Do Rich Men Like Plastic Surgery On Women?

Do Rich Men Like Plastic Surgery On Women?

Do rich men like plastic surgery on women? What do they think about it in general? I get this question quite a lot from the students
in my online finishing school. I’ve actually over the years been quite curious
myself. So I have researched this topic numerous amounts
of times whenever I’ve had any candid conversations with rich men that I’ve met throughout the
years. This is not at all a scientific study. This is just my own experience. Men are in general very contradictory. I want to explain this a little bit first. You see women, we know our hormones We are run by very strong hormones that can
sometimes make us go a little bit crazy. Don’t forget that men have their own set of
hormones and in their set of hormones you have a very strong army of sexual hormones
that can really take them onto direction where they didn’t plan on going. That’s what I mean. Men can be very contradictory. So they might
say that they don’t like type B woman. They only like type A woman. Yet you will see
them all the time with the type B woman. When it comes to long term mating. And when it comes to settling down usually
they end up going for the type A woman instead of the type B that maybe catches their
interest and maybe over the top, flamboyant. So keep this in mind that whatever men may
say about plastic surgery might not mean that this is exactly how they’re going to build
their actions around it because the result of my study is this. Yes, men tend to have certain issues with plastic
surgery. And I’m really going to explain them what
it is. There are three things rich men like to talk
about when it comes to plastic surgery. Number 1: they say they prefer natural breasts
over implants, unless the woman does not have any breasts at all. Number 2: they say they don’t like women
who have duck lips. Number 3: they say generally they don’t
like plastic surgery on women. They want women to be natural. Another thing we need to think about when
it comes to men is that they are not experts when it comes to what’s plastic surgery, how
beauty is maintained, how you achieve beauty, how kind of the technical aspect of things
work. When men talk about plastic surgery they usually think about all the horror stories
that they’ve seen and come across because to be quite fair they’re quite a lot of them
out these days. There is a lot of women who have done far
too much, unsuitable things, and to be honest, ruined with their appearance completely. So when men complain about plastic surgery,
that’s usually what they’re referring to. If you do, for instance, lips, or Botox, or
fillers, or surgery in any way, and the results are very natural, you look like a normal person. You don’t look like you have surgery. Then
men never think about the fact that you have surgery and they would never have guessed.
When you do anything to your appearance but you do it with natural looking results, with results
where the person does not even know that you have done something. You might have something
a little tiny bit but it’s barely visible, and that’s how you should keep it if you want
to have it approved by men. To be quite honest when you have results that are very subtle. Men don’t even know that you have done surgery. My boyfriend didn’t know that I had nose surgery.
And I’m sure that if I would have asked him what he thinks about rhinoplasty, he would
have probably said: “I don’t like it.” because he thinks about Michael Jackson. Who knows? The point of the story is, if something is good, you can do whatever you want with yourself
as long as you don’t ruin your appearance and you don’t overdo it as well. I hope this answer your question. I will see you in the next video.


  1. naishla says:

    I got lip injections one time and my then boyfriend thought I had on a new lipstick ?

  2. C Mickie says:

    They don’t like the IDEA of it. They want to enjoy the results of it. Men are funny.

  3. Vennette Gloud says:

    Good answer…Men tend to stigmatize everything to the extreme, if it's discussed, they'll object. I don't like to talk to men about anything that involves cosmetics..that's the 'old school' way. If a man tells me my hair looks nice, all I say is 'thank you' and immediately change the subject. I don't tell him I spent half a day on hair-care! Then, being a man he'll think, 'well what kind of nightmare is her hair really about?' We don't want to bombard them with this kind of info…they need those braincells involved in accomplishing more prosperity! Shalom.

  4. Lubiloux says:

    What foundation do you use please? Looks flawless but also natural ?

  5. blissinablink says:

    I wish men did more to themselves cosmetically, more facials, skin rejuvenations, Botox and facelifts and Lipo for the dad bod stomach please haha. More aging like Andersen Cooper…that’d be fabulous

  6. Metallic Lav says:

    I said Michael Jackson right along with you, lol!

  7. Fuck Off says:

    Listening to this woman channel is embarrassing. Why would you want to be the doormat of a extremely rich guy, who probably has a mistress in every airport? Those men are looking at women as meat, and this woman is teaching you enthusiastically how to be the meat.
    Get some respect women, build a carrer and have a middle class life? Who needs a yacht when all you can think is who is your billionaire bf/husband with?

