love in this family, I just like your money. I actually low key hate you. You’re… you’re not a good father but I just love you’re money. Damn, I hate my car. Its only worth like 300,000 dollars. HAAA Mom said no crumbs on the floor. Is that a Mac monitor? Guys that is a apple monitor. Oh my god, someone, where’s the decency? Mom said no crumbs on the floor so I just used the mac monitor. Amazing! Why I come home. For money. It’s not like I come home cause you know, I need a place to sleep, and eat, and my family lives there. I just come home because of that. That’s a lot of green. That’s a lot of money. That’s why I like to come home. About to buy some peasants. Haaa…. What?! Thats like next level douchebag. That’s like a line you don’t cross. Say I’m about to buy some peasants. Oh my God. Look at that wallet. Need a tissue. Um.. yes please I’d like the whole box. Thank you very much. I would actually take the whole box. I wouldn’t even take one, I’d be like. Hey… Um… I’m just gonna go give a hand out people some tissues so I’ll be back and yea so, I’ll just… don’t worry I’ll bring it back… like for, for sure Ran out of paper. So I’m using my, my laptop. We ran out of plates. Let’s all use our iPads, cause we ran out of plates. Wow! Haha Wow. Present for passing my driving test. Ok I’m going to the next one. Can’t sleep so I’ll have a sandwich with money inside. This one makes no sense to me what-soever. You’re gonna eat money? No wonder you cant sleep you probably have a stomach ache. Stupid, stupid child. I only drink water that costs 3 digits. Oh… I am very privileged. So I only drink 500 dollar water. How pure can the water get like after a certain point you’re just like it’s just water. All right guys, and that’s gonna wrap it up. We saw some people waste money on water. We saw people using their tablet tablets as plates. I mean this is how ridiculous these, douchest kids on Snapchat. Cause this is what they do with their lives. I mean, if that’s what they enjoy that’s fine. They can spend their money in any way, but you gotta be humble. With that being said guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. Make sure to click on another video. Here or here. Click on my chest if you’re new to subscribe for more videos. You can always suggest more videos at [email protected] With that being said, have a great one and peace out!


  1. Glitchy Zombie000 says:

    I would be like thank you so much dad for these watches and then I would sell them

  2. Kelly Cookie says:

    I have a Tesla but we aren’t that rich.

  3. 62 Productions says:

    Now i feel spoyled cus my grandfather has tree teslas

  4. JÆDE Gaming says:

    My balance $700

  5. Nilani Pollard says:

    If it was three digits it could’ve just been 2.00

  6. Musaab Ahmed says:

    That’s a ROLEX AND 2 OF THEM

  7. a d r i a n a says:

    i consume 3 things that cost 3 digits

    water $0.00
    air $0.00
    mcdonalds $10.00

  8. Jennifer Massey says:

    Who really needs a Louis vitoun Kleenex Box

  9. Knieba Jones says:

    If you’re so rich get Fiji water

  10. Connor Vickers says:

    My secondary has over 30 Mac monitors


  11. Connor Vickers says:

    My secondary has over 30 Mac monitors


  12. nathan poop says:

    douchey😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 funny word

  13. Abdur Rahman says:

    I have Bentley inter continental

  14. The Bagguy says:

    I only eat bags mmmm

  15. Anthony's Gameplay's says:

    2:52 why are you so lazy your rich you ran out of plates
    Edit:Boi buy more plates
    Plus you eat pizza if your rich you would be eating at A 5 star restaurant

    Like if agree

  16. idk what to put my name as says:


  17. Adam Calderon says:

    This is 3 digits $1.39

  18. Ian Hayes says:

    hi bro

  19. Gustav FLUGSTAD says:

    This video was poster on my birthday

  20. moonlight says:

    1:18 damn that's my garage in gta

  21. HP G says:

    Bently my dream car

  22. Alex Vlogss says:

    yea but like… bling water hits different

  23. Maher Self says:

    I only drink water that is 3 digits


  24. 50 subs with no videos says:

    1:04. He got a iphone 5 he kinda broke

  25. Muhammad Abbass says:

    Spoiled kids: buying real supercars.
    Me:Happy meal I'm gucci

  26. Manu De Maesschalck says:

    0:55 i did that some times, if i didn’t had a ruler with me 😂

  27. Ava Borrello says:

    The tissue box is Louis Vuitton!!!

  28. stankyfishy fish says:

    My brother asked for a tesla but he got a ferrei he was mad…mad😂😂 sorry if this is a flex😂 ik I dont look rich in not but I'm average

  29. Netballer says:

    If the rich can't afford plate's 🤨
    Then what can we🤔

  30. Army cadet Guide says:

    I must be richer I can afford paper

  31. Unitastic Adventures says:

    My freind is way richer very week she breaks her phone and why week gets a new one she is very spoiled she has 2 Apple watches she is like i think 8 or 9 4th grade

  32. SevenRubberDucks says:

    Umm it not monitor it’s a computer it’s self

  33. Mr.JumboShrimp says:

    Yacht is the type of watch they wanted

  34. DeepboxVDM says:

    Only drink water that costs 3 digits… $1.00

  35. thea faith says:

    When you’re so rich that you don’t know how to eat without spilling half the bowl

  36. Aishah Amir says:

    Im richer than some of them cause I can afford some plates.

