Donald Trump On French Wine Tax: ‘I’ve Always Liked American Wines Better’ | NBC News Now

Donald Trump On French Wine Tax: ‘I’ve Always Liked American Wines Better’ | NBC News Now


  1. timespaice says:

    France : let's tax Uber, Google, Amazon and Facebook.

    USA : Hmmm let s tax … wine ? 😕

  2. Hilary Miseroy says:

    If the FANG companies would pay a fair share of tax instead of using every trick to avoid paying then new laws would not be necessary.

  3. guitargamery says:

    we should take his side…wtf…he is pushing our to the top and people are complaining like morons?? seriously=? how stupid is that? "we tax out companies not France" well said…how come people are that stupid to disagree with this?? He is playing the best game any president did..and now the french will come more softly because they now america is one of their best buyers…WHY PEOPLE IS COMPLAINING…THIS IS A TOP MOVE BY A BUSINESS MAN…

  4. Anca Bogdan says:

    There are many other countries in this world with great wines, not just the french! American wines are taxed higher when sold in France, wtf is wrong to tax their wines at the same rate. All the wine snobs here, who think that only french wine is good, you can move to France, they have a better president: Maccaroni & Cheese! Don't forget to buy a yellow vest. All this fuss about Trump asking for a fair trade! Get a life!

  5. Anca Bogdan says:

    If USA would stop importing french wines, France's wine economy will collapse, regardless how amazing your drinks taste. Don't ever forget that France!

    Allons enfants de la VINERY(e),
    Le jour de TRUMP est arrivé
    Contre nous de la TRUMPIE
    L'étendard sanglant est levé…!
    Allez! Allez! Lol.

  6. Joe Bunting says:

    Now he wants to start some mess with France.

  7. jack cleland says:

    Actually all French wine is grown on US root stocks.

  8. rant404 says:

    Dude has been smoking too much covfefe.

  9. Rationalific says:

    I also like the look of American wines.

  10. v7verseau b6.01 says:

    Votre président et très bizarre parfois il aime la France des fois non il se plaint des taxe mais il oublie que l'euro et le dollar on pas la même valeur. Il se fait beaucoup remarquer dans le monde et ça donne des clichés sur l'amérique malheureusement.

  11. Jaybadaya The Rock Merchant says:

    Now he's gone too far

  12. SnaKie humour says:

    American wines better than french wines 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol

  13. mad Rascal says:

    People talking about which wine is better . But real reason for tariff on French wine is French taxing American tech companies . So best way to get back at France hitting where it hurts the most . America is a big market and France need it . Trump using his leverage over France that's very clever . American wine pay tax Europe ,France pay little tax compare to that . How is it fare .

  14. Paul deTorch says:

    We all knew he was a Con…so now he’s a Connoisseur

  15. kris pirtsios says:

    American fries better than french fries? SACRE BLEU!!

  16. Peter Gabriel says:

    Donald Trump is more concerned about how much he can tax American wine. I guess Republicans want to spend more money on goods and services just so they can have their dignity. Isn't that cute? Awe

  17. France éternelle says:

    Il est meilleur le français cherche pas.

  18. laurejon says:

    Trump likes American wines better than French wines even though he does not drink wine, he likes the way they look.
    Now that is someone who has a great sense of humour, and someone who is going to bend France over and give them a taste of American trading power they will never forget.

  19. melii melii says:

    Macroon laughing at trump right now

  20. Roger F says:

    lol, macron is gonna have wine people going after his cul

  21. Billy M. says:

    How can you Americans not love this man? He is absolutely hilarious.

  22. Christopher Frick says:


  23. Franz IV says:

    This is a very entertaining and funny person.

  24. lacruiser says:

    Add a huge tax to French wines. I've boycotted them anyway for probably 20 years.

  25. northofthewall2017 says:

    another example that the people of America DO NOT COUNT!

  26. VinceD says:

    He likes American wines because they look better. Trump proves that you don't have to be drunk to sound like you are drunk.

  27. jan vanroekel says:

    Enjoying Wine… Similarity of trump and a thirsty pig…. they both prefer the BIGGEST Watering trough…

  28. Myth Detector says:

    Has he changed his accent?

  29. Richard says:

    well done the French bravo ! every country should follow this, make a sale in that country pay the tax in that country ,too much tax avoidance hurting the world economies ,this has been a long time coming ,

  30. MonkeyDLuffy 86 says:

    I I have to confess Im not a wine person soms I only need a whine at decent price …for some reasons… I buy wine in a grocery store in Belgium, I buy Spanish wine cause

    I like the way they look. ☺

  31. Tsu 800 says:

    America really does make the best whine! Trump hasn't stopped whining still he bullied and bought his way into the presidency!

  32. Jodie Keenan says:

    Nobody likes the way wine "looks," his after midnight texts sure do sound drunk a lot.

  33. mudslide1971 says:

    What about champagne? tax on that too

  34. p000000Lverr says:

    Total NUT JOB 🥜

  35. Jennifer Watling says:

    Another informed decision from POTUS!

  36. Pieter NIEMANDT says:

    Yeah tax them. American wine is great.

  37. g0ku says:

    To be honest… American wines do look better 😂

  38. Hervé Duchateau says:

    French wine is overrated and overpriced

  39. kall13041966 says:

    Nothing to do there will be more for the Chineese

  40. alain mancini-brown says:

    He's right when he says french taxes are higher than american ones on wine import, but comparing californian wines with Alox Corton, Côtes de Beaune, Chateau Laffite , Petrus and hundreds of well*known "grands crus" is definitly stupid. France has a temperate climate and a good soil hence the quality of the "terroir". Roman "Legionnaires" knew that and started to produce wine 2000 years ago.

  41. DopeyDonald Trump says:

    Moron speaks at White House isn't actually news anymore

  42. Ricky Parmar says:

    No one wins in a tax war

  43. Pierre Fraisse says:

    hopefully he is not drunk because dry he is already undrinkeable !.

  44. MF says:

    Mr. Trump, imagine a Chinese company like Huawei making a lot of profit in the USA, and through tax avoidance, paying peanuts to the American society to bring money to China and pay low taxes there? Suddenly, you'd say exactly the same as the French government… Furthermore, this tax doesn't only concern American companies, but also some French companies that make a lot of profit. The rich are gathering money more and more, there will come a time when the poor will not be able to take it anymore. Are you really defending the poor, or your billionaire friends' interests?

  45. Rudolf Rudkay says:

    We will have French Champaign wine, German cars, and USA can have google. 😂 I totally agree. Go ahead, trumpeter!

  46. Amazing Cambodia says:

    I like you report

  47. chucku00 says:

    But he prefers British Sudafed…

  48. Stanley Ng Yan Qi says:

    Joke of the century, it's like saying that French Gastronomy isn't as good as his Taco Bowls from Trump Towers?

  49. Shams says:

    Tax the European Brides !

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