  8. Glow glow says:

    Do what ever makes u comfortable in ur skin

  9. Shelray Sam says:

    Yep, Amen to that! Less is more!

  10. Sunny W. says:

    Most men appreciate natural beauty but what they don’t know won’t hurt them. 😉

  11. Yalda Yazarlou says:

    I think this is so true, especially when a woman has already had plastic surgery in a natural way, this is the best outcome and it's funny that men wouldn't ever guess it but before hand might state that they would never approve of such plastic surgeries haha

  12. Lyla N says:

    I always watch your videos as soon as they come out. Love your confidence and genuine views. Im only 5.0 and very average looking. In my 30s im getting deep lines and wrinkles. I feel unattractive and just dont like to look at mirror. But i love dating high class men. I am picky with men. In past year i only liked onw man. He just literally went on two dates with me and stopped responding me al together. He was a tall and good looking arab man from my dreams. I dont know if he was rich or not but from his appearance he looked a million bucks. He was 10 years older than me and it broke my heart that he thought i was too old for him. Since then i lost all my confidence and i am with limited income don't know how to improve my look. Just any tip an average looking or not good looking woman can attract the man of our dreams.

  13. Kennedi says:

    I got my breasts done and watched the same men who told me they hated implants suddenly start chasing me lol men are usually full of it. Look at their actions, not their words

  14. Pooja Fauzi Alagan says:

    I totally agree. Always go for natural look even if it's through plastic surgery. Some women just over do it. End up looking as if they had a stroke where their face look frozen or paralyzed.

  15. mario gutierrez says:

    Do all rich men like the same things just because they are rich. Other way there's no sense in the title.

  16. Bridge says:

    which lipstick are u wearing here please, its so good

  17. Magdalena Z says:

    Well said

  18. Hafrun Maria Zsoldos says:

    Breast implant illness is 40 different chronic mystery illnesses caused by the 40 different toxic chemicals that make the saline/silicone implants. One of them is a rare and horriffic cancer in the lymph nodes, mold and pathogenic extravaganza around the implants, hair loss and intolerance to any chemicals like alcohol.

    Glad men like us natural. All men do ❤️

  19. my first crappy video Billy says:

    Men in general don't like it. Any surgery carries complications.

  20. Rene 1111 says:

    Women come in all shapes, types, forms, colors, shades. Men are like a baby in a candy factory. It's hard to choose just one with so many different options. Woman A is the type of woman he marries, but woman B attracts him sexually & fulfills his fantasies. It's hard to get everything you want in one person.

  21. Tricia K says:

    Fake hard boobs I think would turn normal men off.

  22. Ghalia says:

    How can they know if it natural or implants?

  23. Shruthi S R says:

    What do you think about lash extensions?

  24. Bunke Eze says:

    As soon as I save up enough I'm up for it.

  25. Bri - says:

    Hey Anna can you do a video on your video equipment and microphone?

  26. Elen C says:

    Plastic surgery is great!!! When it's done properly.

  27. A Ric says:

    And another great one

  28. J'adore NCT says:

    Guys are honestly so odd. They say they like girls with no makeup, but then they show you a girl with a neutral smoky eye on lmao if it looks good I’m sure they won’t mind

  29. maria abdullah says:

    I'm a big fan of yours. I learn a lot from you. Keep posting. You are helping out here, especially me. I learnt how to dress and take care and love myself.

  30. Anna Lisa says:

    Perfect explanation. ?

  31. Anna Lisa says:

    I met a wealthy man in 1976 who I really liked. We had fun with his group traveling for a few years internationally. I went another direction until 2001 when I decided to look for him again. Because I am bilingual and confident, I found him and he was pleased. He invited me for a weekend on his yacht but told me he’d be bringing his girlfriend. That was fine with me since I wasn’t interested in sex during that trip. I just wanted to see if he had changed and to experience his boat and his lifestyle. I offered to teach his girlfriend the Egyptian dance art with finger cymbals that I taught women way back when I first met him.