  37. Pretty little liars Can you keep a secret? says:

    I only drink water that’s 3 digits”
    3 digitd

  38. MP Doodle says:

    1:49 how do you spill that much cereal

  39. Lillian Robinson says:


  40. Shikidai Nara says:

    Oh 3 digits so, 3.30 cents a water bottle? That is real decent lol. 👌

  41. Tryhard Munch says:

    If that guy only drinks water with 3 digits the he drinks like 7.99 water lol

  42. Op Turtle says:

    2:55 Like if u eat pizza with utensils

  43. Sumaita Sanjia says:

    What rich kids don’t have

    Brain 🧠

  44. Imconfused i says:

    Boi it a JOKEEE

    Stop doing these vids where all dem are jokes noob

  45. Magomedkamil Koichakaev, Söderbymalmsskolan 9a elev says:

    Im 2 years late on this video

  46. Adam Catlow says:

    3:19 so just £1.00

  47. Bricks and Blocks says:

    Here's me eating chicken nuggets in mac Donald's thinking how lucky I am🤤

  48. Scruffy , says:

    What a rich kid doesn’t need:
    And most importantly

    Anime lab premium member ship

  49. JAKE PAULS BRO says:

    I breath air what cost 5 digits

  50. mohamed amine el khaloufi says:

    Me: yes a new vid

    Also me: are you serious 3:55 minutes

  51. Savage BatKitty says:

    I got 40 dollars

  52. artiomas melnikov says:

    1:49 he/she is a smart kid

  53. Hwarang Kim says:

    2:52 who uses fork and knife when eating a pizza??


  54. Puneet Pannu says:

    1:43 dude theirs no way that car is 300,00 like my mom's range rover is literally 250,000

  55. Mario Ibrahim says:

    Pre bad vid ngl

  56. Grace W says:

    I drink water that cost 3 digits too mine is 1.00

  57. Jim Jiang says:

    0:56 I don’t think he knows what credit card it is

  58. Orland Julio says:

    A rich kid called a peasant I strangle him until he puke

  59. This Guy says:

    Okay, but the parents are the one to blame

  60. Lucy Krey says:

    I stole $500000.

  61. A Cuber says:

    I can only drink water that costs 3 digits
    Costs £1.51

  62. nAhFaM tRymE says:

    These kids could probaly bribe the teachers for good grades 😂

  63. Brady Olson says:

    How do you run out of plates

  64. Marius Leo says:

    It means he drinks only from 1.00$ to 9.99

  65. Marius Leo says:


  66. natalie kok says:

    I breathe air that costs three digits too ya know?
    Wait does that mean I'm richer than them?

  67. clarissa h says:

    3:04 i lost my braincells seeing this

  68. GamerAlex 123 says:

    Kid: I only drink water that is three digits
    Me: 3 digits is 1.50

  69. BART says:

    Rich people: (buys 15 AirPod pros)

    Normal people: (buys one pair of airpod pro)5 months later

  70. Bangtan Trash says:

    I'm rich.
    R-Really a
    I-Idiot for
    H-Hot Wings

  71. Andrey I. Kuznetsov says:

    So Rich Kids can't buy plates, call parents 'Mommy and Daddy ', can't buy a placemat, can't spell, can't buy tissues.

  72. [BHD]_ Atomic says:

    It they ran out of plate ps then they are poor

  73. Olivia Hill says:

    1:07 I bet that iPhone was broke and how did he even get a iPhone if he took a picture with it

  74. Danny 123 says:

    2:30 the tissue box is Louis Vuitton

  75. Daain Ajmaeen says:

    I consume air which costs 5 digits


  76. AlexO.oJazzy ??? says:

    1:16 that car in the middle is classified as a cheap car that looks expensive lmao

  77. Mary _PURPLE says:

    These pics from snapchat are so relatable, I'm not lying.

  78. NinjaAvocado says:


  79. Justin Tagert says:

    Let me have a tissue

  80. Burger Burger says:

    I’m watching this video on the same iPads as they use as plates

  81. Bentley Steele says:

    Go back to the first part of the video my name is Bentley

  82. Salad King says:

    Thats it inma go raid their houses with an assault rifle

  83. Caydin Bishop says:

    Stop stretching please I like your vids but you pause every 5 seconds

  84. xx_midnight_xx says:

    Who noticed that this video is 3:55

  85. TheOfficailHunter 1 says:

    lol atleast i appreciate what i get……..and have friends

  86. x potato x says:

    Youtube: in how many languages do you want your subtitles?

    Reaction Time:Yes

  87. Oscar W says:

    1:59 how can you spill that much food

  88. OwenTubeGaming says:

    Kayce Basques

  89. BlaDeZ Iruqzi says:

    Guys just to make sure I will gift my next subs

  90. Neon Noobie says:

    2:52 why are they eating pizza… WITH UTENSILS?

  91. NO_NUMBERS says:

    i dont even have a car

  92. AsianS ClassRoyale says:

    That toilet paper box is Louis viotone

  93. LawlDXProductions says:

    The rich are the poor later on in life. Trust me on this one.

  94. Reona sabskrep says:

    /=üčč "I drink a water that costs 3 digits"

    Me : I drink a water that was manually mix the two atom of hydrogen and an oxygen, It cost more than Ur brain

    (Just a joke. . . Don't take it seriosä)

  95. Conor Lobody says:

    The choosing car one.the keys look like pocket knives.

  96. AoiroArashi says:

    Dang you drink water that expensive what is it made out of? Blendering diamond?

  97. Gacha Berry sisters says:

    1:01 An iPhone is more expensive then the table that that person is trying to save by putting is drink on is phone WOW

  98. Paul Tan says:

    On the ruler it is American Express not a credit card

  99. Nikita Gupta says:

    1:00 where uses his phone as a coaster first if he’s rich why does have a iPhone 5 second even I can do that I’m not rich

  100. Caxvern says:

    1:04 but I use my phone when i drink something

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