    I arrived at the the yacht first in the Bahamas, and an hour later he walked in with the girlfriend and some companions. Secretly I was shocked at how completely plastic she was. She looked completely like a petite Barbie doll from head to toe. Cute but very demure and very quiet. She looked 30 and we were 50. I couldn’t get a conversation going with her. I observed her for three days on the yacht. Every aspect of her had been under surgery. She was my age. I got a “compliment from my host that I was very “well preserved “. In the 30 years since I had seen him, I had only a chem peel and a blephero. I also don’t drink or smoke and I eat greens a lot. He didn’t look as good as I did. He was 5 years older. He had those man boobs tanned rich men get. Ewww. Later we all went ashore to do some gambling. After that I saw him take his girlfriend shopping for fancy handbags. It was obvious that he had bought her, her silence, and paid for all her surgery so she could represent him as the perfect cutesy young thing and always be available for him and his travels. It was a fake life. An empty experience on a rich mans prize pinnacle of achievement- his yacht. But the man had changed and I couldn’t get interested in this false, plastic lifestyle. He had changed. Big time.

  32. boldandcourageous 41 says:

    The song Simply Irresistible by Robert Palmer sums it up so does a video! The line goes " she's so fine there's no telling where the money went". In other words he didn't care he can't tell where she's spend her money on plastic surgery she was just fine and that's all he cared about love that song.

  33. louise nella says:

    2 videos in 3 days, thank you Anna! For the plastic surgery, I think men are just afraid the results won't be good, but if you're better after, they don't really care. Please talk about treatments for the face to make it shine, not just a routine with random products. <3

  34. Bakerygo says:

    Men know nothing about beauty in general (unless it's their field of work). The worst and most contradicting advise I've ever heard all came from men. Flamboyant example, I have a grey coat that I rarely wear and it hangs most of the time in the closet. My boyfriend was adamant that I should throw it away because it looks awful and like an old lady's coat. So a couple of days ago when the weather was appropriate I wore the coat and went to meet him. The first thing he said "is that new? ti's nice" and of course I couldn't help myself and exploded to his face "that's the coat you 've said numerous times that you don't like, so make up your mind". I've had this with dresses and make-up or hairstyles. MEN KNOW SHIT ABOUT BEAUTY!

  35. Bumblebee says:

    Men like natural women as in J.LO on red carpet , Kim K on instagram etc , i heard so many men saying they want one type of women and end up with the opposite

  36. TheExpatHome says:

    I stand on this the same way I stand on the weave, wigs, clip-ins argument. No man in his right mind can tell the difference on sight. They are not wired that way as you mentioned in the beginning. What they say and what they do are completely different. Good video hope nobody missed your point.

  37. NataschaO says:

    But your lips don't look natural. Do you encounter any problems because of that?

  38. snoworld15 says:

    lm absolutrly agree with you! When the think about botox they didnt know that maaany women have botox on their face.

  39. Karina Swan says:

    I have girlfriends who have done breast augmentation and most guys who know them think their breasts are real, even when they said they are against these surgeries, men are clueless. Same story I've seen with lips, even hair extensions! My friend's boyfriend always touched her hair and head as a caring gesture and she told me he even felt those bits of extensions with his hands and didn't know she had them! Yet he was against them

  40. Mina Hughes says:

    You're talking about natural, with those lips?

  41. LaReeka Design says:

    I agree with you Anna! 100% Man doesn't know if you done any plastic surgery as long as it looks natural! I did a boob job couple years ago and people always question it if its real or fake because it has a natural look. Also, I think its very important to find a good doctor. I have a friend I was begging for not to do her breast surgery in an other country just because it is cheap but she didn't listen! After the surgery she got infection and she had to remove one of her implant. It took her a year to recover. Bad surgery sometimes its not even fixable so its better to save money and find the right doctor to do it.

  42. Shiva says:

    Hi. Do you date old men or same age? Are they from different countries? Just asking because men are all so different.

  43. Quinta says:

    I agree with you 100%

  44. SHERAZADE Caftan says:

    It’s a pity to do something that painful and dangerous just to get men. Love yourself first. If you wanna do a surgery then don’t care about what men think. If you love yourself and don’t wanna do surgery, don’t care about what men think neither !

  45. TheRogos says:

    I was not prepared for the psychological damage the implants would cause but at least I had a rich guy.

  46. Hally Nas says:

    I totally agree with you.

  47. Leuy Jus says:

    Love your honesty thank you

  48. Phoenix Rising says:

    This has got to be my favourite video of yours.

  49. Alicia Una Ryan says:

    I'm very surprised at this video. Men are wonderful creatures.
    Greetings from South Africa

  50. Margo Smith says:

    You are a beautiful looking girl, and lot of confidence. However,It would appear that you are totally dependent on men, what they can give you, and their money!!! in exchange… For. what? Dinner, a yacht trip? Wow? How exciting! Can you not be successful on your own? I
    think you have an identity crisis? Can you not achieve your own goals, and be independent? Why are you relying on men, to fulfill your needs? What are your values, in life, ( because money and men, are not values.) it would seem to you, they are commodities..
    if you lost the men and the money….how would you survive. You are basing all on material achievements, BUT you can't take those to your grave.
    Think about what real life values are!!!

    As women, we are not out to please men…… But support each other
    Go watch the major movement in the USA # me too

    You are going against all these principles, values, that we women hold. Especially the major female actors, in the USA and Europe

    You never once, mention love, true meaningful, long lasting relationships. Friendship with your partner, these are what matter to most normal human beings….,

    I wish you luck my dear,
    I hope you re think your path, and consider what is really meaningful to to you as a young, beautiful woman.

    God bless
    I wish you well
    Re consider where you are going

    Never too late to change



  51. LISTEN TO IDEŠ ZA KANADU Obradović says:

    My daughter has had a Breast Augmentation after losing 60 kg.
    She had alot of excess/loose skin due to going through that physical trauma.
    She also had Reconstructive surgery to get rid of the excess skin on her abdomen, inner thighs and upper arms.
    It made a world of a diference with her self confidence.
    BTW: You are Stunning.
    Best regards from Serbia.

  52. camille caumont says:

    well not ruining your appearance may be not is a Chinese millionaire whose beautiful wife gave him "ugly" children..he took her to the court for fraud as he did not know her surgeries.

  53. S Bobii says:

    I enjoy your videos, but keep wondering what does your partner think about you going public with this kind of advice

  54. Keilzu says:

    That was really interesting for sure. Thanks for uploading, you're beautiful! ?

  55. Antonia M says:

    I don t know if you ll see this comment but I want to thank you for teaching others so much. You are doing a wonderful job. I deeply appreciate that you choose whatever lifestyle you want despite how it is viewed by society etc. You are truly inspiring.

    This is unrelated but I also want to mention that I have always believed that fine or thin hair is as beautiful as thick hair (I am as genuine as it gets about this , really) and your hair, with extensions or not, is gorgeous!

  56. Kasia Lewandowska says:

    Can you make a video about watches?

  57. J .S says:

    they're hypocrites

  58. Eclectic Niche says:

    You have a point! They say they prefer natural but I think they will rather wife a natural woman and have a side chick who is unnatural. Well if its subtle like you say then i think thats better

  59. Dorota Kwiecinska says:

    Do you ever think, what will happen to you when you won't be young looking anymore, and a new young and beautiful woman will appear in your partner's life?

  60. Neo says:

    Why are your old live streams now private? They were great.

  61. Alisha Ayers says:

    Can you do a video about how to accessorize properly with jewelry?

  62. Christina Furlow says:

    I think it also depends on the man’s preferences as well. I know a lot men don’t like big lips, prefer smaller breast, and like petite women instead of curvy women. So getting surgery to enhance any of these may make you less attractive to some men. At the end of the day, I think women should decide how they want to look according to their own preferences, and what makes them feel sexy, because a confident sexy woman is appealing to pretty much everyone.


    Agree agree agree ???

  64. Dolsie Mercado says:

    My experience when men say I do not like this or that on women. They wind up dating the women that have this or that done. What ever a women decides do it only if it will improve YOU.

  65. Cináed says:

    This comment section scares me.

  66. Medica Care says:

    Exactly as you said. Most men cannot say if a woman had cosmetic procedures done.

  67. Wonder Girl says:

    You're so wise.

  68. Jennifer shelonchik says:

    I was hoping she’d speak about butt implants , what rich men thought of them

  69. Katie Waity says:

    So true, they hate the idea of it but if your results look natural and beautiful they won’t even notice or know and they’ll like you better

  70. E Dennis says:

    I just hope that people get a look at before photos before they choose a mother/father for their kids, and that includes orthodontia. I got a lesson on that when I met a beautiful woman and her two sons. Both kids had front teeth that stuck straight out of their mouths! Not just buck teeth, but like a diving board coming out of their faces. omg. They no longer had the money to get that fixed. It still gives me cold shivers.

  71. Linda Schrump says:


  72. thegamegirl Therealwould says:

    Thank God liked everything about myself except for my weight.
    I am working on IT, not longer breast feeding

  73. user m says:

    plastic surgery screams lack of self confidence

  74. Brooke B says:

    Classy men dont like that

  75. Christina George says:

    I feel if women embraced those enhancements meditate did her research. I never went under the knife but if that what makes women happy that her embracing some may do. Many of us are incarnated need are enhancing are makeup and are beauty of magic. Men love women busy and good personality in her sexiness. I took a makeup artist class 2 years ago I wear my makeup very light i can make it look like I am not wearing none I feel that educating your self or enhancing being graceful about it is a wonderful thing. He does have to be the most wealthy but secure and protect and guide that all that matters.

  76. FCN_ Art says:

    Lol so true!I joke with my bf about getting breast implants or fillers and obviously he’s against it,but If I ever get them done I’m sure he will fall in love with my new looks???‍♀️??‍♀️?

  77. Prinzessin auf der Erbse says:

    Rich men are not objects and also not all the same

  78. Susie Lima, CHt says:

    All excellent advice Anna!
    So so true?


    Well said!

  80. A S says:

    Men: I don't like plastic surgery
    Also men: your boobs are too small, your lips are too thin, your nose is too big, your face is too wide

  81. Beissa Beissa says:

    more videos pleaseeee

  82. Kumaran Vijayakumar says:

    Gee, I wonder what someone who has obviously had a lot of work done will say about getting work done…

  83. SHIRLEY Shine says:

    I concur

  84. Cleopatra TROPHY WIFE says:


  85. Levin Steiger says:

    hey i actually do like it/ dont mind it but im not rich so lmao no one cares

  86. Pepe says:

    As a man if the plastic surgery was done in a subtle way, yes it could increase the chances of me becoming attracted to a woman. But once I find out that there was a significant amount of surgery done in order to achieve the looks, then its a turnoff. Yes I will still sexually find her attractive but only for short term relationships. For longterm relationships I prefer someone who is mentally more stable, who doesnt suffer much from insecurities or lets her get influenced from the media as much and those are the type of people who do less plastic surgery. Its also normal to look for natural beauties because thats a good indicator of genetic health for our future offspring. Plastic surgery doesnt change the DNA of someone.

  87. alcarraz trabajos says:

    Yes Of course

  88. Yander Dreams says:

    I want injections so my face wont age as fast. Im 25, and I see that Im getting old

  89. Thomas Andreas Parpoulas says:

    Beautiful women are meant for the men without imagination. Someone else said that, but it eludes me now. It's true though. That being said, I believe that every man and woman has the same chances to find their mate, but it depends more on a compromising character than anything else. I have gone amazing lengths to explore the real beauty in women. Two things, and two things only contribute to it. Youth and innocence. There is no workaround to it. Everything else "uglyfies" them, including all forms of cosmetic surgery, since it strikes right through the innocense part and it can't be a "youth" choice anyway either. But in anyway, it can be impressive and it does have it's use for the people that want to impress and not necessarily attract.

  90. arigato22 says:

    I totally agree! I think that men want all women to look natural but if they can't tell, and never know, they probably don't care! I know lots of women with boob jobs and their partners don't complain; rather they love it! I wish I had fake boobs instead of real ones, even if they are big. Fake ones look nicer to me when done properly and correctly by an experienced surgeon.

  91. The Love of Ianna says:

    My experience: just don't tell them, problem solved ? they won't figure out anyway

  92. Batoul Essa says:

    Do you have the names of other plastic surgeons you came across in the US that you felt were super credible?

  93. Ghalia says:

    I don't have boobs do you recommend me to get a boobs job ?

  94. truffaut650 truffaut says:

    You are right.?

  95. Denisa Diana says:

    What is a type A and type B woman?

  96. Teresa Rigdon says:

    What about tattoos and piercings? Rich men, do they like it?

  97. Rachel G. says:


  98. DEPY K says:

    Very often men pay for plastic bag to enjoy the results on their companion. I'm in favor of cosmetic procedures for a natural effect and a supportive companion is important in this kid of decision.

  99. Isabel Lima says:

    As long as it looks natural a woman can improve a lot by submit herself to these kind of procedure. They main secret with plastic surgery is do it in such a balanced way that looks natural.

  100. ΛΙΖΑ Δ says:

    You look like you had surgery.

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